Caterpillar Men’s Assault Work Boot to Protect Your Feet

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These plain brown boots may not look like much, but they pack quite a punch. And, of course, they can protect your feet from pretty much the same. The construction features high quality and full grained leather and a thick rubber sole which nothing is going to get through. The metatarsal guard, brought to you by CAT, will make sure your feet are protected from impact, heat, and all manner of hazardous chemicals.


  • These Caterpillar boots come at a usual price of slightly more than $90. You can get them at an even lower price for certain product options.
  • Just in case you aren’t totally satisfied, returns are completely free for select sizes.
  • These work boots look great, are very comfortable to wear, and amazingly safe. The CAT metatarsal guard works beautifully.
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  • As with many boots in this class of shoe, they are fairly heavy. However, you will find them very comfortable once your feet get accustomed to them.
  • If you kneel while wearing the boots, the armor towards the top may dig into your leg. However, an adjustment or two should take care of the problem.
  • Even if they are slightly large, that should not provide any kind of obstacle to their function.

Product Review

A rather interesting feature of these safety shoes is that the laces come with a cover. That means that they are a great buy for, say, welders, who would naturally go through laces at a pretty high rate. While other shoes with covers aren’t great for walking, these definitely are. That’s a win-win situation, and one more reason why these ones are a great buy.

As with all steel-toed boots, they will be a little heavy, at least at first. Once you get used to carrying the extra weight, however, walking should be very, very comfortable. You will also find that the break in period is pretty short. In fact, some users only needed a single day to break in their boots.


As we’ve mentioned before, the met guard does tend to dig into your ankle or calf while you are crouching down. However, the metatarsal guard does work really well. An adjustment in your position will help you get used to this modification faster. All in all, these boots are a fantastic investment.

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