Red Wing Shoes Men’s 11″ Pull-On Boot Review

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Pull-on styled boots with western designs has always been the first preference for the American cowboys. However most of the boots they used to wear could not stand the long enduring pressure of day-to-day farm life or the rigors of the ranch. Red Wing was among the first brands to provide durable pull-on boots along with a perfect blend of western style to suit their needs. Red Wing Shoes Men’s 11″ Pull-On Boot is one of the fines products from the house of Red Wing, which has proved to be durable against oilrigs, farms, ranches and became popular all over the world.


  • Great overall design is the first benefit. It comes with a stylish craftsmanship in respect to work boots which can also compliment your casual wear.
  • Well-maintained cushion and ample room around the toe for long hours of comfort is another great benefit of these boots.
  • Well backed up customer service for the Red Wing customers.


  • The threads tend to wear off pretty fast and the stitch along the top edge of the boots is not so well maintained.
  • In certain reviews it has been found that after repeated use the lining tends to tear form inside and the soul started to separate at certain places.

Red Wing Men's 11 Inch Pull-on Boot Review

Red Wing Shoes Men’s 11″ Pull-On Boot review

These pull-on boots are made from premium Charcoal Tough and Rough Leather, silver hardware and Traction Trend outsoles. They were originally built for the American railroads engineers. The minimal stitching and pull on styling was designed for protecting the feet against hot embers. Oil tanned leather is one of its prime feature. Most of the Red Wing shoes are made from S.B. Foot Tanning and Co’s oil-tanned leather. The leather has water and stain resistant features. The leather is also resistant against perspiration, which keeps your feet dry. This will give you a natural feel and look which will shine all along. The leather has high durability for a longer use.

The Red Wing Pull-On shoe gives you a perfect tight comfortable fit with enough space for the toes to move around. On constant use, the boots mold with your feet, which helps in creating a customized and enduring fit. The shoe has lace less design, which require perfect sizing. The shoes are very minutely crafted and go through a 230 step of handcrafting before they are ready for use. Maintaining these shoes is very simple and involves a three-step process clean, condition and protect.


Red Wing Men’s 11 Inch Pull-on Boot (15EE). The 11″ pull on shoes are highly durable which meets the demand of the working people. They have a lace less design based on the western culture and the boots shape continuously mould with your feet to give a better fit. Oil tanned leather makes them water resistant and protects your feet. These boots can adapt to several kind of working conditions and compliment your casual wear as well. Red wings give you the advantage of customized fitting which has made them popular all around the world.

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