Top 10 Handmade Work Boots in 2024 – Complete Guide

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Handmade Work Boots in 2017The shoe industry has been undergoing an evolution towards originality and style from what’s trending and inexpensive. In this era of mass production, it has been quite surprising to see the return of the more personalized, well-crafted products.

The handmade work boots are exclusively about impeccable artistry and a clinical focus on character and class. To the body, these are like what a good foundation is to a house. The footwear supports not only the feet and legs but also the entire lower body structure.

If you have the budget, scoping for the very best quality is the right thing to do when you are planning a footwear purchase. Handmade work boots are the best of their kind that ensures premium quality, superb comfort, and long-lasting durability.

What Are Handmade Work Boots?

The word ‘handmade’ refers to something that is made by hand, not a machine. You can either purchase the handmade work boots as part of a brand line or order from a professional shoemaker to make a pair custom-made for your feet. Their class and value are higher than any of the manufactured products. Besides, the classic, graceful designs of all the handmade boots have made them more trend-proof than everything else in your wardrobe. So, hunting for a pair makes sense because the style will last for years if cared for properly.

Work Boots: Handmade vs. Handcrafted

Despite the rise in interest and the newfound love, most people are still confused about the differences between the buzzwords like ‘handmade,’ ‘handcrafted,’ ‘bespoke,’ etc.

In the basic sense, we can call the boots handmade that are entirely made by hands while the handcrafted products are manufactured with the use of machinery. These things are different from custom-made, which denotes to shoes designed exclusively to fit the size and shape of your feet irrespective of how they are crafted. On the other hand, bespoke signifies an entirely handmade product where the process from start to finish involves no machine.

Handmade work boots are made by using only traditional tools and techniques. The process requires the use of age-old and proven methods and perseverance from the initial design to the last stitch sewn. Manufacturing handcrafted shoes is challenging too, but the involvement of machines and modern technology makes the process relatively faster and easier. Nevertheless, the end-results still follow the traditional method of shoemaking and the artisans pay much attention to detail during the production.

It’s not true that the shoemakers don’t use any instruments at all for crafting the handmade shoes. They use some specific tools such as the edge iron for setting the sole edges, fudge wheel for concealing the stitches, heel iron for finishing the heels, and more. However, their difference with handcrafted products is that the whole making process is more painstaking and takes more time. Besides, the handmade work boots come with high-priced tags too.

Characteristics of Handmade Work Boots

The handmade footwear possesses some certain qualities that make them stand out in the crowd and build a reputation. These are expensive but what you get in return is simply nonpareil.

Materials & Durability

The materials used in the making of handmade work boots are top-notch. You will find everything from genuine ostrich to bison leather in a plethora of textures and colors. The stitching patterns are diverse too, adding to the exclusivity of a particular pair.

Some models even boast of an entirely leather construction that is further strengthened with a cork sole, gripping tread of the outsole, and welted bonding. The style quotient of these boots are pretty high too, and you can use them for both outings and casual wear.

The boots have the right amount of spunk and hardiness to withstand even the toughest environments and working situations. These will easily last 2 to 3 years even if you don’t take good care of them.


As made with the best-quality materials and meticulous attention to each detail, the handmade work boots have the inherent capacity to provide comfort throughout the day. Although the new shoes can be stiff, which is actually the sign of quality leather, they break in after a week or so and then become more and more comfortable over time. The feeling of leather is soft and cozy on the skin, and it allows for super flexibility.

Some models come with a lacing system that ensures a firm grip and keep your feet stable by preventing them slipping inside. However, you don’t need to worry about the fitting of the pairs that don’t have it. The design, toe area, ankle, and the overall shape are so carefully engineered that you won’t feel any discomfort.

Handmade boots are excellent for keeping knee pain, ankle sprain, or any other joint ache away. They provide ample support to the key zones such as ankle and toe areas with shank, toe guard, thick sole, and ergonomic footbed. Sometimes, you will find dual- or triple-density insole that will eliminate the workload on your feet.

Additional Features

The shoemakers mainly focus on ensuring the top-notch quality of the handmade work boots. So, you won’t really find them having lots of extra features. However, many come with electrical hazard safety features and exceptional toe protection. In addition, the lug-patterned soles that offer good traction and stability are not rare too.

You will also find cushioned footbed, EVA midsoles, and shock-absorbing outsoles so that there’s no discomfort while working long shifts in steel mills or oil fields.

The handmade boots may not have an impressive list of features, but they will hold up in the face of all types of weather exposure and rough environments ranging from farming to lumber yards.








1. Danner Men’s Bull Run 6” Work Boot,Brown,11 EE USASTM safety standards non-metallic toe, oiled nubuck leather$$4.2 
2. Chippewa Men’s 20065 6″ Rugged Handcrafted Lace-Up Boot,Chocolate Apache,11 D UShandcrafted chocolate Apache leather;Vibram stockbridge outsoles$$4.4 
3. Red Wing Heritage Round 6″ Boot,Copper Rough and Tough,13 D(M) USGoodyear welt
constuction; lightweight crepe outsoles
4. Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Double Comfort Steel Toe Work Boot,Aged Bark,10.5 EE USDouble comfort boots; rated for electrical
5. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Beckman 6-Inch Embossed Moc Toe Boot,Black,8 D(M) USGoodyear welt binding technique$$4.4 
6. Chippewa Men’s 20075 10″ Rugged Handcrafted Pull-On Boot,Chocolate Apache,9.5 D USDrill vamp lining shafts; Vibram Stockbridge outsoles$$4.2 
7. Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Jmax PN Comp Toe Composite Work Boot,Tan/Crazy Horse,12 D USDouble Comfort system; Dri-Lex cooling system


8. Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe 6″ Brown Work Boot 12 Dlegendary stitchdown
9. Danner Workman 6″ Brown Vibram Sole Oil & Slip ResistantBi-fit technology, Gore-tex waterproof lining$$ 
10. WorkZone Men’s 6 inch Handcrafted Water Resistant Lightweight Full Grain Leather Wedge Work BootGoodyear welt
constuction, COMFORTTUF footbed

1. Danner Men’s Bull Run 6” Work Boot,Brown,11 EE US

Danner is a boot company that takes pride in their products because of the superior craftsmanship. You can count on their shoes for two things – premium-quality leather and a high price to match that standard! The Bull Run work boots are no exception!

Materials & Durability

Made with oiled nubuck leather and featuring stitchdown construction, you can expect absolutely the best quality from these boots. These are manufactured in the company’s Portland, ORE factory where the craftsmen pay attention to details and ignore quantity for quality.

Everything about these shoes, from the full-grain leather upper firmly sewn with double and single stitches to the synthetic sole attached to the top part with a stitchdown bonding and the metal eyelets, is first-class.


The oiled, rich leather molds to your foot but you need to wear them for a week in your house before bringing into the work. It will speed up the break-in period, and your patience will get the sweet rewards. The leather will lose the rigidity over time and provide your foot with warmth and comfort.

The EVA footbed, molded PU midsole, fiberglass shank, and the thick outsole will give the foot adequate support and cushioned comfort. These also offer a level of shock absorption that you won’t find in many models. Besides, the non-marking crafter wedge outsoles resist shocks and ensure superior traction on various surfaces.

The boots offer practically no insulation, but they are airy to keep the feet fresh and dry. The waterproof lining inside keeps water away while you are working outside.

Another impressive aspect is the shoes’ distinct lack of weight, thanks to the composite shank and the non-metallic toe cap.  These are one of the breeziest boots that you will ever wear in your life.

Additional Features

The Bull Run is not pregnant with many features, but you must appreciate the electrical hazard certification and the non-metallic toe rated for ASTM safety standards. However, these don’t have any heel, which is a red flag for the people required to climb ladders in their workplace.


  • Stylish
  • Oiled leather serves a polished look
  • Danner Crafter wedge outsoles
  • Danner Dry waterproof lining


  • Leather takes time to break in

2. Chippewa Men’s 20065 6″ Rugged Handcrafted Lace-Up Boot,Chocolate Apache,11 D US

The story of the Chippewa brand started in a small factory in downtown Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, in 1901. They began the venture to honor the workers who built the roads and buildings of the American people. They have always focused on manufacturing boots with uncompromising quality and standard, and the Rugged Handcrafted Boots tick every box that the brand stands for.

Materials & Durability

The star feature of the boots is the handcrafted chocolate Apache leather that appears a little worn out of the box, attributing the shoes a highly stylish look. The stitching is firm and secure without any loose strand.

The soling of the shoes is top-class for using the Goodyear welt technique. Besides, the non-tarnishable antique brass grommets and the heavy-duty Wax Sta-Ties laces have added to the durability. These are adequately robust for pounding any pavement although the soles may split up or wear out if exposed to excessive rain water or heavy-duty work.


As for boots that feature genuine leather and handmade engineering, the Chippewa Rugged Handcrafted have all the features to relieve the feet from stress and strain. However, the break-in period could be hurting as the leather may take one or two weeks of continuous wearing to become soft. It will feel nice, warm, and smooth after the initial period.

The Iron Texon insole and orthotic midsole coupled with thefiberglass shank and pretty high arch support take the right care of your feet and keep them relaxed and stress-free. You can change the insole and use additional heel pad for extra comfort.

Additional Features

The boots don’t provide electrical hazard protection nor do have a steel toe. They don’t have a puncture resistant shank either. Nevertheless, the Vibram Stockbridge outsoles are lightweight, even lighter than EVA, and resists slip in cold and wet weather.

The shoes have excellent insulation, and the leather and the Drill Vamp lining will keep the feet warm and dry on cold days. However, these are not waterproof though you can increase the weather durability by treating the upper with mink oil.


  • Handcrafted Apache leather is just top of the line
  • Wear a stylish, masculine look
  • Lightweight, supportive, and flexible
  • Vibram Stockbridge outsoles are slip resistant


  • Take one or two weeks to break in
  • Not waterproof
  • Don’t have safety toes or give electrical hazard protection

3. Red Wing Heritage Round 6″ Boot,Copper Rough and Tough,13 D(M) US

The legacy of Red Wing started in the river town of Red Wing, Minnesota. What began as a small corner store has become the example of a true American success story over time. The company now manufactures over 150 styles of footwear, and it boasts of being a provider for the US Military.

The Heritage 9111 Classic Round Boots offer all the traits that Red Wing footwear promises – comfort, durability, quality, and craftsmanship.

Materials & Durability

The boots bear the styling of clean-toe classic oxfords, allowing you to wear them not only for work but also any occasion you can think of. The full-grain oil tanned leather is high-quality that ensures long-lasting durability in combination with the triple stitched profile, nickel plated eyelets, and the Goodyear welt construction.

Remember that each of the shoes receives a hand inspection before leaving the factory. Besides, the company offers a lifetime repair service for all of their products. If you can take proper care, a pair of 9111 is most likely to outlive you!


The oil-tanned leather is supposed to feel like butter to the touch but not before breaking in for at least two weeks. The more you wear them, the softer they will becomeand adapt to your foot shape over time. These offer a quicker break-in than Iron Rangers, and you can even speed up the process by using a leather softener. Coconut oil also works well in keeping the leather soft, moisture, and polished.

The lacing system goes up to the top edge of the tongue for a nice, comfortable fit. However, the Taslan laces look cheap and incongruous with the premium feel of the shoes. Replace them with leather laces to complement the overall aesthetic.

The crepe outsole is lightweight and highly flexible, helping with the even distribution of shock and vibration. As a result, your feet remain fatigue-free, and you don’t have to return home with sore feet and a vexed mood.

Additional Features

The boots come with a non-metallic safety toe and don’t meet any ASTM safety standards. So, you should keep them away from unsafe work environments. However, the Traction Tred soles maximize traction for the added grip on tricky trails.


  • Stylish design and available in plenty of colors
  • Lightweight crepe outsoles keep the feet free of fatigue
  • Goodyear welt construction


  • Leather takes two weeks to break in
  • Lack adequate arch support

4. Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Double Comfort Steel Toe Work Boot,Aged Bark,10.5 EE US

Justin Original has been around the book-making industry for a long time. After reviewing its Double Comfort work boots, it seems that the brand has learned the value of prioritizing the customers’ needs during the long journey. These shoes could be your go-to footwear since you can wear them everywhere – for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and farming. You can even take them to work sites since they are rated for electrical hazard.

Materials & Durability

Professional boot makers have used the finest leather and quality materials to manufacture these Double Comfort boots, leaving no doubt about the class and permanence. In fact, every single stitch has been supervised carefully to ensure the extended lifetime of wear.

The upper looks classy because of the oil-tanned leather and is available in several colors. The 8.5-inch shaft and the super-strong Goodyear welt binding are useful in keeping water at bay. The lace-up system and the mid-high profile along with a western kiltie at vamp will ignite your dormant cowboy spirit.


The handmade, genuine leather is super comfortable and takes just a week or so to break in. It will keep getting softer over time and offers you comfort unmatched to anything.

The long shaft, removable cambrelle-lined footbed, fiberglass shank, and thick outsoles provide arch and heel support and reduce foot fatigue. Besides, the boots are engineered with the brand’s famous seven-layer double comfort system that makes sure that the wearer gets relief after working a long day.

Additional Features

The shoes don’t have steel toes but provide protection from live electric wires and outlets carrying electricity up to 18,000 volts. Coupled with their water-resisting capability, you can work near electrical equipment without any fear.

However, don’t expect the boots to hold up in the rain for a long time. You can stomp on puddles and walk on wet grounds, but overexposure to water can ruin the leather. The rubber outsoles seem to grip well on slippery surfaces.


  • Finest leather upper
  • Made in the USA
  • Cowboy style
  • Have a seven-layer double comfort system
  • Rated for electrical hazards


  • Not backed by warranty
  • Need some time for breaking in

5. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Beckman 6-Inch Embossed Moc Toe Boot,Black,8 D(M) US

Red Wing has evolved from a small corner store to a giant in the shoe manufacturing industry. It only happened when the company became able to create trust among the consumers with quality footwear that provides value for the money. The Heritage Beckman is another celebrated line from Red Wing that is built for casual working lifestyle. The boots are not super stylish like the Heritage 9111 Classic Round model, but these have their unique charm with the lace-up profile, apron toe, and the stacked woodgrain heel.

Materials & Durability

The shoes look rather masculine with the full-grain leather upper, metal grommets, cotton laces, and mono-tone stitching, and sophisticated apron toe design. The woodgrain heel is the only thing that looks contrasting. It enhances the beauty and gives the shoes a premium feel.

The Goodyear welt binding technique promises longevity and the opportunity to resoling when the sole wears out or split up. In a word, these have the right amount of stamina to cover all the bases required to label them as good-quality work boots.


The Beckman will get a few marks less than the 9111 Classic Round in this sector. The leather used in these boots is rather stiff and takes a few weeks to become soft. You can use a leather softener to stay away from blisters and mink oil to retain the moisture and shine of the leather.

There is breathable leather lining that keeps the feet cool and happy. The boots don’t have lots of comfort features,but these will provide just the right amount of support so that you can survive throughout the day. Besides, after the proper break-in, these will fit like a glove.

Additional Features

The boots have non-metallic toe cap and not rated for ASTM safety standards. So, these won’t shield from either electrical dangers or the compression from falling heavy objects. However, the soles have thick tread, and the wooden heel is sturdy enough to safeguard from impacts. The lugged outsoles are also good for traction.

The boots will repel water to some extent but don’t plan to submerge them in snow or slush.


  • Masculine look
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Lugged soles provide excellent traction


  • Stiff leather takes a long time to break in properly
  • Not waterproof
  • Don’t have many comfort features

6. Chippewa Men’s 20075 10″ Rugged Handcrafted Pull-On Boot,Chocolate Apache,9.5 D US

Chippewa is a brand that has a reputation for manufacturing vintage-inspired footwear that reflects the great American heritage and craftsmanship. It never compromises with the making and raw materials of its products. With their aesthetic, style, and quality, the 10-inch Rugged Handcrafted Pull-on Boots will reinforce your trust on the brand.

Materials & Durability

The classic style of the 10-inch boots will treat your inner cowboy soul. These look fabulous with the chocolate Apache leather featuring a distressed finish, contrast stitching, plain toe, and orange midsole.

The full-grain leather exterior is crafted with character and permanence in mind, and it delivers right on with an extended lifespan of wear than regular work shoes. The Goodyear leather welt construction further reinforces the durability factor.

These are built for extreme abuse from salt water, sharp rocks, mud, oil, snow, etc. but don’t forget to take extra care by applying coconut or mink oil on the exterior. Otherwise, the leather will crack after a few months.


The leather is not as hard as used in the Chippewa Rugged Handcrafted Lace-up Boots. However, it still needs some break-in time, which you can cut short by using a leather softener and conditioner.

The five Iron Texon insoles and four Iron midsoles along with the fiberglass shank offer support, stability, and relieving comfort that you need for a long day at work. You can even replace the footbed with orthotics should you have any foot condition. The Drill vamp lining in the shafts embraces the heels and ankles in soft fabric.

Additional Features

The shoes don’t have steel toes nor are they ASTM safety-rated for compression and electrical hazard. So, these are not your everyday work boots for challenging work sites. Nevertheless, the Vibram Stockbridge outsoles are the saving grace here that offers enhanced grip on slippery grounds.

The boots are also well-insulated, providing a nice warm comfort in cold weather. Nonetheless, these are quite uncomfortable to wear in summer days for this very reason.


  • Stylish cowboy design
  • The chocolate Apache leather bear a distressed, classic look
  • Cushioned Texon insoles
  • Vibram Stockbridge outsoles feature lugs for superior traction


  • Not waterproof
  • Need some break-in time
  • Leather may crack if exposed to extreme abuse

7. Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Jmax PN Comp Toe Composite Work Boot,Tan/Crazy Horse,12 D US

Justin Original has been manufacturing quality footwear since 1879. In the past, the brand was highly popular among the Western folks as every cowboy seemed to have a pair of Justin Original. However, the gradual changes in designs and styles have made the boots popular among everyone. You can take the Men’s Jmax Comp Toe line listed here as an example. The boots are so attractive and cool that any man will be tempted to have a pair.

Materials & Durability

You will appreciate the boots for their simple aesthetics in the face of all the shimmery and shiny models. These feature original Gaucho leather upper that is crafted with visible double and triple stitching for style and endurance.

These shoes are handcrafted in the USA with imported materials. So, there’s hardly any scope to doubt the quality. Besides, the Goodyear welt construction and the metal grommets have made them practically indestructible.


The Jmax boots have many features for the wearers to indulge in relaxation and coziness. The Gaucho leather breaks almost instantly, which is relatively rare for leather shoes. These have removable orthotic inserts with Justin Jel for providing foamy comfort and absorbing the impact from every step you take. In addition, the PU gel pads in the ball and heel areas return energy to your foot for reducing muscle fatigue.

Moreover, they feature the Double Comfort system where the footbed is covered with a mesh spacer to ensure a healthy condition inside the shoes. The Dri-Lex cooling system is another nice addition that helps the insoles to stay fresh and dry by wicking away moisture.

Additional Features

The boots are not steel toe but a composite cap that makes them less weighty than they have to be. However, the rubber outsole grips well on most surfaces and provides safety from open electrical currents up to 18,000 volts.

These are not waterproof, but the long shaft will save the day should you have to jump on puddles or walk on wet grounds. Nevertheless, don’t expect much in the face of regular exposure to water even if you use boot conditioner and sealing.


  • Full-grain Gaucho leather upper
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Lugged, durable outsoles
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Double Comfort System
  • Dri-Lex cooling feature


  • Not waterproof
  • Soft toe is not suitable for heavy-duty jobs

8. Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe 6″ Brown Work Boot 12 D

Based in Portland, Oregon, Danner is famous for manufacturing handmade work boots. The Bull Run boots are built for long lasting performance. Their beautiful design and sturdiness are sure to win the hearts of thousands of workers around the country. Although these are not steel toe, the moc toe facilitates a lightweight construction for easy mobility.

Materials & Durability

Made in the USA with imported full-grain leather and the legendary stitchdown construction. The leather is oiled and dense and undergoes rigorous testing for certified strength and sturdiness. The intricate stitching indicates how much attention has been paid to details to make all the parts work together and to craft shoes that will last for a long time.

The stitchdown technique is handcrafted for ensuring high stability underfoot. Besides, you can recraft should the soles get detached.


The full-grain oil-tanned leather is soft to touch and breaks in pretty quickly. The unlined interior molds perfectly to the foot over time. The shoes have been engineered to fit the foot’s anatomy and allow much room in the toe area. The fit is just perfect for providing a long-lasting support.

The insole is cushioning OrthoLite, but it’s rather cheap and is unlikely to last a year. Nonetheless, you can remove it and place a footbed of your choice.

The boots are not insulated as they are produced mainly for the warmer climates. However, you can survive a mild cold weather too if worn with thick socks.

Additional Features

The non-marking Danner Wedge soles are oil- and slip-resistant and provide lightweight support and cushioning comfort. Their performance is decent in outdoor settings since they don’t track debris but they are specially designed for concrete, asphalt, and pavement.

These are ASTM-rated for electrical hazards. The soles and heels resist electrical shocks as these are made of non-conductive materials.

The leather and the seal are not waterproof though you can keep the feet dry in normal rainy conditions. However, you can use an aftermarket oil to improve the condition.


  • Leather construction
  • Stylish design
  • The outsoles provide excellent traction indoors
  • Meet ASTM standards


  • Not waterproof
  • Not insulated
  • Footbed is cheap and wears out easily
  • Toes don’t have any safety protection

9. Danner Workman 6″ Brown Vibram Sole Oil & Slip Resistant | Made In USA Waterproof GORE-TEX (GTX) | Modern Battlefield Combat Boot | Electrical Hazard Boot Leather (7 D)

Who does not appreciate an improvement? Well, the original Workman first hit the market in 2004 and gained instant popularity among people from various walks of life. However, the new Workman 6IN comes with a few improvements. You will be surprised to discover the newly added support and comfort features into that classic design and profile.

Materials & Durability

To talk about the quality of the materials used in the Workman 6IN, you surely have to mention the leather upper. It’s not just any ordinary cowhide but a rich aniline that has been preserved with a unique technique so that it does not lose its natural texture and characteristics. The looks will get even better with time.

The stitches and metal grommets seem to be firmly secured to the body. You won’t find a single loose strand because the people at Danner are passionate about their work. The handcrafted stitchdown technique for attaching the soles and upper does an excellent job in adding strength and stability.


The Workman 6IN features OrthoLitefootbed and Vibram SPE midsole not only secure a cushioning comfort but also offer resilience to reduce the impact of shocks. Throw Vibram outsoles into the mix, and you’ll get a pair of extremely lightweight work boots.

In addition, the bi-fit technology that integrates the entire shank system into a single element increase the heel area rigidity and supplies more flexibility under the foot. Besides, this technique cuts 13% weight than the previous generations.

Additional Features

The full-grain leather upper is waterproof. Moreover, you will have Gore-Tex waterproof lining inside that lets the feet to breathe and stay fresh. However, you should not expose them to excessive rain and wet conditions.

The alloy toe is lighter than steel caps and offers safety features including protection from electrical hazards and compression. The low-lugged outsoles are perfect for indoor use as they are slip and oil resistant.


  • Look stylish
  • The upper is rich aniline leather
  • Lightweight construction
  • Vibram midsole and outsole
  • Bi-fit technology reduces 13% weight
  • Gore-Tex waterproof lining


  • Don’t have steel toe to protect from heavy falling objects
  • The leather needs a week or two to become soft

10. WorkZone Men’s 6 inch Handcrafted Water Resistant Lightweight Full Grain Leather Wedge Work Boot N634 11 D(M) US

Any boot guy will appreciate the WR Leather Wedge Boots from Work Zone because of their comfort features. The model is the least expensive entry in this list, and it won’t come close to other heavyweight candidates. However, if you are on the search for a handmade pair that offers moderate quality without breaking the bank, these Work Zone boots are the answer!

Materials & Durability

Made of full-grain tumbled leather and stitched with a genuine Goodyear storm welt, there’s no doubt about the quality of these boots. The leather is unlikely to break or crack even in the face of extensive use. However, if you take good care, don’t expose to rainy or extremely cold weather conditions, and apply mink or coconut oil, the boots will retain their shiny appearance for a long time.

The contrasting stitching catches attention. It looks firm and secure along with the metal grommets. The apron-toe design looks good and attributes a former styling to the shoes.


The leather is soft and does not take much time to break in. The padded collar is worth mentioning because not many handmade models have this feature. It offers a warm cushioning around the ankles and keeps the feet firmly in their place.

The COMFORTTUF footbed ensures you have adequate cushioning and support underfoot. The good news is you can remove them when worn out or if you want something more supportive. Also, the Texon midsole and steel shank provide adequate comfort and protection.

Additional Features

The shoes don’t have any notable extra feature worth mentioning. These don’t come with steel toes or ASTM-rated safety measures. So, it’s obvious that they are suitable for mainly indoor use and light outdoor work.

However, the long wearing outsoles are lightweight to facilitate easy movement and thick enough to absorb shocks and impacts. These also ensure decent gripping on indoor surfaces.


  • The upper is full-grain tumbled leather
  • Don’t take much time to break in
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Padded collar
  • COMFORTTUF footbed
  • Texon midsoles and lightweight Wedge outsoles


  • Don’t come with safety features
  • Suitable for mainly indoor use

Why Are Handmade Shoes Better?

Most people will find the prices of handmade work boots exorbitant. However, the high price tags are worthwhile if you consider the value they provide. Let’s take a look why these are better than regular machine-made shoes:

The Grade of Leather

Don’t expect anything less than premium quality from handmade work boots. The leather materials used in the making are full-grain and genuine, guarantee years of good look and damage-proof services. On the contrary, most of the regular shoes use cheap, synthetic leather that has a shorter lifespan and crack and split easily.

The Making

Everything in a pair of handmade boots, from the sole to the stitching and lining, is designed with high precision and crafted with utmost care. The shape just molds around your feet and provides the best comfort. Besides, the construction is almost always the Goodyear welt or the Bologna method, which ensures flexibility and durability.

However, regular shoes use cheaper methods such as cement construction or Blake stitch technique that are not as enduring as the high-quality procedures.

Quality vs. Quantity

There are several stages in the manufacturing of shoes. The process of making handmade footwear takes more time, giving them adequate time to rest and breathe between the periods. Contrarily, the standard shoes are produced in bulk, infused with stiffener to speed up the process, resulting in compromised quality and fit.

Are the Handmade Work Boots Safe for Work?

Yes, they are! The use of super-quality materials and the best construction technique have made them quite strong to take the abuse of outdoor use. Besides, the designs are carefully chosen with built-in defensive features to survive in harsh conditions such as building sites and industries.

Moreover, many models come with integrated security measures for tackling challenging workplace situations. Some boots safeguard from live electrical shocks while some others have defensive shield integrated with the outer sole or toe guard to protect from accidents and injuries.

Many handmade boots have the water-resistant or waterproof quality too. These use impermeable materials and a watertight sealing in between the upper and the outer sole. Also, the bottom surface of the sole has enough traction to keep you steady on various types of surfaces.

Are These Work Boots Suitable for You?

Depends on your budget and personal needs. We’ve carefully curated this list so that the shoes appeal to men of every taste and profession. Whether you work in construction or a truck driver, electrician, or plumber, you will find a pair to meet your needs. In fact, a few models are so stylish that you will want to wear them after work too.

Do you have a personal favorite? Let us know why it should make into this list of the best.

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