Keen Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe Review

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Good pair of shoes is a vital for one’s security and health issues. Selecting a wrong shoe can leave you with a feeling of frustration and tiredness. Even some shoes are so tender that wearing them all day long in your office or factory becomes next to terrible. Shoes play an important role in anticipation of injuries and accidents. Steel toe boots are a great choice for all those who are working in a plant area, construction sites, factories, offices etc. With the high quality leather material and steel toed appropriate they are very comfortable and durable to wear. Some employers prefer these boots for their employees’ safety.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Flexible
  • The insole and mesh lining helps to avoid bad odor and bacterial infection of the feet.
  • neoprene material on the sides and back of the shoe, this keeps the shoe light and cool


  • Restricted color range.

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Product review

While selecting a right pair of shoe one of the major requirements is the material that the boot is made up of. This Men’s Atlanta Cool boot is made up of high quality rubber sole. The great things I love about these shoes is the neoprene material on the sides and back of the shoe, this keeps the shoe light and cool. The lightest and most relaxed work shoes I’ve ever worn. They look really stylish too.

The finest part about the slide is that you, certainly not have to tie or tighten them again all day long. These shoes have had jet fuel, prist, 100LL, and oil fell all over them. This Keen Utility Men’s Atlanta boot is made up of high quality waterproof leather uppers. This means that apart from the ability of breathing these shoes offer sealed water resistance power. The waterproof leather helps to drop the liquids and shed them from the external. Now in heavy rain these boots can work miracles and keep your feet dry and comfortable. The high quality leather confirms its durability and long lasting.


Keen Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe,Shitake,10.5 D US. Utility Men’s Atlanta boots are very strong and in demand for their great subsidiary system of the difficult worksite demand. These boots can be worn throughout the day without any uneasiness or fatigue in tour feat. Waterproof leather uppers make these boots is durable and comfortable in any surface though out the year. With fineness in thick outer sole these work boots are designed to provide you grip on all types of surfaces. In short, these super comfort system boots are reasonable, reliable and a great buy for all.

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