Women’s Carolina Waterproof Composite Toe Low Hikers

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Material: Leather, polymer, carbon composite toe
Pros: Standard design, comfortable, moist protecting and water resistant
Cons: Shoes become slippery after certain time, expensive
Best Use: Perfectly suited for hikers and working women

Various women shoes or footwear products are available in the marketplace. However, when it comes to a utility boot for working women or for passionate hikers, only a few good products can be found. Generally every woman likes to choose the boots that has a nice design to endorse. While men look for toughness, women tend to go for pretty design and enhanced comfort level. Women’s Carolina 6 inch 4×4 Waterproof Composite Toe Low Hikers are manufactured for working women and adventure lovers. For hiking, trekking and working in barns, these shoes are perfect.


  • The product looks contemporary in terms of its design. This is stylish and suitable to go well with modern outfits.
  • The shoes are comfortable to wear. For hikers, comfort matters as they need to wear the shoes for long time. From that aspect, the product is a befitting choice.
  • These shoes feature moist protection and water-resistant characteristic. For wet and moist conditions, these shoes are good to keep the feet dry.
  • The upper portion of the shoes has been designed with carbon composite material. It ensures protection for the toes.


  • The sole of the shoe is a little heavy and thus wearing the shoes for long time causes some discomforts.
  • Further problems with sole can be noted after using 6-7 months, as the sole becomes slippery with the advent of time and with extensive uses.
  • Price of the shoes is on the higher side, which is a drawback for budget-conscious buyers.

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Women’s Carolina 6″ 4×4 Waterproof Composite Toe Low Hikers, DARK BROWN, 7.5

Women’s Carolina 6 inch 4×4 Waterproof Composite Toe Low Hikers Review

Women’s Carolina 6 inch 4×4 Waterproof Composite Toe Low Hikers is suitable for working women and passionate hikers. The shoe features safety for feet, comfort and durability. The product features water resistance in muddy as well as wet conditions. The upper portion of the shoe has been design with leather and polyester material, while the back or heel of the shoe has been made with rubber. The rubber back is a little rigid, which may cause some discomforts in some cases.

From the design, it seems the shoe is quite comfortable. It is a contemporary shoe for the hikers. The product feature manmade cushioned sole, which keep the feet cozy inside the shoe. Moisture protected insole assure continued comfort, even if you are wearing this for long time. The heel or sole is a little heavy, which is quite a drawback. It makes your feet tired so easily.

With carbon composite element on the top, it protects feet from external injuries or thrusts. However, carbon composite material makes the top of the shoe non-flexible. You may find difficulty while bending your feet. Being water proof and moist protective, it keeps your feet dry. The shoe has a slip resistant rear, though after using for some time, the slip resistant ability tends to decrease.

With leather and polymer front and rubber made rear, the product commits durability. Though the carbon composite toe protecting material tends to break apart or tear down due to bend of feet.


Women’s Carolina 6 inch 4×4 Waterproof Composite Toe Low Hikers is a good contemporary product for the adventure lovers and working women. The shoe commits durability and it is comfortable as well. There are some drawbacks, though overall the product can be rated as ‘good’.

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