Wolverine Men’s W08289 for Construction & Loading Work

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Construction shoe is one of the vital products for everyone to maintain the safety of their feet and particularly ankles. Proper shoe will save you from different injuries. We need shoe for different work like, office purpose, party purpose, sports purpose. Each shoe has some unique features. Wolverine launches in the market new Men’s W08289 Wolverine Boot. If you are working in a plant area, then this shoe is best for you. You can use it daily for your office purpose. Its rubber sole makes you more comfortable.


  • Reliable and comfortable boot
  • Durable and flexible
  • Make your feet stress-free
  • Lightweight
  • Striking design


  • Limited color range
  • The price of the shoe is little high

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Product Review

A hard, dependable and relaxed boot like this one is best on the job site. Wolverine’s six-inch leather slice heel-style strategy is ideal for construction, plant area, loading dock and other physical work. Its rubber midsole make this shoe more comfortable and durable and helps keep your foot stress-free. You can wear it continuously 9 to 10 hours. And its nylon shank can absorb shock. So, actually it’s a shock proof shoe. The sole is well tramped for a diversity of surfaces and particularly preserved to resist oil, water and scrape.

The strength of any boot comes with the excellence of the sole. The outer sole of these boots provides a hard experience to its users. These boots have slip resistant rubber soles. With these soles you will get a protected grip at your work place. It also confirms sturdy footing and can stop you from wounds and chances in the work place.

Removable full cushion insole makes this shoe more comfortable. The unique design and style make this shoe more popular in the market. The nylon shank helps from moistures for scent free wearing all day long. Also, it will protect your feet from bacterial infection. While the sock linings retain your feet to be calm on hot days and warm on cool days.


Wolverine Men’s W08289 Wolverine Steel Toe Boot,Honey,10.5 XW US. Wolvering introduces a best and comfortable shoe for employees who are working in a plant area. W08289 Wolverine Boot has a rubber sole with nylon shank. This shoe will protect you from injuries and help you to make your feel cool for a long time. This boot has the maximum durability with a great ease and strong outlook. This pair of boots is ideal to do any light weight work purpose, office purpose, etc. The price of the boot is also little high $86.68 – $144.99. But the outcomes you get out of this shoe are remarkable.

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