Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Steel Toe Boot Review

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Work boots are one of the essential products for everyone to maintain the safety of their feet and particularly ankles. These hard working boots provide support to your ankle and prevent them from any injuries. These boots are great for the employees of construction sites. Even some reputed companies made it mandatory for their workers as a safety measure for their workers. These boots are so strong that they shield your feet from the accident.  The toughness of these steel boots can be compared to the safety of helmets. Since wearing these boots meant taking safety measures, thus you must choose these boots wisely.


  • Being built with tough and durable leather along with man-made sole, the boots is very hard working.
  • The boot comes with nonslip rubber sole for better grip and strong footing.
  • Socks liner and nylon lining keeps your feet dry and odor free.
  • For flexibility of change in work come both in soft or steel toe.


  • As the steel bolts are made with solid leather they need maximum a week of break in period before they fit comfortably on your feet.
  • These boots are slightly heavy to wear but they fully shield you from accidents.
  • The water resistant capacity is admirable, however, if the waterline increases above your ankles, then these leather boots can be shabby.

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Product Review

These steel toe boots are constructed with strong and high quality leather for excellent performance and long-lasting features. Along with its durability the boot is designed with Goodyear welt and full-grain durable leather. This combination makes these boots looks very classy and hard-hitting for your job sites. Also for additional fittings, these boots, they were built with well-made lace.

The durability of any boot comes with the quality of the sole. The outer sole of these boots provides a comfy experience to its users. These boots have slip resistant rubber soles. With these soles you will get a secured grip at your work place. It also ensures sturdy footing and can prevent you  from injuries and accidents in the work place.

The breathable upper comfort feature of these boots makes a conforatble and do-all day long support. The nylon webbing cling away  the moistures for odor free wearing all day long. Also, it helps in shielding your feet from bacterial infection. While the sock liners come with Climasphere features which in turn, retain your feet to be cool on hot days and warm on cool days.

Unlike any other steel toe boot, Cattepillar’s boot comes with both reinforced or soft steel toes. This helps you to choose according to your work needs. These solid steel toe boots protect your top feet as well as your ankles from accident or workplace injuries. Also, these steel toed boots are built with such a technology that they can reduce fatigue and pain in your feet.


Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6″ Steel Toe Boot,Tan,11 M US

The steel toe boots are very durable and comfortable to wear all year round and it is suitable in any climate. The finest pairs of steel toed boots are ideal for wearing in workplaces mostly by construction workers or even for motorcyclists. They protect your ankles and support your feet. The sturdy outer sole that comes with nonslip grip offer extra support and strength to your footing. Also the thickness of the sole ensures traction and ability to walk on any surfaces. The price is also very affordable compared to all the features and the quality that these boots are provided.

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