J-Max Men’s Steel Toe Electric Shock Proof Work Boots

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J-Max Steel Toe Work Boots are made from hand crafted leather not only to cover your feet from dirt and pollution. It has an important role in the wellbeing of individuals. For all those who requires long hours of working or are engaged in the heavy, risky working environment and needs protection not only for their feet but also for their ankles from any injuries or damage, these boots is the right choice for them. J Max hard working shoes are specially designed for long and tiring work schedules which demands hectic pressure and force the worker to be on his feet for long hours. These boots help in minimizing severe pain in knees and joints. I personally wear it for years and totally impressed by its appeal and features.


  • These boots are crafted with handmade genuine leather and moisture wicking neckline for durability and strength.
  • The inner part of the shoe is designed with non-metallic shank which offers solidarity.
  • The non-woven inner sole with PVC froth cushioning and JMax construction, it gives your foot a comfortable experience.
  • It is wear-safe with full twofold layer heel counter to keep your feet dry and warm throughout the day.
  • The cushioned neckline have validated to such a large number of how solid and proficient these work boots is in taking care of extreme and rough errand.
  • Additional the antimicrobial treatment sole helps to protect your feet from bacterial infections and odor free all day long.


  • Only available in black and blue color, that can be taken as limitation of these shoes. But the style and comfort that is provided by these shoe is incredible.
  • These hard working shoes are recommended for all season, however, in heavy rain and high water logging it can be slightly uncomfortable.

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Product review

The first thing that fascinated me about these shoes is its design. These J Max shoes are constructed in USA with handcrafted premium leather for durability, strength and comfort. The leather is very soft, thick and nicely tongue, padded for sturdiness and comfort. The high neckline ensures protection for ankles. These hard weaving boots are perfect for any hazardous working environment.

The steel toe boots fit well into your feet, providing a better shield and control on your footing. The inner soles are the attraction of these shoes. The packed new J-Max technology offers the removable sole to support the spine or limbs. The Justin jel construction with a weave spacer foot bed covers your feet completely. These technologies together provide double comfort, support and protection to your feet.

The Polyurethane outer sole ensures light weight, comfort and protection. The shoe is perfect for all those working areas who demands greater support and grip. These shoes with high abrasion technology and traction offer smooth movement in any surfaces. With shock absorber tools they can engross on live current working situation, providing all round protection.

The moist free inner sole and high neckline absorbs moisture from your feet keeping it dry and comfortable all day long. It keeps your feet warm and at liberty from any bacterial attack and gives a healthy atmosphere for your feet.


Justin Original Work Boots Men’s J-Max 8″ Steel Toe Round Toe,Rugged Tan Gaucho,10.5 D US

These shoes from Justin are the perfect working steel boots shoes. Their features assure safety and the protection of the workers, who are working in heavy or light industries, construction sites or mechanical sites, etc. These product symbolizes quality, comfort, durability, orthotic support, protection of ankles from injuries or workplace accidents and durability. The main backbone of these shoes is its inner sole. They are light weighted, double comfortable and slip resistant. They offer safeguard from live electric shock or hazardous chemical. Overall these boots are a hard wearing master piece with decent look and reasonable price.

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