Keen Utility Men’s Louisville Pros, Cons & Detailed Review

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Coming in a particularly striking shade of slate black, these work boots from Keen Utility are imported. They are made of synthetic materials as well as genuine leather. They also have completely natural rubber soles. This high-tech leather is responsible for giving it a resistance to abrasion, and, being non-conductive, leads to its compliance with most electrical hazard standards. The outsole, also rubber, makes sure that the user isn’t likely to skid or slip in oil and water.


  • While this product is surprisingly light, it is still incredibly hardy.
  • Protective features include a sole which is completely slip resistance, steel toes, and an internally built metatarsal guard.
  • The leather is made to be entirely waterproof.
  • The boots come with a removal foot bed with metatomical dual density as well as EVA.
  • Even under the worst working conditions, they will provide great service for years.


  • While performance wise these boots cannot be faulted, they can get a little squeaky when you walk.
  • If you work with very harsh and corrosive chemicals and other materials, they may wear out within a few months.
  • Due to the specific kind of stitching, boots may need to be broken in with some use before they are at their most comfortable.

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Keen Utility Men’s Louisville Internal Met Work Boot

Think of the harshest working environment you can imagine. And, after two months in just such an environment, imagine a pair of work boots which is yet to pop a single stitch and shows no signs of tears. This is the kind of work boots that Keen Utility has put on the market. While the steel toes and metatarsal guards provide you the best possible protection of your feet, these boots are also built to last. And, for steel toed boots, they are shockingly comfortable and comparatively lightweight.

The light weight and comfortable interior doesn’t mean that they aren’t tough, because that is exactly what they are. Waterproof, hardy, flexible, you name it – these are boots you can rely on. Their weakness is evident, however: they were not made to deal with corrosive chemicals. If that’s what your job involves, these are not the best choice for you. However, one feature that many users have discovered to their delight is this. If you are on the broader side and have a lot of trouble finding a boot that’s the perfect fit, you’ve found it. Unlike many steel toed boots, they don’t crush those blessed with square feet. They are just wide enough to provide maximum comfort. With a very short breaking in time and a whole lot of advantages, many working in industrial environments have decided that Keen Utility is the way to go.


Keen Utility Men’s Louisville 6-Inch Internal Met Work Boot,Slate Black,9 EE US

Sure, there are a lot of far more expensive work boots out there. And there are a lot of companies that actually offer their employees a boot incentive every year. And yet there are a lot of workers who completely disregard that extra money and, instead, choose to buy these Keen Utility products out of their own pocket. Why they do so clear: they aren’t likely to find this level of quality anywhere else, or the comfort, or that perfect fit. It’s only major downside seems to be that it won’t be as durable as it would otherwise have been if you didn’t expose it to corrosive chemicals: it’ll wear out after a couple of months. But if that’s not what your job involves, then there’s really nothing to stop you from buying these.

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