Skechers for Work Men’s Foreman Steel Toe Work Boot Review

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In today’s market there are several shoes or boots available for the customers to pick and choose. Well it is an advantage as well as a disadvantage. The benefit is that people have loads of options to pick and choose, and the bad thing is that with so many options, they somewhat get bamboozled in picking which one is adequate for their requirement. Well for all those confused folks, we in our article we introduce to them the Skechers for Work Men’s Foreman Steel Toe Work Boot. They are reliable, long lasting and durable.


  • These boots score high marks in the comfort department and can go along with any outfit and at any occasion.
  • They are very durable and have the ability to withstand the wear and tear without hampering the foot, one little bit.
  • They are leather boots and the black texture really compliments for its appearance and design.
  • They possess a super strong base which renders agility, flexibility and one can wear them for 12 hours stretch without having any sort of foot damage, injury or infection.


  • They are limited in color edition but then again people have really accepted its black and sexy design.
  • They as all leather shoes cannot be used on monsoon seasons as once wet; it takes a great deal of time to dry off.
  • Also there are several people who have complained that they are known to cause some of un-comfort in the legs and ankles. But then again there is no cause for concern. It is only just because of the new leather. They will gradually wear off and make its place on the foot.

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Product review:

The Skechers for Work Men’s are high performance leather boots. They have a shalf which measures about 6 inches from the arc. They are a popular choice among style savvy people. They have a sex appeal of their very own and appeals to all genres of people. They have a comfortable lace up frontal position with metal eyelets.

The speed hooks Soft fabric lining renders that cushioning and prevents the foot from shock and injuries. The mid sole oil resistant nitrite rubber based lug steel toe meets up the ASTM conventional electrical hazard standards. They are about 2.1 pounds and have dimensions of about 12*8*4”.

Though they come in just two shades, however it is this color which entices people into buying them.


Skechers for Work Men’s Foreman Concore Padded Collar Boot, Wheat, 12 M US. Thus all in all the Skechers Foreman Steel Toe Work Boot is one heck of a model. They have all the tick marks in all their aces. They are available in every online shopping portal and are obtainable within $37.60- $69.88. This is another reason why they are extremely popular among the general people.

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