How To Clean White Shoelaces?

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How To Clean White Shoelaces?

What are Shoelaces Made of?

Modern shoelaces are equally resistant to the older ones only that they have a lot of different texture. They are usually made of plastic and polyester fibers connected with a partial cotton fiber that embraces them all.

This mixture of fibers creates a far better final product that has enhanced durability when being stretched and bended. Additionally, the shoelaces are part of the shoes that come in direct touch with the outer environment.

That means they have to be waterproof enough so that they do not absorb and transport water to the inner part of the feet. Most of the shoelaces are white colored since they need to match to all kinds of shoes.

White Shoelaces are Hard to Clean

While most of the shoes are equipped with white shoelaces there is no viable solution in protecting them against the constant dirt that is accumulated in their surface. It only takes a couple of weeks of outdoor activities for your shoelaces to get a lot dirty and lose their initial white color and shine.

That is when you need your shoelaces to be thoroughly washed and cleaned. The first big mistake that most people make is to wash the shoelaces on-site with the shoes. This is not recommended since the shoes may give extra dirt to the shoelaces during the cleaning process.

The right method would be to carefully remove the shoelaces from the shoes and start rinsing them in warm water. This is when the first particles of dirt and dust are getting removed from their surface.

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Later, you have to wash them using a mild detergent either by hand or in the washing machine. Some manufacturers are using bleach or other chlorine substances to clean the white shoelaces. However, this method can permanently destroy your shoelaces reducing their ability to get stretched when bended over your foot arches.

Which Are The Best Methods of Cleaning The White Shoelaces?

First, you need to identify the nature of the special dirt that has been gathered upon the shoelaces. Since this is the kind of dirt coming from the environment you can easily remove your shoelaces from your shoes and start cleaning them with a mild detergent while soaking them in warm water.

This is the best practice when normal dirt is the cleaning objective. In case you have to do with organic dirt like engine oils and other paraffin-based substances you need to use a washing machine adding special bleach and hot water. This is necessary if you want to see your shoelaces perfectly cleaned one more time.

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Finally, you have to dry them up not using an electric drier but placing them under the direct sunlight. This is the best way to retain a perfectly white color with no influence over the structure of the shoelaces. Never forget that modern shoelaces are made of a mixture of synthetic fibers that do not react well in excessive heat. Natural dry methods are always better and should be preferred.

Timely Cleaning of The White Shoelaces

The best practice would always be to have your white shoelaces cleaned up multiple times throughout the year. This will help you to treat them gently anytime you need them soaked and washed. In case you delay their cleaning upcycle you risk the accumulation of a greater amount of dirt and dust in their surface.

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This will make it a lot more difficult to clean them up when needed. Even special detergents would have to be used to clean up the shoelaces when dirt and dust are inserted to the core of the shoelaces’ tissues.


Having your white shoelaces cleaned up is the best practice you can possibly follow for your external appearance. The shoelaces are always an important part of your outfit and you should always keep them clean and bright.

White shoelaces are well known for their sensitivity when washed in bigger scale washing machines. That is why it is preferable to wash them by hand and keep their colors vibrant and shiny.

Keep an eye on your shoelaces so that they can hold your feet tightened to your shoes for a longer time.

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