What Type Of Work Boots Do You Need?

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A good pair of work boots will protect your feet, and be comfortable to wear. There are many professions that require you to wear work boots, and your safety could depend on you choosing the right pair. Each type of safety boot is design to protect your feet in a certain work environment, and knowing the potential job hazards can help you narrow down your choices. Since safety is always your first priority, here are some of the different types of work boots so you can make an informed decision.

Types of Work Boots

Your work boots are not just part of your work uniform, they are also an essential component of your safety gear. The footwear can keep your feet warm and dry in cold, wet weather, and also protect you from electrical currents. No matter the hazards you face at work, there is a pair of work boots that will protect your feet.

Steel Toe Work Boots

Keen-Utility-Men's-Milwaukee-6-Inch-Steel-Toe-Work-Boot-View7These heavy duty work boots are a favorite of construction workers, machinists, and countless others who need to protect the tops of their feet and toes. There are two types of steel toe work boots, and each one has its own advantages. The most common type uses the traditional steel cap to protect your toes and metatarsal bones from falling or sharp objects. While this is still the most durable type of safety boot, the steel toe cap can be heavy.

The other type of safety boot has a composite toe cap. It is just as durable as the steel caps, only lighter in weight and generally less expensive. The main difference between the two safety boots is the composite toe cap will not protect you from punctures, or sharp objects.

Plain/Soft Toe Work Boots

These work boots are similar to safety boots, only without the protective toe cap. Generally constructed from durable material, these heavy duty work boots can give you support and traction when working in wet or muddy conditions. These work boots are available in different styles and heights, and are ideal for anyone that needs more protection than a pair of regular work shoes can provide.

Insulated Boots

If you are frequently working in cold or wet conditions, then you definitely need a pair of insulated work boots. Not only can this type of boot keep your feet warm and dry, it can also prevent several health problems associated with cold, wet feet. These work boots are available in several different price ranges, and can use several materials for insulation. The best pair of work boots however, will use a material referred to as Thinsulate.


Wading through wet and muddy conditions is never pleasant, and it can also lead to foot problems. A pair of waterproof work boots can not only keep your feet comfortably dry, but also give you traction on slippery surfaces. Waterproof work boots are often heavier than some of the other types of protective footwear, but some are now using a waterproof coating which reduces the weight and increases the level of comfort.

Slip Resistant

Almost all work boots include heavy traction, but some mechanics may need just a little more. Slip resistant work boots have a thick rubber sole that not only prevents falls on oil or grease slick floors, but it also helps to absorb impact shock. While these work boots are not recommended for all hazardous professions, there are considered some of the most comfortable.

Now that you know what the most common types of work boots are, you can find the best pair to protect your feet and yourself.

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