How To Clean Leather Shoes With Toothpaste?

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How To Clean Leather Shoes With Toothpaste?

Leather Shoes Need Thorough Cleaning

Every one of us is using leather shoes in his leisure time. But the reality is that pure leather is always getting dirty in shorter periods of time rather than the textile. That is why the question of how to clean leather shoes with toothpaste is a real challenge for all people that are struggling to keep their shoes clean.

The best practice still remains to clean up your shoes thoroughly every night when getting back home. Leather shoes or boots are very vulnerable to dirt and dust since they have real pores that are accumulating it in larger portions.

On the other hand, there are not many detergents that they can gently remove the dirt from your leather shoes. Nor you can wash them in the washing machine since the leather may be harmed permanently. The solution of the toothpaste has been recently tried with very promising results.

How Can Toothpaste Clean up Your Leather Shoes?

It is a question that needs lots of analysis. The toothpaste is having small molecules of fluorescent actions. These particles are extremely adherent to the dust and dirt. They can virtually stick on it and remove it especially from the leather external layers.

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The toothpaste can easily adjust to any type of leather either natural or artificial. Leather can be also bleached with the simple application of small amounts of toothpaste on top of it. Then it needs some gentle rubbing with a cotton cloth, and you are all done.

On the other hand, when using the toothpaste, you have to be sure not to soak your shoes in running water. This is due to the foam creation that happens when the toothpaste is mixed with tap water. Foam can disrupt the normal stain removal from your leather shoes and even harm their surface and leave irreversible lines and stains on them.

What Kind of Brush is Used for Toothpaste Leather Cleaning?

There is no general rule about brushes which could be used to apply toothpaste on your leather shoe surface. However, you need to select the most tender and soft brush that you can find. Actually, toothbrushes are always better than anything else to apply the toothpaste.

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In the beginning, you need to apply small amounts of toothpaste on top of your leather shoes. Then the brush is taking all the action. You better start from the top and go down to the bottom until you reach the level of the outsole that you can brush it harder.

The moves you are about to do are the rotational ones. When making circles it is easier to limit the spot you are cleaning up and apply only the necessary quantity of toothpaste for the specific area.

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Most of the shoes don’t need more than four or five applications of toothpaste and they are spotless at the end. Make sure that your brush is always in a good condition and that you are competent enough to make rotational moves which are slow enough to control the balanced spread of the toothpaste.

What Makes Toothpaste Better Than Detergents?

Toothpaste is a natural product gently made to clean up human teeth. That is why it is not irritating human tissues and as a result, it cannot harm the natural leather of the shoes.

In addition, the toothpaste keeps on being more effective than detergents. Since it doesn’t require water to start acting it has a more profound influence on the inner parts of the leather. Chemical detergents and cleaners are usually diluted in water which reduced their density as well as their cleaning efficiency when applied on leather shoes.

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Finally, the toothpaste can be easily removed from the leather shoe surface. Using a cloth, you are able to wipe out all the residues of the toothpaste in a matter of seconds. The same doesn’t apply to the regular detergents that usually need more water rinsing to disappear.


Toothpaste has become the normal procedure to efficiently remove stains and dirt from all-leather shoes. Its application has been made easier than ever and its efficiency can provide you with high standards of cleaning.

Your shoes need the best treatment to stay with you for a longer time!

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