10 Best Shoes for Shuffling

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Shuffling is heel-toe dancing performing art. Especially people that specialized in shuffling are the ones better known for their elegance and their ability to do much more about their presence in public places. Finding the best shoes for shuffling can be hard to do—after all, there are many shoes to choose from nowadays.

Table of Best Shoes for Shuffling

Most of the shuffling performers are having special requirements about their shoes, which not only do they need to be durable, but they also need to have an extreme style to pose them in the center of attention anytime they are dancing in public view.

What Exactly is Shuffling?

Shuffling is a type of dance that is modern and can cover all people’s tastes. It combines quick movements of the arms and legs while the feet are continually bouncing over the ground. This type of dance creates a particular need for durable shoes that are protecting your feet against all impacts and pressures posed by the terrain you are stepping on.

Shuffling is the art of smart dancing while moving your feet to the pace of the music. Not all dancers are good enough in combining these two, and this is why shuffling is considered by experts to be one of the most robust types of dance.

What to Look for Choosing the Best Shoes for Shuffling?

The right type of shoes for shuffling is the one that gives more grades of freedom to the forefoot area. That is because most of the balance depended on the movability of the toe fingers. And the forefoot area in the shuffling shoes should be wider and more flexible than others.

Additionally, the insoles part of the shuffling shoes Is supposed to be more cushioned and extra agile to give you more comfortable use when dancing. Not to mention that the tongue and lacing system should strategically be placed to exert less pressure on the foot arches, which is important for dancers that are having direct impacts on the ground, hurting their footbeds.

Why You Need a Good Pair of Shuffling Shoes?

You need a good pair of shuffling shoes due to the high injury risks that correlated to this kind of dancing. There is no point in having inferior shoes when dancing since there is always a chance to have multiple fractures and bruises to your soft tissues when bouncing over the dancing hall terrain.

Not to mention that a good pair of shoes can give you more energy to dance more efficiently with pleasure. This ability is required for shuffling dancers since they need to have a more aerodynamic profile that preserved their energy levels, to be spent only in highly esteemed figures.

Benefits of The Shuffling Shoes

These shoes are different from all others since:

  • Provide better cushioning and are more protective to the foot curve
  • They are more waterproof and can offer you the chance to dance outdoors
  • Shuffling shoes have special lugs on the outsole to provide perfect grip and traction
  • Lightweight materials can make the shoes lighter than ever before
  • Higher heel area reduces the amount of pressure and eliminated the painful senses

10 Best Shoes for Shuffling 2020

1. Odema Unisex LED Shoes

Odema Unisex LED Shoes High Top Light Up Sneakers for Women Men Black

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The Odema Unisex LED Shoes tops our list of the best shoes for shuffling in the market. These shoes are well known for their stylish look, which makes them perfect for dancing. They are made to look good and comprises of top features that any decent shoes can have.

These shoes for shuffling light up whenever you are dancing. This enables them to attract all the required attractions to allow you to stand out while on the dance floor. The shoes will provide you with some little memorable moments that make your life worth living. It will offer you moments that will take your breath away. This will help in improving your life quality.

The Odema Unisex LED Shoes made using PU leather while the outsole is made of rubber, which helps in creating a perfect dancing combination. Although the PU leather is a bit different from the full-grain leather, it never performs that bad. It is quite stable and can offer the needed stability which you will require whenever you are dancing.



  • Is of stylish and excellent design
  • Made of top quality PU leather material
  • The outsole made of durable and sturdy rubber.
  • It is of an attractive design.
  • Very stable offering the needed stability



  • LED lights can malfunction after some time
  • Not of top quality

Odema Unisex LED Shoes High Top Light Up Sneakers for Women Men Black
  • OCCASIONS: Special light sole design,you can wear them to music festival,pub,party,family gathering.Or you can mix and match with special costumes on Holloween/Christmas costume party. If you enjoy...
  • SIZE TIPS:We sell in women size.If you need them for men, please check our size chart for correct size.(Size chart-The 6th photo left).
  • SWITCH INSTRUCTION: Hidden switch button, 1" beside the usb outlet, along the inside hem. Push around and you'll find the "click." Press it to switch on.It starts with steady red light.With each...
  • CHARGE INSTRUCTION: Easy charge like your cell phone with the attached USB charging cable.Switch on the shoes when received and light up until all power gone.Then charge both shoes for 3 hours.

2. AoSiFu Kids LED Light Up Shoes Kids

AoSiFu Kids Light Up Shoes Toddler Girls Boys Breathable Led Flashing Sneakers USB Charge Gold30

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The AoSiFu Kids LED Light up Shoes Kids is well known for its great style and available in different colors. They have a great look, and the design is attractive, which makes one stand out from the crowd of dancers whenever he or she is on the dance floor.

These best shoes to shuffle in are quite flashy and made using high quality materials which makes them durable and long lasting. The outsole is made of rubber and is quite thick to help in absorbing shock. The outsole has a great grip which ensures on never loses balance while on the dance floor which are known to be quite slippery.

They are made using light materials which makes the shoes quite easy to walk and dance with executing different dance moves easily. They have a roomy toe box which ensures your toes are always comfortable whenever you are dancing. They are also known to come with perfect ankle support.



  • Available in flashy and attractive design
  • Available in different colors
  • Made using high quality materials
  • The outsole is made of rubber making the shoes flexible
  • The upper material is breathable ensuring the feet is always cool and dry



  • The batteries are not rechargeable
  • Not suitable for people with wide feet

3. WONZOM LED Light Fashion Up Shoes

WONZOM High Top LED Light Up Shoes USB Charging Sneakers for Men Women-38(Pink)

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If you are in the market for a trendy, colorful and lightweight best shuffling shoes, then the WONZOM LED Light Fashion up Shoes are a perfect choice. These best shoes for dancing has been made for great looks and offer optimal performance.

The WONZOM LED Light Fashion up Shoes comes with a colorful LED light that offers it an appealing and charming allure that can never be rejected by anyone around the globe. It comprises of up to seven different color changes and produces great and attractive flashing sequences that help in keeping your feet alight the entire day.

These shoes have a switch which is situated below the USB port in the inner lining. The switch helps ensure that you are free from any form of bruises or irritation on the ankles.



  • Made using PU leather that ensures it is comfortable and durable
  • Comes with a colorful LED light which makes it more appealing
  • Comprises of up to seven different color changes
  • It has a switch that ensures you are free from irritation
  • Has a rubber outsole that offers great grip



  • The glue work is a bit poor
  • Lacks charger in the package

WONZOM High Top LED Light Up Shoes USB Charging Sneakers for Men Women-38(Pink)
  • COMFORTABLE COTTON INSIDE: Adopt high quality cotton as inner, absorb sweat dewetting, make you foot keep dry.
  • MATERIAL: PU leather, Rubber sole. Lining Material: Cotton Fabric.
  • BUTTON: Switch hidden inside shoes, it nearby the USB port, you can press it to fix the shoe on one color, or flashing.
  • CABLE: Shoes contain a cable, but no chargers, please use your phone charger to charge the Shoes. When charging, the light will automatically turn off until charging is completed.

4. MOHEM Shiny Night High Top LED Shoes

Getting the best shoes for shuffling that is meant for both kids and adults is always very difficult. However, with the MOHEM Shiny Night High Top LED Shoes you can use it on both kids and adults. These best shoes to shuffle in are perfect LED shoes that will turn anywhere you go to. The shoe package will come with a remote control meaning you will never have to squat whenever you are in need of changing color.

When you get the MOHEM Shiny Night High Top LED Shoes, you can be sure that your children will enjoy wearing them. This is shoes are made using seven static colors and four dynamic colors.

To wake up the shoes up, you just turn on the switch situated next to the charging port. It will automatically wake up the shoes immediately you press it on. Any press on the switch will just but change the shoe colors.

These shoes come with a well-padded collar and tongue that helps in ensuring comfort and safety. The collar helps in ensuring your ankles are well protected against chafing.



  • They are stylish and comfortable
  • Available in a wide selection of colors
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Comes with padded collar and tongue for comfort
  • Made using top quality materials



  • Quite expensive
  • Not that durable

5. LeoVera Unisex LED Shoes

For sure the LeoVera Unisex LED Shoes are great looking shoes in the market that are suitable for shuffle dancing. These shoes have been made using knit fabric and non skid rubber. These materials are the most appropriate type of materials that are suitable for dancing shoes. This is because they offer great flexibility, comfort and are of lightweight design.

Non skid rubber used in making the LeoVera Unisex LED Shoes is an excellent choice of great grip. You can always make the right dance steps that synchronize well with the type of music that will be playing.

The knit fabric used in making the LeoVera Unisex LED Shoes is breathable which helps in keeping the feet cool and dry. This ensures the dancer always feel good regardless of the dancing intensity



  • Made of lightweight materials
  • Material used is of great breathability levels
  • Uses knit fabric and non skid rubber
  • Comes with a stylish Unisex LED
  • The outsoles offer great grip



  • LED lights never last for long
  • Not suitable for people with wide feet

6. SANYES Light Up USB Charging Shoes

SANYES USB Charging Light Up Shoes Sports LED Shoes Dancing Sneakers SYDB551-Gold-39

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The SANYES Light up USB Charging Shoes is among the most attractive shuffling dancing shoes you will ever come into the market. These shoes consist of LED lights which light up rhythmically whenever you are dancing. The footwear is of a great look and very trendy.

This shoe is made using PU leather material which is of high quality. The outsole is made of rubber making them appropriate for dancing. The rubber used in the outsole makes the shoes very comfortable and flexible when it comes to dancing. The PU leather used is quite breathable with the outsole rubber used being thick ensuring any shock is well absorbed.

There is a hidden switch which is convenient and ensures LED lights can be changed whenever necessary. The LED lights are quite easy to charge.



  • Have a great design and trendy
  • LED lightning lights up rhythmically
  • Comes with a hidden LED light switch
  • Very easy to charge
  • Outsole rubber is thick to absorb shock



  • Not able to hold up for heavy use
  • Lights can easily stop working

SANYES USB Charging Light Up Shoes Sports LED Shoes Dancing Sneakers SYDB551-Gold-39
  • PU leather Rubber sole. Lining Material: Cotton Fabric.
  • Switch Instruction: Hidden switch button beside the charging port. Press it to switch on. With each press,it changes to another light mode. Press the switch for 12 times to turn the light off , or...
  • Light Modes: light on from 1.red(steady) -2.green(steady) -3.blue(steady) -4.yellow(steady) -5. skyblue(steady) -6.purple(steady) -7.white(steady) -8.white(twinkle) -9.slow auto-change mode -10.fast...
  • Charge instruction: Connect a USB cable from the computer, mobile phones and other chargers, mobile power can also be used, safe and reliable. The sole flashes red to indicate charging. Do not charge...

7. ATS Unisex LED Shoes

You will no longer have to choose between comfort, fashion, and style when you invest in the ATS Unisex LED Shoes. These shoes offer a combination of comfort, fashion, and style. When you get it you get all these features.

The materials used in making these shoes are of high breathability levels which help in ensuring the feet is cool and dry whenever you are dancing. The material used is light in weight when makes it easy to execute different dance moves without using lots of your energy in carrying the shoes.

The shoe insole is well cushioned and can easily be replaced. These shoes ensure that your feet are always in place and in a comfortable position.

The type of material used in making the shoes is sturdy and durable which makes the shoes durable and long lasting. The soles are resistant to slip are it in oily or wet surfaces.



  • The upper material is of high breathability levels
  • The insole can easily be replaced
  • They are lightweight
  • Material used in sturdy and durable
  • The outsole is flexible and thick to help absorb shock



  • Quite expensive
  • Takes long to dry up

8. Lxso Fiber Optic LED Shoes

Lxso Fiber Optic LED Light Up Shoes for Women Men USB Charging Flashing Luminous Fashion Sneakers...

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The Lxso Fiber Optic LED Shoes are available in a variety of sizes, styles, shapes, and colors. Most dancers are known to prefer these shuffling shoes as they come with a period of one year warranty. This means the manufacturer will be responsible for carrying out any repair in case of the shoe malfunction within the first year.

The Lxso Fiber Optic LED Shoes comes with a total of seven striking colors which makes people the freedom of choosing which suits them best. They are of great design and have an attractive look. The materials used are durable and capable of lasting for a long period of time which makes these best shuffle shoes economical on a long term basis.

The upper material is breathable that ensures the feet is kept dry and cool when dancing.



  • Comes with a warranty period of one year
  • Very easy to replace the lights
  • The outsole is thick ensuring it absorbs shock
  • Comes with a total of seven striking colors
  • Material used is of high breathability levels



  • Quite expensive
  • Not suitable for people with wide feet

Lxso Fiber Optic LED Light Up Shoes for Women Men USB Charging Flashing Luminous Fashion Sneakers...
  • FIBER OPTIC CLOTH UPPER: Lxso LED Shoes adopt new technology fiber optic material, have 7 single colors glow and 4 flashing models. Led lights are applied into the upper cloth, which ensures higher...
  • EVA OUTSOLE: The super light EVA outsole, which has high abrasion and endurance, can provide a good buffering for your feet, keeping your feet dry and comfortable for long walks, while the flexible...
  • SWITCH & CHARGE INSTRUCTION: Hidden switch button inside the strap on the heel. Press it to switch on. With each press, it changes to another light mode. Press the switch for 12 times to turn the...
  • CLEAN & MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTION: Use wet towel to clean the upper directly. For stained and dirty spots, use the sponge eraser to brush the wet upper smoothly, and put the shoes in ventilated place to...

9. Fiber Optic LED Shoes Sneakers

Fiber Optic LED Shoes Light Up Sneakers for Women Men with USB Charging Flashing Festivals Party...

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The Fiber Optic LED Shoe Sneakers are great shoes for shuffling dancing. They come with a hidden switch button that is situated inside the heel trap. The LED lights can be charged for 2-3 hours using a USB. When full, the shoes can take up to 5-8 hours. However, the total amount of time the LED will hold the charge will be determined by the mode of light up.

These shoes are known to be of great choice apart from the light up qualities. It comes with cloth uppers that are water repellant and are very lightweight thanks to the type of materials used in making the shoes.

These best shuffling shoes ensure you are well protected from extreme weather conditions. Cleaning them is quite easy as you just wipe them using a wet towel. The shoes are available in three different colors of pink, black and white.



  • Made using quality PU leather material
  • Comes with an outsole rubber that ensures flexibility
  • It is well cushioned for comfort
  • The uppers are water repellent
  • Quite easy to clean



  • Quite expensive
  • Can easy worn out

Fiber Optic LED Shoes Light Up Sneakers for Women Men with USB Charging Flashing Festivals Party...
  • 7 SINGLE COLORS & 4 FLASHING MODELS:This women men light up shoes have 7 different colors:Red Green Blue Yellow Turquoise Purple White,there are also 4 different flash modes for different frequencies...
  • HIDDEN SWITCH BUTTON:Button inside the strap on the heel. Easy to control the light on and off, at the same time the hidden button will not affect your comfortable wearing experience.
  • USB CHARGING:The boys girls LED shoes, USB charging for 2-3 hours will keep the light working for 5-8 hours.(Working period differs by different light up mode).It can be recharge by power bank,mobile...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE MATERIAL: Upper adopts new fiber-optic material, which is more light and soft;Mesh inner material,comfortable and breathable;Non-slip and durable EVA outsole provides good...

10. APTESOL Kids Youth Light Up LED Sneakers

The APTESOL Kids Youth Light up LED Sneakers is another fashionable kid’s sneaker that is perfect for shuffling dancing. These best shoes for dancing come with a higher heel container which is considered as mini boot. The great benefit of the higher heel is that it helps in offering protection on the ankle.

The APTESOL Kids Youth Light up LED Sneakers is available in seven different static colors and has dynamic lighting modes like fading, smooth color transition and flashing.

Most people are said to like these shoes since the battery can easily be recharged using USB cables. A 2-3 charging time will ensure the light turns on for 8-11 hours. The brightness level of the light is like placing a mini flashlight below the shoes. Its charging port is hidden below the tongue of the shoe making it difficult to be discovered by others after wearing it.

The APTESOL Kids Youth Light Up LED Sneakers outsole is made of rubber of high quality which makes the shoes flexible for dancing and helps in absorbing shock.



  • Comes with an outsole rubber that ensures the shoes are flexible
  • Well cushioned which ensures they are comfortable to wear
  • Available in seven different static colors
  • One can easily recharge the LED lights using USB cables
  • Outsole can absorb shock



  • The materials used can worn out after some period of time
  • Quite expensive

Criteria to Use When Buying Best Shoes for Shuffling Dancing

There are several types of shuffling dancing shoes in the market. This has made it difficult for people who are interested in shuffling shoes to decide which the best in the market are. Here are essential factors to consider when shopping for the best shoes for Shuffling for dancing.

Sturdy and Durability

Ensure the dancing shoes you are about to purchase are sturdy and durable capable of lasting for a longer time. If you do not check the durability of the shoe, there are high chances you will be buying another pair of dancing shoes after a short period of time which can be quite expensive.

Check the type of upper material used in making the shoes. Ensure the material is of top quality and can last for a long period of time.

Good Fit

For you to execute your dance moves well, the dancing shoes need to fit you perfectly well. There is no shortcut on this feature. When you go for shoes that are not well fitting, there are high chances you might suffer feet injuries and other health issues which are caused by friction.

Ensure the shoes you settle on have some hugging effect around the ankles. They should also have a perfect connection on the surface.


You can never dance if you are not comfortable. This makes comfort an important factor that you have to consider before you settle on any shuffling dancing shoes. Any comfortable dancing shoes come with great breathability on the material used. They are well cushioned while the soles are in most cases made of rubber to ensure flexibility whenever you are executing the different dance moves.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Can I Make My Shoes Slippery to Shuffle?

You just need to apple 2-3 olive oil drops to a piece of dry towel. Thereafter rub the oil on the shoe bottom. This will enable you to remove any rubber shavings and smooth the shoe sole. Allow the oil to sit for a couple of minutes before you remove it using the dry towel.

Q. Are Light up Shoes Safe?

The type of batteries that were first used in making the light up shoes had high mercury levels. Mercury is never safe for human health. After the discovery, the light-up shoe sale dropped by a considerable percentage.

Q. Do Light up Shoes Have Batteries?

The light-up shoes preferred by most of the artists, kids, and several club maniacs. They come with LED lights that are inbuilt and can light up whenever you walk, jump or stomp. These shoes can only light up if there is a sensor, circuit, or battery on the shoe sole.

Q. How Do I Care for My New Shuffling Shoes??

Shuffling shoes need the right care for them to work well. Ensure these shoes always cleaned after use. Remove any dirt and dust on them. Ensure the batteries always charged and that the shoes are well stored away from pets or kid’s reach.


We hope you are now in a position of identifying the best shoes for shuffling dancing with ease. The top 10 products listed above stand out from the wide variety of dancing shoes available in the market. Before you pick the shoes that stand out from the ten listed above, ensure you take some time and go through the list of factors as they will help you in knowing what things to have a close look at.

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