Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Steel-Toe Waterproof Boot Review

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Boots are an essential part for everyone. Before buying a good pair of shoes, you must decide where will you wear them? For different environment different types of shoes are advisable. Like the shoe that you will wear in your indoor are not suitable for your outdoor activities. However, if you are working in any heavy or light industries or in construction sites or anywhere where there is a chance of feet injury or accident you must go for steel toed work boots. The steel toe boots are approved by ANSI as a safeguard against accidents or injuries in workplaces. In these steel toe boots a steel cap is built into the toe box during the time of construction of the boots to provide for the protection not only to your feet but also to your ankles.


  • Designed with Diagnostic Hi to support the flexibility of feet and maintain natural movement.
  • SuperWelt construction along with full-grain upper leather for further tractability, steadiness and archetypal look.
  • Waterproof athletic style with soft Nylon linen, in addition to thick rugged rubber for better control in any surface.
  • The insole and soft nylon weaves lining to prevent bad odor and bacterial infection of the feet.
  • Constructed with technological upgraded abrasion upper leather to act as weather resist elements.


  • These steel toed upper leather boots need a few days of break in period to ease out the discomforts and rigidness. However, with advanced natural movement technique, these boots are perfect for flat foot people.
  • Selection of accurate size of the boot is very important as without proper fittings these Workboots may not give you the comfort and flexibility that you are expecting from these boots.

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Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Steel-Toe Waterproof Boot,Dark Beige,9 M US

Product review

These work boots are specifically designed with advanced hi-tech technology to ensure natural movement of your feet. These steel cap boots are super comfortable, stable and flexible. Built with particular shapes they provide you support and all day long comfort. For added grip and steadiness these boots have a high performance slip resistant rubber outer soles.

The boots are constructed with SuperWelt for reliability and forefoot flexibility. Maintaining the Wellington style this high performance Diagonistic are built for added roughness, hard hitting and readiness. The waterproof feature makes these boots weather friendly and functional throughout the year.

Cement construction and steel shank prepared these boots to handle any rough environment and durable in any surface. Be the snowy or rainy season these stylish athletic shoes with unbeatable steel toed strength can provide superb comfort. The dependable Hi- tech features make it more reliable and versatile. Nylon lining accompanied with full grain leather keeps it comfortable all day long. The live current shock absorber combines with slip resistant outsole saves from water, oil, abrasion, heat and keeps you safe all day long.

Durable and hard wearing with Flexion Generator and Manifolds, these boots have super comfort system. Breathability and advanced technology certifies no pain and less fatigue natural movement of your feet for additional support and durability. The high flex construction is ready for reliable performance for a long lasting period.


Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Steel-Toe Waterproof Boot,Dark Beige,9 M US

Diagnostic Steel-Toed boots are specially designed with waterproof high tech upper leather, solid steel cap for the toe box for extra durability and strength. These boots are engineered with shock absorber thick outer sole and have tremendous steady grip. These boots are constructed with upper, waterproof leather to keep your feet dry and warm all day long. You will forget about sore foot after wearing them all day long. It is of great durable with GoodWelt construction and extra flexibility, super support and handy for any weather condition. These work boots are perfect for construction site workers, engineers, heavy and light industry workers or anyone who believes in safety, durability and flex foot movements. Equipped with great engineering and built with solid steel capped for versatile application these boots are designed of hard men’s safety and are perfect for those who are hard hitting. These genuine and authentic waterproof leather boots can keep you walking with flexibility and steadiness on any terrain and are unmatched with their style, relaxation and durable qualities. Altogether, these boots are a great piece of engineering at a very affordable price.

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