Why You Need Snap On Work Boots

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It’s a question many people ask, why do I need snap on work boots? While these works boots won’t be needed by everyone, they are useful when you are temporarily working in wet or muddy conditions. Delivery personnel, land surveyors, and groundskeepers can all find themselves working in rain, sleet, and snowy conditions.

Snap on work boots are easy to slip on, and some will even go over your standard footwear. These boots are designed to give you additional protection and help keep your feet dry and comfortable. Since these boots are only intended to protect against mud and water, they do not include other safety features like protective plating. The boots do however have rubber soles for traction and stability on slippery surfaces.

Even if you are only outdoors for a limited amount of time, a pair of snap on work boots might be what you need to stay dry and comfortable in any weather condition. Here are a few of our favorite snap on work boots that help us wade through snow and water without problems and still keep our feet dry and comfortable.

Best Snap On Work Boots

TREDS 17853 Over-The-Shoe 17″ Rubber Slush Boots

TREDS Super Tough 17' Pull-On Stretch Rubber Overboots for Rain, Slush, Snow and Construction, Size...

The black rubber snaps on work boots are durable and 100 percent water proof. The boots are easy to pull on, and the upper snap secures the tops of the boots closely to your calves. Perfect for crossing larger puddles, or for delivering packages in the rain, and the non slip rubber sole keeps you from falling in slick pavement. Keep your feet dry during deliveries, or when you are inspecting an outdoor job site with these durable snap on boots.

Honeywell Safety 11001-03-MD Servus SuperFit Mid Overboot for Men

Waterproof and slip resistant these over boots from Honeywell are easy to slip on and can keep your feet dry during the heaviest rainstorm. The thick lugs and non slip rubber sole keep you safely on your feet, and give you the traction you need to navigate through muddy conditions. The three closures keep water and debris out, and the boots can be worn over some types of protective footwear.

LaCrosse 266200 Men’s Z Series Overshoe 14″ Black Boots -7 M

LaCrosse Men's Z Series Overshoe 14 Inch Work Boot, Black, 7 M US

This is not your typical protective outer boot with its trendy snap up design. These LaCrosse over boots feature a rubber sole and thick cleats that let you wade up muddy hills without any problems. The stylish metal closures are rust resistant for long lasting durability and the leather construction gives you 100 percent protection from water. The work boots also measure 14” high, but it is also available with a short 11” height.


While snap on boots may not offer the style and protection you are looking for in footwear, they can help to keep your feet dry and comfortable. They can also help to protect your more expensive work boots and even athletic footwear. These boots are normally inexpensive and durable, making them a great investment for you money and even your health.

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