Best Logger Work Boots Made in USA

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One of the most hazardous industries of USA happens to be the logging industry. No doubt, for this very reason there is a prerequisite of safety gears for those who are involved in this industry. Now, when work boots are to be considered only a standard pair of logger boots won’t serve the purpose here. What you need here is a true pair of logger boots that will address the specific issues involved in this work.

A number of brands available today focus purely on the making of logger boots like that of Carolina, Chippewa, Wolverine or Danner. So if you go for the logger boots from any of these companies you can be sure of the fact that you are getting the best.

It is quite a risky business to fell trees. So it is a must that you make sure you are completely protected with the right safety gears. Below are presented some of the top class work boots available in the market that will give you exactly what you desire from the appropriate pair of logger work boots.

Danner Men’s Super Rain Forest Work Boot

Danner Men's Super Rain Forest 200 Gram Work BootA rock solid pair of logger boots these are definitely the toughest and one the most durable work boots that you can get hold of. They are one pair of straightforward boots that is going to last for a long period.

These are purely constructed in USA and so without doubt the quality is completely uncompromised. Triple stitched and made of full grained doubly thick uppers of leather these are extremely durable. Additionally lace eyelets that are extra heavy together with fibreglass are provided with these to enhance the toughness. One great feature of these shoes is that they are re-sole-able that is if the sole is worn down by any chance they can be sent back to alter the soles. As a result of which you don’t have to purchase a whole new pair.

Liners of grotex together with cambrelle enable 100% water resistant exterior and also reduce internal moisture that will last for a year.

These may turn out to be a bit heavy and also may take elongated break in period but then if you want a long lasting tough pair of logger boots that can withstand years of harsh thrashing then theses are meant for you. Go grab it as soon as possible.


  • These are the toughest pair of boots available.
  • They keep the heat out during summer and cold during the winter and thus keep the feet comfortable.
  • They provide superior ankle support and grip.
  • These are quite durable shoes.
  • They also are quite attractive to look at.

Chippewa Men’s 9″ Waterproof Steel-Toe Super Logger Boot

Chippewa Men's 9 inch Waterproof Steel-Toe Super Logger BootChippewa happens to be the pioneers of making logger boots in the industry since they started over from 1901. Their claim is that they use superior quality materials, the most advanced technology and the best techniques for construction. These boots are prime examples of this statement.

Exclusively made in the USA these boots are called super loggers because they are meant for those loggers who take their task very seriously and thus require proper gears to accompany them.

Made of Goodyear welt which is said to be the top most methods of boot construction these are very tough pair of boots that will be durable for years together.

Great stability and control are ensured by the intricate lacing system as well as the thrice-ribbed shanks of steel.

100 % water resistant these are super comfy boots that come with many benefits. Internal moisture is prevented to keep the feet dry and blister free by wicking away of sweat. This enables you to work anywhere and everywhere. Comfort level is further enhanced as these shoes are fitted with easy-to-clean and orthodic sole. Go and grab your pair now.


  • These are completely waterproof.
  • They are a very tough pair that can withstand harsh weather.
  • They last quite long.
  • They sport great looks.
  • These provide ample comfort.


  • Some customers complain that they wear away very easily.

Wolverine Men’s Buckeye EAA Safety-Toe EH Insulated Gore-Tex Logger 8 inch Work Boots

Wolverine 8 inch Buckeye GORE-TEX Safety Toe Logger Boots BlackOne more great presentation in the top quality logger work boots category is the Wolverine’s Buckeye EAA Safety-Toe EH Insulated Gore-Tex Logger 8 inch Work Boots. These are all rounder boots that adhere to all the basic requirements of logger work boots.

Made of Goodyear welt which is said to be the top most methods of boot construction these are very tough pair of boots that will be durable for years together.

Great stability and control are ensured by the intricate lacing system as well as the thrice-ribbed shanks of steel. As a result they provide great stability and arch support.100 % water resistant these are super comfy boots come with many benefits. These Wolverine Boots come with a year guarantee for waterproof feature alone.

The best and outstanding characteristic of these boots are that they are chemical, slip, oil water, heat and abrasion resistant. The look sported by these is quite cool and attractive.


  • These are super comfy boots.
  • They are true to size.
  • They keep the feet warm and dry.
  • They are pretty long lasting.
  • They provide ample support to the feet and legs.

These are in short the best logger work boots that are exclusively in the USA.  Try them to know which one is most suitable for you. These are surely not going to disappoint you.

Carolina Mens Plain Toe Work Briar Man-Made Boot

Carolina Men's 6 inch Plain Toe Waterproof EH Work BootAt an unbeatable price boots from Carolina are one of the best logger work boots available which include all the features of a great boot. Be it comfort, style, toughness, stability or traction you name it they have it. But, of course the best thing about these boots is the awesome pricing.

First of all and most importantly it offers an awesome comfort feature. These boots come with an unprecedented interior cushioning that is responsive to your feet contours at every step. It does away with all the slobber and sweat that is produced by your feet all through the day. Cambrelle is said to be the top liner of shoe available today and this shoe comes with it and thus offers top class absorbency and comfort.

Apart from comfort there are also other factors to be considered like support, traction and toughness. This shoe is made of one of the toughest leathers of USA and is quite popular as far as resistance against abrasion is concerned.

Three steel bars are installed inside the shank that will provide immense support to your feet. Even if you go on kicking the shoes you will not break them.

Last but not the least this one offers great grip as the outsoles made of rubber are oil, slip, chemical and heat proof.


  • These boots are not so expensive.
  • They sport great looks.
  • Comfort provided by these boots is to the maximum amount possible.
  • They are quite light weight that enables ease of movement.
  • They also provide a great fit.

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