Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Steel Toe Boot Review

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Sometimes your feet also need special care. You can give them the comfort by wearing a good pair of boots. Wearing a boot that is fashionable yet comfortable is very important. Boots are major part of everyone’s life because they are responsible for holding our whole body. Wearing a boot that have strong features are also recommended by doctors.

This Pull-On Steel Toe Boot is one of the best boots in a market that is durable, long lasting and very comfortable. Even people who have to move all day can try this amazing pair of boots. The boots are made up of pure good quality leather and have a rubber sole.  The boot is slip and oil resistance which is very demanding for people who work in factories. You can wear this boot for an entire day without having any type of discomfort. These boots fit well with your feet and give a smooth walk. The length of the shafts is quite long and don’t cause an uneasiness. It is easy to pull the straps so you don’t have to hurdle with your shaft for long. Also the whole shoe is in single stitch, hence looks great and don’t wear out easily.


  • The good quality of leather ensures long lasting of the boots.
  • The soles are made up of rubber and give a strong grip during a walk or run.
  • The shaft is long up to the ankle. It is very easy to pull the strap.
  • Very comfortable for all day work.
  • The boot is slip resistance.


  • These boots required a few days of break in time period, however, once they fit on your feet you can feel the flexibility and comfort with them all day long.
  • The boots are a bit small to wear easily, but after a few days this problem reduces and the boots fit your feet well.

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Detailed Review of Caterpillar Men’s Revolver

This pair of boots is worth buying. They are made of good quality leather with rubber soles. This feature ensures comfortable walk with slip resistance. The price and the boot are no match. You are going to get a smart choice in very low price. The single stitch design with GoodWelt construction looks very fashionable. The durability and the grain leather construction give it a very different future.

This boot is also recommended by many doctors. If you are a worker in a factory and work in oil and water surface, then this boot is very good for you. The rubber sole gives you a strong grip to hold tightly to the ground. This boot is very friendly. It can give you the same level of comfort in all weather. Be it is raining or snowing, you can walk freely. Also the leather quality is so good that you don’t have to worry about it lasting. The shaft is easily assessable.  You can wear this boot anywhere. They look smart and stylish.

The steel toe boots come with thick outer sole which is an electric shock resistance. Thus, these boots are extremely advisable for the workers who are working in extreme conditions.  According to the federation of occupational hazards for safeguarding and safety of the workers’ boots with electrical hazard approval are highly recommended.


Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Steel Toe Boot,Dark Brown,7 M US. Boots are a daily wear and hence need to be perfect. Walking with uncomfortable boots are really difficult. Pull-On Steel Toe Boots are really great and cheap in price. You can easily wear it and have a safe walk. Many doctors also recommended this boot. Also, these pairs of boots are a perfect gift for someone who have to do heavy works. You can go hard on your boot. The grip and both the insole and the outsole are idle in this boot. You can walk on any surface. It is also safe from electrical hazards. The strong grip ensures no fall or twisted legs. You can also move easily wearing this boot while it is snowing. Also water does not insert this boot so you can also wear it during rainy season. The boot is a best buy for all those people who are concerned about safety of their feet.

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