Top 10 Best Pull on Work Boots in 2021 – Complete Guide

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Pull-ons, lace-ups, slide-ons – work boots, in general, are some of the most trustworthy types of work footwear. And getting a pair ofTop 10 Best Pull on Work Boots in 2017 - Complete Guide these hardworking shoes could be one of the best investments you can make for more enjoyable, or at least bearable, work shift at the site or on the floor.

But among the many styles and types of working shoes, it can be tricky to get the pair that best suits your working needs.

Why Pull-on Work Boots

Pull-on boot is one of the popular choices among men and women who work on industrial floors or tough job sites outdoors.

Hardy. In general, pull-ons are constructed with robust materials that endure long and tough grinds. These also come with the essential features of most working boots like secure steel toe reinforcements, slip-resistant outsoles with high-grip traction, weather resistance as well as puncture and electrical protection

Comfortable. Unlike other rugged boots, pull-ons often come with well-lined interior to make them easy to put on. The linings make them much more comfortable to wear especially for long shifts that require a lot of leg work or rigorous tasks.

Convenient. Pull-ons are awesome when you are always on a rush to get to clock-in for work or feel too beat-up at the end of your shift to bother with troublesome laces. They’re quick and manageable even with a brain freeze.

Pull-on versus Slip-on Work Boots

 Pull-on boots are often referred to as slip-ons. In fact, your guy in your local shoe store may use these terms interchangeably all the time. But these two are technically different types of boots despite their common features. Here are a few key differences:

  1. Shaft size – while slip-on boots reach up an inch or two above the ankle, pull-ons have much taller shafts, with some reaching up just below the knees to provide ample leg protection.
  1. Design – slip-ons are highly functional boots used to replace lace-up work boots in large industrial floors. So they often sport sturdy and unpretentious designs. Pull-on boots, on the other hand, still bear a noticeable resemblance to cowboy boots and are good for indoor jobs and yard work.
  1. Material – lastly, slip-ons are made of treated leather and synthetic textile like the ones used for lace-up work boots, whereas pull-ons are often made of hide similar to that of most riding boots.

If you are looking for hardy indoor work boots that are easiest to put on and give your ankles good room for movement, slip-ons are awesome picks. But if you need reliable boots that will give you ample leg support and weather protection for working out of doors, then pull-on boots are the better picks.

Features to Consider


While comfort and durability are essentials for work boots, it is often much easier to find pairs that are designed for your needs, then choose the most comfortable and durable among the selection, rather than going the other way around.

One thing you want to examine is the height of the shaft. Pull-on shafts reach the mid-calf in general, but they vary a few inches. For stockier users, finding a boot with lower and wider shafts is challenging but worth the nitpicking search.

Some pull-ons are also more cowboyish and outdoorsy than others. These often have specialized outsoles for rugged yard work along with classic western aesthetics. Other pull-ons attempt to bridge between industrial and outdoors use and compromise some features for flexible functions.

Material and Durability

Aside from being sturdily constructed, work boots need to provide additional protective features to become site-worthy. Safety toes with steel reinforcements are usually essentials, as well slip-resistant outsoles preferably with high-grip lugs for good traction in rough terrains.

Upper materials that are made of weatherproof leather is the most desirable, because leather adjusts to your unique foot contours and become warmer and comfortable over time while providing enough protection from harsh elements like rain showers, jagged edges and even animal bites.

Comfort and Fit

Pull-ons are often far more comfortable than other work boots. The shafts and insoles are sufficiently lined to help you ease into them in the absence of laces. If you work long hours, extra linings will surely make a difference.

Aside from comfortable interior, some pull-ons come with special orthodontic insoles that all but massage your feet while you work all day. When you have to get through 12-hour days all the time, these insoles could be a candidate for best man at your wedding.

While some labels are true to size, others come with a size or half-size difference, so it is wise to order up or down depending on the brand to make sure your feet are left with enough breathing space when you wear protective socks underneath,



Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


  1. ARIAT MEN’S WORKHOG PULL-ON H2O WORK BOOT Slip-/oil-resistant $$ 4.8
  2. CATERPILLAR MEN’S REVOLVER PULL-ON STEEL-TOE BOOT Slip-resistant outsole $$  4.7
  3. ARIAT MEN’S GROUNDBREAKER PULL ON WORK BOOT Heavy duty oil-and-slip resistant Duratread outsole $$  4.6
  4. MARTENS MEN’S ICON INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH STEEL TOE BOOT Durable, slip resistant PVC outsole $$ 4.6 
  5. GEORGIA BOOT MEN’S ATHENS WORK BOOT Full Grain and Split Suede Leather $$ 4.5 
  6. CATERPILLAR MEN’S REVOLVER PULL-ON SOFT TOE BOOT Oil-/slip-resistant outsole $$ 4.4
  7. JUSTIN ORIGINAL WORK BOOTS MEN’S J-MAX PULL-ON WORK BOOT Removable insole, Slip- and oil-resistant rubber outsole $$ 4.3
  8. CHIPPEWA MEN’S 10″ RUGGED HANDCRAFTED PULL-ON BOOT Pull tabs at top $$  4.2
  9. TIMBERLAND PRO MEN’S POWERWELT WELLINGTON BOOT Slip resistant properties $$ 4.1 
  10. GOLDEN RETRIEVER MEN’S 9905 PULL ON WEDGE BOOT  Electrical Hazard Protection $$ 4.0 


Ariat’s WorkHog Pull-On H2O Work Boots for Men is an outstanding mix of streamlined modern construction and show-stoppingARIAT MEN’S WORKHOG PULL-ON H2O WORK BOOT classic cowboy look.


The Ariat Workhog Pull-on H2O Work Boot for men is obviously a boot for working or enjoying the outdoors. It has classic roper toes and weather-proof design to protect your feet from water, frostbite, snake bites and sharp rocks or ledges.

The outsole is outfitted with aggressive lugs that give you high traction when trudging through difficult or unpredictable terrain. You’ll get much better bearing and more confident strides while doing more challenging outdoor tasks. However, it is also slip and oil resistant, so you can also use it indoors on slippery surfaces.

The elaborate 10-inch shaft opens in a stylized cowboy-style cuff, which makes slipping in and out of this boot effortless and fast. You can practically pull this on with your eyes close using the dual pulls along each side of the shaft and an inconspicuous flexible gore panel at the back that eases your foot into the cosy footbed,


The WorkHog lives up to its brand with equally tough upper and outsole construction. The leather upper may look fashionable but it also comes layered with reliable waterproofing and is ready for action in any weather. It is tough at the right places, like the round toe box that does not have steel reinforcement but framed to protect your precious foot.

The Duratread outsole is the best you can ever hope for in an outdoor working boot – lightweight but durable rubber that lets you walk on precautious wet floors and uneven ground patches.


Designed for long hours of use, the Workhog stays comfortable from the moment you pull it on until you get out of your work clothes at the end of a long day. The moisture-wicking footbed is backed by gel cushion for additional comfort and supported by shock absorbing EVA midsole to protect you from constant jolts and protrusions.

For once, this is a boot that both users with narrow arches and wider feet can wear comfortably, with wide open cuffs and gore paneling that leaves it wide enough without compromising a snug supportive fit for the arch and ankles. The extra-wide shank even stabilizes your heel better and prevents foot fatigue.


  • Weatherproof leather
  • High traction lug pattern
  • Fashionable cowboy-style exterior
  • Water & oil resistant Duratread outsole
  • Extra-wide shank helps fight foot fatigue
  • Lined interior, shockproof and cosy midsole
  • Easy to pull-on and take off with wide shaft and dual pull-ups


  • No steel-toe reinforcement


Caterpillar’s Revolver Pull-on Steel-Toe Boot for Men sports a more simple appearance than Ariat’s WorkHog but is definitely a stapleCATERPILLAR MEN’S REVOLVER PULL-ON STEEL-TOE BOOT item for your working wardrobe.


The classic style Revolver Pull-on is straightforward and functional. Though its looks may not say too much of a statement but it is definitely a pair you can rely on both for outdoor and industrial use.

The shaft is mid-calf with a wide 15-inch circumference and double pull handles to help you get them on. Without gore paneling, you are going to need those handles to manage your foot down the long shaft. The design makes up for this with a higher arch to make the shaft base wider and easier to ease into. The plain leather upper houses a round toe box with ample room underneath and a slightly depressed steel reinforcement.

But the crown of this boot is found underfoot. Its aggressively lugged rubber outsole is secured with Goodyear welt construction and rigged with electric-hazard and slip resistance so you can wear it to the most demanding jobsites without safety worries.


The Revolver is constructed from pretty sturdy full-grain leather, which needs a little breaking in given how spacious this pair is for its size.

The midsole is unpretentious, but gives you ample cushioning for your sole and support for your arches. You won’t feel too much friction at all despite having a really solid outsole underneath. The outsole itself is durable rubber insulated to protect from electric shocks and slip accidents on the site.


Just like the rest of its features, Caterpillar’s Revolver Work Boot for Men is straight up comfortable. It’s easy to put on and lack the bulky tongue and lacing hardware of other work boots which sometimes dig into your skin on long shifts.

While this doesn’t have Ariat’s flexible shaft, it does come pretty wide with plenty of room to move your foot in and out of the boot in no time. It does sacrifice a little on the fit for that spacious access. While it is often advised for users to order a size up for work boots, you may find this pair more comfortable and snug when you order a half-size down especially when you have narrower fit.


  • Slip resistant
  • Wide cuff and shaft
  • Double pull handles
  • Simple classic design
  • Electric-hazard resistant
  • Aggressively lugged outsole
  • Safety toes with steel reinforcement


  • Shaft and arch is a little too wide for narrow feet. You may have to order a half-size down for snugger fit


The Men’s Groundbreaker Pull-on Workboot is another elaborately styled Ariat boots, but this one has a more rustic and rugged feel.ARIAT MEN’S GROUNDBREAKER PULL ON WORK BOOT It looks tough, but is it as hardy as it looks?


The Groundbreaker boot is another good all-around working gear, but its country-style upper design is really intended for those who ride and hustle regularly under the sun.

It sports an 11.5-inch shaft like the Workhog, although the flexible paneling is noticeable absent. It’s still an easy grab-and-go pair though, with double handles along each side to help you ease down the mesh-lined shaft. Your foot then rests on the Groundbreaker Four Layer Rebound (FLR) footbed and gets additional metatarsal support sewn into the genuine leather upper material.

The rubber outsole features a block heel, which lets your arch and heel rest naturally on the EVA-cushioned midsole. The lugs underneath are aggressive and give you that satisfying sure and steady gait as you move around the barn or expansive grounds.


The boot’s exterior is mostly genuine leather and rubber. The shaft and foot are tough leather, so you get ample leg support and weather protection. Although it’s solidly framed, you don’t need to spend a terribly long period to break it in. In addition, the textile lining and moisture-wicking sock liner keep your feet comfortable on your first use and ease the break-in process.

The Duratread leather outsole is designed for regular rough use, so you can rely on long-lasting good grip even when you wear it for your daily chores and runs.


Groundbreaker’s 4-layer footbed promises comfort along with the boot’s functionality. The sock liner and EVA layers in the non-removable insole provide a soft layer for your soles to rest on. Underneath that is the boot’s lightweight stabilizing shank which provides pretty decent support for your body’s whole weight.

The work boot’s profile is pretty wide. This means it may not fit into your stirrups well if intend to go riding in it. But this will be a great option if you have wider feet and have a hard time finding comfortable boots. Otherwise, the extra width makes good room for some nice thick socks when you want to make your feet more comfortable during long work days.


  • Good leg and ankle support
  • Easy pull-on with double handles
  • Comfortable moisture wicking 4LR footbed
  • Stabilizing shank and midsole
  • Good gripping block heel and aggressive lugs
  • Better fit for wider feet


  • No steel-toe reinforcement
  • Wide profile not best for riding
  • May have to order a half-size down if you have narrower feet and don’t want the extra room


If you need a pull-on that you can wear to work on the industrial floor, Dr. Marten’s Icon Industrial Strength Steel Toe Boot for Men isMARTENS MEN’S ICON INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH STEEL TOE BOOT one of the best options out there.


The Icon Steel Toe Boot by Dr. Martens is one of those pull-ons that you can grab even when you are not a country bloke. It’s a work boot inspired by an industrial worker’s frustration over high lace-up boots that are such bummers when you are either too tired from the shift or just want to save precious time on getting ready for work.

The synthetic leather is upper material is not as long-lasting as genuine leather but has reinforced stitching to make it last long under rigorous wear and tear on an industrial floor. The toe is reinforced by steel, with ANSI-approved design, to protect your feet from debris and other foot hazards on the site.

The outsole     looks unassuming, but provides excellent traction, slip resistance and even electrical-hazard protection. It’s definitely something you want to slip into when you regularly have to deal with wet or slippery sites that are prone to electrical and slip accidents.


The stoic upper material is made of synthetic leather that is more prone to tears than real treated hide but is several counts more comfortable. The material itself is soft and comfortable to the legs and feet even without the additional interior lining.

The label’s signature Air Wave midsole provides additional cushion and easy-wear support all day to minimize the stress on your feet when you have to spend long hours on the grind. The rubber outsole comes with the essential safety features you need in a trustworthy work gear – electric hazard protection, high grip traction and slip resistance, and long lasting wear. It does come with a little extra weight, which is barely noticeable unless you have to hike or move around a lot on foot.


The boot is especially constructed with comfortable materials, and the overall coziness is one of its high points. The soft material stretches beyond the footbed up to the shaft. If you have a high-arched narrow foot profile, then this boot works perfectly.

However, if you have a stockier build and narrower feet, the slender cuffs and narrow profile may pose some issues unless you order up a size or a half, as long as the larger space around the toes does not bother you.

In general it could be the most comfortable boot for the right wearers.


  • Long-lasting Duratread leather outsole
  • Comfortable shaft, upper material
  • Cushioned insole and Airwave midsole
  • ANSI-approved steel toe reinforcement
  • Slip resistant
  • Electrical hazard resistant
  • Better leg support


  • Synthetic leather less durable than genuine leather
  • Narrow profile not suited for wearers with wider or flat feet
  • Considerable weight


Georgia’s Athens Men’s Work Boot is a promising pair of functional working footwear. You can practically wear it everywhere for anyGEORGIA BOOT MEN’S ATHENS WORK BOOT task, with a precious few exceptions.


The Georgia Athens Work Boot sports a look that is wrapped around its functional design. Every line and stitch has a bearing on its functionality.

The leather upper provides a sturdy frame from the rounded toe box to the 15-inch circumference cuff. The leather is interleaved with more supple suede panels at the ankle so you can maintain more flexible foot movements without forgoing durability. The full length of the foot is also stitched up to reinforce the leather and make it less prone to tears from regular use.

The boot’s shaft usually reaches up 10 inches up the midcalf, although this varies slightly based on size. The cuff is remarkably large, which makes slipping into them much easier. The rest of the shaft funnels down into a snug ankle so it still does not feel too large. If you are the type who tucks his boot under his work jeans, you’re most likely to develop a different habit when you get a pair of Athens.


Constructed for long-lasting stability, the Athens can take all the sludge, rain and sleek surfaces your work site can dish out. Its leather and suede upper is coated with a waterproof layer that keeps your feet dry and comfortable even in the meanest outdoor condition.

The rubber outsole is rather low, measuring 1.25 inches around the heel and less than an inch on the platform. It still does provide decent traction with its rather shallow lugs, but that makes them much easier to clean. The outsole is oil and slip resistant, and has Georgia’s patented Anchor disk design made of reinforced rubber compound.


The boot has an advanced memory polyurethane (AMP) footbed, which resists pressure on your soles and accommodates your foot’s contours better the longer you use it. It also comes with an extra supportive thermoplastic urethane (TPU) shank, which has the durability of hard plastic and the soft texture of silicon. These layers provide your arch, heel and ankles enough support to move efficiently and stay comfortable the whole day.

While the Athens shaft is wide, the foot runs quite narrow and may leave little breathing room for users with wider feet even after break-in. In that case, going a half size higher could give you a better fit.


  • Hybrid leather and suede upper for flexibility and durability
  • Weatherproof coating
  • Wide cuff, midcalf shaft
  • Oil and slip resistant outsole
  • Memory footbed and TPU shank for comfortable support
  • Rubber composite outsole


  • No steel toe reinforcement
  • No electric hazard protection
  • Shallower lugs but fairly decent grip
  • Foot runs narrow


Caterpillar’s Revolver Pull-on Soft Toe Boot for Men is a good alternative if you are looking for a lightweight boot that comes withCATERPILLAR MEN’S REVOLVER PULL-ON SOFT TOE BOOT sufficient protection and support.


At 2 lbs, the Revolver is much lighter than most of your work boots, and is less likely to wear your feet out when you have to hike or work for long hours. The trade-off comes in the trimmed down toe box. The soft toe is bad news for workers who need serious steel toe protection on site.

However, the whole upper is constructed from tough, full-grain leather. The boot maintains a sturdy frame despite the lack of steel reinforcement and the shaft reaches up to 12 inches midcalf. The cuffs come with double pull-up hooks to help you ease into the boot. It’s also water resistant but could give you much better results with an additional layer of weatherproofing patina.

On the downside, the Revolver is stripped of inner linings and has a rather narrow dimensions around the ankle. You might find this boot a little challenging to get into before they are broken in.

The outsole is a redeeming factor, with its shockproof, oil and slip resistant construction. The lugs are also straight up durable and high-traction.


The whole upper is made of full-grain stitched leather. This is good for those who want long-lasting boots for daily grueling tasks. This goes better with a pair of thick working socks though, because there is no inner lining to keep the tough leather from blistering your feet.

The rubber outsole is as straightforward as the leather upper. It looks plain and reliable, with durable treads that wear out slowly under regular, heavy-duty use.


While this could have been a perfectly light all-around boot, some folks may find the Revolver less comfortable than their heavy-duty working footwear. The narrow ankles and the lack of soft interior lining makes it difficult to put on and also quite painful to keep on for too long.

If you do manage to get some extra thick socks into this boot, you’ll find it’s a very hardworking work horse that you can take almost anywhere. You may have to go up a size to do that since this boot comes pretty narrow, especially around the ankles. Once you manage the sizing and cushioning issues, this is still one reliable footwear with construction quality you can trust.


  • Lightweight at 2 lbs
  • Tough full grain upper
  • Water-resistant
  • Shock-proof, oil & water resistant outsole
  • Decent traction
  • Tough construction


  • No steel toe reinforcement
  • No interior lining
  • Hard footbed
  • Narrow ankles & foot sizing
  • No electric hazard protection


The J-Max Pull On Men’s Work Boots by Justin Original Works is similar in many ways to Caterpillar’s Revolver except with a stockierJUSTIN ORIGINAL WORK BOOTS MEN’S J-MAX PULL-ON WORK BOOT fit, which is good news for D and EE sized users.


The J-Max sports the same leather-upper as the Revolver, but this boot has a deep leg opening that’s easier to slide your foot into. The ankle is also much wider, which makes it more comfortable than the Revolver.

It also does not have a lining for the interior, which is no problem as long as you break them in properly and wear good working socks underneath.

The boot has a rounded soft toe, which makes it a fraction unsafe for the industrial floor like the Revolver. The lugs are also mild, so this gives decent but not remarkable enough traction. However, it is oil and slip resistant so it’s still much better than most work boots in its price range.


The J-Max is hardy with a rustic touch in its distressed leather upper. The full-grain leather comes in Tan Gaucho and Bay Gaucho variants, both stitched and reinforced at the ankle for better foot support.

By the looks of it alone, J-Max is decidedly an outdoor boot. And Justine crafted it to function excellently as such. The insole and midsole comes with the label’s Double Comfort System, consisting of a removable orthodontic insert with Justin Jel Technology and a mesh footbed cover that keep your foot comfortable during long hours of outdoor hussle.

The rubber outsole is not too aggressive but undoubtedly tough and gives you an additional layer of protection underfoot. The toe box is another story, however, without a standard steel toe reinforcement. The molded leather provides good enough safety from exposed rocks but still leaves you quite vulnerable to debris and rolling rocks.


When it comes to fit, the J-Max is a rare combination of running large but narrow. As to the size, the pair comes quite large, so it’s a good idea to order down a size or a half if you want a snug fit around your ankles and toes. it is also generally a wide boot, although not as wide as most other EE boots carried by other labels. So you’d mostly fit into an EE if you are used to ordering a D or E.

As long as you get your right size figured out, you can expect to get worthwhile comfort from this pair. The footbed is comfortable enough but is just as easy to replace with your orthodontic slip-ons. Without any sort of interior lining, you might expect the upper to feel a little harsh, but it isn’t. As long as you put on some good sock, you could hardly tell the difference from lined pairs.


  • Full-grain distressed leather upper
  • Oil & slip resistant
  • Reinforced heel & ankles
  • Double Comfort System
  • Sturdy rubber outsole


  • No steel toe reinforcement
  • No interior lining
  • Runs large but a little narrower than most EE pairs
  • No electric hazard protection
  • Low-grip traction


Chippewa’s rugged 10” Pull-On Boot for men boasts of its American heritage and quality. The easy pull-on boot is painstakinglyCHIPPEWA MEN’S 10″ RUGGED HANDCRAFTED PULL-ON BOOT handcrafted to weather the great outdoors as recreational footwear or trustworthy work gear.


The boot easily passes for an all-around outdoor boot, with a 10” shaft combined with a spacious cuff that demands no fuss when you put them on. Like the Revolver and J-Max, it does not have interior lining, which is unfortunate if you live up North and want a hassle-free boot for colder weather. But it works great for warmer climates, especially if you need a pair that you can take to work on the yard and anywhere else in town on your motorcycle.

The upper has a simple functional design, with a low arch, reinforced heel and large pull-up tabs. The rounded toe box helps you flex comfortably on long outdoor walks, but is missing the steel toe reinforcement that worksite safety standards often require.

The outsole has enough tread, but is hardly half an inch thick on the platform. That is on the low end for a work boot, and not the best choice if you plan to use it a lot on rough ground patches or heavy-duty yard work.


The leather upper feels almost like suede on the exterior. It does works against wet weather just as well as full-grained leather when you give it a good coating of weather-proofing oil. The interior is cosy enough despite the absence of lining. You will do well with a thick pair of socks, but even without such the upper feels much more supple & easy on your feet than other unlined leather boots.

The footbed lines your sole gently, and accommodates orthodontic insoles in place of its removable ones without losing too much breadth. Unlike the previous boots though, this one comes with an outsole that lacks the usual sturdy build and bulk. It almost feels like a walking boot that’s designed for long hikes along paved or mild trails. The tread comes narrow, and you probably don’t want to bank on this one holding you up on slippery or uneven surfaces.


As to fit, Chippewa’s boots generally come a half-size larger. Especially with this pair’s wide cuff, ordering down a size or a half might give you a snugger fit.

For its price range, this is definitely one of the more comfortable work boots. The material doesn’t wear on your feet as much as tougher boots, so you can just put them on all day and not wince from blisters in the evening.


  • Low shaft, wide cuff & pull-on tabs easy to put-on
  • All-around boot with comfortable upper
  • Removable insoles


  • No interior lining
  • No steel toe reinforcement
  • Low synthetic outsole
  • Not slip & oil resistant
  • No electric hazard protection
  • Runs large


The PRO Powerwelt Wellington Boot by Timberland does tough work in harsh weather conditions.TIMBERLAND PRO MEN’S POWERWELT WELLINGTON BOOT


The Powerwelt boot is especially designed for heavy work in watery work sites. Although it’s not an arctic boots nor insulated, it holds up pretty well against water and oil. The foot of the upper resists pretty much every type of liquid, while the midcalf leather shaft resists water. A good coat of weatherproofing wax or spray will make it last much longer when it is in constant contact with water.

The insole is comfortable enough, although not too remarkable. If you want a softer lining, you can easily switch out the removable insole. The traction, however, is pretty strong. It is also slip-resistant, and has steel toe reinforcement so all the essential safety features for dockyard, ship or weather-beaten worksites are pretty much covered.


The shaft and foot are a combination of premium full-grain leather and heat-resistant, waterproof Everguard leather. These are attached to sturdy rubber outsole with Goodyear Welt Cast Bond construction to keep your footing stable and ensure no water leaks in. An extended shank provides additional arch support, while the thick rubber outsole protects your foot from slips and electric hazards.


Overall, the Powerwelt is one of the most functional work boots in its price range. Of course, there has to be a trade-off for all the safety features that comes with it. Weighing 6 lbs, it is quite heavy even for a work boot. It should not be much of a problem, unless you have to do a lot of walking and heaving or not used to wearing heavy-duty footgear.

The slim wellington shaft helps keep water out, but also makes it a little harder to put-on and take-off. Considering it is often used for wet and cold sites, this boot could do with better insulating material. As they are, you would need a pair of thick boot socks, or even layers to keep the cold out when you’re out for a long time.


  • Water, oil, heat resistant upper
  • High traction outsole
  • Slip & electric hazard resistant
  • Steel toe reinforcement


  • No insulation
  • Weighs 6 lbs
  • Slim shaft
  • No pull-up tabs


The Golden Retriever Men’s 9905 Pull-on Wedge Boot comes with a no-nonsense design and is a perfect balance between economyGOLDEN RETRIEVER MEN’S 9905 PULL ON WEDGE BOOT and utility.


To be upfront, this boot is not for heavy-duty outdoor or industrial use. Having said that, its comfortable fit and convenient design is surely worth its price. The spacious shaft ranges from 9 to 10.5 inches and comes with a wide 15 inch shaft. It is definitely easy to pull-on, even without the pair of pull-up tabs running along each side of the cuff.

The contoured foot comes with a reinforced heel and rounded toe box, both rather slender but also comfortably snug in the interior.

The rubber outsole is wedged, so there is less traction but more arch support for narrow or wider feet. This is not exactly what you would want to wear to a demanding job site every day. But if need a pair of comfortable boots for occasional yard work or farm visits, then this pair is worth looking over.


The upper material is full-grain Buffalo leather, which lends the boot a well-word rugged look and also provides considerable water resistance. Like other leather boots, this pair could do a good oiling or help it keep moisture out for much longer. The wide shaft tends to catch water, so it does a better job keeping away the heat in warmer climates than it does in keeping your feet dry under the rain.


On the flip side, the boot helps keep your feet comfortable with its Microbe Shield treated footbed. Aegis solution wicks away sweat and stops odor from building up. Underneath the cushioned insole, the built-in shank helps keep your strides stable and centered.

When it comes to fit though, this pair comes quite narrow, so it is not the best option for flat-footed workers. Users with narrow feet would enjoy this snug and supportive boot much better at work, as long as their work sites do not demand steel toe reinforcements or slip and electric hazard resistance. While the boot does come short on those safety measures, it is undeniably a comfortable pair for the few ones who have the right foot profile.


  • Wide shaft and large cuff
  • Cushioned insole
  • Odor-resistant interior
  • Excellent heel and arch support


  • No steel toe reinforcement
  • Low traction
  • Lightweight outsole material
  • Not slip & oil resistant
  • Not electric hazard resistant
  • Size runs small
  • Narrow profile

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