MuckBoots Men’s Chore Safety Toe Metatarsal Work Boot Review

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Black rubber is the work boot classic. These men’s boots from Muck Boots are all rubber, from the body to the sole. They will keep your feet warm and dry. After all, they have binding at the top which stretches and fits your calves perfectly. They will keep the chill out of your boots, as well as all that glorious warmth inside. Read on to find out what these metatarsal boots can do for you.


  • Temperature control is one of the major strengths of these boots, thanks to the snugly placed binding at the top.
  • A comfortable fit is ensured with the nylon lining, which stretches in all four ways.
  • Thanks to the materials, the boots are fairly flexible. More surprisingly for a metatarsal boot, they are lightweight as well.
  • Every inch of the boots has been made totally waterproof.
  • A steel shank has been inserted into the boot, providing you with extra arch support.


  • These men’s boots are a great fit for women’s feet as well. Just consider the size ratio and wear some fairly thick socks underneath.
  • Be sure to send your product back if the sole starts to separate from the body.

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These work boots have been a great hit with users who work in coal mining. They are well suited to underground work. Even if you work in water for several hours of the day, they should hold up quite well. They fit remarkably well, and are easy to pull on and off. The waterproofing is truly just as good as advertised. Best of all, cleaning it off provides no trouble at all. You know that you have found a great fair of work boots when they survive a coal mine for months at a time and survive. Watch out, though, in case that sole starts to come off. This product might be good, but as with all things, it is not indestructible.


MuckBoots Men’s Chore Safety Toe Metatarsal Work Boot,Black,6 M US

This is one of those products that are exactly what it promises to be. When they description says the work boots are completely waterproof, you know that that is completely true. They slide on and off like a charm. They even hold up quite well when you have to stand in water, underground, for hours on end. You won’t even have any problem when you clean them off. Muck Boots may not be as well known as some of its competitors, but this product is definitely a winner.

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