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Your work boots are an important part of your daily life, and the right pair of footwear can make your job seem easier and even enjoyable. The difference you feel when your work boots fit comfortably can improve every aspect of your daily life. No more complaining about tired, aching feet, or lower back pain. Work boots that are made to your specifications can take care of those problems. Before you order your custom work boots, there are a few things that you need to know to get the perfect pair.

Know Your Foot

Each part of your foot is important in ensuring that your custom work boots fit appropriately. Some tips to remember when you are getting to place your order include;

  • No one has the exact same foot size.
  • Chances are your left and right foot are different widths and sizes.
  • Your feet swell and change sizes later in the day.

This is why having your work boots custom ordered can make a difference. You can have your protective footwear individually sized to your unique feet, and ensure that they fit comfortably throughout the long work day.

foot size

Finding Your Shoe Size

You can always check an old pair of work boots to find your shoe size, but it is also important to remember that your feet will change throughout your life. Simply because your foot was one size several years ago, does not necessarily mean that it will still be the same size. An easy way to measure your foot is too simply stand on a piece of paper and mark the upper most point of your toes and the back of your heel. Measure the distance between the two marks, and you will have your exact shoe size. Remember, it is normal for there to be differences between your left and right foot.

If you are having problems converting the measurements into the correct shoe size, here is a chart to help you along.

Men’s SizesWomen’s SizesSize Conversion
InchesShoe SizeInchesShoe SizeMen’sWomen’s
9 1/4″68 3/16″44 = 6
9 1⁄2″6.58 3/8″4.54.5 = 6.5
9 5/8″78 1/2″55 = 7
9 3/4″7.58 3/4″5.55.5 = 7.5
9 15/16″88 7/8″66 = 8
10 1/8″8.59 1/16″6.56.5 = 8.5
10 1/4″99 1/4″77 = 9
10 7/16″9.59 3/8″7.57.5 = 9.5
10 9/16″109 1/2″88 = 10
10 3/4″10.59 11/16″8.58.5 = 10.5
10 15/16″119 7/8″99 = 11
11 1/8″11.510″9.59.5 = 11.5
11 1/4″1210 3/16″1010 = 12
11 9/16″1310 5/16″10.5
11 7/8″1410 1/2″11
12 3/16″1510 11/16″11.5
12 1/2″1610 7/8″12

See, you simply take your foot measurement in inches and find the matching shoe size. It is a quick and easy way for you to get the perfect fit, and avoid painful rubbing that can occur when your work boots are too long, and painful toe scrunching when they are too short.

The Width of Your Foot

The width of your foot is just as important as the length, and the same measuring process can be used to find yours. Instead of marking the tip of your toe and heel, you will measure straight across the top of your foot. Simply place a mark on either side of your feet, and measure the distance across in inches. Then find the coordinating width and the included size chart.

Shoe Widths
InchesShoe WidthInchesShoe Width
3 1/4″AA4 1/8″E
3 7/16″A4 5/16″EE (=W)
3 5/8″B (=N)4 1/2″EEE (=XW)
3 13/16″C4 11/16″4E (=H)
4″D (=M)8 7/8″6


Other Features to Consider

Once you have determined the perfect size work boot to order, you can start to think about other options. Depending on the type of work environment you are in, you might want to consider electrical safety, waterproofing, or even chemical resistant construction. Other considerations for safety also include whether you need steel toe plating or a composite toe.

Arch support, padding, and even orthotic insoles can also be added to ensure hours of comfort even on the hardest concrete surfaces.

Custom Work Boots Can Make a Difference

While there are several brands manufacturing high quality and comfortable work boots, nothing can compare to a pair of protective footwear that is designed just for your feet. You can accommodate the differences in your feet, and still meet all of the safety standards. Get rid of the daily feelings of back and foot pain, and remember what it was like too not ache all day at work. With custom made work boots, you will be able to tell a difference.

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