Some Top Notch Puncture Resistant Work Boots

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Top Puncture Resistant Work BootsPuncture resilient has transpired to become of the desired feature in many safety boot manufacturers. Shoe manufacturers have understood that it is a very important aspect as it provides the boot that extra bit of protection. This extra feature is of utmost importance for people who constantly work in dangerous construction sites. These sites have probably a dozen things which can inflict some damage to the foot and the worst part is one cannot do anything about it as these things are unfortunate. But with these puncture protective foot gears one can simply kiss their worries good buy and work without thinking too much about their foots getting injured.

The thing which characterises these puncture boots is that it is incorporated with metal plates. These tough plates are embedded within the outsoles during its making process and prove to be the perfect answer to counteract those rusty nails from puncturing into their feet. Also for people who make their living working around with metal detectors, there are many shoes which are entrenched with composite plates in and around the shoe making working easy and comfortable even if it is all day long.

The market is thudded with loads of options for the people to look into. The top manufacturers are constantly coming up with new and improved methods to make their products better and more puncture resistant. The transformation of steel plates to composite plates is also one such example. Plus they also make their shoes which are light in weight, enable easy movement of the feet and are certified completely by the ASTM as being puncture impervious.

Here we will try and bring forth some of the top puncture resistant shoes reviews which people can grab their icy fingers around. Just follow closely!

Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Plain Soft Toe Boot

Caterpillar Men's 2nd Shift 6 Plain Soft Toe Boot-1This boot incorporates a genuine smooth black leather foot beneath its corresponding 6” lace-up leather shaft. Its effective padded collars accounts for its enhanced comfort and support. It is found in either a soft steel toe or a reinforced steel one and also comprises of a single stitched Goodyear welt. The dimension of the boot in inches is 12x8x4 and is also quite light in weight weighing just a mere 1.5 pounds. Its design is tough and proves to be just the thing which people who work in heavy industrial sites want. In terms of its durability, it is engineered using full grain leather and its tough lace up front makes way for its secured fit. This boot is loaded with comfort features ensuring comfort all day long. Its nylon mesh lining absorbs the moisture while its climasphere sock liners allow the foot to stay cool even in the hottest of working environments. The 2nd shift also comprises of a non-slippery outsole giving users a proper grip and an adequate footing on all kinds of terrains.


  • This shoe is extremely comfortable to work with
  • The fit is true.
  • It is extremely durable
  • It is light in weight
  • It is tailor made for people who have to work in tough working environments
  • It is good for all weather conditions.


  • Initially the shoe compresses and feels rock hard but with more usages it eases out and becomes comfortable
  • Due to extensive usage, the stitches chip away but it depends on how one uses it.
  • There might be some discomforts in the ankle region in the first few days of its usage but as the foot gets accustomed to its fit, it will become comfortable.

Danner Men’s Kinetic 6″ Side Zip GTX Work Boot

Danner Men's Kinetic 6 Side Zip GTX Work Boot-2This wonderful puncture resistant boot comprises of PU midsole/insole, durable full grain leather and ballistic rip stop nylon and GORE-TEX water resistant liner. It is one of the most preferred shoes in the market proves to be just the foot gear which people want to have in their arsenal. The boot is tough by nature and has the ability to withstand some serious beating. This boot is designed using state of the art technology making it ready for anything.

In terms of its dimension, it is 12”x 8”x 4” and it also about 2 pounds in its weight. The full grain leather is easily cleaned or polished and its rip stop ballistic nylon accounts for its breathability. It is also abrasion resistant and is designed to keep the feet cool even in the warmest of weather conditions. Its polyurethane insoles account for its all day comfort and the Kinetic outsole, which is a multi-directional low lug outsole renders amazing traction and surface contact. In terms of protecting the foot, the shoe comprises of tough paddings, preventing nails or sharp objects from hampering the foot.


  • The shoe is quite sturdy in nature
  • It is suitable for any working environment.
  • It is light in weight and enables easy movement of the foot
  • The fit which comes along with this boot is quite good.
  • It is comfortable to work with all day long
  • The price is manageable
  • The full grain leather material is easily to polish and clean
  • It keeps the foot cool in the hottest of conditions and is also quite breathable.


  • It does not have many colour options
  • Some have complained that the shoe gives out a squeaky sound, but it is nothing to worry as it diminishes with more usage.
  • It might take some time to adjust to the feet but once it is done, it is quite pleasing to walk around.
  • Some have also said that it got ruffed up quite quickly, but that depends on how one uses it.

Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift ST Work Boot

Caterpillar Men's Second Shift ST Work Boot-3There are many people who have tended to this fabulous piece of foot wear and most of them have given positive responses in its regards. The shoe is incorporated with wonderful padded collars which make the shoe quite good in terms of its comfort and support. The leather which is employed in its making is full grain genuine leather. In fact this boot is characterised with a leather foot beneath its lace up leather shaft. It is resistant to work place wear and tear and its superlative round steel toe safe-guards the foot from being drilled with nails of other pointy objects. This is a company which promises durability and integrity from its boots and this one has lived up its expectations rather well.

This shoe is also slip resistant and offers a wonderful grip to the surface. It is also water repellent and its effective lining makes sure that foot inside doesn’t get affected at any way. It is also quite good in its breathability and ensures the foot to stay cool and comfortable in any extreme weather conditions. Its sweat absorbing pads prevents the foot from becoming all sticky and wet inside. The boot in its dimension is 12x8x4 inches. It is also quite light in its weight (just 3 pounds) and offers wonderful flexibility in foot movements. This work boot is also known for its shock absorbing or impact resistant features without posing any effect on the foot.


  • The shoe is quite flexible and makes way for smooth function.
  • It is quite alluring in its design.
  • The foot is protected from nails and even impacts
  • The shoe is breathable and its sweat absorbing pads prevents it from becoming all sweaty
  • The fit is true and genuine
  • In spite of being quite tough in nature is quite light in weight
  • The leather used is of high quality and is also easily cleanable or polished
  • The foot prevents occurrences of feet soreness even on working with it for 12 to 16 hours
  • It is quite versatile in nature and can be used in all sorts of working conditions
  • The price range can be managed by almost everyone


  • It only has two colour options- Dark brown and honey, but in terms of its functionality, not many can match up to it
  • The initial few days can prove to a bit discomforting in the foot, but with more usage it will ease out
  • Some have complained that the paddings and the top of the boot shredded after the first week, but it depends from person to person and how they use it.
  • Also some have said that the shoe gives out some discomfort in the ankles, but again there is nothing to worry as it will fade away with further usage.

Timberland PRO Men’s 52562 Endurance 6″ PR Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men's 52562 Endurance 6 PR Work Boot-4Another top work boot option which one can consider is this Timberland Pro endurance work boot. Timberland is itself a name which is looked upon by many aspiring companies and just like its countless shoe designs, this particular one proves to be quite useful for its exclusive line of customers. This shoe is characterised by an anti-fatigue technology which helps absorb the return energy or shocks at the main regions of the foot. It is quite long-lasting and comprises of an endurance 6 inch steel toe for disallowing penetration from nails of other pointed objected found in work places.

The shoe also provides ample stability to the foot. It is made using top-notch rugged leather materials making it quite durable and appropriate for the foot. This boot is resistant to oil, water, abrasion and slip and its terrific rubber outsoles infuses confidence in the user in every step they take irrespective of the walking terrain. Working with this boot will be comfortable and enjoyable and the fact that it is flexible and breathable make it all the more appropriate. It also comprises sweat absorbing features preventing the foot from getting all sweaty and keeps it dry and cool even in the hottest of conditions.  The shaft measures about 5.5 inches from the arch and its heels measurements is 1.75 inches. It is also great for ankle support and comes in two amazing designs namely brown and briar full grain leather. The dimension of this work boot is 12x9x6 inches


  • Its rugged full grain leather accounts for its enhanced durability and comfort.
  • It is slip, water, oil and puncture resistant
  • It also protects the foot from electrical hazards
  • It is quite light in weight weighing just 21.1 pounds
  • Its mesh antimicrobial lining makes way for a comfortable walking experience and also helps control the odour
  • It is long lasting and can be used in all kinds of working environment
  • It is very versatile meaning that it is fit for both warm and cold climates
  • It comprises of anti-fatigue technology which prevents discomforting ankle pains from rising
  • It also absorbs shocks and protects the key regions of the foot.


  • The price is a bit high, but that has nothing to do with its quality
  • Some have said that the after some time, the sole of the shoe cracks and falls out but such things rarely occur
  • It is limited in its designs

Irish Setter Men’s 6″ Work Boot

Irish Setter Men's 6 Work Boot-5Number five in our list of top puncture resistant boots is the Irish Setter Men’s boot. This is another top quality foot gear which is insulated with both electrical hazard protection and water repellent features. The dimension of this boot is 12x8x 4 inches. It boasts of a wonderful classical industrial design and is designed to work well in any given working condition. This boot is ASTM rated and is engineered with a seam sealed nubuck. It also comprises of a padded top line and Thinsulate TM of about 400 grams. Its ultra-insulation and changeable insole is backed by a steel shaft. For people who see some dependency out of their work boots, this baby is just the one to cater to. Other mind-blowing features include a leather upper which accounts for its comfort and also a metal lace up feature ensuring users get a comfortable fit every single time. Its treaded rubber sole below makes sure that the shoe is slip resistant and provides adequate support and grip no matter whatever surface one walks.

The shoe is made using tough leather material which accounts for its durable nature and it is also quite light in weight (just 2 pounds) making it easy to lift or move the feet without any discomforts. This Irish setter work boot is steel plated at the toe region ensuring that no nails hinder the foot. The shoe is very comfortable to wear and gives out no such humiliating foot smell. Its adequate rubber padding absorbs the shocks or impacts and keeps the foot well-guarded no matter what. Plus it is also quite breathable and makes way for the foot to be nice and cosy even after wearing it for several hours.


  • The shoe has a fabulous design
  • It is made with top quality leather and can withstand severe wear and tear
  • It is also quite long-lasting
  • The fit is true and genuine
  • It renders utmost comfort
  • It is slip resistant, water resistant and puncture resistant
  • It eliminates the occurrences of disgusting foot odour
  • The price of the shoe is very manageable
  • It is flexible and light weight
  • It prevents the foot from getting all soggy and keeps it nice, cosy and cool


  • It has no other design option
  • Some have complained that they have experienced some discomforts in the ankle region but that diminishes as one uses it more.
  • Some have not liked the design but that has nothing to do with its efficiency and functionality.

Avenger Safety Footwear Men’s Steel Toe Boot

Avenger Safety Footwear Men's Steel Toe Boot-6The Avenger safety footwear is known to provide some top class work boots and this is another one which explains its exemplary manufacturing techniques, its traditional style and its usage of top notch making materials. The shoe provides both TPU/PU attach outsole which make is quite handy in the toughest of work places. It meets the ASTM 2413-11 compression, EH and puncture resistant requirements. It is constructed with quality full grain crazy horse leather materials making it quite strong and resistant to work place wear and tear. It incorporates a water proof bladder system and also has a detachable water/moist/sweat absorbing dual density PU insole. This keeps the foot dry and comfortable in extreme warm weather and its efficient breathable features make it cool and relaxed. It has a metal chip withstanding out sole and offers high abrasion.

The dimension of the shoe in its inches measures 12x 8x 4. It is quite light in its weight –just 2 pounds and is also quite good in its flexibility department ensuring easy foot manoeuvrability. In simple words this shoe from Avengers safety foot wear is a work horse and it manufactured for a demanding working environment.


  • This shoe is durable in nature and can withstand workplace wear and tear effectively.
  • It is also quite light in weight
  • The high perspiration PU insole keeps the foot dry and all times
  • It renders wonderful comforts
  • The price is quite manageable for the customers
  • It works great in non-slippery surfaces and is resistant to oil and foot hampering metals.
  • It is constructed with tough quality leather materials


  • The first few days the shoe might render some discomforts but it eases out eventually
  • It does not have any alternative design
  • Some have said that shoe is not as comfortable as mentioned in the description but that depends from person to person.

Keen Utility Men’s Portland PR 6″ Aluminium Toe Work Boot

Keen Utility Men's Portland PR 6 Aluminum Toe Work Boot-7In the world of top quality work boots this is another quality boot which customers can tend to.   It is made using fine quality leather components and comprises of a lace up closure, lacing eye-lets and kocking metal hooks. The shoe incorporates of Dry Lex lining along with hydrophobic and hydrophilic 2 zone comfort technology which accounts for its superior foot comfort and safety.

The dimension of this shoe is 12x8x4 inches. It weighs just 2.1 pounds allowing users to move freely without any complications. Its Keen dry water-resistant membrane prevents rain or humidity to enter into the shoe and its breathability releases the heat and moisture formed inside to keep the foot nice and cool. Its padded collar provides additional support and its metatomical dual density EVA foot bed makes working in rugged surfaces easy and problem free. For foot protection, the shoe is incorporated with puncture withstanding midsole plates and aluminium toe protection which prevents the foot from getting injured. This design also meets the ASTM F2413-11 EH ratings and proves to be both electrical hazard resistant as well as oil resistant. It is one of the hot favourites for people who have to make their living in danger prone working places.


  • The shoe is light in weight
  • Its rugged collar renders that extra support even in the most slippery surfaces.
  • It is very comfortable to work
  • The foot is protected by its puncture resistant aluminium toe and midsole plates.
  • It is extremely breathable
  • It is fabulous in the looks department.
  • The price is also very reasonable
  • The shoe is true to its fit
  • It is quite versatile in nature and is suitable for all sorts of working environments
  • Its Keen dry water-resistant membrane prevents moisture and water from entering the shoe.
  • It meets the meets the ASTM F2413-11 EH ratings.


  • Some people have said that sole came off, but it is dependent on the usage of an individual
  • Initially there might be some discomforts in the ankle ball, but that is only because the show is new and adjusting into the feet. With more uses the discomforts will ease out.
  • It is limited in designs and colours

Nautilus Men’s 1600 Steel Toe Slip-on

Nautilus Men's 1600 Steel Toe Slip-on-8This shoe is a moss steel toe slip-on work boot and proves to be a great asset to wear on potentially dangerous work environments. It is made with full grain durable leather materials which accounts for its sturdiness and ability to withstand some serious pounding. The dimension of this wonderful foot gear is 12x 8x 4 inches. This is also among the lightest shoes in the market weighing just 1.5 pounds. Some of its other superb specifications include Cambrelle lining, detachable anti-fatigue polyurethane insole, fiber glass shanks for superior stability, EVE mid sole for wonderful comforts and water resistant nubuck leather upper. For the foot protection, the steel toe cap renders utmost toe protection and has the ability to withstand 75 lbs. of impact and approximately 2500 lbs. of compression.

The soles are cemented to the foot base and makes way for superb walking even on roughed up surfaces. It is also oil resistant and electrical hazards resistant as per the reports of the ASTM F2413-05 standard ratings. In work places where safety boots are a must, this baby would prove to be an asset. This baby has no lace ups and can be just worn by putting the feet inside. It is also flexible ensuring easy foot movement and breathable releasing the heat from the inside. Plus it comprises of moisture absorbing inner pads which prevents the feet from getting all sweaty keeping it nice and cosy all day long.


  • It is one of the lightest work shoes going around
  • It is extremely durable and has the ability to last for a considerable period of time
  • The moisture absorbing inner pads keeps the foot from being sweaty
  • It comes in all sizes 7-12, 13 and also 14.
  • It is versatile in nature and can be worn in all sorts of climate conditions
  • The leather used for its making is full grain leather and can be easily cleanable or for that matter polished
  • The price of the shoe is reasonable
  • It is resistant to slip, oil, water and also to electric hazards.
  • The steel toe cap protects the toe from nails and other work place dangers.


  • It is limited in design
  • In the first few days one may feel that it is a bit heavy but gradually they would get the hang of it
  • The look of the shoe is disliked by some, but its functionality is appreciated.

Ariat Men’s Sierra Wide Square Toe Steel Toe Puncture Resistant Work Boot

Ariat Men's Sierra Wide Square Toe Steel Toe Puncture Resistant Work Boot-9Ariat is a name which is recognized by one and all. It is one of the market leaders in making work boots for both the sexes and every one of its designs is a culmination of durability and comforts. This particular Ariat model is a state of the art puncture resistant work boot and many people are tending to it from the both the genres of the market. The shoe is incorporated with Ariat ATS Max wide shank and adequate heel stabilizers for enhanced support and foot injury. Plus users would not have to worry about foot fatigue after their days work as its EVA mid foot support lessens the pain and stress in the metatarsal region. Its ATS Max foot bed provides a low friction surfaces protecting the foot from heat in sweltering conditions.

The shoe is light in weight (2.4 pounds) and comprises of impact absorbing gel cushions which reduces the impact on lower back, hips, knees and foot. Its cupped foot bed framework provides stability and makes walking comfortable even on rough terrain. The main material which is used to design this baby is full grain brown leather and that is what makes it so resistant to work place wear and tear. This shoe also consists of an excellent Goodyear welt and the steel toe caps are in penetrable ensures no nails or work place dangers inflict any injuries to the foot and toe region. The dimension of the boot is 12x8x4 inches. The boot opening is around 13.5 inches round. Its shaft in inches is around 10 inches from the arch and the heel measures up top 1.5 inches. This shoe has been used by many workers and most of them have bestowed heaps of praises to its manufacturers. It meets up to the reputation Ariat work boots has in the market and ensures high performance delivered every single time.


  • Its ATS Max foot bed provides low friction in scorching conditions
  • It is made with top quality and durable premium full grain brown leather
  • It is just 2.4 pounds in weight
  • It offers superb support
  • It is wonderful to work with
  • The steel toe caps are almost impenetrable
  • It is water, oil, slip and electrical resistant
  • It is suitable for all working environments
  • The fit is true and genuine
  • It keeps disgusting foot odour at bay
  • Keeps the foot nice and comfortable even in scorching temperatures


  • It is limited in design
  • Initially there might be some discomforts but that fades away.
  • The colour of this shoe has come under some criticism but those same customers have bestowed praises about its efficiency.

Viking Footwear Men’s Journeyman PVC Steel Toe Boot

Viking Footwear Men's Journeyman PVC Steel Toe Boot-10This boot is scientifically engineered using a top quality PVC compound and has enhanced wear and tear withstanding ability. It also has a superlative tensile strength and provides wonderful comfort and durability to the wearer. It is steel toe plated and has a heavy duty polyflex PVC compounded sole. This is appropriate for people who work at construction sites, field work, garbage recycling activities, gardening, landscaping, construction of roads, masonry and various utilities. The shoe also comprises of wonderful flexibility allowing people work freely.

The dimension of this shoe is 12x 8x 4 in its inches and when we talk about its weight it just weighs 2.8 pounds. The material used in its making is durable and countable rubber. Its shaft measurement is around 13.5 inches from its arch and it’s heal measurements is around 1.5 inches. The platform of the shoe is about 0.75 inches and the boot opening about 17 inches all around. This work boot is also quite good in its breathability and keeps the feet cool and comfortable no matter what. The steel toe plates are impenetrable thereby ensuring the feet remains protected at all times even in most hectic of working environment.


  • It is light in weight
  • The boot comprises of a polyflex PVC compounded sole for better durability
  • It is easily cleanable
  • It is versatile in nature and can be worn in a number of working environment
  • It is fit to be used in all weather conditions
  • It offers wonderful breathability and keeps the feet nice and cosy
  • The steel toe plates incorporated makes sure that the foot is unharmed even in the most dangerous of working places
  • The price is extremely cost-convenient


  • This shoe comes in just one design
  • Some people have said that the fitting is not that great; however they have also said that it still enables them to get the job done
  • Some have also said that colour of the shoe is quite dull, but that has no effect on its quality and effectiveness at work

That completes our list of some of the top notch puncture resistant work boots in the market. They are some of the best names around and will offer its users long hours of comfort along with excellent foot protection. These boots will also keep the feet nice and relaxed and prove to be the perfect buddy in the most uncomfortable of working environments.

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