Timberland Pro Women’s Titan Waterproof Boot Review

If you are tired of wearing heavy work boots that are designed for men, simply for their safety features, we understand. Whether you work in a manufacturing plant as a welder or you’re around high voltage electricity there is a work boot that was designed with a woman’s body structure in mind.

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Key Features of Timberland Pro Women’s Titan Boots

These lightweight boots were designed with your narrower foot in mind, and they also come with Timberland’s 30 day manufacturer’s warranty. Innovative and safety features of these boots include,

  • Durable, water proof construction.
  • Thick rubber outer sole
  • Steel toe protective plate
  • Raised heel
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Cushioned midsole, along with the ability to regulate temperature inside the boot.
  • Antimicrobial treatment to prevent foot odors.


The thick rubber sole not only protects you from electric shocks, but also provides stability and cushioning for your feet. The lightweight design of the boots helps to prevent leg fatigue, while the raised heel gives you the extra lift for heavy objects. The durable leather construction is both water proof, and easy to clean so you can always look and feel professional.

With technology that helps to regulate the temperature inside of the boots and a reinforced steel toe to help protect you from falling objects, you can work safely and comfortably in any work environment.

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Click Here to See Sizes, Colors, Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon.com


This New England based company has been manufacturing high quality work boots and outdoor apparel for more than twenty years. Their commitment to producing durable and comfortable products has made them one of the leading names sports and work gear. Their care and commitment to their customers is apparent in everything that this environmentally friendly company does.


These work boots are not only designed to fit a woman’s foot, they also include all of the same electrical hazard safety features that you would expect from the men’s work boots. They are lightweight and comfortable, and capable of protecting your feet from any hazard your job might throw at you.

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