Top 10 Best Slip On Work Boots in 2021 – Ultimate Guide

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If you need to endure endless shifts of construction work or have to spend hours on industrial floors, convenient and comfortableTop 10 Best Slip On Work Boots in 2017 – Ultimate Guide boots are good not just for the feet but also for the overall performance and productivity.

In this respect, slip on work boots work perfectly as they are both comfy and easy to put on and take off. In fact, they offer the protection of a safety boot and the comfort of slippers.

Since it’s essential to buy the right pair of work boots that serve you way more than simply protecting your feet, check out this roundup of top 10 best slip on work boots and find the one that suits you best.

Which Boots Are Classified As Slip On?

As the name suggests, slip on boots come with no shoelaces, simply slip them on and begin your day. These boots are on and off in a moment so there’s no difficult lacing technique to learn. Some of the known slip on shoes include moccasins, loafers, driving boots, work boots, and boat shoes. Slip on boots are an excellent choice for any weather.

Slip on shoes have a casual feel, depending on the design, they can look as good with jeans as they can with safety uniforms. Either way, they are an indispensable part of any working man’s wardrobe and the go-to choice owing to their versatility.

What Are The Differences Between Normal Work Boots With Laces And Slip On Boots?

Normal lace-up work boots and slip on boots have quite a few striking differences. Let’s have a quick look:

Ease of Use: Slip-ons are trouble-free to put on and take off as there are no complex laces to tie. For lace-up boots, there is always a right way to lace up your shoes which you can learn and practice until you have mastered the procedure.

Usability: Slip-ons are typically worn without socks. Nevertheless, they can even be worn with low-cut socks that end within the shoe. Though, there is something more official about a pair of laced shoes that are used in business events or gatherings where you need to dress up a little, slip on boots are extensively used in construction and industrial work as a part of the official uniform.

Size and Structure: Slip on boots are typically wider than formal lace-up shoes and are obtainable in a wider range of colors, designs, and structure.

Pros And Cons Of Slip On Work Boots

Slip on work boots have a broad range of advantages which makes them a must-have for the hazardous workplace. Yet, they have a few drawbacks too. Before buying one, read on find out the pros and cons.


  • Extra Safety: The expected benefit of slip on work boots is the protection at work from heavy machinery and objects falling on the toes, since these cover the entire feet you are better protected.
  • Comfort: These boots take care of exhaustion that sets in fast while standing continuously. Wearing slip on work boots take the stress off your feet, and reduces the constricted feeling of laces.
  • Durability: These boots are enormously durable for all climate conditions. They last for years without any deterioration, particularly when you purchase 100% leather, high-ankle slip on boots.
  • Winter-Friendly: In cold ruthless environment, slip on boots act as an additional layer of insulation similar to the socks. They keep your feet sheltered from freezing temperatures or frost bites that can set in accidentally when you’re in freezing working environments.
  • Convenience: This is perhaps the most vital benefit as slip on boots entail no need to tie up tough shoelaces, just get them on and go to work.


  • Weight: The material of these work boots can make them weighty to pull off all day. The extra weight is felt on the feet but becomes easier as you get habituated to them.
  • Resistant capacity: Some slip on work boots are not water- or chemical-resistant, and this is essential if your work entails working in a moist, slimy environment.
  • Regulations: On various work sites you might not be allowed if you don’t put on lace up shoes owing to the safety guidelines set by the company.

What Are Pull On Work Boots?

Pull on work boots tend to be much longer than slip on work boots and are designed to be unproblematic to take on and off and offer all-embracing comfort to the feet and the legs.

They are typically made using materials that acclimatize to the shape of the feet providing support in addition to comfort. These boots have defensive features to keep an employee’s toes & feet completely safe from any impalement or blow that might occur at the construction site.

Not just protection, these boots also safeguard you from greasy areas, exposed sharp objects, near-zero freezing temperatures, and also electrical hazards.

It is ideal to wear a protective footwear that will take care of your feet right up to the shin. Pull on work boots are made for longer comfort, along with caring for the pressure points on the feet if heavy machineries do fall on the toes.

What Are The Must-Have Features Of The Best Slip On Work Boots?

While buying a work boot, bear in mind the kind of work environment you need to deal with. Be assured that you’re making the right choice for your exact needs. Check out the features you need to look for while buying slip on work shoes.

Material & Build

Slip on work shoes are made of leather and other top-grade substances, such as fabric, rubber, suede, or synthetic materials, these feature stylish yet practical decoration, and are very streamlined in shape.

Depending on the context for which it is worn, the term slip on shoes can refer to a closed shoe that is acceptable in an office or industrial setting, or is even perfect for the weekend wear. Slip on shoes have flexible soles and offer protection by enveloping the whole feet.


If your feet are uncomfortable, then you are most likely to underperform or compromise the productivity of your work. By offering an all-around comfort and support, slip on boots help you do your job properly.

Slip-on work boots are convenient and save time because they are easy to put on and take off. You don’t need to tighten or readjust the laces all day as there aren’t any. The boots come with a shock-absorbing and pain-reducing midsole, and this attribute is very useful to offer comfort on roughly all surfaces.


Be careful with your money and buy boots that last as there’s no point in replacing the boots after a couple of months, just go for quality. When it comes to choosing slip on work boots, take your time to look at the boot’s build and construction quality, ensuring you buy nothing but the best.

Inspect the materials to know that if you’re getting the boots with superior leather/fabric, their durability is guaranteed.


Almost 30% of accidents are from workplace injuries and many dangers are lurking in the working areas, an upsetting data, therefore it is vital to take the necessary precautions and have the safest pair of slip on work boots.

Slip on work boots are for anybody who works with machinery and tools, or has a career that involves working with heavy tools, circuits, and hazardous machinery. These boots keep your feet covered and secure, helping to avert serious injuries while working.

Slip on work boots that come with a classic steel safety toe protect toes against weighty items that may inadvertently fall in the place of work. So, when your boots come with safety feature, you focus more on the job to get it done.

Top 10 Best Slip On Work Boots in 2020 – Complete Chart


Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


  1. Stanley Men’s Dredge Steel Toe Work Boot, Black, 10.5 D US  Slip- and oil-resistant $$ 4.7 
  2. KEEN Utility Men’s Detroit Slip-On Work Boot, Cascade Brown, 11.5 D US  Natural rubber rugged, oil rESISTANCE $$  4.6
  3. Skechers USA Men’s Segment-Dorton Chukka Boot,Dark Brown,10 M US  Chelsea ankle boot $$  4.5
  4. Ariat Men’s Spot Hog Western Cowboy Boot, Prairie Sand, 9 D US  Round Toe Profile $$ 4.5 
  5. Redback Work Boots Easy Escape Steel Toe Black Rambler Leather Slip On USBBL (UK 9.5 – US 10.5)  Oil, acid & slip resistant $$ 4.4 
  6. Wolverine Men’s Raider Romeo Steel Toe EH Work Boot, Brown, 13 M US  Removable multishox cushion foot bed $$ 4.3
  7. Georgia Boot Men’s Georgia Giant High Romeo GR500 Work Boot,Soggy Brown,9.5 M US  High performance lining steel shank $$ 4.2 
  8. 5.11 Men’s Company 2.0 6″ Slip-On Boot,Black,11 D(M) US  Oil and slip resistant  $$  4.1
  9. Bates Men’s Strike Chelsea Comp Toe Slip-On Safety Toe Boot, Black, 11.5 M US  Side goring insets and dual pull loops $$ 4.1 
  10. Blundstone Unisex Super 550 Series, Rustic Brown, 10 UK/11 M US  Removable insole $$ 4.0 

1. Stanley Men’s Dredge Steel-Toe Work Boot (Top Pick)

Count on the convenience of Stanley Men’s Dredge Steel-Toe Work Boot!Stanley Men’s Dredge Steel-Toe Work Boot (Top Pick)

Are you looking for an extreme comfort and convenience of slip on work boot? Stanley Men’s Dredge steel-toe work boot is a casual-looking slip on that deserves to be in the #1 spot on this list.

The boot provides extreme comfort and fortification when you are working at construction or industrial sites for long 12+ hour shifts.

Material & Build

Available in sizes 7-14 (US), Black-hued Dredge slip on boot has a 100% full-grain leather upper. The boot has strong side panels consisting of stretchable fabrics for taking on and off easily.

The pleasant-looking slip on work boot has Chelsea-boot styling with elastic side gores along with pull-on loops at its opening. The TPU toe cap, as well as heel counters, allow for resilient protection and sturdiness. Its steel toe offers the required protection at workplace.


Dredge slip on boot is designed for workers who value support, unforced comfort and lightweight feel. Its infused Polyurethane midsole/outsole absorbs shock and is light and flexible which reduces exhaustion and aches from standing over concrete.

Dredge is totally watertight all-around to the top, lightweight, and spacious but fits as expected. Lace-up boots can grasp onto feet and get worn out, but these permit the foot to be free in motion, without being too taut and doesn’t wear you out.

Moisture-soaking lining and detachable EVA insole have additional EVA cavity for exceptional cushioning, no-laces style simplify its use. Workers preferring wide boot socks find a better fit and like the pull-on style with the gussets, high-quality chunky leather upper offers ample cushion.


Going for this pair of slip on work boots with extreme waterproofing and slip-resistant features may be a grand idea as these factors add several years of endurance to the lifespan of Dredge, keeping it as fresh as they were when they were first bought.

A finer pair of slip on work boots such as Dredge is supposed to hold up to any kind of working environment, enduring the most severe external and climatic conditions. Its full leather construction assures its durability and long shelf life.


Slip- and oil-resistant rubber outsole keeps you working all day on concrete or chemical-strewn floors. The steel shank of this slip on boot keeps your feet safe from any hazard and averts any trauma to your feet.

Dredge is ASTM – F2413-11 rated. The boot protects you from any heavy or pointed falling objects. The toe box has enough room for the toes and its steel toe doesn’t hurt or chafe.


  • 100% full-grain leather upper along with synthetic sole
  • Slip-on no-laces style safety boot
  • Slip- and oil-proof outsole
  • Extreme hazard protection rating


  • Cushioning could have been thicker


2. KEEN Utility Men’s Detroit Slip On Work Boot

Slide your feet into the ultimate comfort of KEEN Utility Men’s Detroit Slip On Work Boot!KEEN Utility Men's Detroit Slip On Work Boot

KEEN Utility Men’s Detroit slip on work boot is designed to be uncomplicated to take on and off along with offering a total comfort at a risky workplace.

Detroit utilizes materials that adjust to the feet shape providing balance as well as ease. This boot also has defensive traits to keep a worker’s toe protected from any hazards occurring at the production site.

Material & Build

Available in 7-15 (US) sizes, Cascade Brown colored Detroit has a full Nubuck waterproof leather upper that makes it attractive to look at.

With the USA-made and imported materials, the sturdy boot has an amazing rubber sole with left and right asymmetrical steel toes.


Detroit scores very high when it comes to the comfort factor. Dual-density compression molded EVA midsole cradles the heel and natural curves of your feet. The midsole has a strong lining with hydrophobic/hydrophilic 2-zone comfort technology to keep the feet breathing with ample air flow thereby removing any foot odor and infections.

Removable, metatomical double-density EVA footbed removes any pain from standing all day. Dual density compression-cast ethylene vinyl acetate midsole also heals the pressure points from getting sore at the end of the day.


Detroit is durable and lasts many years even if you’re using it continuously for a long time in your 12+ hour long shifts.

Its longer shelf life and durability is substantiated by its water-resistant Nubuck leather upper that doesn’t make the shoe damp or soggy in heavy downpour. Good waterproofing naturally enhances its longevity.


Detroit keeps you safe no matter how difficult your average workday is. Oil- and slip-resistant non-marking rubber outsole keeps you steady and balanced in all kinds of risky surfaces.

Torsional stability shank (TSS) removes all hazards from heavy machinery or tools which might possibly cause any harm to the leg in general.

Removable metatomical dual density ethylene vinyl acetate footbed keeps blunt force and foot trauma at bay by providing a solid cushion.


  • Water-resistant Nubuck leather upper
  • Dual-density ethylene vinyl acetate cushioned footbed
  • Attractive shade and a range of sizes
  • Hydrophilic 2-zone comfort technology


  • Steel toe is a bit small


3. Skechers USA Men’s Segment-Dorton Chelsea Boot

Stay well protected with Skechers USA Men’s Segment-Dorton Chelsea Boot!Skechers USA Men’s Segment-Dorton Chelsea Boot

Skechers USA Men’s Segment-Dorton Chelsea boot is a nice slip on that earns you compliments on how well they look. Apart from fitting like a glove, these hold up well and last for years, providing comfort and total fortification from any hazard you might encounter at roads or workplace.

Material & Build

Available in sizes 6.5-14 (US), Dark Brown colored Dorton has smooth oiled leather upper with its attractive slip on casual comfort ankle height boot design. Boot fits as expected and is an example of fair craftsmanship and style. Applying a few coats of saddle soap can soften the leather.

Shaft, platform, boot opening measures about 5″ from arch, 0.75 inches, and 10.5″ respectively. Boot has hidden-goring side panels with rear pull loop. It features gel-infused soft memory foam insole and synthetic outsole.

Ankle boot has stitching and overlay accents, well-rounded plain toe front, side & heel panel overlay detail, toughened stitched seams, embossed S logo, top pull on heel tab, double-side elastic and leather, side panels for trouble-free slip on fit, flexible rubber traction outsole and 1″ integrated heel.


Handsome style and magnificent comfort of Dorton is coupled with easy to wear SKECHERS Relaxed Fit® technology. Gel-infused memory foam cushioned insole, spongy fabric boot lining, and shock absorbing midsole make this a comfy roomy boot.

You can stand on concrete daily with much back and leg relief as these are very lightweight, and easy to walk in without needing to drag your feet. The original sole insert adds to the ease but you can purchase new ones for high arches.

These have a cushiony insole and roomy toe box. These just happen to be naturally broad enough to not cause any pinching of already sensitive toes. The instep is loose, your foot will slide around a bit inside the boot.

For winter wear and chilly weather, you will really appreciate them and their smoothness and cushioning. The memory foam is pleasant for retaining warmth and protecting you from the cold ground.


Dorton is quite durable both inside and outside owing to the top-notch materials used in its construction. Even if you’re very hard on these shoes, they would seem to hold up exceedingly well. Anytime you need to do any rough work, these are definitely the shoes you must put on, as they can take on just about anything.


Dorton is great for riding a motorcycle, walking, and hiking. They protect the top of your foot from the gear shift or rocky terrain.

This Skechers boot would protect you from any accident that can occur in the workplace. These shield your foot and ankle from any falling object, blunt force, or from getting impaled. No damage is possible to the foot, ankle, or your boots.


  • Chelsea ankle boot that has oiled-leather upper
  • Gel-infused memory foam insole
  • Classic slip on ankle boot design


  • Elastic is too tight, a zipper would have been useful
  • Foot opening is quite taut/small


4. Ariat Men’s Spot Hog Western Cowboy Boot

Get your work done with Ariat Men’s Spot Hog Western Cowboy Boot!Ariat Men's Spot Hog Western Cowboy Boot

If you need a touch of elegance and you’ll have to put on your work boots, then Ariat Men’s Spot Hog Western Cowboy boot is the one for you. As a pair of slip on rancher boots, they seem like a considerable work gear owing to their conspicuous hues and meticulous style and weaving.

Ariat cowboy boots are great for yard work, construction sites, and look fine enough to wear on casual Fridays. Straight leg pants seem better with these elastic gore slip on boots. Ariat offers the fit of a lace-up boot and the expediency of a pull-on boot.

Material & Build

Available in sizes 7-14 (US), Peanut-colored Ariat has a rich leather construction. The reddish brown tinge with black accents should be treated with waterproofing wax to keep them attractive and it darkens up the tone a little. Stitching accents are high-quality and set the work boot apart from other brands.

Full-grain leather boot has strong rubber outsole. Shaft, heel, and platform measure just about 5″ from the arch, 1.25″, and 0.75 ” respectively. The boot has round toe profile, pull on silhouette with side stretched elastic panels and EVA midsole.


Boots are super comfortable, good-quality, great-looking, warm and not too tough to put on. There’s enough space in the heel area and the toe box. The soles provide outstanding cushion and are very quiet, making no sound. If your arch is high, in order to feel more comfortable, just take out the insole.

Wearing lace-up boots can be hot and quite a pain to get on/take off, and sneakers get wet or wear out. These boots work great for outdoor property and wild fields that need to be mowed where the work is hard on boots.

They’re a bit snug before the break in process. Wearing them for 12+ hours straight cause no discomfort. Feet stay dry, these fit as expected and allow toes to spread naturally and they do not squeeze into the toe box while walking downhill.


If the quality of Ariat boot’s leather is any indication, it can last for many years to come. The midsole and heel stabilize and offer additional support to the boot diminishing foot exhaustion and boosting shelf life.

Sole is of a brilliant quality and the leather is stiff work boot leather which doesn’t wear out easily even after years of use.


The outsole is oil and slip-safe to keep you secure on all surfaces. The fit around the ankle is cozy enough to prevent extreme swill in the heel, which is a great improvement over pull-on work boots.

The elastic gores are very stiff and safe when you wear them out of the box. They have a nice, heavily-built sole but are not too weighty, and are very protecting without being too warm. They’re also great for wood work, no sawdust or gravel can get inside.


  • Full-grain rich leather
  • Slip-proof rubber outsole
  • Attractive and comfy slip on with elastic panels


  • Too tight for users with a high arch


5. Redback Work Boots Easy Escape Steel Toe Black Rambler Leather Slip On USBBL

Find a balance of durability and safety with Redback Work Boots Easy Escape Steel Toe Black Rambler Leather Slip On USBBL!Redback Work Boots Easy Escape Steel Toe Black Rambler Leather Slip On USBBL

100% genuine Australian-made Redback Easy Escape Steel Toe Black Rambler leather slip on boot has a classic styling, premium leather construction, and offers extreme comfort for grueling work environment.

Material & Build

Available in sizes 8-13 (US), Redback Easy Escape has genuine Rambler leather construction. The boot features sturdy TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) sole. Easy Escape steel-toe is a black-colored slip on boot with 3-piece Rambler leather uppers with boot height of 180mm.


Lightweight air cushion midsole & removable arch support footbed makes the boot easy to put on all day. Break in is easy enough and the boot’s comfy straight out of the box.

Over time, you might want to adjoin some neoprene inserts as they are a bit roomy from top to bottom, but not immediately as the heel area is pretty standard and inserts can make them too taut initially.

Extremely comfortable, the squishy sole takes incredible stress off the arches, the knees, all the way through the legs, and lower back, waist.

Redback’s unique anatomic support system offers a sole that cradles the foot to diminish arch sagging and averts foot strain, exhaustion, resulting leg and back pain.


If you work with a range of chemicals all day, this boot will not wear out even if exposed to chemicals. They wear very slowly and are tough as metal. Oil, acid, & slip-resistant TPU outsole technology makes it heat resistant to 130°C and greatly boosts the longevity of this boot.


Steel safety cap of Redback Easy Escape meets/exceeds ASTM F2413-11 standards for impact & compression. The boot’s MARK II Machine tested slip-proof on oil, acid, & water.

The boot meets and surpasses ASTM F2413-11 standards for electrical hazards and is commonly used by police, fire fighters, construction and industrial workers.


  • Oil, acid, & slip-resistant TPU outsole
  • Rambler leather construction
  • Electric hazard protection
  • Heat-resistant to 130°C
  • Impact/compression safety


  • Needs more cushion and breathability


6. Wolverine Men’s Raider Romeo Contour Welt Steel Toe Work Boot

Take your productivity to the next level with Wolverine Men’s Raider Romeo Contour Welt Steel Toe Work Boot!Wolverine Men’s Raider Romeo Contour Welt Steel Toe Work Boot

If you desire the comfort and convenience of a slip on work boot, Wolverine Men’s Raider Romeo contour welt steel toe work boot is just the one for you. Preserving the wolverine legacy, this one of a kind boot is meticulously made to handle workday pressures and rough environments.

Material & Build

Available in sizes 7-14 (US), Brown-colored Raider Romeo has a rich full-grain leather upper. Its rubber outsole is resilient enough to keep you safe and provides longevity to the boot.

Contour welt construction allows the boots to twist and flex at vital points for utmost performance, you can enjoy the ease of athletic shoes with the support and sturdiness of work boots.


Romeo work boots come with detachable MultiShox full-cushion footbeds that provide you with light support and steadiness while ensuring a grand fit during the break-in period. This removable footbed provides immense shock absorption as well.

Additionally, these boots boast a contour welt which permits them to curve and flex at critical points offering the comfort of an athletic shoe while having enormously defensive features of a safety steel toe.

Advanced-comfort polyurethane midsole supports the feet while the removable MultiShox cushion foot beds can be restored with orthotics (not incorporated) if required. MultiShox comfort system has individual compression pads put in the soles that soak up shock and return vigor in each step you take.


Raider Romeo has great durability features like the quality full-grain leather that adds an extra layer of protection to shelter your boots from rough external conditions.

Raider Romeo is constructed with a contour welt, a manufacturing technique that makes the boots more long-lasting for years.


In terms of safety, Raider Romeo comes with a safety steel toe which is rated exceeding the ASTM F2413-11 M 175 C/75EH standards. This averts toes from getting crushed if a weighty object is to fall and strike your boots or offers electric shock protection!


  • Light PU midsole
  • MultiShox full-cushion footbed with mesh sock liner
  • Steel-toe rated ASTM F2413-11 M I75 C/75 EH
  • Contour welt construction


  • Might be a bit narrow if you’ve wide feet


7. Georgia Boot Men’s Georgia Giant High Romeo GR500 Work Boot

Take on the workplace challenges with Georgia Boot Men’s Georgia Giant High Romeo GR500 Work Boot!Georgia Boot Men’s Georgia Giant High Romeo GR500 Work Boot

Georgia Men’s Giant Romeo GR500 work boot is crafted down to the last meticulous detail. By experimenting with styles and refinements, this Georgia slip on boot gives workers exactly what their feet ask for.

Material & Build

Available in sizes 8-14 (US), Soggy Brown colored Giant Romeo has waterproof full-grain leather with strong synthetic sole. EVA midsole & high performance lining stabilizing steel shank are its notable aspects.

Shaft, heel, and platform measure approximately 5″ from arch, 1.25″ & 0.5″respectively. This ankle-high work boot features side goring elastic insets and twin pull loops.

Everything you look for in a casual work boot, this shoe features gores for slip-on simplicity. It has a repairable Goodyear welt construction. Practical pull tabs at front as well as back with soft round toes simplify its use.


Giant Romeo slip on work boot is constructed with EVA insole which includes a layer of material amid the inner and outer soles, aiding with shock absorption to keep the feet more comfortable.

Steel shank supports the whole formation of the boot, which helps diminish the pressure on feet when walking around any construction site. They fit adequately, which add to the general comfort sensation this footwear offers.


Full-grain leather Goodyear welt construction assures the durability of Giant Romeo. It’s worth knowing that these slip on boots are made using exclusive full-grain leather which works vastly against intense external conditions such as rain, mud, and snowfall. The boot’s grand slip-resistant outsole adds to the longevity.


Giant Romeo comes with an oil-resistant bumper guard and polyurethane outsole that prevent from falling and being wounded while walking on greasy surfaces at work. It boosts confidence, safety, and also improves overall performance.

Giant Romeo has a steel safety toe that keeps toes from getting injured if weighty objects were to drop, which happens frequently at workplace.


  • Waterproof full-grain leather
  • EVA midsole, PU outsole
  • Stabilizing steel shank


  • Feels a bit pitched forward


8. 5.11 Men’s Company 2.0 6″ Slip On Boot

Enhance your work efficiency with 5.11 Men’s Company 2.0 6″ Slip On Boot!5.11 Men’s Company 2.0 6″ Slip On Boot

Built on a basis of resilience, quality, and significance, 5.11, Inc. leads the footwear industry in delivering functionally modern gear, by creating a superior product like 5.11 Men’s Company 2.0 6″ slip on boot that enhances the safety, precision, pace, and performance of construction and firefighting professionals.

Material & Build

Available in sizes 4-15 (US), Black-colored Company 2.0 has leather and textile upper with a synthetic sole and makes an excellent daily work boot. Full-grain leather is lightweight, comfy, and well-built.

Quick Call collar and kick plate option are provided to the users for an easy on/off during their work day.


Company 2.0 has antibacterial and moisture-soaking lining and OrthoLite sock liner for added support, superior steadiness, and all-day comfort. Injection molded Phylon midsole keeps the arch support and removes any pain. Boot’s wide in the heel.

They’re lightweight and breathe quite well allowing a cooler fit for the firefighters and scorching industry floors. They fit nice and cozy, not too taut. They are easy to take out quickly.


A lightweight, breathable, well-built boot with a spotless, professional full-grain leather profile enhances the durability. It’s an excellent everyday boot for a diversity of heavy-duty environments.

The soles seem quite long-lasting, with no bumpy wear. No matter how much you use them, they will be holding up. They are well-constructed and last quite long.


Oil and slip-resistant outsole with multi-directional grip and climbing lugs keep you safe on ladders and greasy floors. Composite shank saves feet from trauma.

The outsole offers good traction for improved grip and control. The snugger fit of Company 2.0 offers a secure feeling with perfect fortification.


  • Quick Call collar and a kick plate
  • Easy on/off work boot
  • Injection-molded Phylon midsole
  • OrthoLite sock liner
  • Anti-bacterial & moisture-wicking lining keeps feet dry


  • Choose a wide size for wider feet; shoe opening is a bit small


9. Bates Men’s Strike Chelsea Comp Toe Slip-on Safety Toe Boot

Go for the hard-wearing Bates Men’s Strike Chelsea Comp Toe Slip-on Safety Toe Boot!Bates Men’s Strike Chelsea Comp Toe Slip-on Safety Toe Boot

Bates provides footwear that’s resilient, comfy and performs under difficult and vital situations. From outsoles and boot construction procedures to upper materials and constituents, Bates Men’s Strike Chelsea composite toe slip-on safety-toe boot is a superior solution for better work productivity.

Material & Build

Bates is dedicated to providing class, easiness, and performance. Black-colored Strike is available in sizes 7-15 (US). The boot has leather and synthetic upper with a sturdy rubber outsole.

Boot keeps the feet comfortable and feeling fresh using its anti-fatigue endurance performance method. Shaft measures just about 5.25″ from the arch.

Full-grain leather upper with double gore panels and its composite toe that’s ASTM F2413-11 rated make it a desirable slip on boot for rough work.


Anti-fatigue endurance performance system keeps your feet energized no matter how long the shift is. The shoe is true to its size and fits as expected.

Insoles are spongy and nice but you can replace them if you have flat feet and need orthotics. It keeps the feet dry even if you’re standing in water over the toe.

They are comfortable and cozy once they’re broken in. Strike is a well-made quality work boot. It’s very lightweight compared to the heavy steel-toed work boots.

You can even handle 24-hr shifts in them without any pain. The armored segment covering the heel helps kick the boots off.


The placement and design of the upper and heel prevent wear and tear. They look great for years with jeans, work shorts, and even as hiking boots.

The well-constructed boots hold up great. The rubber toe is great and the boot doesn’t loosen up over time because of the slip on design.


Multi-terrain rubber lug outsole of Strike helps you stay stabilized on any surface. The stabilizing nylon shank protects the foot from pain.

They do not set off a metal detector or carry a risk of electric shocks owing to the composite toe structure.


  • Safe composite toes
  • ASTM F2413-11 rated
  • Anti-fatigue endurance performance system


  • A little tight
  • Very narrow opening


10. Blundstone Super 550 Series Boot

Experience the go-anywhere slip on comfort of Blundstone Super 550 Series Boot!Blundstone Super 550 Series Boot

Founded in Tasmania, Australia, since 1870, family-owned company Blundstone has been making strong, no-nonsense, and do-anything boots. Their durability is exceptional, born of a simple belief that boots must work as hard as the people wearing them.

For each ruthless condition on job or field, this unisex Blundstone Super 550 Series Boot provides protection – whoever you are, whatsoever you do, wherever you desire to go.

Material & Build

Available in sizes 4-13 (US), Rustic Brown model 585 is a part of the Super 550 Series Blundstone boots. Premium leather upper, removable insole, steel shank are its notable features.

Shaft, heel, boot opening measure 6″ from arch,1.5″, & 10″ around respectively. Poron XRD® shock protection in heel-strike zone with TPU outsole and PU midsole allow longer wear and comfort.


Get sustained everyday comfort during any work shift and weekend at fall/winter/spring. The cushioned comfort of these Blundstone boots come from removable footbeds and quality Polyurethane insole that make them malleable and breathable.

Get continual levels of energy during the 12-hour-long work shifts from these slip on boots. Thanks to the Poron-Heels, the feet feel comfort and no constant pain. Elastic side gores make them fit extremely well, even in odd-shaped feet!

Shock protection system reduces feet, vertebrae, and knees’ stress as the design elements scatter shocks produced by standing/walking.


Heavy-duty 585 has a very strong sole, and is waterproof. There’s no problem with heel slip and no sign of wear on sole or elsewhere. Their heat, oil, and acid-resistant TPU outsoles are made to endure tough conditions.

They survive the surfaces at construction sites and last long. They surpass quality standards for durable build.


These are aimed at protecting your toes from scuffs, cuts, and injuries from falling objects laying around the construction sites.

You won’t get electrocuted as they are electrical-hazard resistant and would block electricity near wires or risky elements.

Boot’s top-quality slip-resistant outsoles help walk in sketchy surfaces at construction site. They are safe for walking around while a quick slip on is needed, and they are good for a snowy winter with excellent traction and warmth.


  • Poron XRD® shock protection in heel-strike zone
  • PU midsole & detachable insole
  • Extremely durable leather upper


  • Long & loose with regular thickness socks

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Bryan Howard

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