Top 10 Best Thorogood Work Boots In 2022 – Guide & Reviews

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Best Thorogood Work BootsThorogood boots are considered classic in the work boots industry. Just like the Red Wing, Thorogood is one of the most trusted brands for work boots manufactured in USA. Their shoe range covers everyday work boots, the best hiking boots, Wellingtons, Postal shoes, Uniform Boots, waterproof boots and insulated boots. This brand comes under the Weinbrenner Shoe Company which has been in the footwear business since 1892. The Thorogood boots bring exceptional value to the table with flawless craftsmanship from the Merrill, Wisconsin factories of Weinbrenner. Selecting the 10 best Thorogood work boots was like picking the crème de la crème. They can all give the Red Wings a run for their money.

Thorogood work boots vs. Red Wing work boots?

There are numerous threads on internet asking for advice to choose between Red Wing boots and Thorogood boots. You will find comparisons between Red Wing Heritage Moc Toe and Thorogood 814-4200 Moc Toe or between Red Wing Beckmans and Thorogood American Heritage. The reason is that both being classic American shoe manufacturers, offer boots with similar feature sets. So ultimately the decision comes down to how well the features are implemented in either of them and personal preferences.  Here are these usual trends with Thorogood boots compared to Red Wings:

  • Thorogood boots are known to have little or no break-in time. On the other hand, Red Wing boots often take weeks to break-in. If you are looking to urgently replace your work boots, Thorogood will be the better option. Or else you must break the Red Wing boots in by wearing them in hourly increments.
  • Thorogood boots are usually much cheaper than Red Wings. Even if you find Red Wings on discount, similarly-featured Thorogood work boots are slightly cheaper.
  • The same type of work boots in Thorogood and Red Wings usually have similar features. And they both implement the main features like waterproofing, insulation, steel-toe protection etc. equally well. So one could say that Thorogoods bring better value for money as far as people on a budget are concerned.
  • Red Wing boots look smarter and more ‘dressier’ than the casual-looking Thorogood work boots. Red Wings also look cool enough for casual use. And Red Wings are style with substance. Their style hides the sturdy features.

In the end, the choice between Red Wings, Chippewa, Thorogood etc. comes down to personal priorities and budget considerations.

What are the composite shanks in Thorogood work boots?

Many of the best Thorogood work boots have composite shanks. A shank is a piece of solid material that goes between the insole and outsole along the arch. They reduce the strain on the user’s feet and calves.  While we have seen steel and fiberglass shanks, composite shanks are less common, especially in affordable boots.  How do they compare to steel shanks, you ask?

  • Usually steel shanks are cheaper than Composite shanks but Thorogood boots have found a way to use composite shanks at a lower price.
  • Composite shanks are much lighter than steel shanks even though both perform equally well. Composite ones bear the weight as well as their steel counterparts. They allow easier movement of the feet
  • Steel shanks are usually puncture-resistant. When you walk over gravel or sharp objects, steel shank protects the sole against breaking. It does not let the feet feel the shock of these objects. Composite shanks are not as puncture-resistant.
  • Composite shanks have better electrical resistance compared to steel shanks.
  • Composite shanks do not get cold in winter and hence provide better insulation compared to steel shanks.
  • Composite shanks generally tend to be more comfortable due to their low weight and flexibility. However if your main priority is safety, then steel shank is your best bet. Their puncture-resistance will protect your feet in every way.

What do the best Thorogood work boots offer?

There is a whole confusing bunch of Thorogood work boots. So we selected the 10 best boots from Thorogood to suit all kinds of workplaces where you would like to wear boots. We have tried to add variety to the list by selecting different sets of features. The perks Thorogood boots offer are:

Construction: The Thorogood work boots are designed exclusively of durable leather that flexes with your feet to allow natural movement of feet. They also use Synthetic fiber and rubber to protect the accident-prone areas like toes and sides of the boot.

Insole: The Thorogood work boots selected here offer removable insoles. So you can always switch them out for orthotic insoles of your choice. The special insoles attached to many Thorogood boots are capable of cushioning the foot against shock and supporting the feet when you stand continuously for long hours.

Shanks: The Thorogood work boots are outfitted with engineered composite shanks or fibreglass shanks. Both are lightweight but strong shanks that give you excellent arch support. So at the end of the workday you don’t feel any foot-fatigue.

Soles: The best Thorogood work boots have slip-resistant tough soles designed for traction on any surface, dry or wet. Some of them have treaded rubber outsole while some use Vibram soles. Whatever the choice, they ensure you don’t have to strain your feet trying to grip the ground.

Toes: We have covered a whole range of toe-types in this best Thorogood work boots. Composite toe boots are for winter boots because this material does not cool easily with temperature. Steel toes are traditionally strong. There are boots with high-shine polished toe cap for uniformed professionals.

Looks: Thorogood work boots are stylish to the toe. There are many designs here ranging from black uniform work boots to suave moc-toe boots. There are also some funky-looking boots that perform great in heavy industries like mineral industries, chemical industries, oil and gas industries etc..

Budget: The best Thorogood work boots mostly lie in a moderate price range. They balance the features with quality and price. You will not be disappointed with any Thorogood boots here.

Top 10 Best Thorogood Work Boots In 2019


Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


  1. Thorogood Men’s 814-4200 American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe Boot  Slip- and oil-resistant outsole $$ 4.5 
  2. Thorogood Men’s Composite Safety Toe Gen Flex 804-4445 6-Inch Work Boot  Compression Molded EVA with Impact 300 Gel Heel Insert $$ 4.5 
  3. Thorogood Men’s 8” Side Zip Jump Boot Gen-flex  Removable polyurethane footbed featuring EVA cushion flex $$ 4.3 
  4. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage Six-Inch Plain-Toe Boot  Non-marking, slip-resistant outsole $$  4.3
  5. Thorogood Men’s Heritage 8 Inch Safety Toe Work Boot  Synthetic sole $$  4.3
  6. 804-4375 Thorogood Men’s Job PRO Safety Boots  Slip Resistant $$  4.3
  7. Thorogood Men’s Gen-Flex Waterproof Wellington  Goodyear Storm Welt $$ 4.1 
  8. Thorogood Men’s Oblique Collection 6″ Boot  Slip Resistant $$  4.1
  9. Men’s Thorogood 8″ Waterproof Composite Toe Wedge Boots  Sympatex waterproof barrier $$$  4.1
  10. 814-4208 Thorogood Men’s Wellington Work Loggers  Slip Resistant $$  4.1


  1. Thorogood Men’s 814-4200 American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe Boot

814-4200 American Heritage Moc Toe Thorogood work boots are very stylish and popular amongst the working class. Armed with non-marking, slip-resistant wedge soles, these boots have moderate features and a body that would look nice anywhere. From teachers to electricians anybody and everybody can wear these to work and they won’t look out of place. These are a complete package of the most useful safety features, comfort and looks. These were a lock a spot on the most comfortable work boots list as soon as we found them.


The Thorogood American Heritage Moc-toe work boots are made of tobacco gladiator oil-tanned leather upper. The moc-toe has neat white stitches over the toes and the around the upper. The uppers are connected to the soles using Goodyear Welt leather construction. This is the finest method of shoe construction where a strip of leather or rubber goes around the border of the shoes. This makes it easy to re-sole the boots if the soles wear out. Although with the Heritage boots, this is not a problem. The boots are like Nokia phone. They are virtually indestructible. The ankle shaft stands 6.5 inches tall from the arch. This is the perfect height for ankle support. But they aren’t tall enough to make you uncomfortable in the summer.

These Thorogood boots feature a white, Max-wear wedge sole. It is approximately 1.25 inches thick. It is a non-marking, slip-resistant sole and meets the ASTM F2913-11 SATRA standards. These are non-conducting up to 18kV electrical hazards. Your feet rest on a Poron 4000 shock-absorbing insole. It absorbs the energy from the shocks underneath and returns it your feet and supports walking. The insole is removable in case you want to put your own orthotic insoles.

The interiors of the American Heritage Thorogood boots are lined with Cotton drill vamp. These feel soft to the sides and top of the feet. Sadly these boots have no waterproof membrane. So you have to coat them with appropriate wax or Leather protector treatments. Beeswax also helps you keep them watertight.

Comfort and Fitment

As promised, the 814-4200 American Heritage Thorogood work boots can be broken-in within hours. Wear them around the house for a couple of hours before heading to work. The arch is supported by Fiberglass shanks. These are as strong and puncture-resistant as steel shanks but very lightweight. The slip-resistant soles make sure you don’t have to apply pressure on the boots to hold steady.

These Thorogood boots are available in sizes 5 to 15 in Medium and Extra Wide toe box models.


  • Slip- and oil-resistant soles
  • Shock-absorbing insole
  • Stylish moc-toes
  • Non- conducting
  • Goodyear welt construction


  • Not waterproof


  1. Thorogood Men’s Composite Safety Toe Gen Flex 804-4445 6-Inch Work Boot

Thorogood Men's Composite Safety Toe Gen Flex 804-4445 6-Inch Work BootThorogood Gen Flex are the ultimate work boots. Designed to be lightweight and comfortable in summer, these work boots are crafted with care. These are one of those durable boots you can wear for years to come. Starting right from the leather of the uppers, these boots pack in durable technology. Do note that these are not waterproof so buy them only for dry heavy work environments. The GenFlex boots walk themselves right into the best Thorogood work boots list.


The Gen Flex Thorogood work boots derive their name from the Gen Flex II rubber outsole. This is a very reliable sole which is flexible enough to allow natural feet movement. It is also quite grippy for all types of surfaces, wet and dry, smooth and gravely. Gen Flex II is also slip- and oil- resistant so you don’t need to force your feet down to maintain traction. The underside of the sole has lugs in all directions which provide lateral stability as well.

The Composite safety toe of these Thorogood boots ensures protection from heavy objects falling on your feet. It meets the ASTM F2413-11 M I/75/C/75 standards, the maximum safety against bearing weight falling on the feet. Another noticeable feature is the rubber side bumpers that prevent the most common scratches on boots. These are designed with the Goodyear welt construction method. This ensures there’s no gap remaining between the upper and the sole. But it also makes re-soling easy. These boots are also electrical hazard-rated and meet CAN/CSA-Z195 18,000 volts electrical shock resistance standard. They have an Anti-Roll heel support which prevents ankle rolling, a problem all workers eventually face.

The Gen Flex Thorogood work boots have a mesh lining inside to keep them ventilated. These are designed in tumbled, oiled full grain leather because Thorogood brings you nothing but the best. Like the American Heritage boots, these are not water-resistant either. We would apply some waterproof treatment to use them in rains. These stand 6 inches high.

Design and Comfort

The Gen Flex Thorogood work boots have a compression-molded EVA midsole with Impact 300 gel. This is patented technology that absorbs shocks from stepping over uneven surface. It provides cushioning to feet and keeps them fresh after long treks. It especially helps in the heel region which tends to get sore after hours of standing.  They have a composite shank which provides superior arch support while being lightweight.

These Thorogood work boots are available in sizes 7 to 15 in medium and wide models.


  • Gen-Flex II outsole with excellent grip
  • Composite toes
  • Rubber side bumpers
  • Anti-roll heel support
  • Shock-absorbing midsole technology


  • Not water-resistant


  1. Thorogood Men’s 8” Side Zip Jump Boot Gen-flex

Thorogood Side Zip Gen Flex work boot is a one-of-a-kind uniform boot. Tactical boots need immense strength to keep up with the work life of uniformed folks.  Although these are affordably priced, they have a sturdy leather construction. Instead of going for even cheaper boots, check these out for durable performance on the field. They feature Thorogood’s Gen Flex II outsole          and special EVA cushions for day-long comfort. These are a lock for the best Thorogood work boots list.


The Thorogood Side Zip Gen-Flex work boots are hardy oil-tanned leather boots done in all black. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the high-shine toe cap. This glossy area can be polished to the glossy black that seniors and juniors will envy alike. The uppers are connected to the sole using Goodyear welt construction. This is an expensive and the most effective methods of shoe construction and it makes re-soling much easier. The ankle shaft of these boots stands 8 inches tall. This height is secure enough for its highlight feature: the side zip.  A heavy duty YKK zipper and Velcro closure allow you to quickly pull on the boot and head out.  They do have laces in the front to tighten them. In the right size, they feel like an extension of your own feet.

These Thorogood work boots have the Gen Flex rubber lug outsole. This is specially designed to be oil- and slip-resistant. It is non-marking and doubly reinforced to absorb shocks while walking and running. The lug pattern holds on well to any surface. As you put your boots through the paces, the toe protector and heel counter protects these sensitive areas. You will see these areas are glossy. The insides of the boots are lined with mesh liner. The Dri-Lex liner is the best technology to wick away moisture and the possible odor of sweat.

Do note that the rubber toe cap is only protection on the outside against scratches. These boots don’t have a safety toe cap in steel or composite material

Comfort and Fitment

The Thorogood Side Zip Gen-Flex work boots have specialized EVA midsoles that are designed to absorb shocks as you walk. So even after 7 miles on your feet, you don’t feel tired. They have composite shanks that are much more lightweight than steel shanks but just as strong. Together, the insole and the shank take away all the strain from your feet so that you feel stress-free at the end of the day. The collar is also padded for prolonged comfort where they meet the legs.

These Thorogood boots can be found in sizes 4-15 in medium and extra-wide models.


  • High shine toe protector and heel counter
  • Slip- and oil-resistant Gen Flex soles
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsoles
  • Lightweight composite shank


  • Run a size bigger


  1. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage Six-Inch Plain-Toe Boot

The American Heritage line of Thorogood work boots has many options. The Plain-toe boots have the distinction of being the most comfortable on the list. Available in walnut brown or tobacco gladiator colors, these boots are built tough. But they still manage to look casual for everyday use at all kinds of workplaces. These don’t have a safety toe so they can’t be used in logging industry. Do not miss one of the best Thorogood work boots if you are on the lookout!


The Thorogood American Heritage plain-toe work boots are done in full-grain leather with white stitches. The heel is also white which makes them one of the smartest-looking pair of boots we have ever seen. The ankle-well measures approximately 6 inches from the arch. This is a comfortable height for those who want extra protection but not so high that it chokes your leg unnecessarily. The laces are first threaded through 3 eyelets and then through three hooks for speed-lacing. This saves you time when you head out for work.

These Thorogood work boots have a non-marking slip-resistant white Maxwear sole. The Maxwear soles are known to be tough to wear out. They also provide strong traction on most surfaces. We don’t recommend these boots for walking on snow. Since these don’t have insulation and are not waterproof, they are best for summer and springs or even fall but not winters. They have Cotton Drill Vamp lining on the inside. This keeps your feet odor-free and dry through grueling work shifts. These plain-toe boots are constructed using the Goodyear welt method so as usual they are easy to re-sole.

Since these are not waterproof we suggest sealing the pores with beeswax or any such water-repellent for shoes.

Comfort and Fitment

The American Heritage plain-toe Thorogood boots have a fiberglass shank. Don’t let the material fool you. It is as tough as steel if not better. Arch support is excellent and you will know it right out of the box. There is literally no break-in time required. And these boots remain comfortable throughout the day and afterwards. Your feet rest on the Poron 4000 Comfort cushions. These are capable of cushioning your weight and keep your heel comfy. The insole is removable too in case you use special orthotic insoles.

These Thorogood boots are available in sizes 7-15 in medium toe width. The higher sizes are also available in wide models.


  • High quality leather boots
  • Slip- and oil-resistant non-marking soles
  • Speed-lacing hooks
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Removable soft insoles
  • Fiberglass shank


  • Not waterproof
  • Sizes run a little small


  1. Thorogood Men’s Heritage 8 Inch Safety Toe Work Boot

Thorogood Heritage work boots are also offered in a safety-toe version. The shapely boots are enviably stylish. The steel-toe adds one of the most sought-after protections on the block. And they combine the great comfort solutions offered in other American Heritage boots. Electrical hazard protection makes them suitable for electrician work as well. The durability and short break-in period make them one of the most comfortable safety shoes.


The Heritage 8” safety toe Thorogood work boots have tobacco oil-tanned leather upper. The leather is flexible enough to allow the feet to move freely. However, the flexibility does not mean these are not durable. These will last years if maintained properly. They are also scratch-resistant. These have moc-toe design in the front with white stitches. The craftsmanship is clean and proper. You won’t find untidy stitches. The boots have steel-toe which is ASTM-rated against compression.

These Thorogood work boots have Vibram rubber soles. These are slip- and oil-resistant. These are non-marking soles which are suitable for smooth, sensitive work surfaces. The soles are rated against electrical hazards meeting CAN/CSA-Z195 standards. They will keep you safe through 18,000 V of shock. These boots are made via the Goodyear welt construction method. This makes them easy to re-sole on the off-chance the indestructible Vibram soles wear away.

The ankle-well of these boots measures 8 inches from the arch. At the top three points, the laces go through hooks which makes it easier to lace up. They are quite lightweight, weighing 27 ounces per boot.

Comfort and Fitment

The Heritage 8” safety toe Thorogood work boots are perhaps the most comfortable in this list. They have no break-in time compared to other logger boots.  They have a fiberglass shank that resists punctures and provides excellent support just like the steel shanks. The advantage is that fiberglass is much lighter. The overall light weight of the boots makes them even more comfortable to wear around.

These Thorogood work boots have a dual-density removable footbed that absorbs the shocks from walking over rough surfaces and keeps your feet free of fatigue after a long day at work. You can also replace the insole with orthotic soles meant for specific foot problems.  These are available in sizes 7-14 in medium and extra wide models.


  • Steel-toe
  • Moc-toe design
  • Slip- and oil-resistant Vibram sole
  • Electrical Hazard-resistant
  • Removable insoles


  • Not water-resistance


  1. 804-4375 Thorogood Men’s Job PRO Safety Boots

Thorogood Job Pro work boots combine the style of Moc-Toe and protection of a steel toe. These look as cool as the American Heritage moc-toe boots. These are genuine leather boots that shield your feet against possible dangers in heavy work places. These are absurdly comfortable for wearing over long periods of work. The sturdy soles are up for walking on tough terrains. What else can we expect from the best Thorogood work boots?


The 4375 Job Pro Thorogood work boots are made of crazyhorse brown leather. Not only does this look great, it is also scratch-resistant. So the material stays new longer than the usual boots. This has the natural color of leather that looks tough and ready for business. The Moc-toe design has white stitches which look suave for everyday work. The toes are protected by steel toes. So if some heavy part slips out of your hands, your toes will stay intact in the riot. These are maximum rated by ASTM standard ASTM F2413-11 M I/75/C/75. The uppers are connected to the sole using Goodyear welt construction. It is easy to re-sole, if needed.

These Thorogood work boots carry their proprietary Maxwear outsole. These are oil- and slip-resistant. They have 90° heels that dig in easily on any surface.  These are electrical hazard-resistant. The insides are lined with Cotton Drill Vamp lining which wicks away the sweat and keeps your feet dry in summer. These have been widely accepted as pretty durable for continuous work. The ankle well stands 6 inches tall from the arch of the boots.

Comfort and Fitment

The 4375 Job Pro Thorogood work boots have removable Poron 4000 comfort cushions that bear the weight of burly workers easily. It does not let the heel pain after continuous walking or standing. It absorbs the shock from walking on uneven surfaces and returns it to your feet. You literally get a spring in your step with the help of these boots. These footbeds are also removable so you can switch them out for orthotic soles as well.

These Thorogood work boots carry an engineered composite shank. This is lightweight and flexible. The ankle collar is not padded. While it doesn’t rub against your legs much, it would have been more comfortable with padding. These are available in sizes 8 to 14 in medium and extra-wide models.


  • Slip-resistant soles
  • Steel Toe protection
  • Electrical Hazard-resistant
  • Cotton lining
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Removable insoles


  • Ankle collar is not padded


  1. Thorogood Men’s Gen-Flex Waterproof Wellington

The Thorogood Gen-Flex Wellington work boots bring a fresh lease of life into this list. Waterproof Wellingtons with a composite safety toe are rare especially in such quality. These are ultra-comfortable and ultra tough. This combination makes them perfect for long hours of grunt work. They are lightweight, non-insulated boots meant for summer and spring months. These are virtually indestructible. They grasp a firm place on the best Thorogood work boots list.


The Gen-Flex Wellington Thorogood work boots are made out of tumbled full-grain leather. This is flexible and comfortable for full-day work. Unlike the other Thorogood work boots on this list, these wellingtons are water-proof. They are fully lined with Thoro-dri waterproof system that keeps them dry even in lashing rains. These stand around 10.75 inches tall from the arch. Once covered with trousers, their mouth is sealed against sawdust and other such elements. Like logger boots, these have a sturdy 1.5-inch heel which gives them traction on uneven ground. The platform itself stands 1” high so you don’t find the heels awkward.

These Thorogood work boots have a composite safety toe which meets the highest ASTM F2413-11, M I/75 and C/75 standards. It is further reinforced with a scratch-resistant toe bumper and side bumpers. These protect the sensitive areas of the boots and add years to their life. They have anti-roll bar heel support which keeps your ankle stable and prevents ankle rolling. The uppers are based on Gen-Flex3 dual density rubber outsole. These are made out of Goodyear construction welt.

Comfort and Fitment

The Gen-Flex Thorogood work boots have a composite shank. This is lightweight material that has the same strength as the steel shanks. They have the EVA cushion flex insole which absorbs shock while walking. So your foot does not have to suffer through the indignity of pain. Impact 300 gel heel insert is adept at dealing with the pressure. They have a comfort weave lining that which wicks away the moisture from the feet.

These Thorogood work boots are available in sizes 7-14 in medium and extra wide models.


  • Composite-toe Wellingtons
  • Thoro-dri waterproof system
  • Gen-flex3 sole
  • Scratch-resistant toe and side bumpers
  • Composite shank


  • Insoles could be better


  1. Thorogood Men’s Oblique Collection 6″ Boot

The Thorogood 804-4650 Oblique work boots are the most inexpensive option on this best Thorogood work boots list. In spite of their low price, they are loaded with useful features. These are steel toe work boots which can protect your tootsies in dangerous work places. The soles are up to face all the challenges that a heavy work environment would throw at them. And the support on the inside is classic Thorogood. These are one too many reasons to have them on the best Thorogood work boots.


The Oblique Thorogood work boots are done in brown oiled nubuck leather. In spite of the price, the upper has the life of the premium Thorogood boots. The tough brown color hides a steel toe. It is ASTM-rated for maximum protection against weight falling on the feet. These aren’t waterproof though. So you can either use them in dry environments or cover them in water-repellent treatment. The boots have been constructed using Goodyear welt method. This is a secure method for connecting the uppers to the sole. It also makes re-soling easier.

These Thorogood work boots have an oil- and slip-resistant EVA outsole. Its lug pattern gives you a good hold on the ground. The sole is resistant against electrical hazards up to 18kV. They have a brushed nylon lining which keeps your feet in a soft environment.

Comfort and Fitment

The Oblique Thorogood work boots have a wrapped cushion insole. This reduces the impact felt by the heel from being on your toes all day. These boots are available in sizes 6-12 in medium and wide widths. These boots bang big for the bucks.


  • Inexpensive
  • Steel safety toe
  • Electrical hazard-resistant
  • Goodyear welt construction


  • Sole wears out at normal pace


  1. Men’s Thorogood 8″ Waterproof Composite Toe Wedge Boots

The Thorogood composite toe work boots are a lightweight option for everyday work. These are sturdy leather boots that can take the abuse of daily wear. These have a water-proof membrane which is missing in most of the best Thorogood boots covered here. These are also tall boots that sheath your feet in comfort and reliable protection from the hazards of heavy work industries.


The Composite-toe Thorogood work boots sport tobacco brown leather upper.  These are strong but pliable. So they move naturally with the motion of the feet. These are also durable and support the feet all around. The ankle shaft stands 8” from the arch of the boots. The oil-tanned finish is water-repellent. Then there’s the additional Sympatex waterproof barrier that keeps your feet bone dry in rains and wet workplaces. But these are decently breathable too.

The front of your feet is covered by the composite safety toe in these Thorogood work boots. This is ASTM F2413-11 M I/75/C/75  for maximum weight resistance.  They have shock-resistant rubber midsoles that are attached to the uppers using Goodyear welt method. These are already rated against electrical hazard which means these are perfect for the electrician job.

Comfort and Fitment

The Composite Thorogood work boots have a composite shank that supports your arches but keeps the boots lightweight. They have a black Cambrelle lining which envelopes your feet in soft comfort. Your feet rest on Poron 4000 comfort cushions. These are removable and absorb the shocks to your feet.

These Thorogood work boots are available in sizes 8-14 sizes in medium and extra wide models.


  • Waterproof
  • Composite-toe
  • Electrical Hazard-resistant
  • Removable Poron comfort cushions


  • None


  1. 814-4208 Thorogood Men’s Wellington Work Loggers

The Thorogood Wellington work logger boots are leather slip-on boots that balance convenience with safety features for work places. Being Thorogoods, these look great and even dressy for the quieter, less flamboyant professions. These are a solid investment for daily use though, if you don’t require the protection of laces. These draw the curtain elegantly on the best logger work boots list.


The Wellington Thorogood work boots are slip-ons made of oil-tanned leather. The brown color is nicely complimented by the white color of the wedges. These are soft-toed boots that but they meet the official safety requirements of the soft-toe footwear. These uppers are stitched securely to the soles via the Goodyear welt construction. This makes re-soling easier.

These Thorogood work boots have a rubber sole. It is slip-resistant and gives you great traction on any surface. The heel has some height but not enough to make you feel uncomfortable. These are not water-resistant. They stand 10 inches tall from the arch of the sole.

Comfort and Fitment

The Wellington Thorogood work boots have a composite shank. Lightweight as it is, it is also strong. This combines with the Poron 4000 footbeds. These absorb the shock of walking over rough surfaces and reduce foot fatigue. These are removable so they can be switched out for special orthotic soles.

These Thorogood work boots are available in sizes 7-14 in medium and extra-wide models.


  • Goodyear welt leather construction
  • Removable Poron 4000 footbeds
  • Composite shank


  • Non water-resistant

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