Top 15 Best Shoes for Nurses in 2024 – Ultimate Guide

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If you’re a nurse, a large part of your shift is spent standing, and when you’re standing, your entire body weight is onTop 15 Best Shoes for Nurses in 2017 - Ultimate Guide your feet. So, how do you protect them? The shoes specially made for nurses are the solitary objects that create the entire difference between the feet being in pain or feeling relaxed when a 16-hour shift is over.

This fact is further strengthened by the statistics, about 33% of nurses worldwide suffer from back or feet pain and it can be attributed to wearing improper shoes. On the contrary, nurses should be comfortable in their everyday grind to make sure that they efficiently deliver the needed care to the patients. Therefore, it is crucial that you spend time choosing the right type of nurse shoes with the right size and fit.

To make your search for an appropriate nurse shoe simpler, check out this review of 15 most comfortable shoes that combine style, support, protection, and all-day comfort for your body.

Top Benefits Of The Shoes For Nurses: What Can You Gain By Choosing Them?

A nurse shoe can make your shift enjoyable, or end the 12-hour shift with stinging feet and blisters. Check out the benefits you will obtain if you get a quality pair of nurse shoes:

Reduction Of Pain: Good shoes for nurses can reduce the pain in heels, ankles, legs, and back during a hard working day and after the end of shift.

Posture & Arch Support: Comfortable nurse shoes provide good posture support and remove lower back pain. The proper arch support adds total comfort while walking around all day.

Zero Fatigue: Owing to the hard job and never-ending duties, nurses may have health troubles like arthritis, muscular cramps and back pain. However, right shoes let you avoid everything.

Speed & Flexibility: Nurse’s duties require one to attend to a number of critically-ill patients in a jiffy. Therefore, lightweight nurse shoes do contribute to the necessary pace and flexibility at work.

Long-Term Health Implications: Having a pair of proper nurse shoes promotes correct spinal alignment and posture, therefore, reducing the jeopardy of feet, back, and knee pain in the later years. Thus, by doing a research now and taking care of the feet, you’ll be investing in the future.

Plenty Of Airflow: Wearing the same shoes for 12+ hours cause sweaty feet, which could lead to absurdly smelly feet and cause infections. Odors and cleanliness aside, keeping the feet cool is almost vital, especially for persons who have conditions like burning feet from diabetes or vitamin deficiencies.

What Are The Features You Must Search For While Buying Shoes For Nurses?

The responsible job of nurses is very important and they need to be extremely productive and not get exhausted easily, this depends much on the shoe functionality and quality. By determining the kind of shoe that best fits your work atmosphere, you need to look for the following essential factors.

Material & Design

Shoes for nurses come in dissimilar styles, colors, designs, and construction. Some of the common ones include clogs, athletic/running shoes, crocs, flats, slip-on, and tennis shoes. Each shoe has distinctive advantages and setbacks based on the surface, feet form, and medical condition.

Design and material are important. The best shoes for nurses are made of leather or rubber. Rubber is popular as it is comfy, lightweight, and offers safety from spillages. Leather is very durable and comfy, easily cleaned too but may not be replaced regularly. White leather nursing shoes are very common, they allow your feet to breath generously unlike synthetic materials. Avoid materials that create issues when cleaning or add extra weight.

The quality of material is a key consideration. There is a vast variety of shapes, designs, and styles of shoes that vary in quality that accommodate different types of feet and medical conditions. Before you choose the correct one, talk to a podiatrist who tells you what to buy based on the foot type.

Comfort & Support

Carefully identify the foot type, have it professionally measured and utilize those measurements to find a shoe that compliments the foot type and never complicates your capacity to walk. Notice factors such as the width, material, power, and flexibility of the soles and choose a supportive heel, so you can budge around and lift objects effortlessly without causing an accident.

Always select comfort over attractive design! Make sure the shoes aren’t too weighty and clunky otherwise the productivity and work performance decreases. Nurses are continuously on their feet and a lightweight pair of shoes will help you avoid getting exhausted easily. Make sure the shoes hold your feet sufficiently to soak up shocks.

Good shoes for nurses must come with a curved surface or insoles cradling the foot arch. Walking around all day on your feet over time can cause foot fatigue and discomfort due to the strolling, lifting, and moving. Choosing the right pair of shoes has a huge impact on comfort and drastically improves the way you feel.

The shoe must offer superior leg and back support. A good-quality shoe will ensure that you have a stability throughout the work shift. The shoes you are eyeing, must provide excellent back, heel, and ankle support to eliminate or decrease any pain. Failure to do this might make you face leg and back pain in future.

Safety & Slip-resistance

Another important aspect to consider while buying nurse shoes is checking if the sole is made with anti-slip materials. Throughout the day, you might come into contact with slippery surfaces and greasy floors which can be dangerous if you fall, so make sure your shoes have anti-slip fortification to diminish the chances of getting injured.

Also confirm that you pick a shoe with a suitable insole that is supple enough to walk in at ease, but not excessively soft or lean as it can boost your chances of getting your feet injured. In some healthcare settings, heavy machinery or items can potentially roll over and land on your feet. It’s a good idea to confirm your shoes provide first-rate protection against these hazards.

While buying a pair, make sure to obtain ones that offer general protection and completely cover the toes and your upper feet, if you work at a location where risks are common.

A nurse might choose to buy two dissimilar shoes to swap out while working in diverse settings and situations so there’s a balance between protection and overall comfort.

Top 15 Best Shoes for Nurses in 2020 – Chart







 1. Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker (Top Pick) Padded tongue and collar$$ 4.5
 2. Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clog leather upper and chunky heel$$$4.4 
 3. Dansko Women’s Professional Mule Rocker bottom for shock-absorption$$4.4 
 4. Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog Slip resistant rubber outsole$$4.4 
 5. AnyWear Women’s Exact Health Care & Food Service Shoe Removable insole$$$4.3 
 6. Cherokee Women’s Harmony Step-In Padded Collar Shoe Moisture absorbing lining$$$4.3 
 7. Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Clog W Mule Crocs lock slip resistant tread$$$4.3 
 8. Skechers for Work Women’s Eldred Slip Resistant Shoe Synthetic sole$$$4.2 
 9. Skechers for Work Women’s Relaxed Fit Work Shoe Slip Resistant $$$4.2 
 10. Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoe Memory foam-cushioned insole$$4.2 
 11. Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On Synthetic sole$$4.2 
 12. safeTstep Women’s Gretchen Clog Slip-Resistant $$4.2 
 13. M&M SCRUBS – Women’s Lightweight Nurse Shoes / Nursing Clogs Medical Shoes$$4.2 
 14. Born Women’s B.O.C Peggy Leather Clog Synthetic sole$$4.0 
 15. Natural Uniforms Women’s Ultralite Strapless Clogs Slip-Resistant$$ 3.9

1. Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker (Top Pick)

Boost your activity to the fullest with Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker!Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus Lace-Up Sneaker (Top Pick)

Grasshoppers is a company that creates footwear for fitness-oriented women and busy nurses. Stretch Plus Collection is designed to match and support women’s active lifestyle.

Ideal for walking and other stressful activities, the APMA-approved Grasshoppers Women’s Stretch Plus lace-up sneaker fits your activities as a nurse.

Material & Design

The material for White-colored Stretch Plus is manmade, and is made with a rubber sole along with a heel that is 1.25″ tall. It comes in three very dissimilar colors including black, white, and stone, the upper fully covers the feet, and has a lacing style that ensures it fits taut to the feet.

Seams are strong, and there are a tongue and padded collar for extra comfort, the heel measures around 1.25 inches”. Multiple widths are available including Narrow=2A/N, Medium=B/M, Wide=CD/W, X-Wide=E/XW. Lace closure allows for effortlessness and adjustability. These make a chic pair of sneakers for nurses of any age.

To keep the shoes looking their best, care for Grasshoppers by spot wash, and only air dry. Washing machine or dryer is not recommended.

Comfort & Support

The shoe features a spongy padded tongue with a well-cushioned collar to hold up the rear part of the feet snug. For people with different feet size, these stylish Grasshoppers come in slim and wide fit. Purefit™ comfort cushion arch and Ortholite® sock liner promote great fit and comfort.

Moisture soaking and odor-resisting (barefoot/sock-free strolling) Drilex® wicking lining with anti-microbial properties makes it more comfy, fresh, cool, & dry. Slow recovery impressions soft memory foam increases support. Stretch smooth vegan leather upper, extra padding at heel and collar and removable footbed makes the comfort customizable.

Safety & Slip-resistance

Rounded heel reduces impact on the feet and knees and keeps your stepping safe preventing you from slipping on any surface. Flexible outsole with flex grooves is designed to follow the feet’s natural movement and stepping motion whereas natural gore panels allow for extra stretch and movement thus boosting the safety and protection of your feet.

A low-profile and flexible outsole, fully-covered upper, a footbed with arch support and comfort foam make these shoes a safe one if heavy objects were to fall accidentally.

American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has meticulously evaluated this product to determine it promotes foot & ankle health. This certification verifies that Grasshoppers promotes wearer’s protection and long-term well-being.


  • APMA-approved lace-up sneaker
  • Lace closure for fit adjustability
  • Purefit™ comfort cushion arch
  • Ortholite® sock liner
  • Smooth vegan leather upper


  • A bit tight for somebody with wide feet

2. Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clog

Attend quickly to critical patients by wearing Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clog!Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clog

Dansko is a brand that experienced nurses recommend for years as it comes to nurse shoes and legitimately so.

If you are looking for first-rate footwear that will hold on to you for years and deliver exceptional comfort and protection, you need to buy Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clog, one of their best-selling products.

Material & Design

White-colored Dansko Women’s Professional clog is available in 10 different colors and has fully-covered soft leather upper with synthetic sole.

Heel and platform measure approximately 2″ & 0.75″. Slip-on clog features a chunky heel with platform that keeps you balanced. Well-stitched seams don’t wear out easily and help support foot movement.

PU outsole allows for sturdiness and shock absorption and the iconic style launches a comfort and fashion revolution even for a serious and demanding task.

Comfort & Support

Dansko Professional clog is made of excellent leather along with a leather insole and an anti-shock rubber outsole, this astonishingly well-designed clog’s known to provide good support. Outstanding arch support offers day-long support and comfort.

If you’re a nursing student about to begin your clinical rotation spending hours standing, turning, bending and on your feet, these shoes can save your feet on long days relieving foot, hip, knee, and back pain. Padded instep collar offers ease while walking. Breathable PU foam footbed provides temperature control.

Safety & Slip-resistance

Rocker Bottom decreases fatigue and presents shock absorption similar to athletic footwear. Millions of Dansko admirers advocate this shoe. This flagship style embodies the all-day protection and support that Dansko is famous for, thus preventing slipping on greasy surfaces.

Dansko’s Stapled outsole bears the acceptance seal from APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) and keeps you standing on wet floors.

Dansko’s Professional clog assures to keep you comfy all through hectic days on your feet. Offered in fine leather, the iconic design has a silky upper, contoured leather insole, and a shock-absorbing rubber outsole to keep the feet covered at all times.


  • APMA-approved clog for nurses
  • Breathable PU foam
  • Padded instep collar
  • Attractive design and color
  • Soft leather upper


  • A bit narrow; for normal to slightly wide feet, a prior fitting is recommended

3. Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

Step up the comfort level with Dansko Women’s Professional Mule!Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

Dansko Women’s Professional Mule is an iconic footwear loved by all, brings unbeatable comfort and total support. APMA-accepted and manufactured by hand with staple structure, the typical style provides dependable stability and additional comfort.

The style presents the Dansko DNA – all materials carefully selected to support foot, leg and back health, so you stand better, and longer. No need to choose between looking stylish and feeling relaxed.

Material & Design

If you want a strong, stunning, and chic nursing mule, then the Blue Shadow Patent mule is the best. The lining and sole are polyurethane, a rubberized and tough material meant to endure water and oil breach.

The upper is quality leather. Heel and platform measure about 2″ & 0.75″. There is a massive range of 62 more design and color variants but the metallic color makes them chicer than a solid black/blue.

Use a moist soapy cloth or sponge to eliminate surface dirt. Never saturate leather. Normal scuff marks are touched up using shoe polish.

Comfort & Support

Comfort-minded Dansko mule features spacious toughened toe box for fortification and polyurethane outsole with a strong rocker bottom for ultimate fatigue & shock-absorption.

Padded instep collar and wide heel strike offer greater stability. If you have arthritis, hallux rigidus or plantar fasciitis, any podiatrist would recommend you mules to walk easily, without limp and pain.

Arch support is outstanding for all-day comfort and total back support. Breathable PU foam footbed controls temperature and offers freshness.

Safety & Slip-resistance

Leather of Dansko mule is coated with spill-proof material, that’s easy to clean. Nurses adore the anti-fatigue rocker bottom integrated into the mule’s thick platform. Roomy toe box guarantees that toes remain relaxed throughout workday. Mules appear powerful and large, these are lightweight.

The mule is strong and broad enough to be worn on slippery floors. The leather sock lining offers breathable comfort. The thick polyurethane outsoles give outstanding traction and slip-resistance a nurse deserves on dry/wet floors.


  • Polyurethane slip-proof outsole
  • Extreme breathability
  • A full range of color variants
  • Padded collar for support


  • Must check sizing guidelines for ample room, or you won’t find any to wiggle toes

4. Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog

Manage your hectic job with Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog!Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog

Being one of the most trendy brands of nurse shoes, Dansko presents high quality and ease that comes with sturdiness. Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog is meant for nurses working longer hours and being continually on their feet.

Material & Design

Grey Cabrio-colored Dansko  Pro XP Clog has a graceful leather upper and allows for easy cleaning. Heel and platform measure just about 1.5″ and 0.75″ respectively. The odor and moisture resistance feature makes it a fresh shoe to wear. Scotchgard™ stain resistance makes it convenient for a nurse’s duties.

Padded instep collar gives good comfort. Anti-fatigue rocker bottom and roomy reinforced toe box keep you stable. Removable, leather-lined double-density PU footbed infused with memory foam, PU midsole along with slip-opposing rubber outsole constitute its notable features.

Comfort & Support

Roomy reinforced toe box permits toes to settle comfortably with lots of wiggle room. Detachable, leather-lined twin-density PU footbed lined with memory foam gives best arch support and cushioning. With Pro XP Clog, you never miss a step and can run to an emergency easily.

Pro XP Clog offers high posture and arch support with joints pressure and exhaustion reduction. They are made for those long days, 12+ hours mostly. They require no break-in period. There’s no tenderness or rubbing if you’re working at any busy wound clinic, and get few chances to sit down through the day.

Safety & Slip-resistance

PU midsole with slip-proof rubber outsole is suitable for parched, soaking, and oily surfaces. Third-party slip-resistance is legitimately tested and approved. Anti-fatigue rocker bottom sets your feet in an onward motion for shock soaking and energy return.

Pro XP has a covered leather upper with a typical rounded toe and padded collar. Beneath, a comfortable platform and block heel provide you the lift and protection you desire.


  • Leather-lined double-density PU footbed
  • Scotchgard™ stain resistance
  • Anti-fatigue rocker bottom


  • Not too cushy and the base isn’t too soft
  • Limited breathability

5. AnyWear Women’s Exact Health Care & Food Service Shoe

Give your feet a day off with AnyWear Women’s Exact Health Care & Food Service Shoe!AnyWear Women’s Exact Health Care & Food Service Shoe

What makes AnyWear Women’s Exact Health Care & Food Service Shoe good? It assists with balance, is of a high quality, extremely comfortable on your feet, does not lead to soreness, prevents spinal concerns, and feels like a million bucks on your feet!

Material & Design

Hearts Gone Wild shaded AnyWear slip-on clog features a detachable insole with convenient vent channels and supple traction-pod outsole. It is exceptionally lightweight and has a flexible upper.

Manmade AnyWear has a synthetic sole with its heel measuring just about 1.25″ and platform measuring around 0.5″. The slip-on is available in 8 more color variants.

Comfort & Support

AnyWear fits flawlessly as anticipated and is known to be extremely comfortable, even throughout a 12-hour shift. Fitting correctly and proven by the reviewers to hold up well, even after lots of battering around, these keep you pain-free now and in future.

Even if you have a wide foot, you’ll find them supportive, very comfortable. There is even a lot of room to allow for a better back and arch support.

Safety & Slip-resistance

AnyWear shoes are a durable set of squeak-free slip-resistant clogs which are tremendously admired among students and nurses alike who require medical shoes. The flexible traction-pod outsole keeps you safe and balanced on any wet surface.

AnyWear clogs are waterproof and washable easily, very lightweight, supple and also have detachable insoles which are grand for upgrading to orthotic inserts if necessary. They keep the feet protected from any mishaps at emergency rooms.


  • Slip-proof high-traction outsole
  • Convenient vent channels
  • Extremely longer-lasting


  • Users with normal or narrow feet can find it too wide

6. Cherokee Women’s Harmony Step-In Padded Collar Shoe

Minimize the stress with Cherokee Women’s Harmony Step-In Padded Collar Shoe!Cherokee Women’s Harmony Step-In Padded Collar Shoe

Cherokee Women’s Harmony Step-In Padded Collar Shoe is the most comfortable shoes for nurses which is sensible, stylish, and professional. After all, your profession is to make people feel relaxed. So you’ll desire to make sure you feel at ease and confident!

Material & Design

APMA-accepted white-colored Cherokee Harmony has a pristine look and style with its smooth covered leather upper and sturdy contemporary molded rubber outsole. It’s also available in black, to suit dissimilar uniforms, dress codes, and individual styles.

Heel is 1.75″ whereas platform measures about 0.5″. Padded collar step-in and moisture absorbing lining make it a comfy shoe for long shifts.

Medium height heel and quality materials live up to the brand’s reputation for exceedingly well-made shoes. It allows the leather to take in air, but cleans effortlessly and polishes up adequately.

Comfort & Support

Cherokee Harmony has padded collar with hard-wearing leather upper and moisture-absorbing lining to keep feet supported and fresh. Contemporary molded outsole with soft footbed allows standing and walking all day around an eventful ward. It encourages good pose, and saves your back and joints.

Shoes break-in based on your exact foot shape, it’s a blend of anatomical design and bespoke fit. These become comfortable over time. These preserve tough arch support and a normal foot realignment using a heel cup with more cushion and proper arch height.

Safety & Slip-resistance

Are these slip-resistant? Thanks to a specific insole, Cherokee Harmony keeps you on your feet all day; continuously around wet floors and works wonderfully.

It’s equipped with small treads which help it uphold traction on wet/slick floors where many clogs can be safety hazards. They are very dependable in the traction department.

In some healthcare facilities, heavy machinery or equipment can roll over and drop on your feet. Cherokee provides unsurpassed protection against these hazards by completely covering the toes and feet.


  • High-traction anti-slip outsole
  • Pristine white color with soft leather
  • Medium height feel


  • Bit heavy and a little tight

7. Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Clog W Mule

Walk around painlessly with Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Clog W Mule!Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Clog W Mule

Recommended by doctors and physical therapists, Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Clog W Mule is a great option for users with foot conditions and chronic pain.

Nurses with joint issues in knees, hips, and ankles find relief with these Crocs. Moreover, these Crocs are amazing leather-free footwear and are great for vegan nurses.

Material & Design

Black-colored Crocs Neria Pro is a synthetic, no-leather footwear with a synthetic sole. It’s also available in white. The upper is smooth, shiny, and clean-looking.

These Crocs have lock slip-resistant tread and totally enclosed toe and heel. Heel and platform measure just about 1.5″ and 0.75″. Neria Pro has a triple crocs comfort with memory foam pillows over a foam footbed along with the Croslite outsole.

Comfort & Support

Fit is relaxed with additional room in the heel for easy putting on and taking off. Neria Pro runs long and wide. At any nursing school, feet hurt at the clinical rotation, but these offer support and look like luxurious clogs worn by medical professionals.

Feet feel cushioned as you walk and the weight distribution is easy. If you’re on your feet a lot, never worry about twisting your ankle like in regular clogs. You won’t flop around as you walk. Size is spot on.

There’s ample cushion in the structure with memory foam pillows and foam footbed, so there’s plenty for the feet to sink in. Extra cushioning comes in handy for longer hours and distances.

Safety & Slip-resistance

The outsole is slip-resistant, and the finish is easy to maintain. These shoes are water-resistant too, so they are safe to wear on wet floors.

Neria Pro is ASTM F2913-11 tested and certified. With a little extra room and integrated, structured insole, it feels more secure and protective for your foot and is highly recommended by podiatrists.


  • Triple crocs comfort with memory foam
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Slip-resistant outsole


  • Make your feet look bigger than usual

8. Skechers for Work Women’s Eldred Slip Resistant Shoe

Breeze through long shifts with Skechers for Work Women’s Eldred Slip-Resistant Shoe!Skechers for Work Women’s Eldred Slip Resistant Shoe

Skechers for Work Women’s Eldred slip-resistant shoe is a favorite choice for nurses looking for extra support. They’re trouble-free, cushy, and very reasonably designed.

Plus, they’re cleaned easily, which makes these a grand choice for users who work in messier situations at hospitals and require something they can clean repeatedly.

Material & Design

Skechers is the brand for chic shoes that feel amazing with any dress code and perform better. Black-colored Skechers Eldred has a smooth and rich leather upper with well-stitched seams and synthetic sole with ample memory foam inside.

These women’s relaxed fit Eldred Shoes feature a lace-up casual comfort work footwear design. These strong work shoes also contain a soft fabric lining.

Comfort & Support

The memory foam sole is quite adaptive and well-supportive. Unlike other soles, it shapes itself to your exact foot shape. Lots of nurses and surgeons admit that they tried orthopedic shoes, clogs, and other alternatives before Skechers, and Eldred allowed them to get through 13+ hour shift on their feet.

There’s also a flexible outsole beneath the memory foam, which offers traction and suppleness. The water doesn’t seep through it, it never slips or slides, and the memory foam keeps pain away.

Safety & Slip-resistance

Skechers Eldred is an electrical hazard (EH) footwear meeting ASTM F2413-2011 EH requirements. Footwear provides ample protection on surfaces containing electrically-charged objects.

Lightweight non-metallic composite safety-toe footwear has hard-wearing high-grade materials for better power, protection, and ease. Eldred meets ASTM F2413-2011. I/75 C/75 standards for heavy collision or compression.

Slip-resistant outsole meets ASTM F11677-2005 Mark II testing standards on dirt-free Red Quarry tile. It meets or surpasses a result of 0.40 under damp/greasy conditions.

They’re much less clunky than clogs. The memory foam gives massive relief. People with sensitive plantar fasciitis symptoms find good comfort. They’re an outstanding choice for nurses needing to cope with the tension of standing/walking for long nursing shifts.


  • Memory-foam infused cushioned comfort insole
  • Slip-proof rubber traction outsole
  • EH-rated footwear
  • Protective shoe saves feet from blunt force


  • Shoe can seem flimsy for obese users

9. Skechers for Work Women’s Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Forget foot pain with Skechers for Work Women’s Relaxed Fit Slip-Resistant Work Shoe!Skechers for Work Women’s Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Skechers for Work Women’s Relaxed Fit slip-resistant work shoe is well-known for its comfortable expediency. They’re cushioned, have sturdy traction, and a simply-cleanable outer material. They’re the top choice for chaotic, unpredictable workplaces and keep your feet warm, fresh, and protected.

Material & Design

Black-colored Skechers Relaxed-Fit shoes are made of smooth leather upper and synthetic sole. Its memory foam gets you to work at long shifts and obtain unparalleled results with supreme comfort.

Stitching accents are strong with meticulous side stitching and collar overlay. The heel measures approximately 1-1/4″ and its treads are carefully carved to provide traction. The upper is smooth and shiny and needs low maintenance.

Comfort & Support

Padded instep offers comfort and heel collar trim provide a look of elegance. Rounded roomy toe box of Skechers Relaxed-Fit shoes for nurses offers extra comfort.

Fabric-lined interior and Relaxed Fit® design provide supportive fit. Memory foam cushioned detachable comfort insole and shock-absorbing ultra-light flexible midsole keep feet pain-free. Loose fit makes the foot wiggle comfortably.

They fit properly – not tightly but not excessively loose either. As you stroll, it is best if the heel rises a tad. You can wear the shoe with an additional thick pair of socks.

Safety & Slip-resistance

Flexible slip-resistant Nitrile rubber outsole offers finest traction. Sole is tested ASTM F1677-96 Mark II to meet or go beyond traction standards on damp and oily surfaces and tested ASTM F2412-05 for other hazards.

If you’re on your feet 13+ hrs a day in a hospital, the slip-resistance and compression-hazard protection is superior. Footwear provides sufficient protection on surfaces having electrical objects.


  • Comfortable, detachable insert
  • Roomy toe box
  • EH safe design


  • Can be a bit squeaky

10. Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoe

Maintain foot health with Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoe!Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoe

Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoe allows for a conspicuous and spectacular look, and unmatched comfort. When you’re caught up in 13-16+ hour long shifts, get the Alegria Keli Professional shoe to maintain your well-being and remove chances of health issues.

Material & Design

Ric Rack colored Alegria Keli has a designed upper with contrasting white decorations and leather lining. The casual slip-on has a synthetic rubber outsole.

The leather here is stain-resistant Nappa leather, embossed or printed, with latex and memory foam-cushioned insole. This slip-on style matches everything, they have a slight shimmer, but nothing extreme.

Comfort & Support

With a removable, leather-covered cork and latex, and memory foam-infused footbed having arch support, it brings optimal comfort and support. Superior insoles help you with a tender foot condition.

The clog prevents you from sweating. You are not likely to run into unwanted odors. It comes with incorporated arch support to offer solid back alignment.

The anatomically-accurate footbed follows the natural feet contours. They’re incredibly light. The back heel slides up and down but doesn’t rub or cause blisters, you can replace insoles if they wear out. They don’t squeak or hurt the feet doing double shifts.

For the OR nurses working on your feet or who have plantar fasciitis pain, unlike most clogs, they are not high-heeled, give good arch support.

Safety & Slip-resistance

The shoe has slip-resistant polyurethane sole for shock absorption and traction power. The outsole contains rocker technology for a normal rolling motion, which decreases vital metatarsal force and heel pain.

The rocker outsole promotes natural gait, posture and protection against hazards. The extra depth provides roomier fit, allowing toes to budge freely. It has a flat bottom, to increase floor contact and stability.


  • Stain-proof Nappa leather
  • Black & white shimmering accents
  • Latex, cork & memory-foam insole


  • Outer finish could have been a little better

11. Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On

Tread painlessly and easily with Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On!Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On

With Alegria Women’s Debra slip-on, you can do a favor to your feet. Debra slip-on gives your feet all the support and fashion they deserve. Thanks to the marvelous footbed, you’ll feel the heel-to-toe comfort and two-sided goring offers easy-on expediency.

Material & Design

Black Napa colored Debra is available in 38 different color variants and sizes so nurses who love the fashion sense, it’s the perfect pair. With an exceptional design including a handcrafted sole and 1.5″ heel, these leather shoes get you walking comfortably.

Platform measures around 1″, contrast-stitching borders the foam footbed of the roomy shoe, while elastic goring allows easy on and off. Along with sleek-looking aesthetics, Debra uses a synthetic sole with a leather upper portion. Any spills are cleaned easily with stain-resistant upper.

Comfort & Support

Facing long hours on your feet? It gets easier with Debra as it’s designed with your comfort in mind. A roomy toe box in rich leather gives sufficient room for toe wiggling and a leather-encased latex and memory-foam footbed cradles and supports the feet for hours.

For a bespoke fit, the anatomically-accurate insole can be removed/replaced with preferred orthotics. Tread with confidence as lightweight rocker outsole offers steadiness and propels you onward. There’s no break-in period.

Safety & Slip-resistance

Debra is a closed-toed design and ensures that you won’t have excess fluid on feet. The inner cushioned pad and outsole offer amazing support and unmatched slip-resistance all day. Debra has a foam footbed and elastic goring design to provide plenty of covering of the feet.

The sole is 1 & 1/2″ high and is slip-resistant while the slip-on has a stain-proof coating to guard it from spills and different chemicals/liquids that it might come into contact with. If you’re on your feet all day/night as an ER nurse, these shoes protect without hurting the feet or legs.


  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Memory-foam footbed
  • 38 different color variants


  • Can be a bit squeaky, put baby powder beneath the inserts

12. SafeTstep Slip-Resistant Women’s Gretchen Clog

Work for countless hours with safeTstep Slip-Resistant Women’s Gretchen Clog!safeTstep Slip-Resistant Women’s Gretchen Clog

safeTstep slip-resistant Women’s Gretchen clog is a favorite among the ER nurses in particular. When you’re caring for the emergency patients and are always in unexpected situations, Gretchen will get you through the day.

Material & Design

Embossed Black Paisley colored Gretchen is a synthetic shoe with slip-resistant and oil-resistant outsole. 24/7 comfort insole with is extremely cushioned and well-made.

This fits perfectly and is extremely comfortable for 12+ hour shifts and these shoes are designed to envelope the feet all day. They have outstanding support over a long, erratic day. This slip-on is as supportive as any lace-up shoe!

Comfort & Support

The roomier body and removable footbed of Gretchen mean there’s ample room for orthotic inserts, which are hard to fit in tighter shoes. Gretchen’s anatomical for all ages, as one-size-fits-all style doesn’t serve anyone at all. The lining is breathable mesh, to decrease sweat and stench. They fit well.

Gretchen has unmatched record for durability. There’s little stitching and includes a full etching, there’s hardly anything to wear out. The cushioning stays comfortable over time even after a year.

Safety & Slip-resistance

Gretchen’s easy to put on in a hurry, and is perfect throughout hurried mornings and unpredicted calls. ER nurses admit the extreme slip-resistance and rely strongly on the tough synthetic outer layer that’s simple to sanitize if blood or other unacceptable materials get on the feet.

The synthetic upper is practical and resists stains or scuffs. The slip-resistant outsole offers traction and confident footing. They won’t slip on soaked floors. Gretchen’s a grand choice for messy medical settings.


  • Extremely durable shoes
  • Synthetic upper
  • Slip- & oil-proof outsole


  • Limited arch support

13. M&M SCRUBS – Women’s Lightweight Nurse Shoes / Nursing Clogs

Enjoy your long work shifts with M&M SCRUBS – Women’s Lightweight Nurse Shoes / Nursing Clogs!M&M SCRUBS – Women’s Lightweight Nurse Shoes Nursing Clogs

M&M SCRUBS – women’s lightweight nurse shoe/nursing clog speaks for itself owing to its remarkable support and comfort. These are tried and tested shoes that have been around for years and are quite acclaimed by the nurses.

Material & Design

Black-colored M&M SCRUBS are quite wide lightweight medical clogs which are totally made of rubber and are available in 7 different colors. These are made from the identical material as in crocs and this makes them easily washable. They come with a strong back strap.

They’re professional, handy, and very fashionable. They come in elegantly worked designs for the fashion-conscious nurses. The upper covers the feet fully and is perfect for maintaining formal style. As it’s made of rubber, you need socks to cover your feet.

Comfort & Support

M&M SCRUBS  are very lightweight, when you wear them all day it shapes the feet, particularly if you’re on your feet continuously in a large hospital, it works perfectly.

These shoes do not make the knees, feet, and hips hurt. The integral arch support endorses good posture and reduces strain. The interior is lined for comfort and averts friction. These are ideal for classy nurses who want a comfy shoe that wouldn’t cramp their style.

Safety & Slip-resistance

Spills and liquids are something that’s quite frequently encountered in a hospital, but M&M SCRUBS are slip-resistant and have a first-rate grip to keep you safe.

M&M SCRUBS support and cover your feet enough to absorb the movement impacts and protect your feet from any heavy object. The curved insoles cradling the foot arch remove pain.


  • Non-skid soles
  • High-traction shoes
  • Easily cleaned rubber shoes
  • Multiple color variants


  • Wearing without socks might cause blisters
  • Not sufficient ventilation

14. Born Women’s B.O.C Peggy Leather Clog

Undertake the tasks at emergency wards with Born Women’s B.O.C Peggy Leather Clog!Born Women’s B.O.C Peggy Leather Clog

Born Women’s B.O.C Peggy leather clog is the best nurse shoe to opt for to get you through the long shifts. Whether you’re a registered and seasoned nurse, or a new student, you can go for this clog when a new footwear is required for all your duties.

Material & Design

Black-colored Peggy clog is made of faux leather and synthetic sole, it comes in 11 different colors. Comfortable style has never looked so fine. These closed-back clogs aren’t outrageous in value or weight. The tooled design is an extra touch of elegance.

The lining and outsole are man-made, footbed is lightly-padded. The heel height is 2″, the weight is 10 oz and the platform height is 3⁄4″.

Comfort & Support

Peggy clog is a comfortable shoe, very easy to get on & off, and quite versatile for hospital work. The outsole reduces fatigue and strain on muscles and joints. It’s an intuitive choice for standing/walking all day on medical job.

They’re not very cushy, but have exceptional ergonomics, fit accurately to size, and stay tightly on your feet. The unique sole structure does wonders for joint pain and promotes correct back alignment. They are a bit snug right out of the box but after a day they fit utterly.

Safety & Slip-resistance

Nurses who have used Peggy clog haven’t had any slipping problems. Over the course of a shift, you come into contact with slippery and slick, hazardous floors that can make you fall, but Peggy clog has good anti-slip fortification to diminish the chances of you getting injured.

Peggy clog has a proper sole and covered upper that are supple enough to walk in comfortably, but not overly spongy or thin so that you get unlimited protection.


  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Slip-on shoe design
  • Tough slip-resistance


  • Can squeak a bit

15. Natural Uniforms Women’s Ultralite Strapless Clogs

Get reliable support with Natural Uniforms Women’s Ultralite Strapless Clogs!Natural Uniforms Women’s Ultralite Strapless Clogs

Natural Uniforms Women’s Ultralite strapless clogs are a good pair of women’s nurse shoes comfortable enough to stand/walk all day. It has a reasonable amount of cushioning, and a well-made sole to trim down pressure on feet and joints.

Material & Design

White-colored light-weight nursing Ultralite clogs contain a synthetic upper and includes EVA foam. The shoe is bacteria-resistant and provides all-day comfort with high arch and footbed support.

Non-marking slip-resistant sole is its notable feature, it’s a shoe with a surface you can easily sanitize. Synthetic uppers can be cleaned by heavy-duty cleaners, and are easy to wipe down. It’s available in a style that is work-appropriate and comfy.

Comfort & Support

Ultralite clogs are comfortable even if you’re on your feet for 12+ hours. If you have arch problems and plantar fasciitis, the shoe will not give you any pain.

Ultralite clogs are true to size. You can add an insole for additional comfort and they’ll fit better. You can have easy slip-off during breaks. If you’ve a lot of foot issues, they would get better and won’t get tender anymore.

Safety & Slip-resistance

Ultralite clog’s a lightweight and flexible comfort clog with anti-microbial properties. It’s firmer, more anatomical footbed will result in healthy and protected feet that’s less liable to heat-retention and sweating.

It has good traction. The anti-slip structure lets you walk on icy, snowy roads and slippery floors. The rounded shape helps you move from heel to toe, as in athletic shoes.

Width is quite wide. They fit loose and accommodate comfort insoles. These are great for outdoor work to keep the feet dry. It has a closed solid needle-proof toe to boost general protection and completely coverr the toes and upper feet, if you operate in a hospital where hazards are common.


  • High-traction, anti-slip clogs
  • Relief from all foot pain
  • Anti-microbial synthetic shoes


  • Very less arch support

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