Keen Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boots Review

Steel boots are considered as a standard piece of closet for some individuals who works in risky occupations. Any footwear which is designed with a steel toe is basically meant for providing security to feet and ankles. These security boots are tough…
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Steel boots are considered as a standard piece of closet for some individuals who works in risky occupations. Any footwear which is designed with a steel toe is basically meant for providing security to feet and ankles. These security boots are tough footwear that has a strengthened toe region that shields from falling heavy objects or trash. Moreover, they offer the assurance from shocks and better grip in slimy workplace. The midsoles plate of these work boots is the backbone to provide to the wearer from injuries, cuts and accidents. For numerous professionals who work with heavy machinery and apparatus are made mandatory to wear such protective steel toed footwear. Some individuals that may wear steel toe footwear would be construction workers, electricians, engineers, workers of heavy and light industries and manufacturers.Working in these industries or factories mean dealing with heavy and accident prone materials and to avoid any mishaps or foot injuries wearing these tough steel toe boots can be taken as a necessary precaution.


  • A waterproof and breathable membrane Nubuck upper leather and fabric with steady and tough steel toed boots.
  • Hydrophilic/hydrophobic linings with 2 zone flexible and comfort technology.
  • The footbed comfortably fit with detachable, metatomical and doubly thick EVA.
  • Designed with dual thick EVA and PU inner sole for support to limbs and spine.
  • Interlocking with full length and TPU spin plate for strength and adaptability.
  • Thick outer sole for oil- and slip resistant and electrical shock absorber


  • Only available in a single color, which can be mentioned as a limitation of these shoes. But the style, protection and comfort that is provided by these shoes is incredible.
  • However, they are made with finest textile and supreme quality leather, but sometimes they demand a few weeks of break in periods, once they are set they provide you with all the comfort that they are meant for.

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Product review

Built with premium quality leather and fabric, these work boots are ideal to suit any climate and any working environment. These tough water resistant work boots combine with quality upper leather and breathable fabric that gives you flexibility and damp free feet. These steel toed work boots can easily handle the day’s long hard work. Each time you lace it up you can feel the comfort and security. The inner sole is crafted with hydrophilic and hydrophobic linings to keep your feet contented and dry throughout the day.

The inside built right and Left uneven steel toes balance your ankles and support your feet in uneven and rough surfaces. These additionally provide grip and control to balance your movement. They also protect your ankles and feet from heavy falling objects. These asymmetrical steel toes are perfectly anatomically corrected designed to provide you a spacious toe box and maximize your comfort.

The thick outer sole helps to absorb shock from live electric currents and protects you. The abrasion resistant outer sole provides grip in oily surface and the high traction eases your movement in any surface. These Pittsburgh steel toe work boots are crafted with detachable, metatomical and dual thick EVA and PU inner sole for larger padding  and support.

The main attraction of these boots are its full length and interlocking TPU spin plate technology  that provides flexibility and stability even in the roughest job site surfaces. Maintain all the ASTM features these boots offer entire safety standard with anti slip rubber outer soles that secure footing even on oily surfaces. Moreover, the sole lining helps to fight against bacterial infection and protects your feet from bad odor.


Keen Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot,Slate Black,14 EE US

Steel, strength and a readiness to handle a hard day’s worth of effort. More than simply footwear, these are an instrument to take care of your work done right. With a long rundown of features and technologies, these boots fights off your fatigue and energize you after your day of work is through. These  KEEN Men’s Pittsburgh Safety Boots demonstrate your powers for your entire day of work. Weatherproof, with torsional help, steel toes and a thick outer sole that holds them firm and make these boots perfect for accomplishing intense occupations. With advanced technology like intelligent webbing and proven toe cap these boots ensures safety and security. Its locking lightweight metal provides you an effortless moving. In one word a durable, comfortable and best product at a very cheap price.

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