Lightweight, Comfortable And Safe Work Boots For Men

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Even though you might need protective boots for your job, this does not mean your choices in footwear are limited to heavy, uncomfortable shoes. Now you can protect your feet, especially your toes, and stay standing comfortably all day long.

Comfort and support for your legs and feet is just as important as a work boots safety features. Ill fitting boots can cause blisters and calluses, and lack of cushioning and arch support can cause your feet and lower back to ache. The boot’s weight should also be considered, especially if your job involves continual walking. Heavy boots can cause leg fatigue and put strain on your lower back, while lightweight canvas shoes provide absolutely no protection.

Thankfully there is another option that includes a wide variety of lightweight work boots in several different styles. These protective boots are comfortable to wear all day long, while still giving your feet the protection they need. With lightweight work boots you don’t have to worry about sacrificing comfort for safety, instead you’ll be amazed at how great your legs and feet feel after a long day at work. Here are some of our favorite lightweight work boots for men.

Lightweight Work Boots for Men

Wolverine Men’s Work Boot (W08288)Wolverine Men’s W08288 Boot

Lightweight and durable, these work boots are constructed from water resistant leather and feature a wedge design. With the thick rubber sole, you can easily navigate slick shop floors and uneven terrain on construction sites. You can choose to have a steel toe added for additional safety, and the inner shoe padding can be easily removed. The midsole and shank help to act as shock absorbers and the work boots lightweight design keeps you comfortably moving all day. Shipping weight is listed at 2 pounds.

Timberland Pro Men’s Titan 6” Soft Toe BootTimberland PRO Men’s Soft Toe Boot

These lightweight men’s work boots are durable and comfortable. Mesh lining helps to keep your feet cool and comfortable during the day, and the leather construction is water resistant. Midsole cushioning and padded ankle support help to protect and keep your feet comfortable on any terrain. The rubber sole provides both stability and traction, which can be important on slick concrete floors. The non mark tread on the soles of the boots make them ideal for indoor work places, while their durable construction can weather almost any outdoor working condition. Weight during shipping is only 2 lbs.

Wolverine Men’s Guardian W02292 Waterproof Boot

Wolverine Men’s Guardian Waterproof Boot (W02292)

This lightweight and waterproof work boot is ideal for landscaping, construction, and other outdoor projects. Made from durable leather, they also feature a thick rubber sole, to give you both traction and protection. Easily cross construction sites, and safely navigate your way through a machine shop these shoes can handle any medium risk work environment you are currently in. The cushioned insole can easily be removed, and the EVA mid sole gives your additional shock absorbing comfort and support. These work boots also weigh 2 lbs at shipping.

Wolverine Men’s Brighton Work BootWolverine Men’s Brighton Work Boot

These stylish work boots feature a lightweight and comfortable design, with the protection of steel toes. Constructed from leather and nylon they are both water resistant and breathable. While the leather helps to protect your feet from puddles and wet grassy fields, the mesh liner works to eliminate foot odor and keep your feet dry. The inner liner also protects your toes from rubbing against the protective steel plates. The cushioned padding is removable, and the thick rubber sole gives your traction and stability on slick surfaces and rocky terrain. Weighing only 2 lbs, with the steel toes, in the mail, these lightweight safety work boots will keep your feet happy during any long day at work.

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Ankle Boot (waterproof)Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Stylish and constructed from waterproof and mar resistant leather, these work boots can handle almost any situation. Their lightweight design keeps you comfortably on your feet all day long, while the EVA midsole protects and cushions as you move throughout the various job sites. These lightweight men’s work boots are ideal for anyone that has to be on their feet all day, and the thick rubber insole gives you all of the traction you need on any type of surface. The front lacing d ring and hook help you put your shoes on in seconds, so you are always ready to go wherever your job takes you. Also weighing 2 lbs at shipping, these work boots also include a padded ankle collar for additional support and stability.

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