Caterpillar Women’s Lander Boot Review

Slick concrete floors in machine shops and muddy construction sites require a pair of work boots that have plenty of traction and stability, while also being water proof. It also helps if you can find a pair of work boots that are comfortable and stylish. Simply because you’re at work doesn’t mean you can’t have a great looking pair of sturdy work boots. To help you find a great pair of work boots, we decided to review one of our favorites that will keep you comfortable and safe indoors and outside.

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Key Features of Caterpillar Women’s Lander Boots

Caterpillar is known for their superior equipment, and their work boots are no different. They feature a lightweight and more streamlined design which is perfect for a woman’s smaller body type, while still giving you all of the comfort and support that you would expect from them. Some of the key features of these work boots include,

  • Durable leather construction.
  • Thick rubber outer sole
  • Polyurethane midsole
  • Steel shank
  • Protective leather upper
  • Traction control
  • Mesh inner lining


These great looking work boots are more streamlined than men’s work boots, making them more comfortable and less clunky feeling. The traction control and thick rubber outer sole help to prevent falls on slippery surfaces, making them great for indoors at machine shops and even garages.

The padded ankle collar gives you additional support, and can help to prevent painful sprains and even breaks. A mesh lining and midsole cushioning also help to keep your feet cool and comfortable. You’ll have the advantage of looking and feeling great in these stylish and durable safety work boots.

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For over 90 years, Caterpillar has been making innovative products for construction and mining equipment. Their line of safety work boots, feature everything that this outstanding company is known for. As a global leader in the business community, Caterpillar is dedicated to manufacturing only the best work boots for men and women.


These lightweight work boots can give you the traction you need for walking on slick factory floors, or garages covered in oil. Their water proof design and mesh liner will help to keep your feet cool and comfortable, while midsole padding helps to cushion your feet. Look great and walk with complete confidence in these stylish women’s work boots.

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