Top 10 Most Durable Shoes for Work in 2024

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If your job requires physical labor and standing on the feet for most of the day, you will need high-quality work Top 10 Most Durable Shoes for Work in 2020footwear that will provide proper support, cushioning, and durability. These qualities will get you through your workday without having numerous joint, back, and muscle problems,which are a reality for many working people.

Many workers prefer to wear work shoes instead of boots if the workplace is not too demanding or challenging. The shoes have their own perks and definitely outdo the boots in terms of quick mobility and comfort.

Differences between Work Shoes and Work Boots

Apart from other things, the main difference lies in their structures. Both the footwear types cover and protect the feet but shoes stay below the ankles while boots are likely to shield not only the ankles but also the entire lower leg sometimes.

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Let’s take a look at some other key differences between them:


Work shoes were originally made of leather, canvas, and wood. Currently, some manufacturers also used engineered plastics, rubber, and some other substances derived petrochemically.

Boots were also made of leather, nylon, and rubber. But, you will see the use of plastic, suede, and other materials these days.


The shoes are mainly for protecting the feet and providing them with adequate comfort during your day to day Top 10 Most Durable Shoes for Work in 2020activities. On the other hand, boots give the right solution when you have nothing else to shelter your feet from arduous work conditions and hazardous industrial elements. Some models also give protection against snow, water, and toxic chemical components.


Work shoes are commonly used in worksites that are less hazardous than the environments found in industrial and chemical factories. You can also use them for running, jogging, like trekking, and for other daily activities.

Contrarily, boots are mainly worn in work sites. You will see them in mining, military, and lots of industrial environments. These are also suitable for extreme sports such as ice skating, snowboarding, and skiing. Some manufacturers these days produce fashionable work boots that you can wear with dresses and in casual occasions.

Key Characteristics of Durable Work Shoes

There are various types of work shoes available in the market. But, when you are looking for resilience and longevity, keep your eyes peeled for these features:

Overall Durability

This is the attribute that you should check in your shoes when the work environment is tough. It implies that these will have a long shelf life so you don’t need to purchase a new pair in every six months and they would take anything in your day to day work life interactions. No work shoes are suitable for dealing with heavy machinery, extremely high temperature, or toxic chemical spills but the quality ones will protect in moderate to low hazardous conditions.

The good-quality work shoes should be imperishable in a word, relieving you from the worry of broken seams, cracking leather, torn off fabric, and peeled soles. The hard-wearing shoes are made of various types of high-grade materials such as full-grain leather, suede, carbon fiber, non-marking rubber, plastic, alloys, and more. These components keep them safe from wear and tear.

Most of them come with a cement construction that keeps the weight low and offers good buffering from impact andTop 10 Most Durable Shoes for Work in 2020 shocks. On the other hand, some models feature Goodyear welt construction that will be a bit on the heavier side but offer unbreakable bonding and a high level of durability.

The outsoles play a key role in ensuring the sturdiness of work shoes. Thin soles are likely to wear out within months. Choose something made of synthetic rubber and featuring thick tread to make sure your purchase lasts longer.

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Foot Support

The quality of work shoes greatly affects the foot condition. Much of the pain you endure on a daily basis comes from poor foot support of your footwear. Most models have flat insoles and midsoles that do no good to your arches and heels. High-quality shoes should flex to mold around the shape of your feet and have proper cushioning and support for the key zones of your foot.

For example, adequate ankle and heel support will prevent from injury and strains in addition to relieving you from foot-fatigue. Some shoes are equipped with special shock absorption technology or feature an inflexible heel to limit the effects of hard impacts. Besides, the inner cushioning is important too to ensure that your feet don’t receive much pressure while walking. Avoid the ones that have inner cushioning made of low-grade foam or materials.

Safety Features

These are hard to ignore when you are buying shoes for wearing in the workplaces. So, your work shoes must have some protective qualities to shield your feet in precarious conditions.

The traction of the outsoles is a critical feature that keeps your footing stable on wet and greasy surfaces. Shoes with a bad grip will not serve well on muddy and rocky tracks. See what type of traction options is available before buying a pair.

Durable work shoes are likely to have steel or composite inserts to reduce abrasion. This feature comes handy when pushing pedals, driving heavy-duty trucks, or riding bikes has become the part of your daily activities. Besides, the metal instep and an exterior toe guard enhance the resilience of the structure and protect the food from sharp and pointy objects such as piercing metal components, glass pieces, nails, and other similar things.

Another excellent feature to be found in many work shoes is the security from electrical hazards. Some shoes have ESD protection that shields from static electricity, which means no more static shocks or hair standing up! On the other hand, footwear with EH rating will insulate electric shocks in dry conditions up to a specific amount of volts.








1. KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe100% Waterproof leather and mesh$$4.7
2. Skechers USA Men’s Mariner Utility BootRubber sole$$ 4.6
3. Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Sport Alloy Toe Shoe100% Rip Stop Nylon$$ 4.5
4. Wolverine Men’s Raider Oxford Contour Welt Work BootFull-grain leather upper$$4.4
5. KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe100% Nubuck leather$$4.4
6. Timberland PRO Men’s 40008 Mudsill Low Steel-Toe Lace-Up

Shock Diffusion

7. Dickies Men’s Athletic Slip-Resistant Work ShoeLightweight EVA midsole$$4.2
8. Skechers for Work Men’s Hartan Steel Toe Slip-On Shoe

Electrical Hazard
$$ 4.2
9. Caterpillar Men’s Argon Comp Toe Lace-Up Work BootSlip-resistant flexible outsole$$4.1
10. Skechers Men’s Burst Slip Resistant Waterproof Work Shoe 100% Leather and Textile $$$4.0

1. KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work ShoeKEEN Utility Men's Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe

If you want your work shoes to be comfortable, durable, and lightweight, KEEN brings you the perfect choice in the Atlanta Collection. Buy a pair and you are all set not only for your workplace but for all types of outdoor activities. These can get you through from light industrial environments to mountains and city streets.

Overall Durability

These Atlanta work shoes are highly durable, so much so that you might not need another pair for a couple of years! Although the look might be deceiving because these resemble like sneakers, the water-resistant Nubuck leather upper and cement construction give assurance of the endurance. The sides have cuts for mesh fabric that increases the breathability and keeps your foot sweat-free.

The solid stitching, well-designed non-marking rubber outsole further solidify the well-made structure. An Atlanta pair is perfect for all those people who work under the blazing heat of thesun or in a high-temperature environment because the mesh patches will let in airflow and keep the feet cool.

Foot Support

The shoes have padded lining inside, which has made them comfortable from day one. Just take them out of the box and put on, no need to break in! You will be able to work under taxing conditions without any pain because of the metatomicalfootbed design. It’s a patented technology that is ergonomically designed to cushion the arch and the foot’s natural shape.

The dual-density footbed and EVA midsole ensure that you can wear the shoes throughout the day without wearing the feet. Besides, the lightweight nature makes them perfect for both doing exercises and working.

Safety Features

The outsole of the shoes extends toward the toe area and guard it with an extra layer. It is the KEEN-patented toe-guard feature that provides the ultimate protection for your toes. Besides, the steel safety toes are anatomically asymmetrical that secures a roomier toe box for your feet to have enough room inside the shoe.

These also come with the patented ESD technology that is your safety pass while working around excessive static electricity. Moreover, the rubber outsole will give extra security on oily and slippery grounds.


  • The design and look are suitable for various activities
  • Water-resistant Nubuck leather
  • Metatomicalfootbed design
  • Hydrophobic mesh lining keeps the feet dry


  • The 1.25-inch heel won’t give much security
  • The shoelace tightener is plastic

2. Skechers USA Men’s Mariner Utility BootSkechers USA Men's Mariner Utility Boot

Every working person craves for a pair of shoes that is not only good for the feet but also multifunctional and stylish. The Mariner Utility work shoes from Skechers have a versatile design and performance-ready construction. The leather footwear is also perfect for a night out and becoming your go-to choice! So, why settle for anything else?

Overall Durability

The upper of the shoes are high-quality leather. It may take a few days to break in but there’s no doubt about the endurance. Coupled with the Goodyear welt construction, double and triple solid stitching, and metal grommets, the upper can withstand hostile weather conditioning without letting your feet feel a thing!Besides, the rubber outsoles don’t wear out easily. You can even replace them with new ones, extending the lifespan of the shoes.

The Mariner Utility shoes are perfect for people looking for heavy-duty footwear that is suitable for both sea and land. The low-cut ankle design will not be your best bet for deep snow or flooded areas but can handle shallow snow, muddy tracks, and harsh terrain like a pro.

Foot Support

You will need a pair of shoes with great support features when moving around all day on hard and challenging surfaces. Nobody wants to walk with a foot pain or blisters. The Mariner Utility collection has padded interior lining, supportive instep, and molded footbed to ensure the maximum comfort. These components cradle your heel and mold around your foot shape so that walking around while putting the shoes on feels like a breeze.

The padded ankle and lacing-up system secure easy pull on and off and superb fitting. Moreover, these have a deep toe box, making sure that your feet don’t cramp for room inside. These elegant shoes have all the qualities to become a wardrobe favorite.

Safety Features

The lugged outsole is your ticket to have stable footing and take robust steps at the time of working. The dense treads will buffer the impact and save the legs from the jolts of collision to the ground. In addition, the soles have adequate traction to prevent slip offs on muddy and wet terrains. However, be careful when walking on wet concrete floors as these tend to be more slippery than any other surfaces.


  • The upper is made of leather
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Padded collar and supportive instep
  • Lugged outsole confirms stable footing


  • Don’t have any insulation
  • Not waterproof

3. Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Sport Alloy Toe ShoeTimberland PRO Men's Powertrain Sport Alloy Toe Shoe

Timberland has never shied away from using technologies in the footwear. Its collection of the PRO Powertrain work shoes is not an exception too. Advanced features have been integrated into every inch of these footwear models so that the wearers can beat whatever their workplace throws at them!

Overall Durability

One thing you can sure about this premium-quality footwear is that it will take care of everything wherever your job takes you. The ripstop nylon upper is abrasion-resistant, which means it is unlikely to tear off despite enduring the abuse of heavy-duty industrial environments.

The upper also features breathable mesh fabric that is made of the finest microfiber to make sure that your feet don’t suffocate in hot and humid temperatures. The cement construction is engineered with utmost care so that the bonding is long lasting but the structure remains lightweight.

The shoes have great looks with minute attention to details. These look like sports footwear and you can use them for running, jogging, and doing exercises too.

Foot Support

The PRO Powertrain shoes guarantee maximum support and comfort with the 24/7 Comfort Suspension and Anti-Fatigue technologies. You don’t have to suffer from the tiredness at the end of the day because these soles have multiple layers to diffuse the socks, disperse pressure, and stabilize the footing. Whether you need to stand, climb, walk, or haul loads in your workplace, you will never feel de-energized.

The non-metallic shank and the PU midsole and outsole ensure structural support and provide shock absorption technology. Besides, you don’t have to stand smelly feel and can stay fresh for longer because of the mesh lining with antimicrobial treatment.

These shoes also have a 30-day comfort guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with their comfortability, which is highly unlikely, you can return them.

Safety Features

The alloy safety toe meets ASTM safety standards. The toe caps don’t rub the feet anywhere and can protect from heavy falling objects. The soles meet SD static-dissipative safety standards that give protection against potential static electrical hazards. No matter how highly charged an object is, the static electricity will flow right into the ground when you touch it.

The outsoles are heat-resistant and their tread pattern seems to suck air to create a strong bond with the ground. So, you will get anexcellent grip on almost all types of surfaces.


  • Made of premium materials
  • Integrated with 24/7 comfort suspension technology
  • 30-day comfort guarantee
  • Alloy toe meets ASTM safety standards


  • The shoes are not waterproof
  • The mesh lining may tear off

4. Wolverine Men’s Raider Oxford Contour Welt Work BootWolverine Men's Raider Oxford Contour Welt Work Boot

The Raider work shoes from Wolverine will make you nostalgic with their old-fashioned charm. With a classic look, the stylish shoes don’t also lag behind in durability and comfort aspects. What can be more desirable than feeling safe at work besides looking great?

Overall Durability

The full-grain leather upper may take some time to stretch and become soft but there’s no question about its endurance. It resists wear, weather, and abrasion like a pro. The stable nature is further reinforced by the double and triple stitches and metal eyelets.

The contour welt construction is engineered for constancy and better mobility. The outsoles are resilient enough to take a lot of abuse. The soles are constructed to bend and flex at key zones for supreme relaxation and performance.

Foot Support

The MultiShoxfootbed and the lightweight PU midsole work like an airy layer of compression pads that buffer the jerks and vibration created with every step you take. These also return the energy to the feet to keep them fatigue-free after a long day at work.

The non-metallic shanks cradle the curves of your feet to support the arches. The overall design does not require the foot muscles to work much, resulting in less pain and strain.

Unlike most leather shoes, the Raider model won’t suffocate your feet. These have mesh lining inside that does not hold heat and facilitate aeration so that your skin stays cooler.

Moreover, the shoes come with a 30-day comfort guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the support and comfortability, just send them back and claim your refund.

Safety Features

These are soft toe shoes, so you won’t get much security against heavy falling objects. The soles are not also rated for EH protection, which means that you have to be careful while working amidst electrical equipment.

However, the MultiShox rubber lug outsoles provide top-notch performance in terms of shock absorption and grip on different surfaces. You will enjoy great traction on slick, uneven floors.


  • Feature a classic, timeless style
  • Upper is full-grain leather
  • Contour welt construction
  • MultiShox soles absorb shocks and provide excellent traction
  • 30-day comfort guarantee


  • Non-safety toe
  • Don’t have any insulation
  • Don’t resist water

5. KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Low Steel Toe Work ShoeKEEN Utility Men's Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe

The Flint work shoes from KEEN come with a sporty design, suitable for accompanying you from work sites to beaches and city streets. The brand celebrates outdoor lifestyle, and this collection represents that HybridLife philosophy at an affordable price range.

Overall Durability

Tough but comfy, these Flint shoes will keep your feet safe and secure no matter whether you are swearing at the factory or climbing up a challenging track. The Nubuck leather upper with side cuts featuring mesh fabric offers both endurance and aeration.

The leather feels like suede but works like full-grain leather. It resists abrasion and scratches. Together with the cement bonding, the upper makes a well-built construction that is likely to last more than a year. The leather also resists water and can withstand light rain. So, wearing these shoes will make you ready to face all the challenges of a day.

Foot Support

The Flint shoes feature the metatomicalfootbed design. The technology provides anergonomically designed insole that reshapes itself according to the contour of the foot and cradles the arch and heel. It is also removable, so you can clean easily or replace with orthotics should you have any foot condition.

The compression molded EVA midsole, contoured heel lock, and torsional stability shank togetherensure that the key areas of your foot don’t have to endure pressure. The dual-density structure of all the soles offers more soft layers of EVA foam under the foot.

The breathable fabric upper controls temperature and confirms aeration in hot and humid days. Besides, the CleanSport NXT(TM) technology makes certain that you don’t have to deal with smelly feet when taking the shoes out after the work.

Safety Features

The steel toes, which are asymmetrically designed, meet the safety standards for resisting impression and compact. The soles can soak up electricity in dry conditions to safeguard you from electrocution and shocks.

Also, the non-marking rubber outsoles keep your steps steady with slip and oil resistant feature. The soles also perform well against corrosive chemicals.


  • Sporty design suitable for work and outdoor activities
  • Metatomicalfootbed design for maximum support
  • Dual-density EVA midsole
  • CleanSport technology control odor


  • No insulation
  • Not completely waterproof

6. Timberland PRO Men’s 40008 Mudsill Low Steel-Toe Lace-UpTimberland PRO Men's 40008 Mudsill Low Steel-Toe Lace-Up

If your challenging workplace is taking a toll on your feet, ease out the pain and strain with the PRO 40008 Mudsill steel-toe work shoes from Timberland. These give excellent support to flat feet and fallen arches. Besides, the over-the-top construction and safety features keep your footing planted firmly on the ground.

Overall Durability

The shoes have enduring qualities to last for more than a year. The break-in could be slightly uncomfortable because the upper leather is perdurable and stable. However, once they break in, you will get one of the most comfortable steel-toe footwear.

These are lightweight and the cement construction holds all the parts so firmly together that nothing will fall off so easily. Even if you do lots of walking on concrete, do forklifting, step on and off stairs and uneven surfaces for hours, the shoes will still remain intact.

Foot Support

The open-cell PU footbedcradles your foot. It comes with anantimicrobial treatment that controls odor and provides a breathable comfort during extended wear. A layer of lightweight EVA foam rests under this, giving additional cushioning and buffering from impacts.The nylon shank makes sure there’s no lack of structural support.

The shoes are true to the size and you can further customize the fitting with the lacing system. However, the most amazing feature is possibly the 24/7 Comfort Suspension technology that reduces foot fatigue and gives the best support to the arch and foot even in the most rigorous work site.

Safety Features

The PRO 40008 Mudsill is a premium-quality footwear collection that is equipped with every possible safety features to keep you protected. The steel toe meets the ASTM ratings for compressions and impact and passes the F2413-11 safety standards.

Moreover, the EH protection will relieve you from the worry of having electrical shocks or electrocution while working around electrical components. It will provide secondary underfoot shielding in dry conditions.

The outsoles are made of Timberland Pro Rubber, which is specially engineered to show heat resistance. It’s an excellent feature since most of the work shoes don’t perform well in hot temperature. The material is also extremely hard-wearing and provides enhanced traction with good resistance to abrasion, oil, and slipping.


  • Leather upper is durable
  • 24/7 Comfort Suspension technology
  • Open-cell footbed and EVA midsole
  • Timberland PRO Rubber outsoles
  • ASTM and EH rated


  • The sock lining may wear out after some time
  • Not waterproof

7. Dickies Men’s Athletic Slip-Resistant Work ShoeDickies Men's Athletic Slip-Resistant Work Shoe

The Athletic collection from Dickies is the right choice if you want to spend a fatigue-free day. The shoes are super comfortable and come at such a price point that is within everyone’s reach. These are not very good-looking though, which is unlikely to be a big issue because you are going to work, not in a fashion event.

Overall Durability

Calling the upper portion leather will be a stretch because it looks like a vinyl or plastic material that resembles leather. Even if it’s leather, the quality is low. However, the upper is spill resistant and polishable, which means wiping with a piece of cloth or brush will leave no trace of the spilled coffee or drinks!

The attachment is cement construction that makes the shoes flexible and lightweight. Although you can’t replace the soles, these are likely to last for a year should you use carefully.

Foot Support

The upper is softly flexible, which, in combination with padded tongue and collar, offers minimal break-in time. The shoes don’t have any lace but the fitting is excellent due to the elastic side gores. Besides, it’s also easy to slip on and off.

The premium memory foam insole and EVA midsole create a layer under your foot to give it support and relaxation. The midsole especially cancels the impact that comes from the collision with the ground. Moreover, the memory foam in the footbed reshapes itself to the shape of your feet with every step.

The interior is lined with a moisture wicking fabric that fights sweat. Coupled with the breathable leather upper, your feet stay dry and odorless even if it’s a roasting day.

Safety Features

The DX Traction outsoles have liquid-dispersing quality and an exclusive tread design, which have made the Athletic collection great slip-resistant shoes. However, these work better on dry floors and places where there’s only minimal amount of liquid on the surfaces such as hospitals. So, if you are working in a restaurant where thewet and oily floor is very common, be careful.


  • Easy to break-in
  • Elastic side panels for quick slip on and off
  • Leather is spill-resistant and polishable
  • Memory foam footbed
  • EVA midsole
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive


  • The leather is low-quality
  • Elastic may lose tenacity after a while
  • Traction is not good on oily surfaces

8. Skechers for Work Men’s Hartan Steel Toe Slip-On ShoeSkechers for Work Men's Hartan Steel Toe Slip-On Shoe

Skechers has made a name for manufacturing well-made shoes at decent price ranges. The Hartan collection features a range of footwear that fulfills both the qualities. If you want a pair that will give you all day comfort and protection along with being stylish enough to be used for formal occasions, Hartan should be your first choice.

Overall Durability

Who does not like to have a pair of versatile work shoes that look good and feel cozy? The low-cut Hartan shoes just tick all the boxes! The upper leather is smooth and tenacious,the qualities that are reinforced with the strong stitching and overlay accents. The abrasion-resistant overlay details on the toe, side, and heel areas give them more resilience to fight the hostile conditions.

The cement construction makes the shoesas light as a feather although it’s not as strong as Goodyear welt bonding technique. However, the reinforced stitched seams at the sides attribute more endurance to the whole structure.

In a word, these are high-quality leather shoes that will let you take every step with ease and style.

Foot Support

Due to the leather upper, the shoes need a few days to stretch out. Once broken in, you can expect the desired fit and blister-free wearing for hours. The gel-infused memory foam footbed is one of the best components to take proper care of your foot. The shock-absorbing midsole will buffer the impact and return energy to your legs so that they are not tired after hours of work.

The Chelsea-style shoes have side elastic fabric panels for easy slip on. However, the panels may lose the elasticity after extensive use for a long time. The shoes are comfortable overall and the padded collar, soft fabric lining, and the relaxed fit design further enhance that feature.

Safety Features

The steel toe caps are ASTM-rated for impact and compression and EH-rated for protection against electrical shocks in dry conditions. So, your feet will be safe no matter whether you work around heavy machinery or electric tools.

The Nitrile rubber lugged outsoles are resistant to chemical components and oil. Besides, these are tested for wet and oily conditions.


  • Look stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Footbed and midsole are good for comfort and support
  • Elastic panels for easy slip on


  • No insulation
  • Not resistant to water
  • The side panels may lose elasticity over time

9. Caterpillar Men’s Argon Comp Toe Lace-Up Work BootCaterpillar Men's Argon Comp Toe Lace-Up Work Boot

The Argon work shoes from Caterpillar have been built for guys on the go. These are grippy, stretchy, and are likely to last for years, having everything for someone who wants to be at his best in the work. These will help you stand your ground while making you feel comfortable and safe.

Overall Durability

The upper is made with full-grain rugged leather that takes some time to break in. However, the wait is worthwhile because the leather can take a lot. The double and triple stitched seams and a protective overlay on the toe seem to add to the strength of the structure.

The build is tight and reliable where the T901 outsole is attached to the upper with Strobel and cement constructions. The inner stitches of theStrobel technique give resilience to the structure while the cement bonding keeps all the parts together.

In a word, the shoes are suitable for both hard work and rough play.

Foot Support

Caterpillar applies its unique design philosophy ERGO in these Argon shoes. It is a combination of a handful of components in this case that makes the shoes to cradle the contour of your foot. The dual-density footbed, sculpted midsole, internal shank stabilizer, and the flex grooves, heel clefts, and tread in the outsole combinedly work together to provide the wearer the maximum comfort and support.

The padded collar and tongue provide extra cushioning and the eyelets and laces keep the fit tight any time. Long hours on the feet can take a toll but not with the advanced technologies of these shoes.

Another upside of the Argon model in the nylon mesh lining and the microfiber sock liner. These keep your feet cool, dry, and happy by wicking away sweat and moisture.

Safety Features

The composite toe is lighter than the steel version and provides protection against impact. It’s actuallyatough-like-a-nail composite guard, which is also ASTM rated. The T901 soles are rated for electrical hazards. Besides, these are specially engineered to offer gripping action. Wear the shoes on and say goodbye to all the clumsy falls!


  • Leather upper and T901 outsoles
  • ERGO technology offers comfort and support
  • Enjoy dry feet because of the mesh lining and microfiber sock liner


  • The outsole cannot be replaced because of the cement construction
  • No waterproof

10. Skechers Men’s Burst Slip Resistant Waterproof Work Shoe

Skechers announced the Burst collection as ‘the most comfortable shoes in the world.’ While the statement may seemSkechers Men’s Burst Slip Resistant Waterproof Work Shoe exaggerated a bit, it’s really hard to find quality shoes as good as the Burst model at this price range. Go for them if you want to have the coziness of sports sneakers in a pair of work shoes.

Overall Durability

The upper is made of a mix of leather and mesh fabric. The stitches are solid as you won’t see any loose thread and these hold the leather and fabric materials together. The hardware seems solid and firmly attached to the body.

Skechers claims the shoes to be waterproof. Well, the materials will resist water to some extent but your feet will ultimately get wet if you stay in thewater for a long time.

The cement construction glues the upper and lower parts together. It decreases the weight of the shoes but reduces the longevity. Besides, you can’t change the outsoles once expired.

Foot Support

As the shoes have been specially designed with the comfort feature in mind, you won’t be disappointed even if you have a high expectation in this regard. The memory foam insole feels surprisingly soft and cushy, which is better than average Adidas and Nike footwear.

The padded collar and tongue combined with the mesh lining and relaxed fit make the shoes feel like an extension of your foot! Wear them and you won’t feel a thing even if you have to walk on concrete surfaces for hours.

Safety Features

The shoes lack a bit in this regard because these don’t have any steel or composite toe. These are a soft-toe model that won’t protect from falling or sharp objects. Moreover, there will be no protection against electrical hazards.

However, the rubber outsoles will offer a decent amount of traction so that you can survive on slippery and wet surfaces.


  • Combine the look of sneakers and functionalities of work shoes
  • Ease of mobility because of the lightweight nature
  • Memory foam insole is super cushy
  • Relax fit
  • Breathable


  • Don’t have a safety toe and not rated for EH
  • No insulation
  • Outsoles cannot be replaced once expired

Why Should You Choose Work Shoes Instead of Boots?

Do you want to forget all the troubles in your life? Wear a pair of uncomfortable shoes! Poorly fitted footwear could be so painful that you won’t remember any other problem. Only first-rate work shoes will provide you with superior comfort and long-lasting performance. You may think that premium-grade boots can do the same things too. So, why you should prefer shoes over boots? Let’s find out some significant advantages of shoes:

Less weight.

Weight on your feet could be costly! Carrying more weight means spending more energy and becoming tired pretty quickly. So, it makes sense to swap a pair of 4-pound boots with 1 or 2 pounds of shoes. Lighter footwear will save your energy and make walking around or hauling loads easier.

Goodbye to blisters!

Rigid, hard soled boots take a great amount of time to flex with the feet. Besides, high-quality boots are typically made of full-grain leather, which feels extremely hard at the beginning. In fact, even a well broken-in pair can cause blisters if you wear them for a long time.

On the other hand, shoes are mainly made from nylon and suede leather that takes minimal break-in time. Besides, you will find foamy interior lining to save the foot from rubbing and blisters.


Shoes have amesh lining and sometimes perforated upper parts to keep the feet away from moisture and sweat. But, most of the boots have good insulation and waterproof quality, making your feet wet with sweat.

Less demanding.

Boots are expensive, have a lengthy break-in period, and need high care and maintenance for long-lasting service. Shoes are a lightweight alternative that you can wear right out of the box. Besides, they cost relatively less and don’t demand that much upkeep.

What Type of Work Shoes Do You Like?

Do you like any of the entries we’ve listed here or your choice lies on different aspects? Let us know about your favorite work shoe brand and model and what qualities you like most about them.

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