Carhartt Men’s CMW6610 6 Met Durable Work Boot Review

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This Carhartt product comes in two gorgeous colours: black and black oil tanned. Made of leather, it makes use of a completely rubber sole. Other than the upper metatarsal guard, which is made especially flexible for your convenience, it comes with a safety toe guard and a waterproof membrane. This met work boot retails for somewhere around $180. With some luck, though, you could get it for as low as $143.99.



  • Comfort is provided by insoles cushioned with polyurethane cushioning and tongues and collars which are padded for your comfort.
  • Even after a year of hard use, they will still be water resistant. The insides hold up quite well too.
  • Work wearing them for up to 12 hours at a stretch without any discomfor


  • Heavy use may mean that the soles will wear out after a year or so. However, the good news is that these boots can be re-soled. You won’t necessarily need to buy a new pair.
  • These work boots have wide treads. This means that bits of gravel may get stuck in the soles. You’ll have to pick these out every once in a while.
  • The polish on the toe may leave marks on your carpet.

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Product Review

Give your Carhartt boots about a week to break in. They will be stiff at first, as is the case with most work boots. Once you have broken them in, they will be amazingly comfortable. Even if your job is the kind that wears out boots at record speeds, these ones are here to stay. Cons include, as mentioned earlier, the rather wide treads that catch a lot of smaller pieces of gravel, and the marks that may be left on carpets and the like. Other than that, however, you shouldn’t have much of a problem.

As we’ve said before, these boots don’t give out much even after a year of fairly intensive use. They are still, for example, quite water resistant, even if not totally waterproof. The soles may start to squeak a little. Also, quite understandably, the soles will start to give out. Thankfully, re-soling is an option that you can make great use of.


Carhartt Boots CMW6610 Men’s 6-in Work Internal Met Guard Boot Black 8 M US. Unlike many other work boots, you won’t necessarily have to replace your boots the moment they start getting old. With proper maintenance and the occasional re-soling, you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of these.

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