Dickies Men’s Raider Long Lasting Work Boot

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Our feet are an important part of our body. The weight of the whole body is taken by our feet and wearing perfect boots result in balancing well. You must have often come across some incidents where people fell off or twisted their ankle. These accidents are because of wearing wrong boots. People who have a hectic lifestyle and always on their feet seldom take risks of wearing poor quality boots. Again the people who work in industries, construction sites or anywhere where grip is highly required need something special for their feet. These men  prefer wearing steel toe boots in which their feet can be taken care of.  A steel toed boots are those which were built with solid steel capped in the toe box. Steel toe work boots are the best choice for any purpose. Not only it gives a basic support, flexibility and strength in quality, but also the insole comfort is something mentionable. It protects your feet from any kind of injury or accidents. Even for safety measures some big companies made it an obligatory for their workers’ safety.


  • It is very robust in nature. This boot gives you full grain upper leather with padded collar.
  • The feature of removing insole ensures long lasting of the boots.
  • If you have a sweaty feet, then these boots are perfect as the fabric wick the moisture.
  • The sole has traction that means, it is oil, slip and acid resistant.
  • The padded collar gives you a comfortable wearing.


  • Wearing these boots near water is not a good idea. But if it is snowing or raining heavily these boots, work wonders as you can lift your feet easily.

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Product review

The first thing to say about steel toe work boots are that they are worth buying. The round shape is very comfortable even if you have a wide foot. Walking on stony path or snow covered path is really easy as they are comfortable to move. The leather quality is perfect to stay long. The glaze and the get-up of the boots make it stand out among others. People who do tough jobs are very comfortable in working with these boots. The boots keep your feet warm and you can go hard on them.

These boots are slip resistant so walking on oily or water area is no core factor. Some people sweat a lot and suffer with smelly feet. Wearing these boots can easily eradicate this problem. The fabric of these boots wick away the moisture and you don’t have to worry anymore about the sweat. Sometimes walking on the waterlogged area with steel toe work boots is bit difficult, but the water drain out quickly. You can even go for mountain areas wearing these boots.

This boot has a strong grip that will protect you from any type of injury.  Keeping your feet comfortable is mandatory if you want to guard yourself from any kind of leg or back problems. Sometimes wearing wrong boot cause your back problem or many leg problems.

These boots will fit into your feet easily and help them to give a smooth surface despite of the stony path. The strong grip always helps you to walk properly. During winter, snow is a major problem of walkers. Now with these boots you can lift your foot quickly without feeling heavy. The sole of the boots resists snow from sticking and thus results in smooth walking. The price is also very nominal and affordable.


Dickies Men’s Raider Steel Toe Work Boot, Wheat,9 M US. It is a known fact that wearing right boot is important. Dickies Men’s Raider Steel Toe Work Boot is a perfect wear to stay on your toe always. These boots are a perfect combination of design and comfort. The price is very reasonable comparing with the quality of leather and features that are provided in this boot. The grip is very strong and also it is very durable. Padded collar ensures a comfortable fit. Even many companies ask their worker to wear this boot as a safety from any injury. Also, it is moisture free and gives you an elegant look. This boot is a must buy for all.

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