Carolina Mens’ LT150 Lightweight Carbon Composite Toe for Feet Protection

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Material: Carbon composite fiber toe cap

Pros: Light weighted, toe protective, non-slippery

Cons: Not durable, bending problem, not water proof, expensive

Best Use: In dry conditions – avoid water, snow, etc.

Buying shoes is always a challenging thing for men and generally it has been noted that men are really fussy about choosing their shoes. Not just fashion or style, but factors, like comfort, occasion, usability, durability, etc. matter a lot for men, while buying shoes. Shoes should be unique and they must portray the personality of a man. They should be tough, profound and well designed, when it comes to shoes for working men. Carolina Mens’ LT150 Lightweight ESD Composite Toe Oxford features toe protection through carbon composite material.


  • The product features carbon composite material for toe protection. It intends to save the upper portion of the feet from accidental damages in the workplaces.
  • Being light weighted, these boots are comfortable. Users can roam around at the work places easily, wearing these boots.
  • The boots feature slip-resistance in wet conditions and thus these are safe to be worn.
  • The product is available in three color options for the buyers and they are black, brown and dark brown.


  • As the upper portion of this product is produced with hard carbon composite material to protect toes, users may feel problems while bending.
  • The material is water damage resisting, though it is not made to be used extensively in wet conditions. The material may get damaged quickly, if the boots are used in wet conditions constantly.
  • Ankles holes are also tight and thus it is difficult to wear for some people.

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Carolina Mens’ LT150 Lightweight ESD Composite Toe Oxford Review

Carolina Mens’ LT150 Lightweight ESD Composite Toe Oxford is designed for working men, especially suitable for plumbers, electricians, etc. The company or manufacturer calls this product to be ‘over the top’ protection. The reason is the shoes are manufactured with ASTM-rated composite toe to protect the top of the foot. If you are working in the workshop, you are vulnerable to many sorts of accidents. For example, a piece of sharp metal or a heavy thing may fall on your foot. This shoe has been made to save the users from such accidents.

The product comes in three basic colors; they are black, brown and dark brown. The design is simple and orthodox – no notable experimentation has been done with the design of the shoes. The product is light weighted and thus it is comfortable to cope with for the users. The upper portion is stiff, as it has been made with carbon composite material. Due to this stiffness, users often face bending problems, wearing these shoes.

The sole also looks good and works well in slippery conditions. As the bottom of the shoes is slip-resistant, the product is suitable to be used in muddy, slippery and wet conditions. Though, the material of the shoe is not high water resistant and thus, it can get damaged if it has been used extensively in wet conditions.


Carolina Men’s Lytning Carbon Composite ESD Oxford,Brown Oiled Nubuck,US 13 2E

Carolina Mens’ LT150 Lightweight ESD Composite Toe Oxford is overall a good product. Buyers look for USD composite toe shoes for the protection of the upper portion of their feet. With its carbon composite material, the product serves this purpose of buyers quite efficiently. The rubber made sole is non-slippery and insulated to save from electric shocks. Price of the product is on the higher end, through judging its features, it has to be said that the product is a ‘value for money’ buy.

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