Do You Need Youth Work Boots?

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You never really think about work boots for youths, until you need them. Whether you are simply bringing your child to work, and you want to make sure they are protected, or help you in your garage at home there are times when youth work boots can become necessary.

Simply buying a smaller pair of adult sized boots normally won’t work on your child’s foot. Not only is it almost impossible to find a size that will actually fit, adult work boots are usually too heavy for a child’s smaller leg muscles. While your child may not need all of the protective safety features that are normally included with most adult size work boots, there are a few that you will want to check for.

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Waterproofing is always a plus, especially with children, and insulation can also be necessary. You will also want to look for youth work boots that are comfortable, and many of them include padded ankle collars. Comfort probably cannot be stressed enough, especially when you are dealing with children who may not have the same tolerance for uncomfortable shoes as adults sometimes have.

Since safety is also an issue, traction and stability should also be considered. Children’s work boots can often offer the same thick rubber outer soles and tread patterns as adult safety boots, which also means less chances of falling on slippery concrete surfaces. If you need a pair of youth work boots and don’t know where to start looking, we have found some of our favorites, that kids also love to wear.

The Best Youth Work Boots

Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boot

These “big kid” work boots are styled after the popular adult work boots and feature durable leather construction that is also waterproof. Capable of keeping your child’s feet dry in almost any weather condition, these work boots also feature a manmade rubber sole that provides traction on slick surfaces and over muddy terrain. A padded ankle collar offers additional comfort and support, and a padded foot bed keeps their feet cushioned all day.

Georgia G2048 Youth’s INS WP Outdoor Boot Cheyenne Tan Youth

The above the ankle design and insulation keep your child’s feet warm in freezing temperatures, and the waterproof leather construction can handle any size puddle he decides to step in. The side seams are covered to help prevent irritating skin rubbing, and the cushioned insole keeps their feet comfortable on hard surfaces. These Georgia youth boots also feature a thick rubber sole for exceptional traction on slick surfaces and the included orthotic insert can be removed when it is not needed. Take your child with you to the construction site or the garage and rest assured knowing that their feet are safe and protected.

Deer Stags Buster Boot (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Constructed from durable synthetic material, these insulated youth work boots from Deer Stags are also water resistant for added comfort and protection. The protective youth boots will keep their feet warm in freezing temperatures, and are designed to help support a child’s smaller ankles and legs. The rubber sole is slip resistant and long lasting, while the cushioned insole keeps growing feet comfortable on hard surfaces. These boots are ideal for both indoors and out, and will make any child feel just like an adult.

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