Timberland PRO Men’s 40008 for Heavy Duty Work

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Work boots are exceptionally prevalent for the individuals who like to take wellbeing measures at work place. Wearing disgraceful shoes is one of the significant reasons for a few injuries and mishaps. US occupational safety regulations characterize those workers must take insurances and wear legitimate shoes for grip. Likewise, numerous employers who look after the wellbeing of their employees made work boots obligatory. Individuals in heavy or light industries, mines, construction sites or any other workplace that requires protection of feet and ankles from heavy falling objects or grip are the prime target group of these work boots. These boots give comfort and support along with extraordinary durability. Nonetheless, before purchasing these boots one must be skilled enough to understand the peculiarities of them.


  • These boots are designed with genuine flexible leather that ensures quality, durability, comfort and control to perform tough work. These moreover guarantee lessened break-in time.
  • These multipurpose work b oots are built with a steel toe to shield your feet and ankles and provide you a protection along with a comfortable experience.
  • The thick outer sole is shock absorber and protects from electric danger.
  • The polyurethane foot bed gives your foot a comfortable and secured experience.
  • The ortholite foot bed supports your spine and limbs and safeguards you from injuries and pains.
  • The cross section lining in the inner sole with antimicrobial cure mechanism, controls odor.
  • Molded EVA padded sole for comfort and durability.
  • Consolidated with a nylon shock dispersion plate to keep your foot flexible where you require the most support.


  • Only available in a single color, this can be taken as limitation of these shoes. But the style and comfort that is provided by these shoes are incredible.
  • These work boots are very comfortable throughout the year and all day long, however, in heavy rain they might get shabby and slightly uncomfortable.

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Product review

One the prime feature that a quality work boots must have is the material that it is made up with. These work boots are constructed with genuine flexible leather. These provide total comfort to the wearer. Also the flexible leather ensures reduced break-in time and thus fit perfectly in your feet from the beginning. These work boots are made to perform tough jobs and are very durable. For secure fit the Timberland Low-Steel Lace Up boots are crafted with leather Ghillie and nylon lacing system.

These versatile work boots are built with safety steel toe to shield not only your feet but also your ankles from injuries or risk of heavy falling objects. They are perfectly designed to fit your toe and give you a comfy experience. The thick sole helps to absorb shock and protect you from live electric currents and its danger. The abrasion resistant outer sole provides grip in oily surface and the high traction eases your movement in any surface.

The breathable leather keeps your feet dry and moist free all day long. Moreover, the cross section inner sole lining helps to fight against bacterial infection and protects your feet from bad odor. The orthotic polyurethane supports your backbone and provides comfort and control in your movements.

Crafted with cross section linings and these boots are made with high water and moist absorbent leather and thus protect your feet. The EVA padded sole are designed for comfort, flexibility, heavy wearing and durability. The padded sole is meant for extra protection and comfort.


Timberland PRO Men’s 40008 Mudsill Low Steel-Toe Lace-Up,Black,10.5 M

Designed by a very reputed footwear industry, these multipurpose work boots is not just an accessory for you, it will help you as the day advanced, passing on all that you expect from them in regards to quality, comfort, support, security, adaptability and style. These shoes have been specially crafted to perform all jagged and hard-hitting jobs in any climate and working environment. During its lifespan, these work boots guarantees your comfort and shield from live electric shocks, injuries, sprains and strains. These work boots are perfect for all workers who are involved in heavy duty work environment. Looks very durable, these boots are very light weighted and can give you an effortless moving. In one word a classic product to perform adaptable work at a very cheap price.

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