The Best Riding Boots for Women in 2024 – Complete Guide

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Best Riding Boots for Women in 2017Women like to stay in style, whether they are working in the barn, cruising around town or taking control of the helms and the saddle. Ladies who ride need more than just a stylish riding ensemble.  For instance, a woman’s riding boot has to be functional while staying feminine, and remain stylish while toughing it out on the show.


Specialized design

Riding boots are especially designed to provide protection and support to riders. Alhough ankle-length riding boots are common, riders often use proper tall boots to protect the skin of their lower legs from getting raw after rides or shows. The narrow foot of riding boots is also designed to fit easily into the stirrup so that the rider gains easy access and better control of the reigns.

Aside from the protection, riding boots also offer reliable support for the lower legs, ankles and feet, all of which are subjected to a great amount of pressure and stress during runs.

Professional Showmanship

Being considered as a pro rider inevitably involves getting the right riding wardrobe which includes the right pair of riding boots. Riding gears are pretty standard, although you have a variety of foot gear to choose from depending on which activities you will be performing.

Of course it goes beyond just getting the right look. Having the right gear also helps you perform better and enjoy the ride and stunts, which all professional riders need to do in order to last long in the riding scene.


While riding boots are made especially for one purpose, they also come in different sizes, functions and styles.


  • Paddock boots

Paddock boots are also known as jodhpur boots. They are short boots that come up to the ankle, worn either as stand-alone riding footgear or with half-chaps to resemble a normal tall boot. Paddock boots are great as all-around boots that you can use for riding or doing errands in the farm.

  • Tall boots

Tall boots usually reach up to just beneath the knee and prevents the leather of the stirrups and saddle from digging into the rider’s leg. They also provide additional protection for the rider’s lower leg. Most show or dress boots as well as hunt boots are designed as tall boots.


  • Dress boots

Dress boots are stylish as they are functional. They follow the traditional laceless tall boot design of equestrian footwear that are often used for dressage and showjumping. These boots provide ample protection for the feet and legs during rides but are not as suitable for field jobs like the field boots.

  • Field boots

Field boots are also often long boots, but have a lacing hardware at the ankle to allow some flexibility at the base. This type of boot is favored by riders for jumping disciplines because they allow more flexible movements and stirrup handling.

  • Hunt boots

Hunt boots are distinguished from dress boots by a cuff on top of the long shaft that is often made of another material from the rest of the boot upper. These boots are made for more rigorous rides or hunts and come with extra features like zip-on shafts to make getting them off more comfortable especially when you develop swollen ankles after rides.


When you need the benefits that riding boots offer and have a good idea which riding boots you most need for your riding activities, how do you go about choosing the right pair? Basically, you need to look at 3 main features.


One of the most important features you need to consider is the design. When it comes to shaft length, short boots and long boots have different benefit.

Tall boots are the standard riding boots, and you will find these most comfortable for rides and hunts. If you are going into a show or hunt, these are the ones you need most. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more versatile boot that you can use on the ride and also wear for daily errands around the farm, paddock boots are a much better option. The short shaft will give you enough ankle support while providing flexible leg movements for doing yard work. You can also get a pair of half chaps to match your paddock boots during runs so that there is no need to get different pairs for different functions.

Lastly, riding boots are either pull-ons or zip-up boots. With the exception of paddock boots, riding boots do not have lacing hardware so getting into and off them are often a little tedious. Traditional tall boots are usually pull-ons which you have to wiggle into. It is no wonder that the more convenient zip-on boots, those that come with inconspicuous zip systems at the back are gaining popularity among modern riders.

Material and Durability

Traditionally, riding boots are made of premium leather. The prestigious material is well-suited for riding for its sturdy build that becomes more and more supple over time as the boot wears on the rider’s unique physique. Leather boots are also water-proof and last long in their elegant and pristine condition as long as they are taken care of with regular polishing and oiling.

On the other hand, rubber boots are also attractive alternatives for riders trying to stay within a budget. Rubber is also weather proof and even less susceptible for rots or leaks when exposed to different conditions. The maintenance is even easier than leather. A good wash with water is enough to keep the boots in good condition.

On the downside, rubber boots are hardly breathable, which means riding in these in hot weather is extremely uncomfortable. Rubber also tends to grow dull and scuff over time, which makes them less agreeable for shows after a good number of wears. Lastly, rubber hardly comes close to the style and elegant look of leather boots, which is a big factor especially for women riders who like to look their tip-top best in their riding gear.

Rubber boots are great for secondary boots or yard work, while leather ones are favored for dressier activities like dressage and jump shows.

Fit and Comfort

Lastly, how the boot fits you is an essential factor. Good fit often translates to greater comfort, which is important for riders who spend a lot of time on the saddle. Boots are designed with narrow feet in general, which means you have to makes some adjustments in size when you have wider feet.

The level of support these boots provide also impact your comfort while riding. Tall boots are more cosy for riding but are uncomfortable for farm works and errands. In contrast, short boots are great for all-around use but provide less protection for your legs on rides unless you also wear half-chaps.

The combination of material and build also contributes to your comfort, which is why you should carefully examine these features before finally settling on a pair.








outsole, waterproof layer

4LR technology 


$$ 4.5
3. ARIAT WOMEN’S SCOUT ZIP PADDOCK9 B / Medium(Width) BlackDuratread rubber
5. SAXON WOMEN’S EQUILEATHER ZIP FRONT BOOTSpaddock boots with low-shaft, rounded
toe cap 
$$ 4.0
6. EQUISTAR – LADIES’ ZIP PADDOCK BOOTall-weather boot$$ 3.9
7. SAXON WOMEN’S EQUILEATHER DRESS BOOTconvenient rear zip-up, elastic rear
$$ 3.5
8. SAXON WOMEN’S EQUILEATHER FIELD BOOTSprotective tall boot, better ankle and
leg movement
9. TUFFRIDER WOMEN’S ALPINE QUILTED FIELD BOOTS IN SYNTHETIC LEATHERwarm neoprene shaft, functional boot for work and rides$$ 
10. SAXON EQUILEATHER ADULT HALF CHAPSeasy to maintain leather material$$3.8 

1. TuffRider Women’s Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots, Black, 7

The Tuffrider Women’s Starter Front Zip Paddock Boot is a remarkable all-around boot for new riders who need comfort, sleek style and durable build.


The Tuffrider Starter is a sleek short boot with a shaft reaching roughly 4 and a half inches above the arch. The narrow paddock boot has a tidy narrow profile and elastic shaft sidings that make snug and firm. This slim and sturdy frame provides ample ankle support without hampering leg movements. A zip-up mechanism on the front provides easy and quick access for the user.

The heels are comfortably low at 1.5 inches, just a little thicker than the outsole’s platform but with enough arch support to stay comfortable for long hours of use.

Overall, the Starter Paddock Boot exudes the elegance of leather riding boots while providing room for movements while you work in the yard or go out on general errands. The cuff of the boot is neatly trimmed so you can pair it with half-chaps for rides and shows without losing style.


The upper material is primarily made of synthetic leather that is sleek and stylish like higher-grade leather although significantly less durable than those made from real animal hide. Nonetheless, with the right amount of polishing and cleaning, this boot endures through many rides and general chores before you have to graduate to more advanced riding boots within higher price ranges.

The outsole is made of sturdy rubber that endures wear while maintaining a flexible body for easy management in the saddle. The upper material is coated with special waterproof layer to help maintain the boot in tip-top condition.


Like most riding boots, the Tuffrider Starter is quite snug and needs some time breaking in before it wears comfortably on the feet. The width may feel a little tight at first for users with wider feet but becomes roomy enough after break-in.


  • Elegant synthetic leather
  • Convenient from zip-up
  • Flexible rubber outsole
  • Reliable arch and ankle support
  • Stylish design
  • Versatile boot for riding, yard work and outdoor use


  • Needs time for break-in
  • Synthetic leather not as durable as genuine or top-grade leather
  • Needs half chaps for optimal riding comfort

2. Ariat Womens Heritage Round Toe Lace Paddock 8.5 B / Medium(Width) Black

The Ariat Women’s Heritage Round Toe Lace Paddock is another classic short boot that is good for lady riders who need flexibility and freedom of movement on the grounds and the saddle.


The Heritage Paddock Boot comes with the traditional lace-up hardware, which is still favored by some riders despite the rise of zip-up boots because of the flexibility the lacing hardware to the ankle region. The shaft is slightly higher than the Tuffrider Starter at 6 inches from the arch.

The leather upper material is designed with a crease near the toe box to make the boot less susceptible to signs of wear and tear from regular walking and flexing.

The outsole is designed with an upward curve that follows the natural slope of the sole, making your feet more comfortably nestled and reducing the friction during walks. The heel is much higher than the Starter’s, giving more support to the rear while allowing the arch to rest solidly on the sole.


The boot sports bonded leather similar to the Starter, although this one with a slightly less flexible make and a more robust outsole. The lacing hardware is a combination of eyelets, hooks, rear loop and sturdy round laces to keep your knots secure and snug throughout the day.

Ariat uses its 4LR technology on the Heritage’s 4-layer outsole to give it stability and long-lasting endurance.


The boot sports a classic round toe box, which provides the toes more room to move and breath. In addition, the soft insole and curved outsole creates an excellent balance to support the ankles and soles while letting the arch and toes rest comfortably in their natural position.

The shoe laces also allows more leg movements without restrictions, so there is less pressure on the ankles and heels while you are in the move, whether on the saddle or on the yard where most of these paddock boots are used.


  • All-around Classic short boot
  • Naturally sloping outsoles
  • Secure and sturdy lacing hardware
  • Round and roomy toe box
  • Stable and long lasting 4-layer outsole
  • More flexible at the ankles


  • Lacing takes time, might come loose in a few instances
  • Short boots need half-chaps for full riding comfort.

3. Ariat Womens Scout Zip Paddock 9 B / Medium(Width) Black

Ariat’s Scout Zip Paddock Women’s Boot is a comfortable and economic choice for riders who prefer a cosy all-around boot over weatherproof tall ones.


This paddock boot runs a little slimmer than the Ariat Heritage Lace-up Paddocks and sports a more modern profile with a shaft that runs roughly 5 inches from the arch and a tidy zip front.

The shaft is high enough to provide solid leg support without hampering your movements. The upper material is sturdy but gets comfortable enough after just a couple of hours breaking them in. the zip hardware is flexible enough as well, so you can hike a considerable distance and not feel your ankles and legs strained.

The design is quite minimalist, making this boot a reliable and versatile pair for riding, doing yard work, and getting around town in your bike. The top cap is left plain while the zip is finished with an antiquated brass look so you can pair it with almost any outfit.

The outsole is much flatter and less contoured than the Heritage, but provides good arch support and stable foothold during rides and on hikes.


The material is full-grain leather lined on the inside with moisture-wicking cotton and fibers. This makes the boot reliably durable yet cosy to wear. The downside is that the upper material does not come with waterproof coating so you will have to apply a few layers of water repellant treatment to make them last through challenging weather conditions.

The outsole is made of Duratread rubber sole that features a unique lug pattern and a lateral motion control system.


Among the top boots, this one is certainly one of the most comfortable boots to put on whether you plan to get busy on the ground, in the city, or holdng the reigns, unless the rain pours unexpectedly and you are caught unprepared.  Of course a few minutes finishing this scout boot will easily solve that problem.

As for sizing, Ariat is commendable for keeping its boots true to size, so you can expect to get a good fit on your standard size with a little room to spare for thicker socks.


  • Minimalist short boot
  • Sturdy exterior, comfortable inner lining
  • Quick and easy zip front
  • Antiquated brass finish on the zip hardware
  • True-to-size fit
  • Stable outsole


  • Not waterproof
  • Low heel
  • Short boot needs half chaps for best riding experience

4. TuffRider Women’s Starter Back Zip Field Boots in Synthetic Leather, Black, 7 Regular

The Women’s Starter Back Zip Field Boots in Synthetic Leather by Tuffrider is for riders who are looking for foot gear made especially for riding comfort.


The tall boot has a shaft that reaches up to the back of your knees, roughly 17 to 19 inches from the arch depending on your size. While they are understandably less versatile than paddock boots, high boots perform best for keeping your lower legs protected while on the saddle. You do not have to go through the additional hassle of putting on half-chaps and making sure these match you short boots.

Tall boots can be a little stubborn when you try to put them on, but field boots like this Tuffrider Starter Field Boot makes the task easier with a secured rear zip mechanism. It also comes with a lacing hardware on the base of the shaft to provide additional flexibility for ankle movements.It does make the boot a little bulky round the ankles, which may make this a bad choice for showing if they do not properly fit your foot profile.


The footwear upper is made of synthetic leather, which is less durable and weatherproof that full-grain leather but just as elegant and supple. Regular cleaning and polishing will help prolong this riding boot’s life as it is more susceptible to tears and creases from constant use than genuine leather riding boots.

The low outsole is made of premium rubber material which has a sturdy heel and flexible platform to give you stability and balance. The lacing system is secured by strong round lace.


While the overall fit and height is good, this Saxon boot runs about a half-size too small, so it makes good sense to order at least a half-size bigger. The pair is a little baggy at the calf, which makes it great as field boots not uncomfortable and less presentable for show-riding.

The lacing system gives you a lot of room to breathe though, which makes this boot excellent for riding out for training and fun rides.


  • Tall boots, no need for half chaps
  • Elegant synthetic leather upper
  • Flexible at the ankles
  • Easy rear zip hardware


  • Synthetic leather not as durable as genuine leather
  • Baggy at the ankles
  • Not good for shows
  • not good for all around errands in the yard

5. Saxon Women’s Equileather Zip Front Boots, Black, Size 6.5

Yet another starter riding boot for women is Saxon’s Equileather Zip Front Boots, which sports a neat and functional look in its simple short boot design.


The Saxon Equileather Zip Front Boot for women is a modern paddock that belies high functionality and comfort. It sports a rounded toe box that may not be too roomy for wide feet but create smoother interaction with the stirrup and saddle.  The narrow boot is also rounded  at the heel, forming a comfortable curve that better supports the heel during motions.

The shaft reaches much lower than either the Tuffrider Starter or the Ariat Heritage, although it covers enough of the lower leg to lend support to the leg and ankles. The front zip-up gives this boot an easy and quick access for the user, but slightly hinders ankle movements since the zip-up hardware on this boot is a little less flexible than lace.

The outsole is minimal and the heel is incredibly low. The feet almost feel flat on the ground except for a slight arc that supports the arch.


The upper material is made entirely of non-leather fiber although it copies the supple form of the fabric with slightly less durability. It has a leather-like texture that is easy to clean and polish, although it is slightly susceptible to breaks and creases at the base of the toes with regular wear and tear.  Like the Starter, it has flexible sidings that allow your feet to breathe without losing structure and support.


The Equileather Zip Front Boot is only 4 lbs light and has an easy-slope outsole design which makes it ideal for beginner women riders for training and leisurely trots. The rounded toe cap gives enough room for the toes given you get the right size or have half-size upsize to give wider feet more room.  The upper material also wears comfortably around the foot after break-in.  The low shaft fits easily into most half-chaps, and is made to pair perfectly with the Saxon Equileather Women’s Adult Half Chaps.


  • Paddock boots with low shaft
  • Quick and easy access with zip front hardware
  • Neat design
  • Pairs with Saxon Equileather Women’s Adult Half Chaps
  • Good for trainings, leisurely rides and overall yard work


  • Non-leather upper material not as durable as genuine leather
  • Low heel and outsole provides less protection from ground elements in the yard

6. Equi-Star Ladies All Weather Zip Paddock Boots Brown, 8

The Equistar Ladies Zip Paddock Boot is an all-weather short boot designed for the barn. Its functionality is matched by an unmistakable classic charm.


The Equistar Paddock Boot sports timeless look and reliable functionality with its leather upper material that culminates in a 5-inch shaft plus slender round toes. The shaft comes with an elastic goring siding which hugs your feet comfortably and provides ankle support. An easy zip front gives you quick access to your boot without the hassle of lacing up.

The sole is low but has good arch support and the outsole itself is treaded to provide a firm grip on the stirrups. It also works perfectly for doing chores around the yard and barn, providing much needed stability.

Since it is an all-weather boot, the upper is waterproof but is breathable enough for warm weather.


The boot is constructed from sturdy synthetic leather and rubber. The synthetic leather upper is easy to clean and polish with its water-resistant fabric and modest design. The lining provides a comfortable layer of protection from blisters and the round toe design gives your feet more breathability as well as protection from creases due to regular wear.

The low rubber outsole comes with easy-grip shallow lug pattern, has a sturdy yet flexible composition, and a curved profile that supports the foot from heel to arch to toes.


The outsole is designed to provide comfort for the rider whether on the saddle or in the barn with its comfortable upper material and contoured outsole. It is indeed one of the most comfortable ones you can find in the market for starter boots. The back of the heel is even reinforced for greater support.

One downside is the width of the boot, which is a little wider than most riding boots. So they may feel a little loose. The boot size is actually a little large as well, so ordering down a size or half-size could give you a snugger fit.


  • Water-resistant leather upper
  • Comfortable lining
  • strong-grip outsole


  • runs large
  • a little wide for narrow feet
  • needs half chaps


7. Saxon Women’s Equileather Dress Boots, Black, Size 10 W

Saxon’s Women’s Equileather Dress Boots is an excellent choice if you are looking for something to ride on shows instead of an all-arounder short boot.


The Equileather Dress Boot by Saxon is made primarily for show riding elegance and functionality. The tall boot reaches up to beneath your knees not only to provide your legs enough support and protection but also some elegant foot gear that are worthy of showmanship.

The rear zip up is supported by elastic fabric to make sure the shaft stays snug against your lower leg. A pair of snap-ons secure the rear zip and add a touch of style to the back. The front profile is left uncluttered and sophisticated to give you a snappy look for those crucial dress shows.

The rubber sole is angular and straightforward, with good heel and arch support. The heel slopes gently down to the ball of your toes and climbs back up to provide good grip in the stirrups  and on the ground. Taking a hike around the yard on these is a lot less comfortable than paddocks boots but they give you a much more enjoyable ride in return.


The upper material is synthetic leather, which has an attractive sheen and is easy to clean with damp cloth. For bonded leather, the Equileather material is of sturdier kind, but is still a lot less durable than real leather.  The zip up material is hardy and does not run loose or rough even after continued use.

The sole is durable and sturdy rubber, which tends to stay intact for much longer than its upper material.


The boots are true to size, although considerably tough at first before break in. It takes a little while for the pair to wear comfortably on your feet but once they do, they are as comfortable as any dress boot could ever get, and just as stylish too.


  • stylish dress show boots
  • convenient rear zip up
  • elastic rear panel
  • easy to clean and maintain


  • less durable than full-grain leather
  • needs breaking in
  • not good for other tasks around the barn or yard



8. Saxon Women’s Equileather Field Boots, Black, Size 9 R

The Saxon Women’s Equileather Field Boots is for serious riding that favors functionality over dressy design.


Unlike the Equileather Dress Boot, this Saxon boot is designed for trainings and leisurely rides that require the protection of tall boots without the stiff dressed up carb of show riding. The make of this boot is almost entirely similar to the dress boot, except for the lace-up hardware in front of the ankles that is most common in field boots.

The toe is also rounded and the foot design is generally much wider than the dress boot. The outsole is also less gently although the slope is noticeably present at the rear to support the ankles and arch and the front to keep the toes comfortable.


The boot is also made of the same sturdy synthetic leather material that is easily washable with water and polished with wax like any other leather boots. The rear zip up runs the full length of the tall boot and is also supported by leather gussets plus the elastic panels.

The round laces are waxed to make them sturdier, more durable and more controllable during rides.


The field boot is significantly more comfortable than the stiff dress boot, but is slightly larger and less sophisticated in its hardy, functional profile. It takes a little while to break in but also becomes comfortable after a few hours of use. The ankles also get more room for movement because of the lace system, so you can dare to push the boundaries of your riding skills without being hampered by your foot gear.


  • protective tall boot
  • better ankle and lower leg movement
  • easy to clean
  • better suited for the barn than dress shoes


  • feels bulkier at the ankles
  • needs breaking in
  • less sophisticated than dress boots


9. TuffRider Women’s Alpine Quilted Field Boots in Synthetic Leather, Black, 95 Wide

The Tuffrider Women’s Alpine Quilted Field Boots comes between the functionality of both paddocks boot and riding boot, foregoing the style of either.


The Tuffrider Alpine Quilted Field Boot foregoes the sleek leather look of dress boots for a unique quilted look that feels homey at the same time badass. Paired with Velcro closures, elastic zip up panels and leather base on the lace-up hardware, this Alpine Quilted Field Boot is excellent for riding out in low temperatures  and winters.

The warm boot has sturdy rubber outsoles that bear good gripping lugs for winter walks around the yard. On the downside, the knee-length shaft is not water-proof and will not protect your feet from rains although it wicks away moisture from snow and mist.


The quilted shaft is constructed from moisture-wicking fabric, which keeps you warm in cold seasons but not as durable or easy to clean like leather. The foot is constructed from synthetic leather and is much easier to maintain especially when you have to do a lot of slushing in mud and snow in winter.

The round lace and eyelet lacing hardware is easy to fasten and gives satisfactory flexibility, especially after you have broken them in.  The outsole is reliable as well for winter, although it does not come half as close to real winter boots when it comes to strong-grip traction.


The warm neoprene fabric certainly adds to the comfort up to a certain degree, and the interior linings keep the synthetic leather from causing blisters on your feet.  the outsole provides enough heel and arch support to keep your feet relaxed while on the saddle.

Like most field boots, the ankle feels a little wide which is great for practicing tricks and getting really fast and serious. However, the lace enclosure creates an opening for water and moisture to seep in so it is not as great as dress boots for staying warm and dry under rainfall.


  • warm neoprene shaft
  • functional boot for rides and yard work
  • good for winter use


  • water-resistant but not waterproof
  • comes a little large at the ankles
  • not suitable for dress shows
  • harder to clean and maintain than plain leather upper


10. Saxon Women’s Equileather Half Chaps Boots, Black, Medium

The Saxon Equileather Adult Half Chap is technically not a boot, but is an essential when you are considering buying a handy paddock boot from the list which you can easily convert to a full-pledged riding boot at any time.


The Equileather half chap comes in elegant polished leather legs that is accessible through a nifty rear zip up mechanism. The sidings are lined with elastic textile to keep the fit snug around your leg and give you enough support. The bottom is secured with elastic straps to secure it around your favorite paddock boot.

The front is plain and slim, slipping easily over most short boots without creating an ugly bulge. The top reaches up to just below the knees and forms a supportive arch under the knees to protect the whole of your arm.

The combination of half chap and paddocks boot gives you enough flexibility to use your boot practically anywhere while ensuring you get all the support and protection for your rides.


The upper material is elegant brown leather that is reinforced by flexible textiles. While it is not as durable or hardy as full-grain leather, the Saxon Equileather half-chap is just as supple, elegant and easy to maintain. You can easily wash it up with cloth and polish with  wax to maintain its luster and protect it from regular wear and tear


The half chap fits fairly well with most short boots that have 5 inches shaft or lower, although it pairs best with Saxon’s Equileather Zip Front Boot for Women. The leather sleeve clings snugly around the legs without pressing too much or causing cramps.  You can also pair it with any boot of your size so sizing is hardly an issue, although you still have to pick a size for your height.


  • pairs with most short boot
  • easy to maintain leather material
  • elegant finish
  • supple and flexible


  • short boot accessory only
  • boot sold separately
  • synthetic leather not as hardy as full-grain leather

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