Men’s Extra Wide Work Boots: The Bets of the Lot

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Wide boots are a much fascination these days as it helps in providing much room to the feet. It is very important to have such wide boots which can be worn on everyday purpose and should be equipped to take on the pressure of the day to day activities. If you want boots that are made to allow you work while wearing the same them extra wide boots are the best ones that you get, because while working with these boots you will need more room for your feet. The wide boots come in various sizes and getting the perfect one that suffices your need can be tough task.

In the below mentioned paragraphs we will bring some of the best men’s extra wide work boots that helps in providing much room to the feet while you are busy working. To more about the same you can cater down to know more.

Diamondback Wsst-8.5 Extra Wide Steel Toe Work Boots

Work Boot 6in St Toe Xwide 8.5This is men extra wide work boot that is made of suede leather and the toe area of the boots are steel made for providing ultimate amount of protection. The size of this particular set of boots is about 8.5-6 inches in measurement. The welt construction of the soles is stitched to make the shoes sturdy and durable. The outsole of the boots is made of rubber and thus makes it slip resistance. The boots are very much comfortable thanks to the soft fabric that it comes with and the light lining. Because the boots are wide it provides extra room for the feet.


  • It keeps the feet warm.
  • It is equipped to keep the feet comfortable.
  • You can work with the boots throughout the whole day.


  • The performance of the boots largely depends on the terrain that it is used to walk on.

Diamondback Wsst-12 Extra Wide Steel Toe Work Boots

Diamondback Work Boot 6In St Toe Xwide 12 WSST-12This particular set of boots is another wide work boot that is made with suede leather and has measurement of about 12.6 inches and has stitched holes in the welt for optimum durability and strength. The outsoles of the boots are rubber made and are slip resistance. The wide foot quotient gives the feet more room in the boot. It comes with added shock absorption thanks to the steel shank that is inserted in the fiber footbed. The padded leather that the tongue has is made to provide comfort and support. The fabric that is used as the lining of the shoes provides great comfort to the person wearing it.


  • It is very much comfortable.
  • It comes with shock absorption.
  • It is slip resistant.
  • Provides good support

Dunham by New Balance Men’s Addison Mid Cut Waterproof Boot

Dunham by New Balance Men's Addison Mid-Cut Waterproof BootThis particular set of leather boots for men have rubber sole and the measurement of the heel is about 1.25 inches in measurement. The upper leather of the boot is full grain and the outsoles of the boots are also made of rubber. This is one such wide boot that can be worn on every day purpose. The made up of the sole is very good and can be worn in all types of weather. The best part of this boot is that the price for which it comes is pretty reasonable.


  • The price of the boost is reasonable.
  • The made-up of the sole is very good.
  • Perfect for all kinds of weather.
  • It is comfortable.


  • Can produce some rubs in the ankle portion.

Dr Zen Samson Men’s Extra Width Steel Toe Work Boot Leather Lace

Dr Zen Samson Men's Extra Width Steel Toe Work Boot Leather LaceThis leather made boot comes with features that are made to keep the feet safe and comfortable. The materials that are used to make the boots are of the best quality and are equally light in weight. The construction of the boots is very good and provides tendon support. It also comes with 2 removable spacer insoles which are advanced with the technology of triple width system. And is a width wider. The platforms of the boots are designed in such a way that it gives away the widest width. The person owning the same also has the option of customizing the same according to the needs such as certain deformities, swelling, foot braces and even pronation. The sizes that are available for the shoes are 7 to 14. This leather made boot comes with steel toes and has a lining that is seamless.             


  • It is comfortable.
  • The boot is leather made.
  • The lining that the boot has is seamless.
  • It accommodates various feet such as swelled, deformities, foot braces and pronation.
  • It provides tendon support.
  • The boot is light in weight.
  • The materials used to make the boots are of the best quality.
  • The insole of the boot is very good.
  • The fit that the boots give away is very good.


  • The insole of the boots is bit firm which might be a source of problem for some.

The above shoes are some of the best when it comes to wide boots that are available for men they are all work boots and can be worn in every circumstance. The extra wide boot helps in accommodating all kinds of feet and thus is very popular among the people. Just make sure you choose the right size according to the fit that you need and choose wisely.

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