Men’s Carolina® 8″ Steel Toe Loggers Boot Review

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Boots are not just worn to cover your feet or as a uniform. It is one of the significant frill that solaces you and furthermore spares you from wounds and mischances. Along these lines, numerous individuals who truly trust in taking safety measures lean towards steel toed work boots. These boots are constructed with tough unique leather and quality steel toe. They function as a shield for your feet and lower legs. Work boots are incredible for heavy duty workers like construction site workers, mine workers, electricians, engineers, workers of chemical factories, etc. A percentage of the organizations for who are concerns about their employee’s wellbeing starts things out and made wearing steel toed boots compulsory for their workers. These boots are dependable and can be worn as the year progressed.


  • Constructed with pure imported quality leather for comfort and flexibility along with full grain upper leather for stability and toughness.
  • The Shaft measures are approximately 10 inches from the arch which provides safeguard to your ankles too.
  • The inner part of the shoe is designed with metallic steel shank which offers strength on your footing.
  • These work boots are designed with good quality rubber soles and the removable soles supports in air circulation and prevention of bacterial infection and bad odor in feet.
  • The thick outer sole and front footing flexible grooves helps in slip resistance on both greased and wet surfaces.
  • These boots have been designed with J-flex system which provides great comfort and flexibility.


  • Lack of color selection are sometimes become concern for buyer but the tan leather from which this footwear is made up of is very styling and has great appealing look.
  • The water resistant capacity is admirable; however, if the waterline increases above your ankles, then these leather boots can be shabby.

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Product review

The material of the boot from which it is built with is the prime concern as it describes about the quality and longevity of the shoe. These work boots are manufactured with cent percent quality leather that is very soft and comfortable in your feet. This boot has high shaft measures with stress-free pulling straps to provide ultra-support and protection to your feet as well as your ankles. Additionally the full grain upper leather gives durability and strength.

The Mesh fabric linen that has been used for the crafting provides a soft and warm feeling to your feet.  The work boot has been designed with solid metal shrank to offer long lasting and hard-wearing footwear. For perfect fitting of the toe it has been shaped square. Hence, this boot is very comfortable for those who have wider toes. Both the flexible soft leather and square toe allows your feet comfortable and protective performance.

The thick sole helps in high traction and slip resistant component. This work boot is very comfortable, supportive and smooth in any terrain. They are also great in oil and water slippery surfaces and can provide your better grip and shield from accidents or fall. These boots are shock absorbers and provide protection in short circuit and live current.

Additionally, with the breathable linen this boot is constructed with detachable inner soles.  The removable soles help in air circulation and shifting the base whenever necessary. This keep your feet dry and warm from moisture and fights against bacterial infections that produces bad odor to the feet. These work boots are light weighted and helps in easy and flexible movement.


Carolina Steel-Toe Waterproof Logger Boot – 8in., Size 11 Wide, Black

This Steel Toe Loggers Boot has been intended for extraordinary execution and solace. This work boot is ideal for the individual who lives up to expectations in risky synthetic manufacturing plants as the high shaft gives additional gatekeeper to their feet. Exceptionally planned with advanced technology and design this boot is perfect to give solace like no other work boot can provide. The unique features have made this boot extremely uncommon and requesting. Notwithstanding of produced using veritable genuine leather, this footwear needs some time to break in however, once the phrase is over its quality and comfort is unparalleled.  In single word this work boot is agreeable, in vogue, defensive, strong and exceptionally reasonable.

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