Best Women’s Snowboard Boots: The Top 5 Picks

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Winter means you are surrounded by various snow sports that are worth a try. But to perform these particular sports you will need shoes that are specially made for snowboards. There are various kinds of snowboard boots available in the market. But before you settle down to buy one of these it is important on the part of the individual to look for the fit about the same.

Additionally there are other features other than the fit of the shoes to look in to like the flexibility, cushioning and support of the same. Moreover, getting a brand one above all is important. Some of the customers take in to account the look of the shoes. All these accompaniments together make a best snowboard shoe. These shoes are available for both men and women and they largely differ from one another as the feet structure of both men and women are different. In this article we will have a look in to the top 5 best women’s snowboard shoes. Those of the customers who are interested in the same can have look in the below mentioned paragraphs for further information.

DC Search 15 Snowboard Boot

DC Search 15 Snowboard Boot-1This particular Boa snowboard boot is made to have better comfort while you are trying to get up to the snow-capped hill. It is designed with a unique lacing system that helps in boot adjustment that is helpful to achieve the perfect tightness. In terms of flexibility the boots have medium flex that is equipped to support the feet when you are soaring to climb the peak. The foam that comes with the boots is Eva with red liner that gives it the optimum comfort while working. The lining is made with fleece that gives a cushioning to the toes for them to stay toasty while you carry on with your climb. It further comes with EVA foot bed that helps in absorbing vibration and severe impacts. The outsoles of the boots are made with Unilite that provides cushioning without giving away with the traction. Moreover, the look of the boot makes the whole kit even more desirable.


  • Good fit.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It has premium cushioning.

K2 Sendit Boa Womens Snowboard Boots

K2 Sendit Snowboard Boots Black Womens-2The next snowboarding boots for women that makes its entry in to the list is this K2 Sendit from Boa. The lacing system that the boots have is liner and Boa. The comfort of the boots is great thanks to the 3D foam that is used for the same. The outsole of the boots is Low-pro and the foot bed is made with EVA insole. The liner fit of the boot is done with the help of custom made moldable external j bars.


  • The boots are very much comfortable.
  • The price for which the boots come is affordable.
  • The look of the boot is stylish.


  • It is better to opt for the size bigger than your normal feet size because you might need one once you put on the socks.
  • A very few customers have experienced a sense of discomfort in the bottom of the feet.

DC Karma 15 Snowboard Boot

DC Karma 15 Snowboard Boot-3The DC snowboard boots are termed to be the best and this is why this is the third set of boots that is featured in the list. It has flexibility of the mid-range level that makes it perfect for carrying on all kind snow sports by providing good amount of flexibility. The outsole of the boots is made with unilite for a better support by decreasing vibration while providing a smooth and suave ride. The lacing of the boot is traditional which helps to tie it easily and without much effort. There are various kinds of customization available with the traditional lacing. Like every other DC boots this one too comes with Red Liner that helps in managing the moisture that tends to occur occasionally in the feet thus keeping it dry and warm even when in the snow.


  • It is easy to tie the lace of the boots.
  • The fit of the boots are great.

Burton Mint Women’s Snowboard Boots

Burton Mint Women's Snowboard Boots-4The next set of women’s snowboard boots that makes its entry in to the list is this one from the house of Burton. The liner that the boot has is made with power panel construction for a perfect fit and integrated lacing. The lacing is equipped with speed zone lacing system that better lacing control. The cushioning of the boots on the other hand is EVA made and comes with ice spikes that are made of rubber. The flexibility and the response of the boots are designed with micro articulating cuff and a thin 3D molded tongue profile. Last but not the least the comfort quotient of the boot is done with molded EVA foot bed which makes one of the most popular women’s snowboard boots.


  • It is a quality product.
  • It is comfortable to wear.


  • Some of the customers had issues regarding the size of the boots.

DC Avour 15 Snowboard Boot

DC Avour 15 Snowboard Boot-5This is another boot from the house of DC. This is a speedlace women snowboard boot which is made for a better comfort and perfection while climbing in the snow. The main quotient or X-factor of the boot is the speedlacing system that tightens at just a single pull. The foam of the boot is EVA memory foam that is made for comfort and has a lining with that fleece for warmth in cold conditions. The cushioning that the foot bed has is made with take vibrations and absorbs them and can carry out heavy impacts while climbing. The outsole of the boot is made with unilite for a better traction and durability.


  • The boots are comfortable.
  • Good fit.


  • It is better to go for a size larger than the usual.

The above boots mentioned in the list are the some of the best women’s snowboard boost that are easily available in the market. There are many more of such boots to choose from.

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