Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift at Work Boot Review

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Work boots are very popular for those who prefer to take safety measures at work place. Wearing improper shoes is one of the major cause of several injuries and accidents. US occupational safety regulations clearly define that workers must take precautions and wear proper shoes for grip. Also, many employers who care for the safety of their employees made work boots mandatory. People on construction sites or industries are the prime target group of these work boots. These boots give support and comfort along with great durability. However, before buying these boots one must be skilled enough to understand the features of them.


  • Made from complete grain leather and Nubuck leathers, these work boots are durable and last for long.
  • The protective solid steel caps protect ankles and feet from injuries.
  • Thick outer sole works as shock absorber and comforts your feet.
  • Admirable grip with slip resistance technology for strengthening the footing.
  • Resistant to bacterial infection and comforts feet


  • Work boots are very durable but since they are made up with pull up leather materials they need a few days of break in period.
  • These boots are very comfortable throughout the year and all day long, however, in heavy rain they might get shabby. 
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The quality and comfortability of the shoes depends on the materials from which they are made up of. Caterpillar work boots are made up of pull up leather. These full grain and Nubuck leather not only ensures the quality of the product but also make them durable and dependable. These boots are long lasting and very comfortable to wear. They come with though stitching which make them hard hitting.

Several occupations demands safety measures specially for the feet and ankles against falling of heavy objects. The solid steel toe caps mark these  work boots as a protective shield. The steel toe boots are approved as a safety feature for the heavy and light industry workers. As such many employer’s are making these boots an obligatory for their employees.

The thick protective outer sole absorbs the work place’s contraction or electrical shocks as provided comfy wear in your feet. These boots can be used by both heavy or light industrial workers. For excellent support system and slip resistance these are constructed with Goodyear welt. The tough stitching pattern of the upper sole with the insole ensures the quality and lasting capacity of these shoes.

Being made from padded collar, the work boots gives a relaxed and contented walk support. The climasphere insole helps in evaporating the moist and prevent your feet from bad odor or bacterial infections. This helps a steady and sturdy support keeping your feet comfy all day long. The nylon lining is designed to ensure permanence and strength of these work boots.


The sturdy solid steel toe caps, slip resistance technology and shock absorbers all together make these work boots a dependable, durable and safeguard for the workers. These boots are ideal for factories, industries, construction sites or any other company where there is a chance of accident by falling of heavy objects or where the workers needs extra grip and support. The durable, rugged leather with hard steel caps for toes are ideal for heavy duty workloads. With extra grip and resilient to shock and live electrical hazards these boots fell your feet comfortable. These long lasting caterpillar boots are suitable for all types of weather and any kinds of surfaces. Thus, as per the quality and standard that are offered by these boots make the price worth enough to accept.

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