How to Maintain Leather Work Boots

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Leather work boots are able to last for years, if provided with the proper amount and level of care. Leather is able to withstand a greater amount of wear and tear as opposed to vinyl or canvas while also being thick enough to offer feet adequate protection from injury. As durable and versatile as leather is, it still has the ability to become damaged or deteriorate when it is not properly cared for.  

With that being said, the following tips and guidelines will help to enhance your return on investment in regards to your leather work boots.  

Brush BootsBrush Them Out

Debris, oil and dirt, over time, will begin to build up on the surface as well as around the stitching causing the material to wear which leads to either deterioration or cracking. Brushing out the leather at least one week with a stiff bristled brush will help elongate the life of the work boots.  

Keep Boots Dry

Water tend to be the kiss of death for leather.  Water has the ability to cause leather to become stiff while strip the material of its natural oils which will cause it to dry out. Keeping your work boots as dry as possible will be enough to keep them healthy. If your job requires that you work in wet conditions, you will need to invest in a pair of waterproof boots. There are some brands of work boots that have been treated so that they are waterproof, but they will still need to be maintained for longevity.  

Polish BootsPolish Them

As leather dries out it become brittle and cracks, therefore it is important to keep it pliant and moist through regularly polished.  It is quite sufficient to polish work boots once a week to every other week. Keep in mind that the harsher conditions that include excessive dirt or extreme heat polishing should be conducted more often.

In Conclusion

Caring for leather boots is neither time-consuming nor expensive, but will save you money in the long run.  You will find yourself purchasing new boots less often should you follow the tips, etc. that are listed above.  

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