Rhino Men’s 6MS01 Electric Hazard Metatarsal Leather Work Boot

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These work boots from Rhino are made of genuine leather. They are carefully crafted to give you the ultimate experience in protective footwear. They will protect you from all your occupational hazards, and are even made to over resistance to electrical hazards. The soles, made from natural rubber, make sure that your tread is sure-footed. You are never in any danger of slipping, be it in oil or water.


  • Retailing at around $63.99, they are as easy on the pocket as they are on the feet.
  • The safety outsole is EH approved (electrical hazard).
  • The work boots boast an external metatarsal.
  • They do not cause any soreness or discomfort in the feet.
  • May well be the most comfortable steel toed boots currently on the market.


  • Steel toed boots are rarely comfortable, but this particular work boot is definitely easier on the feet than most of its competitors.
  • Due to their nature, they are on the heavier side, so some care should be taken to make sure your feet don’t get too strained.
  • Lacing the boots should be done carefully to avoid error and possible accident.

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Product Review

We’ve already said that these steel toed work boots from Rhino are easy on the feet as well as the pocket. They offer state of the art protection in an industrial work environment at a surprisingly affordable price. What has not been mentioned earlier is the fact that they are easy on the eyes, too! They are well made and use the best possible materials. Supplies used include the genuine leather in the boot to the natural rubber which is used in the soles.

As far as lacing goes, the ones which come with the shoes are a little brittle. We therefore suggest replacing them before you go in for intense use. While the laces may break easily, however, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with the shoes that the come with. They provide you unprecedented protection with the help of the strategically placed top plate (it may come in handy if something heavy should happen to fall on your foot).

The truth is that comfort is rarely an issue when it comes to work boots. It does, however, help to have something that you can wear for hours on end, especially if your job keeps you on your feet. That is where a pair of work boots that go that extra mile, so to speak, can really prove their worth. That is definitely the case with these. Durable and definitely worth more than the price you’re paying for them, they are a wonderful purchase.


Rhino Men’s 6MS01 6″ Steel Toe Metatarsal Leather Work Boot,9.5 D(M) US,Black. Other than the weight issue which is standard for any kind of steel toed work boots, the only really drawback of this product from Rhino is the brittle lace which comes with it. It has been known to break quite easily. Thankfully, they are not a deal breaker. All you need to do is replace them with something sturdier and you are good to go. You aren’t likely to get a product of such obvious high quality for such an affordable price, and this one comes highly recommended. For those spending a lot of time in an industrial environment and who require affordable safety, these shoes are the way to go. You won’t have to worry about whether you’re putting affordability ahead of safety, because in this case, you are getting both.

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