A Guide For Finding The Best Work Boots For Loggers

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Best Work Boots For LoggersThere are different types of work boots for almost every profession, and it is no different for loggers. This tough and dangerous work environment requires footwear that is slightly different from the others. Before rushing out to buy the first pair of work boots that mentions the logging profession in the description, there are a few things that you should know.

What to Look For in a Pair of Logger Work Boots

One of the most important things to consider is if the work boots were designed to be used outdoors. If they do not give the traction that you desperately need and are also durable, flexible, and also breathable you might want to consider purchasing another pair. Comfort is also important, considering you will be standing on your feet all day, and the type of arch support and cushioning will depend on your individual needs. You should also consider whether the boots are leather or a combination. While synthetic fabrics can be comfortable and even durable, they are not waterproof, which is something you will need.

Safety will always be the first priority when it comes to choosing the best pair of logging boots, and steel toe plating is one of the most important features. The protective plating will protect your toes from falling branches and other objects, though you will also want to ensure that it is weather resistant. Traction for muddy hills and even for thick under growth should also be considered, and insulation for working in freezing temperatures.

With all that you need from a pair of work boots for loggers, it can be difficult to find ones that fit all of your needs. We have found some of the best pairs of work boots in hopes that one of them will be exactly what you were looking for. A tip to remember before buying a pair of logger work boots is to always make sure that they meet all of your company’s safety requirements.

Best Work Boots for Loggers

Chippewa Men's Logger Boot 8 inchChippewa Men’s 8 Inch Golden Tan Nubuc Insulated ST Logger Rugged Boot

An all leather design is both comfortable and waterproof to keep your feet dry and comfortable in any weather condition, and the thick vibram sole gives you all of the traction you need for hilly terrains and slick underbrush. The steel toe plating will not only protect your toes from falling objects, but it is also weather resistant for comfort even in the winter. The rounded toe box gives you more room and the 8” shaft gives you support when you need it most.

Chippewa Men's Logger Boot 73020 8 inchChippewa Men’s 73020 8″ Logger Boot

Waterproof leather construction and steel toe plating keep your feet protected and comfortable, along with the supportive 8” inch shaft. The front lacing closure helps to give you a secure fit, while also helping to keep out annoying dirt and debris. The cushioned insole not only keeps feet comfortable, it also helps to absorb impact shock. The thick vibram outer sole was designed to give you traction on muddy hills or even on slippery dead leaves and pine needle beds.

Wolverine Men's Insulated Steel Toe Logger Boots 5523Men’s Wolverine 8″ Steel Toe WP Boots

The waterproof and insulated logger boots give you all of the protection and comfort you need for a long day outdoors. Featuring both 400 gram insulation and meeting all safety standards for both steel toe plating and electrical hazards, these logger boots will let you safely travel over the entire job site. 8” steel shanks give you more stability, especially useful when standing on hills, and the durable rubber sole provides all of the traction you need for any surface. Also included are padding midsole cushioning and ankle collar that will keep your feet feeling great all day long.

Georgia Men's Insulated Waterproof Logger Boots 8Georgia Boot Men’s G80 8″ Insulated Waterproof,Dark Tan Cheyenne Leather

Featuring 400 grams of insulation and constructed from durable waterproof leather, this logger work boots can get you comfortably through any day. The thick rubber sole not only helps to absorb impact shock, but also gives you plenty of traction for climbing over any terrain. The steel toe plating is weather resistant and will protect your toes from impact shock and protruding objects. Also included are a cushioned foot bed and front lacing closure that keeps your feet comfortable and the boots securely fastened.

Golden Retriever Men's Steel Toe Work Boot 9Golden Retriever Men’s 9″ Steel Toe Work Boot

Oil and heat resistant, these logging work boots are also waterproof and durable. The thick rubber heel and outer sole give you all of the traction you need whether you are standing at the mill or out on the job site. A cushioned midsole keeps you comfortably standing on your feet all day, and the front lacing closure is rust proof and helps you get a secure fit. The steel toe plating also meets all safety standards and the inner lining also helps to keep your feet cool and dry during the hot summer months.

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