Skechers for Work Men’s Soft Stride Lace Up Review

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Shoes are an important part of one’s life. It saves you from injuries, pain, agony and accidents. Particularly if you are working in any hazardous situation where security is demanded then choosing the right pair of shoes are a necessity for you. All those workers who work in construction sites, with live electric, as engineers, in heavy and light industries and as manufacturers, then they need special boots for their feet and ankle, which can protect them from hazardous chemicals and heavy falling objects as well as can provide them better grip. Considering their needs, some renowned footwear companies have designed steel toe working boots. These steel boots are composed with a steel toe cap, which essentially implied for giving security to feet and lower legs. These boots are built with padded soles and maintaining ASTM features. There are several such steel toe boots who provide protection, durability and comfort.


  • Designed with a combination of leather and synthetic materials for appealing look and great comfort.
  • It has a convenient pull up strip, next to its heel along with the steel toe cap and rough surface bumper these boots shield your feet and support for footing.
  • The upper lace-up is featured in Ghillie style to balance your body and provide sturdiness.
  • The thick outer sole of these boots provides traction and the anti-slip rubber sole helps to walk on any surface smoothly and provide strong footing.
  • The nylon lining inner soles keeps your feet dry and odor free.


  • Available only in a particular color, this can be mention as limitation of these shoes. But the style, protection and comfort that are provided by these shoes are incredible.
  • These work boots are very comfortable throughout the year and all day long, however, in heavy rain they might get shabby and slightly uncomfortable.

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Product review

The first thing that is noticeable in these boots is its sporty style design. The boots are a perfect combination of style, tough attitude and comfortable fit. Well-crafted with synthetic and leather, these products have reduced its break in period. Very durable and flexible these boots can easily be worn throughout the day without any problem.

The upper laced up in Ghillie style provide you an appealing look with flexibility and the panel gives perfect fittings. The thick outer sole helps to absorb shock from live electric currents and protect you. The abrasion resistant outer sole provides grip in oily surface and the high traction eases your movement in any surface.

The spacious steel toe cap ensures protection from injuries and accidents and provides sturdiness to your feet even in rough surfaces. The convenient pull up strip helps in body balance and better control in movement. The nylon lining inner sole will keep your feet contented and dry throughout the day.


Skechers for Work Men’s Soft Stride Lace Up Athletic,Brown/Taupe,11.5 M

These work boots provide everything that is required in any standard steel toe work boots. Handsomely crafted and maintaining the stand Skechers have designed a comfortable, durable, flexible, hard hitting boots that are ready to take up any challenges and suits any adverse working situation. Loaded with advanced technology and maintaining ASTM features, they became desirable for many. Made from supreme quality leather and very quality synthetic fabric, these boots are perfect for dry and comfortable feet all day long. With padded collar and tongue and mesh protective rubber outer soles, they provide you a flexible and contented experience in any work site. These shoes were pushing pallets and extra traction to push or pull stuff around and for any terrain. Comparing the features available these shoes are very cheap.

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