Timberland Pro Men’s Direct Attach 8″ Steel Toe Boots Review

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Our shoes is not only a uniform for us, it helps us as the day progressed, conveying all that we anticipate from them regarding quality, comfort, strength, protection, flexibility and style. We all demand and expect these things in no little measure. During its lifespan, we expect a work shoes to be comfortable and shield us from live electric currents, sprains and strains from end to end further than a billion steps. Shoes are an important item in our accessories. With a correct pair of shoes we can avoid many accidental cases in our workplace as well as in rough surfaces. Some companies have made occupation safety boots mandatory for their worker’s safety. Even many beliefs that wearing a wrong pair of shoes, it can harm you in future. However, with the advancement of technology footwear industries are now focusing more on comfort and protection of the shoes rather their looks. Concerning all these facts Timberland, a pioneer in footwear industry has designed Timber Pro Direct Attach Boots. In personally use them and am greatly satisfied with the product.


  • These boots are designed with genuine waterproof leather and offer shield against blister, rain and cold.
  • Made with a roomier steel toe box for ultra-comfort, flexibility and extraordinary cushion support.
  • The polyurethane foot bed gives your foot a comfortable and secured experience.
  • Hard-wearing upper, waterproof leather ensures dry and damp free feet.
  • Consolidated with a nylon shock dispersion plate to keep your foot flexible where you require the most support.
  • Additional the antimicrobial treatment sole helps to protect your feet from bacterial infections and odor free all day long.


  • Only available in a single color, that can be taken as limitation of these shoes. But the style and comfort that is provided by these shoes is incredible.
  • These steel toe work boots need a week’s break in period because of its tight quality leather and sole but soon they fit perfectly in your feet providing you comfort and protection.

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Product review

While picking a right pair of shoes, the prime requirement is the material that the boots are made up of. These work boots are constructed with premium quality leather. Made with high quality waterproof leather, these shoes are perfect for cold, blister and rain. These shoes ensure sealed water resistance property and are breathable in nature. This means that in any season these work boots can give you a protect damp free feet.

The spacious toe box is built with supreme quality steel to support your backbone and protect your feet from any workplace injuries or accidents. These boots also shield your ankles from heavy falling objects. They are perfectly designed to fit your toe and give you a comfortable and cosy experience.

These steel boots are designed with an extraordinarily automated hazard safety covering that helps to keep your feet protected from open circuits or live electric currents. These are a tough boot that will keep you going and soothes your feet during long moves. Moreover, these steel toe boots offer a lightweight protection for warmth and have oil-safe slip resistant. The thick rubber outer sole supports your footing and provide an excellent traction on all types of surfaces.

These boots are crafted with cross section linings and the open-cell polyurethane helps in providing comfort and durability of the foot bed. These boots are made with high water and moist absorbent leather and thus protect your feet from antimicrobial infections. They provide odor free and dry, comfortable experience.


Timberland Pro Men’s Direct Attach 8″ Steel Toe Boot,Wheat,12 W

These steel toe directs attach shoes from Timberland are made for comfort, flexibility, durability and protection. These work boots have all the features that are required for safeguard and safety of workers. These work boots are perfect for all those who are involved in risky occupation like light or heavy industrial workers, mine workers, engineers, construction site workers or who deals with hazardous chemicals, etc.  Moreover, supporting your arch these boots reliefs you from pain and sprains and minimize your foot fatigue, which is very common in usually experience by these rigorous worksite workers. The main feature of these boots is its waterproof premium leather and outer sole direct attach technology. Comfortable and flexible for any surfaces, these work boots are affordable, dependable and a great buy for all.

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