What is Pronation and Supination?

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What Is Pronation and Supination

Both pronation and supination are common feet deformities that are seen in many children and adults nowadays. These deformities have primarily to do with the pattern of waling and how this could affect the position of the foot bones on the side part of the footbed.

Meaning that pronation gives and inside turn of the foot curve while the supination is characterized by an external turn of the foot curve that makes standing up extremely painful. Walking is also difficult to perform for those persons suffering from the referred common deformities.

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There is no surgery or other medication to take to reverse the deformities once diagnosed. The only thing you can easily do is follow simple rules and get the best type of shoes to relieve you from pain and may not worsen your anatomical status.

There are several kinds of footwear that you can easily get and improve your situation of pronation or supination. Most of them are quite affordable and readily available online. You should check carefully about the special characteristics of the shoes that are coming directly to you and affect your health levels as well.

Shoes for Supination and Pronation

The right kind of shoes is of monumental interest to people suffering from pronation and supination. Although these deformities may sound the same, they always have some slight differences in the way bones and ligaments in the lower feet are suppressing each other when standing or walking.

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First, the orthotics shoes are the best to deal with supination and pronation. This kind of shoes has a more durable shaft and upper mesh to keep your foot arches always embraced and well bended to each other.

On the other hand, these shoes have a special sock liner that can be easily adjusted to any external orthotic aid that you may be prescribed by your doctor. This orthotic can give you enough stability to the ankle joint and can also retain your balance when you need to stand up from the sitting position.

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Additionally, these shoes are also having greater protection offered to your heel and foot curve areas that are constantly in pain when suffering from supination and pronation. The extreme cushioning is strategically applied to these positions lowering the burden that these areas are taking from the direct impacts to the ground when walking. This can be life-saving for people suffering from feet deformities since lots of painful feelings are triggered through these areas.

Moreover, the right supination and pronation shoes are always having more space in the forefoot area. That means your toe fingers have a lot more room to stretch and move freely so that your perfect balance is enhanced. There is a great contribution of the toe fingers to the overall balance of the body when walking and that is why orthotics shoes should always provide more room for this extra sensitive part of your feet.

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What Kind of Shoes are Inadequate for Pronation and Supination?

All kinds of shoes that suppress the foot curve and heel are not good for supination and pronation. Not to mention that shoes with higher heels are automatically deleted from the list of the best shoes to wear when suffering from feet deformities.

On the other hand, running shoes can also be tricky for pronation and supination since the higher outsole may pose dangers to your balance especially when you walk in uneven terrains. There is a great debate about the boots that sometimes seem to help people with feet deformities, but it would be better to stay away from them due to their heavier construction that may give you more fatigue than comfort feelings.


Pronation and supination are feet disorders that can be adequately addressed today with modern shoe technology. You have to make sure that you are investing in your shoes so that you can be productive throughout the day and complete your daily chores with no pain at all.

The orthotics shoes remain the king in the list of the most prominent shoes for the situation and of course, you are responsible to find the best size and texture that makes you feel even better when wearing the shoes.

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