Yes, There Are Work Boots Made In The USA

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There have always been reasons to buy American made work boots, the only problem has been finding them. With so many companies outsourcing its work to other countries, it has become an almost impossible challenge to find a pair of work boots that were entirely made in the USA.

There are several reasons to buy American made work boots, including supporting jobs and the economy. These protective shoes are more likely to meet the safety standards that your hazardous job requires, along with being more durable. One of the most common complaints among wearers of foreign made work boots is the subpar quality that normally accompanies them.

Soles can often peel away from the boot, and insoles can rip and tear becoming useless. Other complaints can include mismatched sizes and closures rusting and falling off. A potentially dangerous problem with some work boots manufactured outside of the country is the mislabeling of the boots safety features. While these work boots often do meet the requirements in the country that they were made it, the safety standards can be completely different which can cause the dangerous confusion.

No matter your reasons for wanting to buy American, it can still be difficult to find a pair of work boots. To help you out, we found work boots that were made in the USA. These are our favorites.

The Best Work Boots Made in the USA

Product review:

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe

These American made work boots features an all leather vintage design, which is reminiscent of the old west. The stitching is not only durable, it also adds a touch of stylish class to the work boots. The crepe sole gives you traction and stability when you need it on slick concrete surfaces, and the 6” shaft gives your ankles additional support. A tight lacing system helps to secure the work boots comfortably, while also helping to keep out dirt and debris. The steel toe plating also will protect your toes from impact shock and protruding objects.

Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Soft Toe Work Boots

The durable, soft leather design helps to protect your feet from mud and water, while still being comfortable. The thick rubber outer sole gives you traction on hilly terrain and when you are trudging through mud. The boots are also slip resistant, making them ideal for both indoor and outside working conditions. The nylon mesh lining helps to keep your feet dry and comfortable, and the removable sock liner can handle any weather condition. You can also choose to have steel toe protection added.

Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Soft Toe Work Boots

With its all leather waterproof design, these American made work boots are ideal for working in any kind of weather. While the waterproof lining keeps your feet dry in rain, sleet, or snow, the included insulation will protect your feet in freezing temperatures. The 8” shaft adds additional support to your ankles, while the thick manmade sole gives you all the traction you need over any type of terrain. The front lacing closure is also rust proof, and these insulated work boots also feature a comfortable and roomy round toe design.

Men’s Carolina 8″ Steel Toe EH Work Boots

Proudly manufactured in the USA, these work boots feature a vibram sole for long lasting traction and comfort, which also gives you exceptional stability even when you are climbing over rocky terrain. The steel toe plating meets all safety standards, and the work boots are also rated for electrical hazards. No matter your work environment, these American made work boots can get you through your day safely and comfortably. A padded insole also gives your feet additional cushioning, which can be important if you are standing on hard surfaces all day.

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