Thorogood Men’s I-Met Technology Metatarsal Guard Boot Review

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Thorogood Men’s I-Met Technology Metatarsal Guard Boot ReviewThese dark brown boots, retailing at between $100 and $146, are Thorogood’s contribution to the work boot market. Leather made and rubber soled, these are mesh safety boots with internal metatarsal guards. The mesh lining provides you with moisture wicking, keep your feet cool and comfortable all day long. Meanwhile, your feet gain a valuable amount of support from the inbuilt fiberglass shank as well as the internal metatarsal insert.


  • After a fairly short breaking in period, these will be among the best quality work boots that you can get for such a low price.
  • They are so comfortable that you can wear them all day without any discomfort or tiredness in your feet.
  • Great fit comes with really amazing protection.


  • These boots definitely need a good breaking in period, so make sure you give them that before you go for intensive use.
  • The metatarsal guard may be a little uncomfortable for those who aren’t used to using them.
  • Thorogood has both domestically made and imported products. For the best quality, make sure your boots have been domestically made.

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Product Review

Work boots are there to provide you with safety and a modicum of comfort. Everything else is just an added bonus: good if you can get it, but otherwise you do without. However, there are always ways to make your boots a little better, to make them last a little longer. For example, take these Thorogood work boots. When you start using them, you may notice that they have a tendency to slip on wet surfaces. Now, this should ideally mend itself after the breaking in period. If it doesn’t, though, there’s a very simple way to fix the problem. You can use a little sandpaper to roughen up the soles, providing you with a firmer hold when you walk.


Thorogood I-Met Technology Metatarsal Guard Boot, Dark Brown, 12 W US

The search is always on for the next great work boot. We are always looking for a pair that’s a little more durable, a little more flexible, a little safer or a little more comfortable. Good quality does not necessarily have to come at a very high price. Thorogood’s products have proved that time and time again. This case is no exception.

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