Top 15 Best Steel Toe Boots For Women in 2022

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Best Steel Toe Boots For WomenThe presence of women in demanding, industrial jobs has been growing day by day. For example, you will see lots of women working in the construction industry where male workers have been ruling since the time immemorial.

The female population who are taking challenges in their work site every day needs footwear that provides them the required protection, support, and comfort. Besides, women’s work boots should be stylish enough to suit different tastes. Finding such boots was quite impossible even up until recently because of the negligible participation of women in physically challenging professions.

Why It’s Hard to Find Proper Work Boots for Women?

There are many brands that have been manufacturing excellent work boots for men. But, even with their years of experience, it’s difficult to design female footwear because the women’s physical built is pretty different from man.

However, some leading footwear manufacturers have spotted the problems and come forward to produce boots to fit the female foot and taste. Today, the science is modern, the technology is cutting-edge, and the research is up-to-the-minute. So, it has become easier to produce work boots that will be suitable for the foot structure of women.

The options are still limited because the work boot industry has just opened up to women. Nevertheless, there are some pretty good choices amid such insufficient choices.

How Women’s Work Boots Are Different from Men’s?

The differences in physique and taste and the unavailability of various options have created the differences between these two types of footwear.

These are smaller.

Women’s foot is smaller than men’s, so it’s natural that their footwear will be shorter than that of their male counterparts. Even if they men’s shoes and the size fits, the width is likely to be bigger and the weight heavier.

Lack of variations.

The selection of work boots for women lacks diversity regarding features and safety aspects because these are still at the beginning stage. The assortment is likely to improve in future as the industry continues to employ more women.

Fashion is still a big factor.

Color and style are the two aspects where you will find many options in women’s work boots because manufacturers still emphasize on this factor. Men’s shoes focus on safeguarding the foot but a large number of ladies care how they look irrespective of where they are working.

Characteristics of Best Steel Toe Work Boots for Women

There are several companies that are giving the effortto create quality work boots for women. Let’s take a look at the features that a pair of high-quality steel toe boots should have:

Materials & Durability

You can choose the boots in feminine or cool colors and lovely designs and patterns so that they suit your lifestyle. However, some brands manufacture just frilly shoes with no protective aspects. Avoid them if you want to be safe on work sites.

You should choose boots made of top-class leather because it’s the only material that will last longer and give your foot adequate protection in hostile environments. The best bonding technique is Goodyear welt construction but you will also see cement and direct soling methods.

The durability of the shoes depends on the materials used, the attachment technique, the firmness of the stitching, and the quality of the hardware. You will get top-quality products given that everything is up to the mark.


Despite being steel toe, most women’s work boots are lighter than the ones made for the men because women have a petite physical build. So, it will affect them adversely if they have to carry something weighty all day long.

Besides, you should check other comfort features too such as cushioned footbed, EVA or rubber midsole, shock absorbing outsole, steel or composite shank, proper arch support, and more. Your feet will thank you later for being diligent at the purchase time.

In addition, padded collar and tongue, fabric lining inside, and a roomier toe room add further to the comfort factor. The sizing should be standard and the option for a customized fitting with laces and eyelets is appreciable.

Safety Features

Steel toe boots protect against falling objects, stubs, and heavy compression forces. Nonetheless, you should check if the steel is thick and ASTM-rated to ensure the best protection.

Moreover, many shoes have outsoles and toes rated for electrical hazards. These can withstand shocks up to a certain amount of volts such as 18,000, 6,000, etc. The EH protection is a great relief for those who work around open circuits and other live electrical components.

Most of the steel toe boots come with outsoles that provide good grip on slippery and wet grounds. It means you don’t have to fall or slip anymore on the job sites. In addition, some soles offer protection against abrasion and chemical ingredients too.

Top 15 Best Steel Toe Boots For Women in 2020 – Chart


Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


1. Dr. Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot,Black,11 UK/13 M US Women’s/12 M US Men’s antibacterial Smartmask insole $$ 4.3 
2. Caterpillar Women’s Echo WP Steel Toe Work Boot, Frost Grey, 8.5 M US  

electrical hazard protection, SRX slip and oil resistant outsoles

$$ 4.3 
3. Dr. Martens Men’s Icon Industrial Strength Steel Toe Boot ,Black ,9 UK/10 M US EVA footbeds,
ANSI-rated Steel toe caps,
EH protection
$$ 4.3 
4. Timberland PRO Women’s 72399 Titan 6″ Safety-Toe Boot,Black,6 M  

Powerfit Comfort System

$$ 3.9 
5. Caterpillar Women’s Freedom Steel Toe Work Boot, Black, 6.5 M US sock liner made of Nylex and PU foam, ASTM-rated steel toe caps $$ 4.1 
6. Avenger Safety Footwear Women’s Avenger 7125 Women’s Waterproof Safety Toe EH SR Hiker Industrial & Construction Shoe, Brown, 9 2E US  

lightweight polyurethane outsoles, ASTM and EH protective toes

$$ 4.2 
7. Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Boot,Black,5 UK (6 M US Men’s/7 M US Women’s)  100% vegan friendly synthetic leather $$ 4.3 
8. Caterpillar Women’s Jace Waterproof Work Boot Steel Toe Black 8.5 D(M) US  Electrical hazard coverage, waterproof and slip-resistant  $$ 4.4 
9. Caterpillar Women’s Kenzie Steel Toe Work Boot, Bark, 7 M US Nylon mesh lining, padded collar, T1170 slip-resistant outsoles $$ 4.1 
10. SafetyGirl Steel Toe Waterproof Womens Work Boots – Light Pink (7W) 100% Nubuck leather, steel toe boots, waterproof membrane $$ 3.9 
11. Caterpillar Women’s Carlie Steel Toe Boot,Chocolate,7 M US Ortholite odor-resistant cushioning,  $$ 4.0 
12. Harley-Davidson Women’s Gabby Steel Toe Work Boot,Black,6.5 M US individually fitting toe caps $$ 3.9 
13. AdTec Women’s 6″ Steel Toe Work Boot, Brown, 7.5 M US  crazy horse leather, oil resistant rubber outsoles, steel toes for safety  $$  
14. Safety Girl II Sheepskin Lined Womens Work Boots – Tan Soft Toe (7.5M) synthetic sheepskin lining $$ 4.2 
15. King’s by Honeywell KWLK02 6″ WOMEN’S Steel Toe Welted Leather Work Boot, Gray, Size 9  

EVA footbed, padded collar and molded heel cup

$$ 4.1 

1. Dr. Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot,Teak,10 UK/12 M US Women’s/11 M US Men’s

The Ironbridge ST from Dr. Martens is the best collection of work boots that gives solid worksite protection. These are comfortable as a shoe yet enough hard-wearing to withstand the beating up every day. Whether you need a pair of boots for working on train cars loading automobiles or walking miles inside a busy hospital, the Ironbridge collection is the best bet for your money!

Materials & Durability

You can expect exceptional stability from the boots because these feature water-resistant tumbled leather upper on a Goodyear welted footbed. The bonding uses both heat-sealing and stitching techniques, which is impressive because most footwear constructions are attached merely with glue.

The leather is available in black, teak, and gaucho shades, all of which are beautiful and look more expensive and elegant than other boots at the same price range. However, it will show scuffs if you work in very harsh conditions but a bit of oiling will bring back the shine.


The Ironbridge makes no compromise in this section. The boots are well-padded, comfy, and have excellent support for the foot. The anti-bacterial Smartmask insole and the moisture-wicking lining keep the feet dry and safe. The footbed is decent enough to keep you standing for hours without any pain. You can replace it with a better arch support should you have high arched feet.

The padded tongue and collar ensure comfort and a great fit while the industrial strength eyelets and cord lacing ensure extra steadiness for the feet and ankles.

The boots are a bit heavy but you will get used to them after some days. Another good news is the break-in period won’t take more than three days though the thickness of the upper and sole could give you a different impression.

Safety Features

The air-cushioned PVC outsole is one of the most impressive components of these boots. It will protect from slipping and skidding on petrol, alkaline, and oil-clad surfaces. Besides, the tread design will help you survive the roughest terrain without flinching.

The steel toe is standard ASTM-rated for compression and impact. Besides, the shoes will safeguard around live wires too as these are EH-rated.

The soles are heat sealed and the upper is water-resistant. So, you can wear them across the year, no matter if it’s hot or cold outside.


  • Stylish and sturdy
  • Anti-bacterial Smartmaskfootbed
  • Air-cushioned PVC outsole
  • ASTM and EH rated


  • Pretty heavy and chunky
  • The insole is not high-quality


2. Caterpillar Women’s Echo WP Steel Toe Work Boot, Frost Grey, 8.5 M US

Cat Footwear has a worldwide reputation for manufacturing shoes and boots that show brute strength but are stylish enough at the same time to dominate both the industrial and casual settings. The Echo WP line features steel-toe work boots for women that may look feminine but are equally resilient and rugged as their counterparts made for men.

Materials & Durability

Caterpillar footwear is built tough to survive the hostile industrial environments. The Echo WP is not an exception. It will appeal to the feminine side with cute marlin and frost gray color options. Nonetheless, the full-grained Nubuck leather and the rubber outsoles ensure that you will be wearing the boots for a couple of years.

The soles and upper have been attached together with the iTechnology construction that combines the cement and Goodyear welt techniques to form a strong bond.


The Nubuck leather on the Echo WP is much like suede, so the boots won’t take much time to break in. Plus, the padded collar and tongue are going the make eh process even easier and more comfortable. The high-collar shaft along with the synthetic footbed and midsole give your foot extra support.

The leather is waterproof and it won’t let even a single drop of water in. Besides, the construction is pretty solid too. However, you are going to get wet if the slush is pretty deep as the water will drip inside through the lace holes.

The boots have a mesh lining to keep the feet dry but there’s no insulation to keep you warm in winter. Although you may buy a half size bigger and use thick socks to keep the cold away.

Another plus point is the speed-lacing system with three pairs of D-rings at the top. If tying and untying are still a drag to you, you can easily slip on and off because the tongue opens extra wide.

Safety Features

You will surely appreciate these steel toe boots when you have to deal with plenty of toe-stubbing obstacles in your workplace. These are ASRM-rated for compression and impact and meet safety standards for electrical hazard protection.

The SRX outsoles are slip and oil resistant. They hug the floors pretty tightly and are unlikely to budge an inch if you don’t want them to. Moreover, these are adequately thick to safeguard the feet but are still pliable enough to climbing and walking.


  • Available in two cute colors
  • The Nubuck leather upper is waterproof
  • The construction is cement and Goodyear welt
  • ASTM and EH rated
  • SRX outsoles are resistant to slip and oil


  • The insoles are decent but not high-quality
  • No insulation for cold weather


3. Dr. Martens Men’s Icon Industrial Strength Steel Toe Boot ,Black ,11 UK/12 M US

The Icon 2295 ST collection features Wellington pull-on style boots are an excellent choice for all the workers working in hazardous environments. The shoes are unisex, so both men and women can wear them in practically everywhere – from chemical factories to oil rigs and electric supply lines.

Materials & Durability

The Icon 2295 looks distinctly modern with the full-grain leather, grooved sides, and yellow stitching. These are available in a couple of colors and all the versions look pretty lovely and classic because of the oiled or snuffed texture of the upper.

These are Goodyear welted footwear featuring heat-sealed and sewn together upper and soles. The solid bonding ensures that these can take the beatings and poundings of challenging work conditions for years to come.


The oiled leather creates an oily, waxy feel that gives it a robust nature and makes it comfortable at the same time. You may need some time to break them in, but the upper will feel soft once you’ve done it.

You will get all-day comfort and easy-wearing support due to a combination of air-cushioned PVC outsole, AirWave midsole, EVA insole, padded ankle support, and wooden shank. Together these features will ensure the supreme fit and comfortability for your feet.

The structure under your foot will act like a protective pillow to absorb shocks and minimize fatigue. In addition, the boots are lightweight too, so you don’t have to carry much weight when you are walking, climbing, or hauling in your workplace.

Safety Features

The outsoles are Dr. Martens’ iconic air-cushioned material that shows a high-level of resistance against petrol, oil, fat, and alkali. Besides, the protective steel toe is ANSI-rated and OSHA-approved, meaning that your toes are safe against a high amount of impact and compression.

The boots also have additional insulation to keep the wearer safe even after an accidental contact with an electrical charge. In fact, these can survive 14,000 volts at 60Hz in dry conditions.


  • The oil-tanned leather looks stylish with pop-color stitching and groovy sides
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Padded ankle support and wooden shank
  • Air-cushioned outsoles
  • AirWave midsoles and EVA footbeds
  • Steel toe caps are ANSI-rated
  • EH protection (can endure 14,000 volts)


  • Don’t have insulation to survive bitter cold
  • Not waterproof though the leather resists water



4. Timberland PRO Women’s 72399 Titan 6″ Safety-Toe Boot,Black,6 M

The Timberland PRO Titan series is known for having plenty of advanced features. While the models made for women have some design changes to suit the female taste, the safety and comfort aspects have remained the same. The PRO 72399 Titan collection is for the ladies who want a combination of style, coziness, and durability in their boots.

Materials & Durability

The premium full-grain leather upper look soft and supple. The upper and the sole are attached with a cement construction for speeding up the break-in time and increasing flexibility. The stitches look nice and firm with no loose thread and the metal eyelets are solid. Overall, the structure is sturdy though you cannot replace the soles once they are worn off.

Despite being work boots, the PRO 72399 Titan is cute and versatile. The style goes pretty well with the uniforms and looks fashionable with regular jeans and clothes. You can wear them for casual outings such as running errands, shopping, and going to movies without looking wonky.


Timberland has integrated plenty of features in these boots to ensure the comfortability factor. In fact, the brand offers a 30-day comfort guarantee should you find them less comfortable than other brands you have worn!

The shoes have padded top collar, contoured open-cell PU footbed, molded PU midsole, and nylon shank. The insole has Outlast Adaptive Comfort technology that keeps the feet dry and breathable. The mesh comfort lining is treated with antimicrobial components to wick away odor.

The shank ensures torsional rigidity and the midsole absorbs shocks to reduce stress on the feet. Besides, there’s a Powerfit Comfort System that provides critical support with ergonomically-designed elements in the key areas. So, there’s no chance that you will feel the terrible foot aches at the end of the day.

Safety Features

The outsoles are made of heat-resistant Timberland PRO Rubber that shoes enhanced resistance against abrasion, oil, and slipping. You will also get an excellent grip on all kinds of surfaces. The soles also have a compound named VibramFire&Ice that helps to maintain their flexibility in freezing temperatures.

The alloy safety toe boots are also ASTM-rated and meet electrical hazard standards.


  • Powerfit comfort system
  • High-quality footbed and midsole
  • Heat-resistant outsoles
  • ASTM and EH rated


  • Not steel toe
  • Not waterproof



5. Caterpillar Women’s Freedom Steel Toe Work Boot, Black, 6.5 M US

Caterpillar is a renowned footwear brand that manufactures boots and shoes that prove to be hard-working and show integrity. The make their work boots for industrial people, so you can expect them to last for years. The Freedom ST Collection is also produced with endurance and quality in mind.

Materials & Durability

Available in two beautiful colors – black and chocolate, the Freedom boots look beautiful but bold because of the combination of Nubuck or full-grain leather, metal grommets, and sturdy double-stitched profile.

The Goodyear welt construction is used to attach the upper and the soles while the bonding in the heel area uses cement construction technique. The attachment is stable but you cannot repair if the heels come off.


The leather is likely to feel very stiff at the beginning. However, it will loosen and become soft over time. Once broken in, these will become so comfy that you will even forget that you have worn shoes after eight hours of duty!

To make the painful break-in period easier, the boots have padded collar and a sock liner made of Nylex and PU foam. There’s nylon mesh lining too for wicking away moisture and sweat. Nevertheless, these are not insulated, so don’t expect any protection in chilly weather. You can wear thick warm socks though, and don’t forget to go half a size up in that case.

The footbed and the PVC midsole combinedly work for easing the foot stress and strain. You can even stand on steel deck plates or concrete floor for long hours without feeling any discomfort.

Safety Features

The T1170 outsoles have a high-quality slip-resistant feature that helps you find the balance on low-traction grounds. These also significantly minimize the risks of slips and falls, avoiding unexpected workplace injuries.

The steel toe caps are ASTM-rated, certifying them to have the highest strength for resisting severe compression and the impact of major collision or bump. Besides, the shoes meet the electrical hazard safety standards. You will be safe up to 600 volts in dry conditions.


  • Full-grain leather
  • A combination of cement and Goodyear welt constructions
  • ASTM-rated steel toe caps
  • Meets EH safety standards
  • Slip-resistant T1170 outsoles
  • Reduce foot stress and strain


  • Don’t have any insulation
  • Not waterproof
  • Break-in period could be painful



6. Avenger Safety Footwear Women’s Avenger 7125 Women’s Waterproof Safety Toe EH SR Hiker Industrial & Construction Shoe, Brown, 9 2E US

The 7125 Leather ST Collection from Avenger will give relief to those ladies are tired and sore of wearing men’s work boots. Besides, if you don’t want to shell out some extra money just because the shoes are made for women and fit your style. These boots will please – both your womanly spirit and your wallet!

Materials & Durability

These Avenger 7125 boots are actually made for hiking, industrial, and other tough jobs. However, the hot pink accents in the forms of stitching, the front logo, and the inner lining on the brown leather save these shoes from becoming all ‘work’ and no ‘style.’ The pops of color make them stand out in the crowd and remind everyone that these are made for women’s feet!

The upper is made of full-grain leather,which makes a bonding with the soles through a direct attach method. It helps, along with the waterproof membrane construction, not to let water in any conditions.


The leather is naturally resilient but becomes flexible after a few days and provides a soft wrap around your feet. The padding at the collar area and the foamed tongue ease the break-in process.

The double cushion footbeds and the steel shank offer layers of luxury and support. You can even remove the insoles to clean them or replace with special orthotics should you suffer from any foot condition.

The fitting is true to size and you can further customize it with the lacing system. However, if you want to wear them with thick socks, purchase half a size bigger.

Safety Features

The boots will keep your feet dry when you are walking through mud and water and working in the rain because the soles and upper are fused together to create a watertight bond. There’s no scope for the moisture to sip in.

The outsoles are lightweight polyurethane so these can soak shocks more than any rubber material. The treads have oil and slip resistant design to keep the steps secure on any terrain.

The protective toes have steel caps that are tested for compression and impact. Besides, these meet the electrical hazard standards but you will get the protection only when the boots are dry.


  • Full-grain leather with pops of feminine color
  • Double cushion footbeds
  • Protective toes rated for ASTM and EH
  • Waterproof


  • The direct bonding cannot be resoled
  • Not insulated



7. Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Boot,Black,5 UK (6 M US Men’s/7 M US Women’s)

Dr. Martens is an iconic fashion brand that has won the hearts of both punks and celebrities alike. All of their shoes carry some of the unique features and components patented exclusively by the Docs. The Vegan 1460 collection has exceptional appeal too, especially to those who are committed to a vegan lifestyle. These boots are produced in cruelty-free conditions with no animal involved.

Materials & Durability

The Vegan 1460 is made of a 100% vegan-friendly, synthetic leather. It comes from the Felix rub off material that has a shiny, leather-like texture. It’s thinner than original leather but has a rubber-type feel, which means that it will take a lot to tear or puncture it.

The soles are thicker and the Goodyear welt construction has been made with heat-sealed and sewn techniques. There’s less chance for the sole to fall off, like the boots that have a glued structure.

In addition, the style is a big selling point of the Vegan 1460. The grooved sides, iconic Dr. Martens yellow stitching, and golden metal grommets combined with a shiny black upper attribute them a much higher-end appearance than their price would suggest.


The upper material is soft and supple and it does not take much time to break in. It may feel stiff for a few days but by no means, it will create discomfort or cause blisters. These are unisex and will feel roomier once they are broken in. So, it will be better to buy a half size smaller.

The boots don’t have any insulation or lining inside. Your feet will be warm if you walk or wear thick socks. Nonetheless, be prepared to feel the bite of bitter cold if you have to stand still in chilly weather.

The shoes resist water but not waterproof. Don’t worry about taking a quick step in a puddle or light rain. However, if water rushes right up to the eyelets, the result will be wet feet.

Safety Features

The boots have Dr. Martens’ iconic air-cushioned soles, which are resistant to slip, abrasion, oil, and fat. These are practically indestructible and will glue to the ground like a long-lost lover no matter whether you are walking on cement floors, black ice, or thick snow.

The steel toe caps and the unbreakable structure will protect your feet from bumps and falling objects.


  • Made of vegan-friendly material
  • Air-cushioned outsoles
  • Goodyear welt construction


  • No insulation to keep the feet warm in cold weather
  • Not waterproof



8. Caterpillar Women’s Jace Waterproof Work Boot Steel Toe Black 8.5 D(M) US

Caterpillar has such a wide variety of work boots that it’s always hard to choose a single pair. Nonetheless, you can fix the choice on the Jace Collection if you are tired of the hordes of lace-up designs. These pull-on style boots also have a different look compared to other similar models.

Materials & Durability

The Jace Collection features such sleek and gorgeous footwear that most women will have trouble to believe that these are actually work boots. Caterpillar has formed a blend of split suede and wool into an artistically pleasing design that is surely to impress people.

These are available in black and mulch/gray combination, and both the versions look amazing. You can use these beautiful shoes not only at the work site but anywhere you want.

The cement and Goodyear welt bindings add further durability to the whole structure. Although you won’t be able to repair or resole once worn off, you can depend on them for years.


The suede and wool will not be as tough as full-grain leather. However, you will still need a couple of days to tame the boots. There’s nylon mesh lining and Nylex sock liner inside that wrap up your feet in coziness. Just slip your feet inside and feel the plush interior. You will feel like walking on clouds!

The footbed has the adequate thickness and the midsole is PVC. So, the boots will provide the necessary support, comfort, and protect the feet from the jolts that come with every step. The fitting is nice because unlike most other pull-on shoes, the Jace Collection has a snap-in closure at the ankle to ensure that you have the right fit.

Safety Features

The Jace Collection has impressive features to give your foot the best protection. Accidents from rolling and falling objects are unpredictable. These boots have steel toes that are ASTM-rated for impacts and compressions. So, you don’t have to worry about hurting the toes anymore.

The shoes also have electrical hazard coverage. These can absorb electrical shocks up to 600 volts in dry conditions.

Two more impressive features are the waterproof and slip-resistant capacities. The upper material and the seam sealing keep all the moistures at bay while theT1170 outsoles minimize the risks of skids and falls.


  • Stylish boots suitable for casual outings too
  • Snap-in closure for a customized fit
  • Waterproof
  • Steel toe and rated for ASTM and EH


  • Not insulated
  • Soles cannot be repaired



9. Caterpillar Women’s Kenzie Steel Toe Work Boot, Bark, 7.5 M US

Caterpillar footwear is what you will need when you need to be at your best. In this case, the Kenzie Collection will be the top choice for every modern woman. The boots are sturdy enough to let you work in any condition but are stylish and trendy to suit most of the occasions. For those seeking strength and style in their work boots, Kenzie is the name you should go after.

Materials & Durability

The boots are made of full-grain leather that can endure the everyday wear and tear like a pro. If it collects scuffs, you just need to give a rub with mink or coconut oil, and the shine will be back within a minute!

The plaid covered cuff gives the impression of trendy combat boots while the rubber soles, metal eyelets, and firm stitching reinforce the classic appeal.

The construction is a combination of cement and Goodyear welt techniques. It gives the structure adequate stability and endurance but you cannot repair the soles once torn off or worn out.


All the leather materials take some time to become soft and supple. So, your Kenzie boots will also take days or weeks to loosen up and giving your foot a soft wrapping. The padding at the collar ensures extra secure ankles and you will also get great arch support.

Despite everything, blistering could be a concern during the break-in process. Thick socks or moleskin could be the solution to get through the painful period. Once you are done, you can wear them for hours without thinking of having tired, sore feet at the end of the day.

The boots also have nylon mesh lining and PU molded sock liner for added comfort. These are true to the size, so you don’t have to do any guesswork at the time of buying. However, if you choose a half size larger for wearing thick socks or extra footbeds, the speed lacing will help you to get the right fit.

Safety Features

The T1170 outsoles are slip-resistant, so you will never slip in on any slippery surface. Besides, the treads are thick for you to climb ladders and stand on the concrete floor for hours. These also have ASTM-rated steel toe caps and give protection up to 600 volts in dry condition.


  • Trendy, stylish design and look
  • Nylon mesh lining
  • Padded collar
  • T1170 slip-resistant outsoles


  • Don’t have any insulation
  • Break-in period can cause blisters
  • Not waterproof



10. SafetyGirl Steel Toe Waterproof Womens Work Boots – Light Pink (7W)

If you want a pair of work boots that look like dress shoes, purchase the SafetyGirl ST. The steel toe models can give you the proper workplace protection along with keeping your feminine spirit up with a high style quotient. These are also cheaper than other brand name steel toe footwear available in the market.

Materials & Durability

Made of 100% Nubuck leather, the boots look cute because of a combination of pink color with contrasting white stitching, black high collar, and two-tone soles. The color is almost a faded pink that becomes dirty pretty quickly. Besides, the suede texture is also prone to collect dirt.

The construction is Goodyear welt that guarantees a solid attachment between the upper and the soles. The stitches and metal eyelets also don’t seem loose but the lace can give up after a few months.


These boots won’t be as comfortable as their expensive counterparts. There’s a removable insole, but it provides almost zero cushion. You can fix the issue though with some gel inserts or orthotics. The padded collar and the soft cushion-like membrane on the tongue wrap around your ankle with a warm, cushy feeling.

The Nubuck leather feels pretty hard on the skin at the beginning. So, you have to soften it first before wearing on a regular basis. Use a leather softener and wear just a few hours each day for several weeks. It will soften up the boots and your feet won’t hurt anymore.

A downside of these SafetyGirl shoes is that they run a size smaller than the standard sizing. If you are buying them for using six or more hours each day, pick up a half-size larger so that your feet can breathe inside and there’s room for thick socks.

Safety Features

The boots are steel toe and these will save you from many workplace hazards. You won’t have to worry anymore about injuring the toes by falling or rolling heavy objects.

Another impressive feature is their waterproof quality. These have a membrane inside that keep the feet dry and comfortable. However, don’t put them to test by working in heavy rain or jumping into a deep slush because these are unlikely to hold up.


  • Feminine look
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Added collar and tongue


  • Nubuck leather is very stiff
  • Run half a size smaller
  • Not suitable for those with wide feet



11. Caterpillar Women’s Carlie Steel Toe Boot,Chocolate,7 M US

Caterpillar is a name brand in making equipment and gear for the construction industry. You will find the same quality in its footwear too, providing the ultimate safety for the workers who have to take risks in their workplace.

The Carlie Collection could be an excellent choice for the female workers because the footwear offers the sturdiness of work boots and the comfort of athletic shoes. The price is reasonable too as you can get a pair at less than $150.

Materials & Durability

The boots look stylish with chocolate leather and white trims at the heel and the ankle. The rugged upper resists abrasion, protecting the feet from hostile conditions. The iTechnology construction technique has brought together the support of Goodyear welt method and the comfort of athletic cup heels.

In addition, the boots feature firm double stitches, sturdy metal hardware, and protective steel toe. The laces seem to be the only weak point but these will last if you don’t soak them in water often.


As it’s already been mentioned that the boots have cup heels to give the wearer relief compared to athletic shoes. The comfort factor has been further reinforced with the OrthoLite odor-resistant cushioning and EVA midsole. These keep you moving without allowing you to feel the labor long-hour standing.

These also have padded collar, cushioned tongue, nylon mesh, and suede lining. These things enhance the comfort factor and protect the feet from moisture and sweat. Moreover, the fitting is excellent and you can even customize it with the lace-up system. Plus, the boot opening extends to almost nine inches around, making it super easy to pull on and off.

Besides, these Carlie boots are extremely lightweight despite having steel toes and steel shanks. For this reason, you can wear them throughout the week without suffering aching feet.

Safety Features

The rubber soles are slip-resistant, means that there will be fewer falls and slips, which means fewer bruises. The tread is thick but not dense enough to be puncture resistant. So, be careful when you are working in a metal junkyard or some places scattered with sharp objects.

The boots will buffer electrical shocks up to 600 volts in dry environments. Besides, the steel toe caps are ASTM-rated, saving you from the pain of falling and rolling objects.


  • Stylish look
  • OrthoLite cushioning
  • Nylon mesh lining
  • Lightweight
  • Athletic cup heels


  • Not waterproof
  • The laces can be torn off under rough use


12. Harley-Davidson Women’s Gabby Steel Toe Work Boot,Black,6.5 M US

Harley-Davidson is an internationally recognized manufacturer of motorcycles. It’s not surprising that the footwear branch of the company makes shoes and boots that carry the brand’s street-tough attitude and performance. The Gabby Collection is made for the biker chicks, but any working lady will love the boots due to their cute yet free-spirited attitude.

Materials & Durability

The boots are made of premium full-grain leather. The design will give you an unmistakable Harley-Davidson vibe with the black upper accented with silver hardware, orange stitches at the ankle area, and orange logo at the front of the tongue.

The heels are approximately 1.25 inches high, which is a relief for those who are accustomed to wearing high heels.

A reliable Goodyear welt construction has kept the upper and lower parts together. Use and abuse them the way you want because you can repair or replace the soles once worn out.


The leather upper needs some time to break in, but the process will be comfortable with the full-length cushioned sock lining, padded collar, and individually fitted right and left toe caps. In addition, the footbed and the rubber soles ensure proper support at the time of extended wear. In fact, you can spend a day pounding the pavement and take the shoes off at the end of the day without feeling a thing.

The boots are true to the standard sizing, which means that if you usually wear the 8, you can buy the same size. The excellent thing is these have the M (medium width) and B (broad width) of the same model. So, there’s nothing to be worried even if you have wider feet.

The soles are not very flexible. So, while these boots give excellent performance on hard floors and plain grounds, these are not very suitable for climbing ladders or on the roof.

Safety Features

The steel toe will protect your feet from impacts. These are also rated for electrical hazards, so you don’t have to worry about live wires and electric shocks as long as the environment is dry.

The rubber outsoles create a stable grip for a solid footing. The gripping feel will help whether you are riding a motorcycle or operating heavy equipment at a construction site.

These are not waterproof. Sure you can work in wet conditions but once these are wet so will be your feet. So, don’t take them out when there’s pouring rain or beating snow.


  • Cool design and looks
  • Goodyear welt stitching technique
  • The toe caps are individually fitting for the left and right foots


  • The footbed is not high-quality
  • Not waterproof



13. AdTec Women’s 6 Inch Steel Toe Work Boot, Brown, 8 M US

AdTec manufactures cutting-edge footwear for women so that they don’t need to look up to the men’s boots for outdoor and jobsite work. These steel toe work boots from AdTec come with all the features to meet all the footwear needs of the working ladies. These are functional and comfortable, giving the best service to help your delicate feet to get through a tough day’s work.

Materials & Durability

The shoes are made of crazy horse leather that is a kind of full-grain leather but has been buffed and smoothed out with a special type of wax. The upper is durable and the strength of the whole structure is reinforced with metal grommets and firm stitching.

The attachment technique is Goodyear welt, which creates a stable bonding and provides the facility of resoling should the soles are torn off.


The crazy leather is a bit softer and smoother than regular leather materials, which means that you don’t need much time to break in the boots. The upper will feel stiff but will start softening up by the third or fourth day.

The interior is adequately cushioned to reduce the risk of getting blisters and calluses. You will have padded collar, foamed tongue, and a nice cushion to the heel. However, the shoes don’t breathe well and there’s no lining to keep the moisture away. The feet will sweat really badly in hot weather.

Another downside is the small steel toe box. Be prepared to have bruises and squished toes if you wear true to your size. You will find them comfortable if you have narrow feet. Otherwise, order half a size up.

Safety Features

AdTec has stepped up the safety features to help women to thrive in challenging work environments. You don’t have to wear men’s footwear anymore to stay safe at industrial jobs. The steel toes can take the beating and poundings without letting your feet have a single scratch!

The rubber outsoles are oil-resistant and grip well on slippery surfaces. In addition, they also resist water pretty well. Your feet will be dry unless you soak the cords.


  • Made of soft crazy horse leather
  • Padding at the collar, heel, and tongue areas
  • Goodyear welt bonding technique
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsoles
  • Steel-toes


  • The toe caps are smaller
  • Resist water but not waterproof



14. Safety Girl II Sheepskin Lined Work Boots – Tan

The Safety Girl II Sheepskin work boots are specially designed for women and help them to overcome everyday challenges at the workplace. These have all the features to keep you safe and relaxed all the day long. The price is reasonable too as you can grab a pair of steel toe at less than $100!

Materials & Durability

These are beautiful work boots that will get your job done with style. The black Nubuck leather seems resilient and tenacious to endure all the abuse of any work condition. The Goodyear welt construction guarantees years of service and resoling once the soles are worn out.

The black leather can take up quite a beating, and just rubbing with oil or lotion will make all the scuffs and scratches disappear. The stitches appear solid with no visible loose thread. The metal hardware is also firmly attached to the upper.


The leather will take a few days to break-in and become soft for your skin. Wear them for a few hours for a week or two to avoid blisters. After that, you can put them on for hours without having foot aching. Besides, the padded collar wraps around your ankle with a warm, snug feeling.

The unique feature of these boots is the synthetic sheepskin lining that is excellent for keeping your feet warm and cozy throughout the day. However, the same feature makes them quite uncomfortable for the summer days. As the shoes don’t have any breathable mesh lining, you will end up with sweaty feet in hot weather.

The fitting of the boots is perfect but you have to order one or half a size larger because the thick sheepskin takes up quite some space inside.

Safety Features

The Nubuck leather is water-resistant and has a waterproof membrane, so you can walk through water, snow, and mud without having the fear of getting wet and cold. Nevertheless, avoid rain and deep puddles because water can get through the lace holes.

The slip-resistant rubber outsoles will keep your feet steady and your steps secure. In addition, you will get extra protection because of the steel toes.


  • Stylish design
  • Nubuck leather has waterproof membrane
  • Sheepskin lining keeps the feet snug and cozy
  • Steel-toe caps
  • Goodyear welt construction


  • Not ideal for hot weather
  • The footbed is decent, not high-quality



15. King’s by Honeywell KWLK02 6″ WOMEN’S Steel Toe Welted Leather Work Boot, Gray, Size 9

The Honeywell KWLK02 Collection from King’s is a dream-come-true for the working women. The boots have all the protective features to guarantee workplace safety yet don’t sacrifice the style and looks for the sake of looking tough and rugged. You will have to spend a little more than $100 for a pair but these will worth every penny!

Materials & Durability

With high-quality Nubuck leather and synthetic soles, the KWLK02 boots are serious enough to support you on the job. However, these have a bit of feminine touch with the removable leather kiltie and color pops. The gray version has black and pink accents while the cream version features white, brown, and light blue accents.

The accent leather is faux but the suede texture of the upper material will ensure you of its authenticity. The Goodyear welt technique joins the midsole and outsole with heavy-duty stitching. Such a method makes the structure stable and ensures a longer boot life.


The leather is going to hurt the feet when the shoes are new. You have to tame it before it loves your feet back. Otherwise, the padded collar, molded internal cup, and high-density EVA footbed will provide adequate support and comfort right from the beginning. There’s also a mesh sock liner for keeping the feet cool and dry by wicking away moisture.

The boots have ergonomic design and construction to fit the delicate shape of women’s feet. Buy these and you won’t have to deal again with those bulbous shoes that look clunky and give foot sore.

The sizing is standard, but it’s better to go a half-size up if you have planned to wear them with thick socks or use gel inserts.

Safety Features

The rubber outsoles are a Vibram knock-off and don’t have the same quality. However, these still have a deep tread to give you solid footing on tricky surfaces. These are slip-resistant too so that you can take steps on slippery and wet grounds without worrying about slips or falls.

The soles are also rated for electrical hazards, giving you protection from accidental contact with live wires. Besides, the toe caps are ASTM-rated for impact, which means that you won’t need medical attention even if stub your toe on something.


  • Stylish, feminine design
  • EVA footbed
  • Padded collar and molded heel cup for extra comfort
  • Goodyear welt stitching technique


  • The outsoles are not high-quality
  • The accent leather trims are faux


Advantages of Safety Work Boots for Women

Regardless of your gender, you have to expose the feet to dangerous conditions if you are in a challenging profession. If you are a roofer, you have to deal with hot and cold surfaces and struggle to keep the footstep stable on slanted roofs. If you work in construction, your toe and feet are exposed to heavy loads and falling objects.

So, if the job is taxing, women must wear safety work boots to avoid accidents. Having steel toe is good but it’s even better if the shoes have EH protection and are water and abrasion proof.

Besides, women have more fragile feet and body structure. The support features and comfort factors in their boots should be top-notch so that they can they can stand on their feet for long periods without developing any pain or strain.

Another safety feature is the insulated lining that keeps the feet dry and cool in hot weather and warm when there’s cold outside. Some boots have aspecial mesh lining to wick away moisture and keep the fee free from odor.

How to Choose the Perfect Women’s Work Boot

As we’ve already discussed various aspects of high-quality women’s boots, you might have already figured out how to choose the perfect pair. The choice should depend on your foot type and the conditions of your work environments.

For example, if you have any foot condition, the priority should be on comfort and support features. Similarly, your occupation is also a great deciding factor. If you are a roofer, you have to focus more on insulation and outsole traction and grip. On the other hand, a lumberjack or an electrician will choose steel toe with EH feature. If you work on an oil site or fertilizer plant, the soles should be resistant to chemical, abrasion, and oil. In a word, your work boots should have the traits that suit your specific needs.

What Are Your Favorite Models?

You should invest in a pair of work boots that are functional and have the proper safety and comfort features. Add the style factor too if you want to feel feminine and chic.

Have you liked our selections? Or, you feel some deserving candidates are missing the list? Let us know your feedback or just tell us about your favorites!

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