Top 20 Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis in 2022

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A pair of sandals is considered as one of the most comfortable footwear and it has evolved over time to various stylesTop 20 Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis in 2018 providing comfort that complements one’s personal fashion sense. Some wear it to match their style while others need sandals to support their aching feet.

Millions of people nowadays are dealing with the inconvenience of sufferingfrom plantar fasciitis. With every step, you can feel the pain as you walk inthe wrong type of shoes. Without appropriate ergonomic support especially on the part of the foot that sustains most of the pressure, pain when walking could be such an unpleasant feeling. Good thing there are shoes that are made for plantar fasciitis and when it comes to comfort nothing beats a good pair of sandals for this condition. We have also written a complete guide about the best shoes for plantar fasciitis.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most usual causes of heel pain that afflicts millions of men and women today. The cause of pain is the inflammation of the thick ligament tissue along the bottom of the foot which connects the heel bone toTop 20 Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis in 2018 the toes or in medical term the plantar fascia. Check out our complete guide about the best shoes for working and standing on concrete.

Common symptom that most plantar fasciitis sufferers complain about is the stabbing pain that comes along with the first steps when waking up in the morning. Normally the pain decreases when moving during the day, but it returns after periods of standing, sitting and walking. Plantar fasciitis is common among runners, people who are overweight and with individuals who are wearing the incorrect shoe styles that have no adequate support.

Causes of Plantar Fasciitis

Common foot problem plantar fasciitis is cause by the constant rolling in of the foot with each step and this is technically known as over pronation. This condition could occur due to several factors such as weight gain, sudden increase in physical activity, pregnancy, tight foot muscles, weak foot structure and of course by wearing incorrect footwear that offers no support.

Plantar fasciitis is due to over pronation which arches on the foot can collapse, causing strain on the tissues that eventually will lead to foot pain and discomfort.

Why do we need to wear the correct type of shoes?

Footwear is highly significant and plays an integral role in the development of foot related problems which includes calluses, bunions, mallet toes and even plantar fasciitis. Wearing shoes that don’t fit properly and has no good support can worsen foot conditions and may cause more pain.Top 20 Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis in 2018

Wearing the correct type of footwear offers more than just comfort it can also help relieve pressure, strain and pain which are commonly associated with foot conditions such as joint problem and plantar fasciitis. It can help in preventing the foot problem to worsen while providing comfort with each step.

Qualities of a good sandals for people with plantar fasciitis

When searching for the best sandals forplantar fasciitis you will have to consider a few things which would determine which one is just right for you. Some brands can go as far as incorporating technological advancements with the latest innovations in improving footwear design to provide optimum support. While others dwell on simplicity in design. It is best to understand your foot condition and from there look for features that will support you needs.

Ample Arch Support

Sandals that has enough arch support can make a big difference in terms of comfort and this one of the most important factors to consider when choosing sandals for plantar fasciitis. Having good arch support will alleviate recurring pain and eventually helps in treating plantar fasciitis. Supportive footbeds found in good quality sandals are designed to follow the natural contours of the feet. This will help support and prevent fooVionic Unisex Kiwi Slide Sandalt pain that will make walking or standing up a comfortable experience.

The best sandals for plantar fasciitis have a uniquely constructed footbed that utilized special materials such as latex and cork that have the ability to reshape or mold the foot while correctively realigning the foot. Such footbed offers amazing arch support that can cradle and effectively massages the feet with each step. With a good arch support the best sandals for plantar fasciitis will reduce arch stress while relieving knee and back problems.

Excellent Cushioning

Sandals for plantar fasciitis should have superior cushioning. This will ensure a level of protection from shock that comes from the impact as one takes a step. Some best sandal brands for plantar fasciitis incorporate technology that absorbs the impact while decreasing stress on the foot arch, joints and spine. Excellent cushioning that comes from well built sandals should be able to provide long lasting comfort

Lightweight and Provides Superior Comfort

The best sandals for plantar fasciitis should be lightweight and can provide superior comfort. Aside from the much needed support for the foot arch, the sandals should be constructed out of lightweight material thus decreasing pressure and discomfort when walking. Lightweight sandals for plantar fasciitis should also provide flexibility which will allow the foot to move comfortably with ease. Best sandals for people with plantar fasciitis should be very comfortable. Thisspecial added feature is possible by incorporating materials that function as inner lining that willTop 20 Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis in 2018 allow the feet to breathe. Another consideration is the sandals sole. Good quality rubber sole provides good traction thus preventing accidental slips or skids.

Style and Functionality

Many brands of footwear now cater to people with foot problems by designing shoes that will support foot conditions while providing a footwear that can also match one’s style preference or season. Sandals for plantar fasciitis now come in various designs from slip-on slipper type, step-in with heels for women or sporty with straps for both sexes. Today’s creativity is now manifested even in the most comfortable footwear around. It is best to have a pair of sandals that will matches one’s personality and perfect in supporting one’s lifestyle.

Top 10 Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis for Women in 2020


Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


1. Viakix Sandals For Women adjustable athletic sandals $$ 4.6
2. Propet Women’s W0001 Breeze Walker Sandal Heel measures approximately 1.25″ $$ 4.5
3. Aerosoft Women’s Gliteratti Silver Sandal – 10 M US Platform measures approximately 1.50″ $$ 4.4
4. Orthofeet Verona Comfort Women’sFisherman Sandals 1″ Level 2 ANSI-certified tape $$ 4.3
5. Propet St. Lucia Sandals for Women Heel measures approximately 1.5″ $$ 4.2
6. Dr.Comfort Women’s Shannon Sandal Red Nubuck 8 Sizes Available: 5 through 10 $$ 4.2
7. Propet Women’s Ghilliewalker Platform Dress Sandal Low-Top” from arch $$ 4.1
8. Powerstep Women’s Fusion Flip-Flop Sandals NON-SLIP GRIP $$ 4.0
9. Propet Women’s Hartley Sandal,Black,9 M US Rubber sole $$ 3.9
10. Comfort Women’s Kelly Black Sandals Sizes Available: 5 through 10 $$ 3.9

1. Viakix Sandals For Women

Viakix Sandals for women is designed to meet the high demands of a person with active lifestyle. Viakix sportyViakix Sandals For Women sandals provide ultimate comfort and great to wear for outdoor fun, water sports, hiking, beach, walking and other fun activities.

Viakix is one of the best brands of footwear for women with plantar fasciitis not only it provides comfort, these sandals are stylish too that comes in various fashionable colors and trendy designs.

Custom Fit and Comfort

Made to perfectly match women who love the outdoors, each pair of Viakix sandals has practical features that you can customize for optimum comfort and support. The adjustable straps provide perfect fit all the time. The straps also allow proper adjustment to accommodate wide widths for extra room when needed.

Excellent Craftmanship

Viakix sandals are crafted by hand utilizing the best quality materials. This will ensure durability and long-lasting comfort. Special sandal feature such as superior heel and toe support is adequate enough to provide all-day comfort.

Outdoor Comfort and Durability

Viakix sandals incorporate a durable webbing system in its design which is perfect for an outdoor adventure. These adjustable outdoor sandals for women are water resistant and will go well with a person with an active lifestyle who enjoys the beach, kayaking, hiking or other outdoor activities.

Stylish Sandals

Viakix Sandals are designed to be fashionable and highly functional at the same time. There is no need to sacrifice fashion with the high-performance functions of these sandals. Viakix for women can provide both fashion and comfort that allow smooth transition from a day at the beach to night out with friends.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Viakix sandals for women not only boast stylish comfort but with its lightweight design anyone can easily bring a pair of two of these outdoor sandals. No need to worry about what type of footwear to your next vacation since Viakix sandals are the only footwear you will need.

2. Propet Women’s W0001 Breeze Walker Sandal

Propet Breeze Walker Sandals for women come with various adjustments that will perfectly fit all types of feet. WithPropet Women’s W0001 Breeze Walker Sandal the best sandals for women with plantar fasciitis, Propet Breeze Walker Sandals can provide comfort that will solve challenges of having foot problems. Made from quality materials and with innovative design features, these comfy sandals for women have built-in foot arch support, contoured footbed, adjustable straps and are quality made that will ensure durability through the years.

Built-in Arch Support

The Propet Breeze Walker Sandals for Women have a built-in arch support system that can effectively provide comfort each time you take a stride. The foot is properly rested on an efficient footbed that is uniquely designed to protect against shock and at the same time cradles the foot for stabilizing comfort.

Innovative Outsole

Propet Breeze Walker Sandals conform to the natural contours of the feet providing extra comfort. Manufactured with innovative design features, these best sandals for women come with an air-cell polyurethane outsole for total comfort and outstanding durability best made for tough outdoor activities. The durable outsole is extra strong in providing extraordinary comfort even in tough surfaces.

Custom Fit Perfect for All Foot Types

Designed with 3 adjustable Velcro straps, the Propet Sandals for women can provide the best comfort fit. It can easily be adjusted to perfectly accommodate various foot type. Regardless if women have narrow or extra wide feet, Propet sandals can easily conform to foot sizes and shapes providing a unique custom fit for ultimate comfort and stability.

Comfortable Insole

Be it summer or spring, Propet sandals for women with plantar fasciitis can easily enjoy outdoor activities in full comfort. Built with leather wrapped insole and thick padding to promote extra comfort with each step. These sandals for women also have breathable perforations or air holes that will provide soothing effect and cool comfy feeling.

3. Aerosoft Gliteratti Sandal Flip Flops

Aerosoft Gliteratti Sandal Orthotic Flipflop for women is manufactured to provide the best comfort in a footwearAerosoft Gliteratti Sandal Flip Flops without sacrificing fashion. Made by a reputable shoe company in the U.S., Aerosoft has able to perfect sandal designs through over 35 years of providing comfortable footwear in the market. Each pair of Aerosoft sandals for women comes with a patented Aerothotic insoles and anatomic footbeds that provide excellent protection and comfort for the foot.

Aerothotic Insoles

Aerosoft Gliteratti Sandals for women boast a unique technology in footwear construction called “Aerothotic” which has a semi-flexible foot arch support system that cradles the foot perfectly for superior comfort and protection with every stride. The semi-flexible sole conforms perfectly to the shape of the foot that it softly bends with each foot movement. This will cushion the foot that will help prevent heel pain and discomfort.

Specialized Soles

Made with specially manufactured polyurethane soles using a technology called direct-on-upper, this creates a tight fusion that binds the upper and lower sole without having to use any adhesives. Aerosoft sandals for women thrives on innovations for long lasting strength while providing exceptional comfort in a lightweight footwear.

Stylish Design

Aerosoft Gliteratti Sandals for women offer comfortable footwear perfect for people with plantar fasciitis. At the same time, these sandals are fashionable enough to complement a woman’s sense of style providing a hint of glamor through its glittery sandals straps. With many colors to chose from and uniquely styled insole with pattern, the Aerosoft Gliteratti combines comfort and style for women with foot problems.

4. Orthofeet Verona Comfort Women’sFisherman Sandals

Orthofeet Verona Fisherman sandals for women are designed to provide the best comfort fit while providingOrthofeet Verona Comfort Women’sFisherman Sandals excellent foot protection. With a uniquely designed anatomical arch support in a comfortable relaxed fitting sandals, the Orthofeet Verona provides good protection against pressure pains on the foot. Orthofeet Verona is considered the best fisherman sandals for women who suffer from foot conditions through its innovative design features. These comfy women’s sandals are also suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Comfy Gel Orthotic Insoles

Manufactured with gel orthotic insole, the Orthofeet Verona Women’s Fisherman sandals support natural movement of the feet when walking. With ergonomically designed cushioned insole, steps are gentler and softer which add a level of protection to the feet from pain that triggers pressure points. With this technology, people who suffer from pain when walking can find relief and comfort from the gel orthotic insoles.

Deep Toe Box Design

Orthofeet sandals for women have deep toe box design allowing feet to remain relax giving ample space for the feet to expand naturally for superior comfort. With enough depth on the toe box area of the sandals, the toes can spread naturally without feeling any strain or compressing factor on its natural movement.

Biomechanical Design Factors

Orthofeet Verona Fisherman sandals for women are integrated with biomechanical design system that will provide the best comfort for the foot. With this unique design concept, Orthofeet for women sandals are geared towards enhancing stability with ultimate comfort that can address issues such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, lower back pain, knee pain, arch pain, pressure points, pronation, hammer toes and diabetic feet. Orthofeet sandals will help in reducing pain, decreasing pressure and discomfort while protecting the feet with each step.

5. Propet St. Lucia Sandals for Women

When it comes stylish comfy footwear Propet is ahead in terms of design. The Propet St. Lucia sandals for womenPropet St. Lucia Sandals for Women combine style and expert reliability.  Increasing popularity in providing the best comfortable walking shoes, Propet St. Lucia Sandals offers fashionably designed footwear featuring nice stylish straps constructed in soft leather upper with two hook and loop closures. The dainty floral button details add sophistication to these comfy sandals for women. Propet St. Lucia Women’s Sandal has excellent cushioning system from the insole foam that offers ultimate support when walking.

Comfortable Foam Cushioned Insole

Propet St. Lucia Sandals is constructed with cushioning foam insoles that have microfiber sock wrap lining that provide excellent cushioning support and ultimate comfort to the feet. The innovative insoles are ideal to protect and at the same time relief the feet from tired feeling and pain associated with walking.

Adjustable Dual Straps

Fashionably designed, the double strap system of Propet St. Lucia is fully adjustable to fit any foot diameter or width. Narrow or wide footed women would be happy to wear comfy slides that can also match their own personal taste in fashion.  The sandal straps are made from leather that are durable and come in various colors.

Fashionable Design

When it comes to comfortable shoes for women Propet knows that style matters for most women. Good thing that Propet St. Lucia women’s sandals are stylish enough to be worn outdoors or indoors. From a casual walk in the park or to girl’s night out, Propet sandals for women are designed to match any wardrobe while providing the most comfortable footwear suitable for women with plantar fasciitis. Genuine leather straps are available in various colors with an elegant floral metal button which add a dainty detail.

6. Comfort Women’s Shannon Sandal

Dr. Comfort Shannon sandals for women boasts biomechanics design features that could provide optimum comfort.Comfort Women’s Shannon Sandal Manufactured to allure barefoot enthusiasts, the innovations incorporated on each Dr.Comfort Shannon sandals recognized the need for best comfort, style and durability in therapeutic shoes. Categorized as a diabetic shoe, these sandals are suitable for any foot health conditions wherein comfort and protection are concern.

Cushioned Footbed with Orthotic Arch Support

Incorporating biomechanics in its design, each pair of Dr.Comfort Shannon sandals for women is created to fulfill the requirements for a therapeutic footwear. With an integrated post and shank and softly cushioned footbed, Shannon women’s sandals offer the best support that will prevent strain and pressure to built up along the foot arches thus providing extra comfort with every stride.

Innovative Dual Density Midsoles

Dr. Comfort Shannon for women sandals have a built-in dual density midsole that provide extra protection to the foot arch. This will allow the foot to rest naturally on the footbed without strain or pressure. Walking becomes comfortable in these Dr.Comfort sandals.

Quality Craftmanship

With quality craftmanship that goes with each pair of Dr. Comfort Shannon sandals for women, each pair promises great comfort and durability that would last for years. Classic slip-on styled sandals fused with modern innovations for a therapeutic footwear, these Dr. Comfort sandals for women are great to wear everyday.

7. Propet Women’s Ghilliewalker Platform Dress Sandal

Designed to provide the best comfortable walking shoes for women, the Propet Ghilliewalker Platform Dress sandalsPropet Women’s Ghilliewalker Platform Dress Sandal promise to promote the best walking experience ever. Propet is a dedicated company that is gaining popularity when it comes to best walking shoes. With this in mind,the Ghilliewalker Platform sandals for women are manufactured to give excellent protection on foot conditions that need extra care.

Ghillie Lacing System

Propet Ghilliewalker Platform women’s sandals feature a ghillie lacing system which offers maximum comfort that conforms perfectly to most foot types and width. Through this lacing system, one can easily adjust and customize the tightness of these platform sandals which will ensure the best comfort fit suitable even for wider width foot.

Adjustable Hook and Loop Strap

The Propet Ghilliewalker women’s sandals have hook and strap at the heels that will keep the foot in place when walking. The heel straps are fully adjustable providing stable and secure foothold with each stride.

Excellent Traction

Propet Ghilliewalker Sandals are constructed with the quality PU outsole for the best possible traction and stability. Having excellent traction protects the wearer from accidental slips, slides and trips that could result to injuries. Propet sandals for women are also great to wear outdoors.

Fashionable Casual Design

The unique styling of these Propet Ghilliewalker sandals for women can complement one’s preference in fashion. Made from full grain leather material with unique diamond shaped cut-out hole pattern, these Propet sandals for women are also available in different colors.

8. Powerstep Women’s Fusion Flip-Flop Sandals

Powerstep Fusion Orthotic Sandals for women are considered as genuine orthotic sandals which provide optimumPowerstep Women’s Fusion Flip-Flop Sandals comfort and support. These flipflop sandals for women come in attractive styles with the best features for superb comfort. Ample support and extra layers of cushioning, the Powerstep Fusion sandals are manufactured to provide the best support and comfort for women who have foot conditions such as flat feet and plantar fasciitis. Added features include comfy footbed, arch support, cushioned midsole and anti-slip outer sole make Powerstep Fusion Orthotic Women’s Sandals the stylish choice that can go with personal fashion preference.

Excellent Arch Support

Powerstep Fusion Orthotic sandals for women are fitted with quality made arch support system that provide comfort and optimum support on the foot. The contoured footbed has a build-in arch with supportive heel cup that will provide excellent stability and support on foot essential for a good walk.

Support All Arch Types

With a good arch support deign, these Powerstep Fusion sandals can protect and provide maximum support regardless of foot arch types. People who have neutral arch, high arch or low arch can easily rely on Powerstep Fusion for comfort and support when walking.

Comfortable Cushioned Midsole

Powerstep Fusion Orthotic Women’s Sandals come in a casual flip-flop design with superior foot cushioning system on the midsole. This feature helps alleviate stress and strain on the foot by absorbing shock from the impact when one is walking.

Safe Lightweight Design

Made from lightweight quality materials, the Powerstep Fusion sandals for women are very easy to wear which will prevent strain when walking. The lightweight outsole has non-slip tread that will prevent accidental slips while the heavily textured surface offers excellent traction even on wet surface.

Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

When it comes to comfortable best sandals for plantar fasciitis, Powerstep Fusion is ahead in design features. Stylish and yet comfy, these sandals for women offer superior comfort and excellent support for people with various foot conditions.

9. Propet Women’s Hartley Sandal

Propet Hartley Sandals for Women boasts both casual stylish design and best comfort for the feet. Made with anPropet Women’s Hartley Sandal innovative Rejuve Motion Technology feature on the top sole, this footwear offers reliable support and secure footing with each stride. Padded midsole, u-shaped heel and toe webbing, the Propet Hartley softly cradles the feet while providing excellent support for people with foot conditions. These sandals for plantar fasciitis combine style and function in one neat design.

Rejuve Motion Technology

Propet Hartley Sandals for women incorporate an advanced feature called Rejuve motion technology which offers superior arch support for maximum comfort. Top sole is quality made with neoprene soft lining that allows the feet to rest comfortably while enabling the wearer to have a secure stride when walking.

Supportive U-Shaped Heel and Webbing Toe Post

Two good design features of Propet Hartley women’s sandals are the webbing toe post and the u-shaped heels. With these added features, the foot has enough support that allow safer strides when walking. The webbed toe post offers better grip which keeps the toes and feet align. While the u-shaped heel design significantly cradles the back part of the foot to keep the arch in a comfortable position which will secure each footstep.

Padded Midsole

The contoured footbed of Propet Hartley Sandals for women have EVA padded midsoles that will provide excellent foot support especially for long walks. This feature is essential in providing ultimate comfort and added protection for people with plantar fasciitis.

Reliable Rubberized Outsole

Fitted with rubber outsoles, these Propet Hartley sandals for women provide excellent traction for safety. There is a sense of security with each step as the outsole can resist slips and slides preventing injuries.

Stylish Wide Nubuck Leather Straps

Unlike other orthotic sandals for women, a pair of Propet Hartley Sandals offers stylish comfort with its classic stitched details on genuine Nubuck leather straps. These sandals come in various colors suitable for modern stylish women.

10. Comfort Women’s Kelly Black Sandals

Dr. Comfort Kelly sandals for women are engineered to provide optimum support to people with foot conditions.Comfort Women’s Kelly Black Sandals Equipped with an advanced innovation such as the dual-density midsole, this feature encourages good foot movement by decreasing shock on the foot particularly on the heel area and toes. Secured and stable steps are very possible with the integrated orthotic footbed. With excellent foot arch support, these Dr.Comfort Kelly women’s sandals conform to the natural foot arch while reducing pronation. With advanced design features these sandals are highly suitable for women with plantar fasciitis.

Integrated Orthotic Footbed

Dr. Comfort Kelly sandals for women are designed to provide the best support through its built-in orthotics. With an efficient orthotic footbed, the foot arch is relief from strain thus providing stability and support with each step. These orthotic sandals for women relief symptoms associated with foot health complications including plantar fasciitis.

Quality Rubber Outsole

Quality rubber outsole provides excellent traction that is necessary to prevent accidental slips or slides. The Dr. Comfort Women’s Kelly Sandals are designed to protect the foot while providing stability when walking through various surfaces such as wet pavement or floor.

Dual Density Midsole

Innovations such as the dual density midsole makes Dr.Comfort Kelly sandals a good choice for women with plantar fasciitis. With the addition of a uniquely designed midsole, these comfy sandals promote natural foot motion by decreasing shock. Every step is gentler thus reducing pressure points and stress on foot.

Ultra-Lightweight Design

Walking is very easy and comfortable with Dr. Comfort Kelly sandals. Sole is manufactured with lightweight materials, these sandals for plantar fasciitis are superbly comfortable to wear even on long walks or a day at the mall. The wide sandal band comes in classic sip-on slipper style and can be adjusted to conform to any foot width.

Top 10 Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis for Men in 2020


Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


1. Orthofeet Clearwater Orthopedic Sandals for Men hammer toes $$ 4.6
2. Vionic Men’s Tide Toe Post Sandal Rubber sole $$ 4.5
3. Propet Men’s Daytona Flat Sandal Synthetic sole $$ 4.4
4. Neat Feat Zori Sport Orthotic Slip-On Men’s Sandals Heel measures approximately 1″ $$ 4.3
5. Footminders BALTRA Unisex Orthotic Arch Support Sandals Deep heel cups $$ 4.2
6. Comfort Fisherman Men’s Therapeutic Sandals Sizes: 6-15 $$$ 4.2
7. PropetVero Slide Men’s Sandals Synthetic sole $$ 4.1
8. Telic Unisex Recovery Flipflop Sandals 4 replaceable CR2032 long-life lithium batteries $$ 4.0
9. Dr. Comfort Men’s Collin Black Sandals Sizes Available: 8 through 13 $$ 3.9
10. Vionic Unisex Kiwi Slide Sandal Durable rubber out-sole $$ 3.9

1. Orthofeet Clearwater Orthopedic Sandals for Men

Orthofeet Clearwater Fisherman men’s sandals are ergonomically constructed to provide excellent foot support.Orthofeet Clearwater Orthopedic Sandals for Men With an anatomical arch support system that protects against pressure points, the foot is cushioned and guarded by reducing shock that comes from the impact as one takes a step. Integrating biomechanical features in its design, the Orthofeet Clearwater Orthopedic sandals for men can help reduce pain normally associated with people with foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Anatomical Arch Support

Orthofeet Clearwater Fisherman men’s sandals have an anatomical arch support that easily conforms to the arch of the foot. This support system ensures that the foot is properly supported by providing an area on the shoes where it can rest comfortably without strain. Using these orthopedic fisherman sandals can help alleviate pain associated with plantar fasciitis including heel pain, lower back pain, knee and hip pain.

Ergonomic Orthotic Insole

Innovative advanced features such as the “Ortho Cushion System” makes the Orthofeet Clearwater Men’s Fisherman sandals a good choice for people with foot conditions. The easy gait-ortho cushion system comes in a lightweight sole that has air cushion. With this technology, these sandals can soften each step while adding spring power to the step. Biochemically designed footwear that will ease stress on joints, Orthofeet Clearwater sandals for men are excellent in enhancing stability while facilitating proper foot motion.

Extra Depth Design with Deep Toe Box

With extra depth design and wider toe box,the Orthofeet Clearwater Fisherman men’s sandals are created to relief the foot from pain. The extra depth gives a comfortable space for the foot to relax while the deep toe box allows the toes to naturally move with each step. These men’s sandals for plantar fasciitis have seamless lining with foam padding which provide excellent protection and uncompromised comfort eliminating pressure points.

Engineered for Plantar Fasciitis and other Foot Conditions

Orthofeet Clearwater Orthopedic Sandals for Men are designed to perfectly support and give relief to people who have foot conditions. These sandals offer maximum comfort and unparalleled protection for metatarsal pain, heel and arch pain, foot pain, pressure points, knee and back pain, arthritic feet, bunions, corns, pronation, diabetic feet, hammer toes and even plantar fasciitis.

2. Vionic Men’s Tide Toe Post Sandal

The Vionic Tide Men’s Sandals are best for casual activities at home or out gardening. These casual sandals for menVionic Men’s Tide Toe Post Sandal are constructed to provide optimum comfort and good support for people who have foot conditions. Made from lightweight materials, biomechanical footbed with deep heel, these Vionic sandals for men offers the best comfort and style for discerning gentlemen.

Tri-planar Motion Control Footbed

Vionic Tide sandals for men come with a biomechanical footbed designed by a podiatrist. The innovative Tri-planar Motion Control footbed provides improved stabilization that will keep the feet align to its natural position without strain or pressure. Fitted with a deep heel cup, this added feature keeps the feet in place while providing good support.

Comfortable Flexible Midsole

Constructed with lightweight midsole, the Vionic Tide men’s sandals are extra flexible conforming to the natural arch of the foot. This provide a good support that reduces stress on ankles, knees and on feet. With medium density EVA midsole, Vionic Tide sandals are made to absorb shock reducing the occurrence of pain and pressure points.

Durable TPR Outsole for Good Traction

Vionic Tide Men’s Sandals incorporated a quality TPR outsole for optimum traction that prevents accidental slips or slides especially on wet surfaces. Walking is safer and comfortable in Vionic Tide sandals.

Foam Padded Strap with Soft Woven Toe Post

Made from woven and leather material uppers with Neoprene lining, these Vionic Tide men’s sandals are stylish and at the same time comfortable to wear. Constructed with soft woven toe post that comes with foam lined straps, Vionic Tide guarantees a more secure and comfortable fit.

3. Propet Men’s Daytona Flat Sandal

Propet Daytona men’s sandals are constructed to give the best comfort fit in a footwear. Handsomely crafted in fullPropet Men’s Daytona Flat Sandal grain leather material for a classic stylish appeal, these leather sandals for men have orthotic features that can ensure comfort and protection at the same time. The cushioned footbed perfectly supports foot arch to relief pain and pressure points. Triple Velcro adjustable straps ensure secure fit in the most convenient way. These sandals offer good traction through its durable thermal rubber outsole. Stylish comfort that can go from city strolls to road trips out of town.

Comfortable Cushioned Footbed

Propet Daytona sandals for men are constructed with the best cushioned footbed that provides ultimate comfort and protection against heel and foot pain. With the addition of microfiber sock lining, these Propet men’s sandals offer all day comfort whether on an outdoor trip or casual walks around town.

Thermal Rubber Outsole for Best Traction

Made with durable and efficient thermal rubber outsole, the Propet Daytona men’s leather sandals ensure the best traction on most surfaces. The outsole is quality made and very durable withstanding the demands of a footwear suitable for outdoorsy lifestyle.

Fully Adjustable Double Straps

The Propet Daytona Sandals have fully adjustable straps that can easily conform to various foot widths. The adjustable hook and loop triple straps utilize Velcro closure for convenience. An added heel strap secures the feet in place for a secured comfy fit.

4. Neat Feat Zori Sport Orthotic Slip-On Men’s Sandals

Neat Feat Zori Orthotic Sandals for men are revolutionized footwear that adheres to comfort and functionality. Neat Feat Zori Sport Orthotic Slip-On Men’s Sandals Derived from the traditionally crafted Japanese footwear, each pair of Zori men’s sandals is created with innovations that goes beyond comfort and style. With the promise of healthy feet,Neat Feat Zori for men sandals are ergonomically designed to provide best comfort while protecting the feet. Lightweight and versatile these Zori slip-ons for men can go from poolside to city strolling.

Ergonomically Designed

Neat Feat Zori Sport Orthotic Slip-On for men are ergonomically designed with good arch support system that protects and provides comfort with every step. The high arch footbed helps in preserving healthy foot structure by keeping stable on its proper position. This design feature also prevents the tendency of pronation wherein the ankle turns and is not with normal alignment.

Orthotic Features

Incorporating orthotic features, these Neat Feat Zori sport sandals for men promote normal healthy posture while preventing the spine to curve unnaturally. Foot pain as well a knee or back pain can be associated with poorly constructed footwear wherein the spine, knees and ankle are compromised. Zori men’s sandals offer relief and at the same time facilitate good overall posture.

Suitable on Wet Conditions with Quick Dry Technology

Neat Feat Zori orthotic sandals for men are constructed in quality materials that are adaptable to either wet or dry condition. These sports sandals can be used safely in wet surface and can dry quickly providing a comfortable footwear even during water sport activities.

Lightweight Design with V-Thong Strap

Designed with durable and lightweight v-thong typed sandal strap, the Neat Feet Zori men’s sandals will securely cradle the foot with every step. Sandal thong straps run from the big toe and extend beyond the midsole up to the heel area securing the sandals in place.

Unisex Sport Sandals

The Zorisport sandals are unisex and can be worn by both men and women. These orthotic sandals are perfect for anyone who suffer from foot health complications and even address issues of plantar fasciitis.

5. Footminders BALTRA Unisex Orthotic Arch Support Sandals

Footminders Baltra Orthotic unisex sandals offer the best comfort and support for people who have foot conditions.Footminders BALTRA Unisex Orthotic Arch Support Sandals Crafted with best features such as supportive midsole, effective arch support and cushioning, Footminders orthotic sandals for men are great to wear on casual occasions. Designed to provide excellent support in sporty styled orthotic sandals for men, Baltra is a good choice for all day comfort footwear for people who suffer from over pronation, foot pain and plantar fasciitis.

Excellent Midsole Support

Footminders Baltra men’s sandals have an innovative midsole made from quality compression molded EVA material that provides optimum arch support. This will allow the foot to be protected enabling one to walk comfortably without pain. The midsole arch support absorbs shock while providing cushioning for the foot.

Comfortable Cushioned Straps

Designed to provide ultimate comfort in everyday footwear, the Footminders Baltra orthotic sandals are suitable to wear by everyone. Thong slipper styled sandals with softly cushioned Neoprene straps, Baltra sandals are very comfortable without worrying about the strap marks that could cause irritations or cuts. Both men and women can wear these sandals around the house or at the beach for all day comfort.

Anatomically Designed

Footminders Baltra Orthotic offers unapparelled comfort and support through its anatomically molded sandals that conform to the natural curvature of the feet. Each pair of Baltra orthotic unisex sandals are designed to make walking very comfortable.

Durable Textured Rubber Outsole

Constructed with quality made textured rubber outsole, the Footminders Baltra sandals are very durable and safe to use on any surface. The ultra-durable rubber outsole has indentions and grooves that will provide optimum traction preventing accidental slips. The quality rubber outsole of these unisex orthotic sandals is essential for safe and secured walking.

6. Comfort Fisherman Men’s Therapeutic Sandals

Dr. Comfort Fisherman Therapeutic Sandals for men are absolutely comfortable. Classically crafted in fine softComfort Fisherman Men’s Therapeutic Sandals leather, the lightweight design of these leather fisherman shoes makes it very comfortable to wear indoors or outdoors. Comes with a patented Dr. Comfort gel insert, these leather therapeutic men’s sandals allow the foot to relax with good support that will relief pain associated with foot problems. With sophisticated lines and open hole style leather uppers, these Dr. Comfort Fishermen leather sandals for men are totally fashionable for gents with distinct taste.

Stylish Leather Therapeutic Open Design Shoes

With an open design concept in a leather crafted sandals, these Dr. Comfort Fisherman men’s shoes are ideally made to adhere to classic taste in fashion while providing comfort and protection to foot issues. Made from finest leather materials, the open spaces on the leather uppers are essential to provide vents that allow the foot to feel cooler while providing good area for it to expand after hours of walking. These therapeutic shoes for men come in both classic lace closure and in modern Velcro strap closure to suit styling preference.

Innovative Dr. Comfort Gel Insert

Dr. Comfort Fisherman sandals for men include the innovative exclusively patented gel insert by Dr. Comfort. With this that comes with each pair of Dr. Comfort Fisherman Therapeutic sandals, foot will have good support while promoting healthy feet structure. The gel acts as a foot arch support that protects the feet from impact that comes along with each step.

Seamless Lightweight Leather Sandals

Though looks heavyweight in classic design features, the Dr. Comfort Fisherman Orthopedic Leather Sandals are made from lightweight materials. Using the finest soft leathers for the uppers and lining, the outsole is lightweight providing comfort in well-constructed sandals.

7. PropetVero Slide Men’s Sandals

Propet Vero Slide sandals for men are made from full grain leather and can be unbelievably comfortable. ThePropetVero Slide Men’s Sandals neoprene inner lining and quality foam padded footbed that comes with microfiber sock lining will keep the feet feeling comfortable even from a whole day of strolling. These sandals offer good traction through the innovative thermal rubber outsole.

Foam Padded Footbed

Unlike regular sandals for men, the Propet Vero Slide sandals incorporate a realizable foam padded footbed that provides good arch support for the foot. With this orthotic feature, Propet Vero men’s slide sandals will help reduce stress and pain by allowing the foot to maintain its natural and normal position. Foam padding also serves as a protection against shock that comes when the foot takes a step relieving strain and pressure points.

Full Grain Leather Sandals

Handsomely crafted in full grain leather, the Propet Vero orthotic sandals for men evoke classic style that can go from day to night. Men with sensible taste in fashion will surely appreciate the comfort by wearing Propet Vero men’s leather sandals.

Efficient Thermal Rubber Outsole

Propet Vero Sandal Slide for men is designed to meet the high demands of people with foot pain by incorporating a quality made thermal rubber outsole. Providing excellent traction on most surfaces, these leather men’s sandals are reliably safer than regular sandals.

Fully Adjustable for Wide Width Feet

Most men find difficulties in searching for the best sandals for wider feet. Good thing that Propet Vero Slide leather sandals for men are made to comfortably fit foot that has wider width. The wide Velcro dual straps are easily adjustable to accommodate foot regardless of width size.

8. Telic Unisex Recovery Flipflop Sandals

Telic Recovery Flipflop unisex sandals are well-designed by incorporating advanced technology into theTelic Unisex Recovery Flipflop Sandals manufacturing of each pair. Voted as best comfort shoe, Telic Recovery sandals offer unparalleled support and exceptional comfort to the feet through its orthotic features. The extremely lightweight design prevents foot stress while providing relief for people who have orthopedic concerns such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs among others.

Ergonomically Contoured Footbed

Telic Recovery Flipflop unisex sandals feature an exceptional support through its ergonomically designed footbed. Molded and shaped to easily follow the natural contour of the feet, these Telic sandals for men are able to provide relief by reducing the weight from the ball of the foot and reducing stress on the toe area. This feature is appreciated by people who have foot pain wherein they can comfortably walk with less stress on sensitive foot areas.

Efficient Recovery Shoes after Sports

Initially manufactured to answer the demands for a great recovery shoes, Telic Recovery sandal flipflop is a common favorite among celebrity golfers, runners, podiatrist, orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors. Designed with foot anatomy on mind, Telic Recovery Sandals address foot problems by providing relief in exact points in the foot wherein support is needed.

Technologically Advanced Recovery Sandals

Incorporating the best materials in its design, Telic Recovery flipflops for men are sensitive to temperature. Made from innovative material, these recovery sandals are heat sensitive and can react with the body temperature allowing the sandals to naturally conform to the contours of the foot. The textured footbed will soften which will make these sports flipflop an extension of the feet that will provide barefoot like comfort without the pain and pressure.

Shock Absorbing Feature

Well-built using the best patented material called Novalon, Telic Recovery Flipflop sandals will absorb shock while providing a ‘bounce back’ effect which will protect the feet from pressure points. Novalon isvery lightweight and pillow soft material that providesexcellent cushioning, elasticity and rebound effect with each step.

9. Comfort Collin Black Men’s Sandals

Dr. Comfort Collin sandals for men are part of the Ortho Sandals Collection that are designed to address footComfort Collin Black Men’s Sandals problems by offering effective solutions through its features. With simple design concept, these orthotopic sandals for men are great to wear for day to day activities. Contoured to naturally conform to the curvature of the foot, Dr. Comfort Collin thong sandals for men have a good foot arch support that offers relief and protection against pressure points, over pronation and stress thus providing comfort when walking.

Biomechanically Designed Midsole

Dr. Comfort Collin men’s thong sandals are designed with biomechanical standards that meet the requirements of people who have foot health issues. Well-structured midsole with textured surface will help reduce stress on foot thus providing relief from pain while preventing pressure points. Dr. Comfort Collin sandals can help reduce stress by absorbing shock thus reducing the stress on the foot.

Cushioned Contoured Footbed

Providing a true arch support, the Dr. Comfort Collin men’s sandals are contoured to naturally adjust and conform to the shape of the foot. This design feature helps prevent arch pain by allowing the foot to maintain its natural structure. The integrated post and shank makes wearing very comfortable even after hours of walking.

Textured Insole

Dr. Comfort Collin sandals for men are engineered to provide support and relief to the foot. Having a textured insole where the foot can rest comfortably, this will allow a better contact of the foot to the sandal thereby improving gait necessary for a comfortable and pain free walk.

Non-skid Outsole

Dr. Comfort Collin sandals for men are very comfortable to wear all day and with its rubberized outsole traction is very good. The outsole is quality made for durability and can withstand various surfaces while facilitating safer steps. These sandals are available in three classic colors.

10. Vionic Unisex Kiwi Slide Sandal

Vionic Kiwi Slide sandals for men are designed by a certified podiatrist to provide the best footwear for people withVionic Unisex Kiwi Slide Sandal foot problems especially plantar fasciitis. These unisex slide sandals are well-constructed that feature a built-in orthotic that offers superior foot arch support. Midsole is sensitive to motion and has a deep heel cup which is great in relieving heel pain. Adjustable hook and loop closure allow space for various foot widths. Uppers are water-resistant with quick drying inner lining, these Vionic men’s sandals are suitable to wear after sports or for causal walks.

Effective Arch Support System

Ergonomically designed by an expert in footcare, the Vionic Kiwi unisex slide sandals are excellent in providing good support. The motion control midsole features a built-in orthotic that effectively support the foot arch thus reducing stress and pain commonly associated with plantar fasciitis. Vionic Kiwi sandals for men allow the foot to maintain its natural structure relieving pressure, stress and pain.

Stabilizing Deep Heel Cup

Vionic Kiwi sandals for men have a deeper heel cup which is excellent for people who are suffering from plantar fasciitis. The deep heel cup allows a good space where the heel can be supported properly by maintaining good foot alignment. Stabilizing the heel area is significant in reliving pain from foot.

Water Resistant Upper with Quick Drying Lining

Sportysandals such as Vionic Kiwi Slide sandals for men need to be tough under several conditions. Good thing that these Vionic men’s sandals have water resistant uppers and quick dry lining which are great to use after swimming, water sports or otherfun activity.

Easy Hook and Loop Closure

Vionic Kiwi unisex sandals have hook and loop closure for easy adjustment. This will allow foot to have a comfortable snug fit. With these adjustable wide straps, the Vionic Kiwi orthotic sandals are suitable for various foot widths.


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